What to Wear to Work When You’re a Creative Powerhouse in the Fashion World (or, When You’re Olivia Kim)

We can’t front: it is fun seeing what our director of creative projects, Olivia Kim, wears to work. Her ideas, energy and outfits liven up the conference room every time. It’s also really fun seeing her in the glossy and digital pages of the fashion press, as with “Dressing 9 to 5—What the Most Stylish Women Wear to Work,” her most recent feature on Vogue.com. In brilliantly spotlighting Olivia as someone with solid talent in the workplace style department, and in teasing out the specific pieces that make her so on-point, Vogue does a bang-up job of informing that every-morning riddle. And who can’t use a little extra inspiration on the average Tuesday?

Keep reading for some excerpts from the feature and find out which one sweater type she simply can’t abide—and shop her favorites too!

When Vogue asked Olivia about her daily uniform, she called out oversized sweaters (this lightweight knit from Frame feels like a good spring-into-summer idea), skirts by Junya Watanabe and flat shoes—specifically Dr. Martens and Nikes. Oh, but there are days that call for height; she also mentioned Prada clogs and mules like these from Vince.

What you won’t see Olivia Kim in: V-neck sweaters.

When Vogue asked about the ubiquitous fashion industry uniform, she answered, “I want people to focus on what I’m saying, not be distracted by some wackadoodle outfit.”

Your new work outfit/life goal: “My clothes are so comfortable, they’re kind of skirt versions of sweatsuits.”

Her best packing and work-travel advice: Travel in an easy, carefree dress you love so you’ll feel great and be ready to go as soon as you land. And it’s all about the coat. Coats, coats, coats.

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—Laura Cassidy