Wooden Boats, Books and G&Ts at a Scottish Hamlet in Upstate New York | Travel Diary

Our series about wanderlust-worthy, slightly off-the-grid vacation hotspots, with local picks (and gorgeous pics) from our intrepid Nordstrom crew.

Travel Diary, Lake George

GLOBETROTTER: Amy Belledin, Multi-Channel Creative Director

WHY THERE? Glenburnie has been my family’s getaway for nearly 80 summers. It’s a small hamlet off Blairs Bay on Lake George in upstate New York. Originally it began as a community for fine upstanding Scottish families (read: blue bloods from New Jersey) and featured a classic lakeside hotel and club right by the water. The club is long since gone, but a handful of the original houses are still standing.

Glenburie, Lake George Travel Diary Lake George Travel Diary

WHERE DID YOU STAY? We have one of those original houses. It’s celebrating its 100th birthday this summer and recently underwent a much needed makeover. I stayed there with my sister in our old room (“The Dorm”) complete with an in-room sink.

DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT: Sitting at the beach all day, reading a book and drinking G&Ts; waterskiing and tubing behind a very fast speedboat; taking a sunset boat ride; sailing across the lake for dinner and drinks.

Lake George Travel Diary

IF I COULD LIVE THERE, I WOULD: Open up a brewery and make beer with local hops and the fresh lake water.

Lake George Travel Diary Lake George Travel Diary

BEST TRADITION: Taking a sunset ride on family friends’ wooden boat. It’s even older than the house—she’s over 100. We try to make time to get as many of those in if the weather is nice.

Lake George Travel Diary

BEST MEAL: Anything on the grill, especially my dad’s Girl Scout Potatoes. He’s an excellent chef and it’s nice to have dinner together. He’ll make all our favorite dishes, and the potatoes are a nostalgic summer favorite.

Lake George Travel Diary

PACKING TIPS: While I’m there, I tend to live in my swimsuit, so I bring a fair number of them with me. That way there’s always one ready in the rotation. Shorts and tees and shoes you can slip on are critical. Books, books and more books are another staple along with plenty of sunscreen.

FAVORITE MEMORY: All of them. This place is magic.

Lake George Travel Diary