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Wilder Wonka: A Cocktail Made with Snozzberry (Yeah, Snozzberry) Soda

To celebrate the refreshing new boutique sodas (pops, if you prefer) that we’re carrying at selected Nordstrom stores, we’re experimenting by adding our favorite adult ingredients (clear, brown or bubbly) to these distinct flavors.

Next in our series is a delightful drink reminiscent of our childhood literary canon, the Wilder Wonka, made with Batch Craft Soda’s snozzberry-flavored soft drink.

Snozzberry Soda

Photo and recipe by Tom Burritt

What once was available only in a wallpaper-based medium for in-home consumption (if you were a candy tycoon, at least), that great “snozzberry” flavor is now the backbone of your favorite cocktail. The mysterious fruit won’t be adorning your garden any time soon, but the combined berry flavors in this soda make a fizzy mixture that’s a golden ticket to party popularity. Make Willy proud. Because Mr. Wonka was right when quoth he, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.”

Wilder Wonka

1.5 oz. white rum
0.5 oz. raspberry liquor
0.5 oz. lime juice
6 oz. Snozzberry Batch Craft Soda

Pour as ordered over ice in a tumbler glass, top with Snozzberry Batch Craft Soda. Stir.

Check back for more cocktails, including other fun soda flavors like absinthe, peach and ginger, available at selected Nordstrom At Home departments. For more information about exact locations, please call customer service at 1.888.282.6060.