What to Get for Mother’s Day with Photographer Posy Quarterman

Moms know best, so we asked some of the coolest ones we know to give us the skinny on personal style, what motherhood means to them and, of course, what’s on their wish list as May 10 approaches.

Posy-Quarterman-Mothers-Day-2015-Gifts-3Photo by Brooke Schwab

Ask Portland, OR-based Posy Quarterman what she does for a living and she’ll tell you, “I capture magic and preserve memories, and by that I mean I am a family photographer.” But when she’s not wrangling other people’s children—not to mention the adults—for Posy Quarterman Photography, she’s doing the very important job of raising Frances, her seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter. (“That half is very important!” she tells us.)


My style in three words:

Casual, comfortable, colorful (I am constantly in awe of my daughter’s natural sense of style, which could be described in three words: busy, bright and bold!).

What being a mom means to me in three words:

Love, sweat and tears.

The best thing my kid could ever give me is:

An art piece of her own creation (honestly, nothing makes me happier).

No, but seriously, I’d love to unwrap:

With summer on its way, I’m gonna go with fashionably functional and say a new pair of Birks, specifically these:

Birkenstock ‘Gizeh’ Fringe Thong Sandal

The best thing my partner could ever give me is:

A day’s worth of yardwork/landscaping!

No, but seriously, I’d love to wake up to:

As ridiculous as it may sound, I would die for a basket full of colorful athletic leggings like from teeki and Onzie (specifically these and these). See, I told you: comfortable, casual, colorful! But seriously, I just fell in love with barre3 and could use a little more fun leggings for my workouts!


I think the best all-purpose gift, suitable for any wonder woman, is:

I’m going to say a family photo session, of course! I think we wonder women often forget to get ourselves in the photos, and many avoid the camera with intention. But we need to remember how important our family history is and the record of that should reflect every mother. Children deserve photos they can look back on as adults that show the love and life they had with their mothers.

I have a hard time believing a grown child looking back on their family history will think, “Dang, I wish my mom had lost 10 pounds, gone to the gym more, updated her hairstyle, [insert your excuse here] before having our family photos taken!” And yet these are the justifications we make for avoiding the camera.

So yeah, I think a gift certificate for a family photo session is the best all-purpose gift suitable for any and all moms.

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