Where SPACE Designer Molly Goddard Hangs Out in London

Where does a girl in ruffles, gingham and tulle go? Anywhere she wants to, of course.


Molly Goddard spring 2017; this collection will be online and in stores very soon. 

Image by Portia Hunt.

SPACE designer Molly Goddard is one of the biggest names in London right now—in no small part because she’s helped define a look that’s part party girl, part everyday sport-romance, and part remembered fever dream from your very first ballet class. But the bottom line is that you can take anything from her spring collection, add sneakers and a T-shirt, and you’re good for a night of soccer matches, sushi rolls or late-night club tunes.

If you ever wanted to try any of the above in the designer’s hometown, now you can. Just let Molly and her boyfriend/business partner, Tom Shickle, tell you where to go.

Lisboa Patisserie

Lisboa, Golborne Road
“Where we live is a big Spanish and Portuguese community, and this is a Portuguese bakery and cafe that’s been around for decades. You have to try the natas custard tarts with a strong coffee. Depending on what time of year it is, they’ll have different things, but if you’re lucky, ask for the sonhos (basically fried dough, pronounced ‘son-yos’) with sugar and cinnamon.”

Sporting Clube de Londres, Westbourne Park
“This is a mad Portuguese social club/restaurant. Go on a Sunday afternoon when you’ll get served questionable food but the atmosphere is incredible, with bingo and club singers. Our friend Lotte puts on parties there that are really fun.” 

Eat Tokyo, Notting Hill
“This is a sushi place that has spawned a few brothers and sisters across London recently, but this one remains the smallest and realest. Good prices and really fresh! When there, we have never not bumped into someone or someone’s mum we know. My old primary school is at the end of the road.”

French House, Dean Street
“Fantastic pub in Soho run by Lesley, the fantastic landlady who has become a friend and comes to our shows. Always full even on a weekday afternoon with the strangest, most beautiful soho locals who’ve been regulars forever.”

Trisha’s (The New Evaristo Club), Greek Street
“Another Soho bar that’s open really late. Quite hard to find tucked away in a basement, but once you’re in, you won’t leave until the next day.”

Thai in the basement of the Heron Pub, Edgware Road
“We were walking around a few weeks ago and had a drink in this pub on the edge of an estate just off the Edgware Road. The pub was full of people who’d finished work: builders and businessmen. Downstairs had been taken over by a Thai family. The most incredible Thai food we’ve ever had, but INSANELY spicy.”

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—Laura Cassidy