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What’s Possible in Stretch Jeans?

The question is what’s not possible? You can do anything in stretch denim. PAIGE jeans are especially known for looking great while feeling pretty much like sweatpants. The brand is all about modern style combined with fabric innovation for comfort and flexibility.

That balance reaches a new level in TRANSCEND, the PAIGE collection that gets its stretch from a deft use of rayon and will never lose shape.

In the video below, see four guys test these jeans’ flexibility to the max.


The modern man is on the move 24/7 and guys aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion. We recognize this and wanted to go out and find a fabric that stood for what the modern guy is all about. What makes TRANSCEND so special is that it’s the most comfortable jean on the market. And we weren’t willing to compromise what our brand has always stood for. It will not bag out and will not lose its shape. And we’re able to hit a whole range of washes, whether it be blacks and grays, or a whole range of blues. Whether you like it skinny or a fuller fit, TRANSCEND will be the most comfortable jean you’ve ever worn.

—Jon Geller, Men’s Sales Director