What to Get for Mother’s Day with Hippie in Disguise’s Danielle Chassin

Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches.


It’s no secret that mothers juggle pretty crazy schedules. For Ottawa, Canada-based Danielle Chassin, that means pulling a day shift as a policy strategist for the Canadian government, caring for her 10-year-old daughter, Ro, and 4-year-old son, Sen, and still finding the time to run a successful side hustle as photographer and lifestyle blogger for her site Hippie in Disguise. She tells The Thread, “I also collaborate with charities, brands and stores to share products I love with my online community.”


My style in three words:

Classic, urban, bohemian.

What being a mom means to me in three words:

Best job ever.

The best thing my kids could ever give me is:

Hugs and kisses and more hugs.

No, but seriously, I’d love to unwrap:

A drawing. My favorite thing to get from my kids is a piece of art they made. I like my gifts to be something that I will keep forever or that is immaterial, like an experience. Sentimental objects, like art, or high-quality items are the best sorts of things to give as gifts.

Every mom needs a:

Big hug of appreciation at the end of the day, whether it’s from their children or their partner or a good friend. Moms need to feel they are appreciated for all that they do. In terms of material gifts, I came across an iPhone accessory at my local Nordstrom in Ottawa that I think every phone-carrying mom would love. It is a case that has a battery charger built in; there are a few models, but I really liked the Juice Pack Air charging case in gold. How many times have we had our phone die at that moment when our children are making the most adorable faces that need to be photographed?


The best thing my partner could ever give me is:

Kisses and an extra hour for each day.

No, but seriously, I’d love to wake up to:

A fedora or a wide-brim hat. I love fashion, but I am also environmentally minded. When I acquire something new, I want to know that I will love and use it for many years, that it is good quality and has an enduring or classic appeal. The rag & bone floppy brim fedora or their ‘Beach’ wide brim hat would be an excellent and lasting addition to my wardrobe, and I love that their products are made in the USA.

I think the best all-purpose gift, suitable for any wonder woman, is:

Spa treatments. A wonder woman needs time to relax and be nurtured to keep her energy going. Giving someone the gift of an experience and some time to themselves cannot be beat.

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