Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for April 18 & 19

Happy cosmic New Year! This Saturday, the annual Aries new moon fills the skies, launching a new chapter for your personal goals. Have you been considering flying solo, or beginning a brand-new endeavor? This new moon lights the way this weekend. Get clear on your intentions, start creating a foundation on which to build, and you’ll reap the rewards in six-months’ time. Come Sunday, the moon, mental Mercury and energizer Mars all convene in your second house of work and money, shifting you into practical mode—especially when it comes to your dreams. Rams tend to be impatient, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take things step by step. Caution: Your efforts could be derailed by Jupiter in your fifth house of fun and games. You could be tempted to whittle away a good part of the day over a bellini brunch, or a drama queen could distract you. Aim for balance, Aries: make Sunday equal parts work and play.

When you close one door, the universe opens another. Keep this in mind on Saturday as an Aries new moon occupies your twelfth house of healing and transitions. Change is not one of your sign’s favorite things, Bull, but recognize when it’s in your best interest. Gripping tightly to something—or someone—which no longer serves you only holds you back. This lunar light helps you unfurl your clutch on anything that’s keep you stuck. Support surrounds you now—all you have to do is ask. P.S. The universe will leave you signs reminding you that you are not alone. Pay attention. On Sunday, the moon, mental Mercury, and motivator Mars form a potent trio in Taurus, giving you an exciting, wide-angle view on life. Fresh possibilities abound, so do your best not to get sucked into any responsibilities on the homefront. A hard angle from Jupiter could draw out a needy loved one, probably a woman. Be compassionate, but don’t let her drain you dry. You need to keep your tanks topped for solo exploration.

Ready, set, dream! This Saturday’s skies feature a new moon in Aries and your eleventh house of collaboration and ideals. The scene is set for creating exciting new visions with a group of kindred spirits. Steer clear of the naysayers, and spend your time with like minds who aren’t afraid to break new ground. The possibilities are endless: Whip up a crowdfunding campaign for a creative invention, organize a charity event for a cause you care about, or create a new Meetup group to connect with fresh faces. New moons launch a six-month cycle of growth, so take steps this weekend to get the ball rolling. Come Sunday, you’ll want to retreat to your cocoon when the moon, mental Mercury AND energizer Mars slow the pace by moving into Taurus and your twelfth house of rest and rejuvenation. Honor your body’s needs: Don’t set your alarm, indulge in a deep-tissue massage, or simply hang around in your PJs, channeling the muse. With Jupiter in your communication house squaring off with this trio of planets, a smartphone detox would also do you well. Silence all notifications for a few hours in the name of true solitude.

Shoot for the stars! On Saturday, an Aries new moon illuminates your ambitious tenth house, launching potent six-month cycle for your career and long-term goals. What do you envision for yourself, Cancer? Be it establishing yourself in an executive suite, garnering public accolades for your skills, or even embarking on a brand-new professional path, dream BIG. Plant those seeds on Saturday in the name of reaping the rewards in October. This lunar light also puts your father or another important man center stage. If it’s time to turn to a fresh page with him, this new moon helps you set off on the right foot. On Sunday, the moon, garrulous Mercury, AND energizer Mars all convene in your eleventh house of group activity. Get together with your crew or seek out a fresh tribe, and let the inspiration flow. Lively debates could set the scene for exciting team endeavors. Even if there is some disagreement among your peeps, it could spark some serious “Eureka!” moments. Heads up: Jupiter in your money house forms a tense angle to this planetary trio, insisting that you watch your spending. Having a good time with your posse doesn’t need to involve you picking up the bill.

Next stop: terra nova! Saturday’s new moon in Aries and your international ninth house launches a six-month cycle of exploration. If you already have a faraway locale in mind, hit the “Book Now” button. If not, start your search for exotic destinations that call your name. The ninth house also rules entrepreneurial endeavors, writing projects and educational pursuits. Hone in on mentors who can guide you through the ins and outs of a startup biz or getting an agent for your book. Peruse the self-help stacks at your favorite bookstore or register for a hands-on workshop in a realm that is completely new to you. The farther outside your comfort zone, the better. On Sunday, a triumvirate of the moon, mental Mercury, and motivator Mars holds court in Taurus, your tenth house of career. While it IS the weekend, you’ll definitely find yourself in work mode. You’re eager to start mapping out your grand plans, so break out the flip chart paper and set up those spreadsheets. Just take care that you leave room for changes down the line. The last thing you’ll want is to feel boxed in. Tip: Jupiter in Leo forms a hard angle to this planetary trio, calling for some playtime. Take your planning hat off for a couple of hours, and let your hair down!

Permabonding: incoming! This Saturday, the new moon in Aries and your intimate eight house sets the scene for important mergers, from finances to emotions. The time might be right to consider putting a ring on it, going into business with a partner, or sharing resources. On a smaller scale, joining forces with others is the way to go. Think: carpooling, snagging a Groupon yoga membership deal, hiring a personal trainer with a small group of friends. Save money and strengthen your bond! On Sunday, your indie spirit is awakened as the moon, curious Mercury and motivator Mars meet up in Taurus, your adventurous ninth house. A spontaneous day trip could be in the cards, either driving out of state or flying cross-country. If you need to stick close to home base, explore in your own backyard, like checking out a gallery opening, trying a new bistro, or catching some fringe theater. Beware: a tricky square from Jupiter could find you feeling sorry for that Debbie Downer in your crowd. Don’t invite her along out of guilt, or she’ll rain all over your parade. Only opt for playmates who also want to go their own way.

Work the magic power of two, your favorite number. This Saturday, the annual Aries new moon illuminates your partnership house, infusing your closest relationships with fresh mojo. Single Libras could meet someone this weekend who’s got potential for the long haul—or could be the bridge to The One. Already attached? Block off a good chunk of time for the object of your affections, and you could create memories that will last a lifetime. On the business front, this lunar light paves the way for synergistic connections that lead to satisfying symbiotic relationships. Keep your John/Jane Hancock at the ready. Sunday’s planets promise an intense day as the moon, expressive Mercury, AND sultry Mars move into Taurus, your intimate eighth house. If you have a willing paramour, you’ll be more than happy to spend the day behind closed doors. Meow! Or, you could choose solitude in the name of working through your emotions. If you’ve been investigating cleanses or new eating methods to try, Sunday’s new moon is an ideal time to give it a go. That said, expansive Jupiter occupies your garrulous eleventh house, ushering in a wave of invites from intriguing friends. If your mind or body could use a break, respect your needs. Recharge your batteries solo, and then, only accept offers from pals who are positive and uplifting.

The wellness wagon is pulling up to your front door, Scorpio, so hop on! Saturday’s new moon in Aries and your healthy living sector inspires you to embrace fitness and vitality. Organic produce, free-range poultry, and power Pilates—bring it! The sixth house also rules organization, so give your place a proper spring-cleaning, from top to bottom. If you’re considering hiring an extra set of hands, be it a babysitter, housecleaner, or personal assistant, this lunar light gives you full clearance to do so. Come Sunday, a triumvirate of the moon, mental Mercury and energizer Mars in Taurus, your partnership sign, sets the stage for exciting new relationships. A particular collaboration has you especially excited. Before diving in with both feet, ensure this project—and person—align with your vision for the future. This planetary trio also squares off with expansive Jupiter in your long-term goals house. While you might be getting on like a house on fire now, will those flames still burn brightly several months down the road? Your values need to be aligned, which means you both should be equally invested in making it happen. The last thing you need is someone getting a free ride on your coattails.

Hello, spring awakening! This Saturday, a new moon in Aries and your passionate fifth house amps up your creativity AND your cravings. Just be careful not to pack your schedule too tightly though, Archer. You’ll want to be able to roam the city and follow your bliss unencumbered. You could find yourself in the public eye in the coming weeks, so step out of your winter cocoon and get yourself camera-ready. You could be more fertile than usual, so depending on your desires, take advantage or take precautions. You’ve got cosmic clearance to indulge and let your hair down, so don’t hold back, Sag. You can hike up your bootstraps on Sunday, when the moon, mental Mercury, and motivator Mars convene in Taurus, your sixth house of health and organization. Detox from Saturday night’s excesses with plenty of lemon water and a high-energy cardio class. Take a couple of hours to work out the logistics of your latest grand vision, from timelines to budgets.

Let the “home sweet home” vibes wash over you. Saturday’s new moon in Aries and your domestic fourth house brings a fresh start to your personal world. Start this cycle off on the right foot with la familia, and fill your space with fresh spring air. Breathe life into your quarters with a decor upgrade, or perhaps even start the search for somewhere else to hang your hat. Involve your clan or a close friend, and check out the real estate listings together over cappuccinos. Women and children might also take a central role on Saturday. On Sunday, swap your cross-trainers for your Choos, Capricorn. The moon, lusty Mars, and loquacious Mercury come together in your playful fifth house. You’ll be more than ready to come out of hibernation, and show ‘em your best side. Head out to a glitzy restaurant for brunch with your best friends, your love interest or even some fresh faces. Passion swells on Sunday, so if you can, spend a good part of the day checking out the cultural events in and around town with a swoonworthy someone.

Eureka! This Saturday, the skies are filled with an Aries new moon in your creative and communicative third house. You could come across news that ignites an “a-ha!” moment, possibly inspiring an exciting new vision. Some Water Bearers will be motivated to spread your message to the masses through a blog or other artistic means. As the third house rules the local scene, you could jump in on a community project, or sniff out undiscovered nooks and crannies in your area. In the process, you could come across a kindred spirit, and be inspired to join forces. On Sunday, you’re in homebody mode, thanks to the moon, mental Mercury and motivator Mars aligning in Taurus, your domestic fourth house. Get experimental in the kitchen, and host an intimate dinner with your loved ones where you can share your creations. Feathering your nest—be it redecorating a room or undergoing more involved renovations—could consume your entire day. Heads up: With Jupiter in your interpersonal house, be prepared for demands from your inner circle. Someone close to you will want your attention, derailing your plans. Make it a win-win, and turn your home makeover plan into a joint effort. Show your appreciation by treating for dinner afterward.

Bring on those greenbacks! This Saturday, a new moon in Aries sparks up your second house of finances, paving the way for moneymaking opportunities. This lunar light turns a fresh fiscal page, meaning you should spend within budget or seek out exciting new sources of income. Work the Law of Attraction to draw in a career that nourishes your soul—and pads your bank balance. You do love to treat yourself, Pisces, and why not? You deserve it! On Sunday, the planets give you good reason to indulge. The moon, garrulous Mercury, and high-octane Mars all convene in your third house of friendships and overall good times. Everything you crave is in your own backyard, Pisces, so rally your amigos for an open-invite gathering at your local hang. Just don’t make it an all-day affair. Jupiter forms a hard angle in your self-care sector, reminding you to not fall off the healthy-living wagon or neglect that to-do list. Pay all your bills online and do the dishes before meeting the gang for brunch. Go easy on the Bloody Mary binge, and hit the gym or yoga studio afterward.