What to Get for Mother’s Day with Erica Chidi Cohen, the Sage of SoCal’s Hip New Mamas

Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches.


Los Angeles-based Erica Chidi Cohen isn’t a mom; she’s a new mom’s best friend and number one advocate. As she put it to us, “I help women navigate their transition into motherhood feeling nurtured and supported.” Cohen is a doula and the founder of The Mama Circle, a parenting resource that lines up services, classes and real-world meet-ups in cool and inspiring locales.

My style in three words:

Monochromatic. Simple. Comfortable.

The best story I’ve heard about kids gifting their moms:

You know, sometimes the best gifts can’t be bought. Recently I had a friend tell me that for Mother’s Day last year her 4-year-old daughter climbed into bed and read her favorite book Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site from cover to cover without any help from her. She described it as “everything.”

The best thing I’ve ever given a mom in my life:

That’s a tough one because my job allows me to guide a woman through her pregnancy and be there supporting her during her birth, but I will say the best thing I’ve ever given a mom is making her a nourishing meal the day she arrived home after having her baby—and a decent nursing bra. Nursing bras are a funny thing; they need to be the perfect blend of comfort, function and style. I love Anita International’s bras because they have a wide size range, and Cosabella and Cake have gorgeous fabrics and colors.


Photos by Lauren Moore

The best thing my partner could ever give me:

Two tickets to Bora Bora.

No, but seriously, I’d love to wake up to:

Fresh flowers, brunch at Sqirl and two tickets to a movie at Cinefamily.

Every mother can use:

A little more time to herself to recharge. Many of my clients and friends who are mothers have shared that when they get even an hour of “me time,” be it a bath, a walk or lunch with a friend, they feel rebooted and more plugged into their babes and their partner.

The best all-purpose gift, suitable for any wonder woman:

A sturdy holdall bag that can flow seamlessly from day to night. For new mothers, I love Matt & Nat’s Raylan vegan leather diaper bag. It’s so good and doesn’t say “diaper bag.”

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