Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for August 1 & 2

Intimacy improvements could be on the agenda this weekend. On Saturday, you could start feeling relief from the intensity of the last five months, especially with a romantic or business partner. Serious Saturn has been showing you the proverbial cracks in the foundation, where you need to have better parameters and clearly spell out your expectations of each other. Even if a relationship is purely sexual, you still need to be upfront about where you both stand. A tough financial or legal situation could start to ease up, too. Now that you have your blueprint, get set to make important practical changes in these areas between now and September 17. On Sunday, you’re in a dreamy mood, as the moon links up with spiritual Neptune. It might be best to cancel any plans that require a sharp mind, e.g. going over your budget or doing your quarterly taxes. Instead, spend time in nature, blissing out in a hammock or sunning on the beach. Avoid needy people, who could end up dumping their downer vibes on you today. If you head to a boozy brunch or barbecue, go easy on the libations, as you’re extra sensitive to substances now.

At last! This weekend could herald a relationship victory. If you’ve made it this far with a partner, congratulations are in order. On Saturday, taskmaster Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, after a backspin that left you questioning your whole approach to dating and mating since mid-June. Maybe you saw the need to revamp a business agreement. Whatever the lessons, you have the information you need to move forward now, instituting better boundaries and getting your closest alliances back on terra firma. Saturn will remain in Scorpio until September 17, then it won’t return until 2041. Amen! If you’re single, you could finally feel ready for a rock-solid union. On Sunday, you could have an amazing bonding experience, as the moon-Neptune meetup brings out your compassionate side. Being close to your friends soothes your soul—connection can be oh-so sweet. So grab the crew and head for a festive brunch. Beware of over-indulging, though—your boundaries are porous today, and you might not be so quick to say “no” to that third mimosa, or to go home when your inner voice says, “Enough!” Pace yourself, Bull.

Back on the healthy track? On Saturday, restrictive Saturn ends its retrograde (backward) spin in Scorpio, putting your wellness habits back on solid ground. Perhaps you stopped going to the gym since mid-June, or just had a harder time choosing the low-fat, heart-healthy fare. Or maybe you’ve been avoiding your trainer or the most basic things that help you function, like weekly cleanups. Now, sanity returns and gives you a shot at making important changes—like getting more disciplined with even the smallest details of your life. Saturn will be here until September 17, so get busy. On Sunday, you could have a soul-stirring epiphany about your career, or even an intuitive flash about your life purpose, thanks to a mystical moon-Neptune meet up in your professional zone. Is it time to pursue your creativity in earnest, or to add more meaning to your money? No need to quit your day job tomorrow—just start creating some life goals that inspire you.

On Saturday, your joie de vivre makes a comeback, thanks to serious Saturn moving direct (forward) in Scorpio, your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Since mid-June, Saturn’s reversal here could have had been a downer—maybe your love life hit a rough patch, or you just needed a LOT of boundary-setting with people in general. Saturn retrograde may have dulled your creativity, or forced you to put an artistic venture on the back burner. Now, you could feel more certain of what you want, or able to carve out time for your passion projects again. Go ahead and speak up! On Sunday, you could have a strong vision about your life purpose, as a moon-Neptune meetup in your worldly ninth house inspires you to expand your comfort zone. Travel could call to you—maybe you research a meditation retreat in Bali, or just take a day trip somewhere out of city limits to explore. The change of scene will totally reset your spirit, especially if it’s near water.

Harried home life no more! On Saturday, serious Saturn’s direct (forward) turn in Scorpio helps to clear up a domestic issue that’s been bugging you since mid-June. Maybe you have been dealing with the fallout of a family secret, or a tough situation with a relative (likely female). Or perhaps your abode has been in flux, with repairs, houseguests or a move. Calm returns now, and you can move forward steadily with any lifestyle changes. On September 17, the taskmaster planet leaves this deeply personal zone of your chart for good. At that point, you can make implement new boundaries, e.g. not lending your most cherished possessions out or designating more “me” time. On Sunday, you’re craving emotional connection, thanks to an intimate moon-Neptune meet up. Cancel big family plans or social outings, so that you can spend more time with your honey or just a few close friends. You may be a little emotionally raw today, sensitive to old hurts, or just keenly aware of what others are going through—and maybe a little too much so. Don’t get stuck wasting your Sunday playing therapist or soaking up people’s heavy energy. If you’re going to engage in deep conversations, make sure they’re a two-way street.

Heavy thoughts, begone! On Saturday, somber Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, restoring the levity to your communications and thought process. Since mid-June, you may have been more pessimistic than usual, or maybe you needed to do a lot of hardcore strategizing, which hasn’t come as easily as usual. From now until September 17, you have a five-star chance to clearly express your ideas and needs. Writing, teaching and media projects also pick up momentum. Set deadlines, be disciplined—and stay practical. On Sunday, you could have a sweet moment with a partner, or indulge in some flirty seduction, as the moon and compassionate Neptune join forces in your interpersonal house. Steal away with someone special, or escape to the beach with your best friend to catch up while you unwind. Watch for codependent tendencies today, since Neptune can blur boundaries. Just because you have spot-on radar for someone else’s issues doesn’t mean that they are your responsibility. Don’t rob someone else of their own agency by trying to play the savior.

Revenue relief? This Saturday, restrictive Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, your second house of work and money. Since mid-June, Saturn’s backspin made you tighten your wallet and be extra mindful about how you use your time, energy and budget. Maybe you experienced cutbacks at your job, or a tried-and-true income stream dried up. The odds are good that whatever wasn’t working was not truly stable—and therefore, not good for you in the long run. With serious Saturn in full-power motion here until September 17, you’re in a prime position to get ahead. Boost your self-sufficiency quotient by tapping the experts for financial or career advice. Trim the non-essentials that gobble up your nest egg and stick to a plan. You’ll get ahead of the curve soon enough! On Sunday, you could feel super sensitive to your environment, as the moon and mystical Neptune meet up in your sixth house of wellness. Download some guided meditation audio tracks, page through a book of affirmations, organize your space to get the energy flowing again.

Practice the steps to your victory dance. This Saturday, serious Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, bringing some personal trials to an end. Saturn was in your sign from October 2012 until late December 2014, forcing many Scorpios to reinvent or rebuild part of your life from the ground up. Saturn has returned for one last visit from June 14-September 17, making sure all your progress is solidly in place. However, Saturn was retrograde (backward) since mid-June, throwing a few extra obstacles in your path. After a string of misunderstandings and mishaps, you have hopefully learned how to take yourself and your ideas seriously. No one else is going to further your cause, and now you can be disciplined about getting passion projects off the ground. Your leadership skills soar and you could be offered a post of high responsibility in the coming months. Strides made between now and September 17, when taskmaster Saturn leaves Scorpio until 2014 (amen!), will pave the way for lasting success. On Sunday, the moon-Neptune conjunction in your passionate fifth house puts you in an especially romantic mood. Just watch for a tendency to idealize a love interest. Putting anyone up on a pedestal can be a recipe for disappointment and unmet expectations. Enjoy the dreamy vibes, but remember that you’re dealing with another human being here.

Ready to close the book on a difficult chapter? On Saturday, structured Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, your twelfth house of healing and completion. Between now and September 17, it’s time to get serious about forgiving, moving forward or letting old baggage go. If codependence has been your calling card since mid-June, it’s time to put up boundaries with the needy people in your life. It could be that you’ve been there for everyone else—and, quite frankly, now you just need a break. Now that Saturn is no longer retrograde (backward), it’s easier to say no, as you’ll be clearer about the difference between empowering and enabling. Amp up your self-care routines for the rest of the summer, and make time for reflection—guided meditations, contemplative walks, journaling. A creative pursuit, such as a life drawing class or photography, could also be your go-to reprieve. On Sunday, a moon-Neptune meetup in your domestic fourth house makes you crave a timeout at Chateau Sagittarius. You might be in the mood for some family bonding—or maybe you need a break from a certain female who’s been playing the victim card one time too many. Although you might feel guilty ignoring her texts, you’ll be a lot happier zoning out with a good book or puttering around the kitchen trying new recipes.

Who are the people that belong on Team Capricorn? On Saturday, that could be the million-dollar question, as your ruling planet Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, your eleventh house of group interactions. Saturn has been in foggy retrograde (backward) motion since June 14, and today’s course correction brings back clarity around a team project or your social life overall. For the past few weeks, you may have learned some hard lessons about friendship or collaboration, or dealt with thorny group dynamics. Now, may decide to disassociate yourself, especially if your values aren’t aligned anymore. Between now and September 17, put your energy into people and projects that really feed your soul. On Sunday, your imagination is in high gear, thanks to the moon meeting up with intuitive Neptune. Get creative, writing in your journal or furthering a unique project. Communication can be cloudy today, so don’t try to have a nitty-gritty conversation or to make firm plans. You’ll just end up with the need for a do-over.

Has your career hit some roadblocks lately? On Saturday, restrictive Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, allowing you to implement some much-needed changes on the professional front between now and September 17. Since mid-June, you may have seen a slowdown at work, or encountered delays and obstacles. Bureaucracy, tedious projects and a lack of inspiring work may have caused your spirits to sag. What was going on? Well, Saturn was sending you back to the drawing board, making sure that all your goals and plans were set on terra firma. As a reward for your diligence, you may be offered a promotion, a leadership role or recognition for paying your dues. On Sunday, reel in the spending as a moon-Neptune conjunction in your money zone tempts you to blow your budget. Do find a way to enjoy a little luxury today, though, especially if you’ve been frugal lately. You can’t take it with you—so enjoy your hard-earned cash.

Prepare for liftoff! On Saturday, restrictive Saturn ends its retrograde (backward) slowdown in your ninth house of travel, expansion and personal growth. Since mid-June, it’s been an uphill battle to connect with your purpose or get big plans off the ground. Perhaps you had to go back to the drawing board, sharpen your skillset or get further training in your field. Maybe you just felt a bit down about your ideas, questioning whether they were good enough. Between now and September 17, the wind returns to your sails; you’re ready to dive in and do the work to make your dreams a reality. On Sunday, a dreamy moon-Neptune meetup in Pisces could make you utterly enchanting—or you could feel completely misunderstood. Spend the day with people who don’t need you to explain yourself constantly, perhaps engaging in a little sensual escapism that requires no words at all. The glamorous energy of this cosmic connection makes it a great time for a makeover or a decadent day at the spa.