Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for January 24 & 25

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if the weekend was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your Saturday and Sunday via these new weekly TGIF horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.

Saturday’s Pisces moon puts your head in the clouds and finds you fantasizing about a sweet escape. This lunar light makes you easily distracted, so don’t try and force your day into a structured plan. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, do some window-shopping or lose yourself in a good beat on the dance floor. On the other hand, some Rams will prefer complete solitude. Silence your smartphone, spin a chillaxed Spotify list and soak away the stress in a lavender-salted tub. Ahhhh, now that’s more like it. On Sunday, an alignment of the moon and impulsive Uranus in Aries summons your feisty side. You can smell a lively debate or brewing dissent miles away, but if it all appears to be smooth sailing, you’ll have no qualms about stirring the pot. While it might be an attempt to attract accolades, you could end up doing irreparable damage to your reputation. Avoid attention-seeking, and channel this cosmic confab’s energy into taking a gutsy gamble on a personal goal. Bid the January blues goodbye, and make an epic change in your world. Go big or go home.

Open up the invite list, Taurus. Saturday’s Pisces moon in your eleventh house of groups expands your social horizons. The last thing you feel like doing is putting on your game face at some snooty highbrow affair. Hanging with people who know how to keep it real is more your speed today. Connect with pals at a laid-back locale that also allows for meeting fresh faces. Don’t be surprised if you end up wearing the Mr. or Ms. Popularity sash before the night is through. On Sunday, the moon and unpredictable Uranus merge in your twelfth house of endings, urging you to close the book on a situation that’s so over and done with. Hanging on only causes you to relive that pain over and over again. Make a commitment to put that situation or person behind you, once and for all. Focus on the future you want to create, and get the manifestation ball rolling. Vision board, anyone?

Make the fellas your focus on Saturday, as the Pisces moon lights up your masculine tenth house. Whether you’re weight-training at the gym, hanging at the pub or even shoe shopping, you’ll have the most fun with the great guys in your world. As the tenth house also rules your career, Saturday is an ideal day to play catch-up if you’ve fallen a bit behind. You want to bring your best come Monday morning, so take a few hours to get up to speed and then enjoy the rest of the weekend. On Sunday, a merger of the moon and game-changer Uranus in your eleventh house of groups helps you find your tribe. Be it online or IRL, keep your radar honed for a crew that appreciates your forward-thinking ideas. Join forces with the right posse, and you’ll be amazed at what you can create. You could produce a hard-hitting project for the masses, or host an innovative event that shapes public opinion, from a spoken word festival to a meetup group committed to advancing a humanitarian cause.

Brave the world beyond the safety of your own backyard. Saturday’s moon in your adventurous ninth house gives you a hankering for terra nova. Follow that urge, Crab. Whether you’re escaping to a cabin in the woods or a posh hotel suite in a neighboring city, a change of scenery will buoy your spirits. Single? Keep an open mind, and give serious consideration to prospects that aren’t anywhere near your type. Move in different circles, and mingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Who knows what sort of synergy you’ll find, but one thing’s for sure: the experience will be enjoyable. On Sunday, your highest calling comes a’knocking. An angle between the moon and changemaker Uranus in your career house inspires you to take a professional path that aligns with your life purpose. Perhaps you aim to positively impact a certain segment of society, or to empower the vulnerable populations in your community. If you’re not quite there yet, please don’t quit your day job. With impulsive Uranus in the mix, spur-of-the moment decisions are likely to bring regrettable results. Start slow, remain receptive to nontraditional approaches and innovate your way to a respected position in the industry of your choice.

Saturday’s Pisces moon sharpens your already spot-on intuition. A certain woman in your world could use some of your insightful wisdom, but don’t wait for her to ask. Reach out—chances are your advice will be invaluable. Just don’t get suckered into doing the actual work though. If she’s going to learn and grow, she needs to work through the process herself. Serious sexy chemistry could ignite Saturday night, so keep things behind closed doors. Ooh la la! Come Sunday, sitting still will be a challenge, thanks to a moon-Uranus mashup in your expansive ninth house. You’re hungry to learn, inspired to innovate and motivated to dream without limits. Give your imagination free reign. For an extra boost of mojo, channel your inner culture vulture: peruse an alternative art exhibit, embark on a photo-taking walk, check out an indie band. Your next epic vacay is calling your name, Lion, so get the planning process in motion.

Shake on it or seal it with a kiss? Saturday’s Pisces moon in your commitment sector brings an officializing vibe to today’s energy. Your magnetism also reads off the charts, drawing out your hard-to-resist flirtatious side. While becoming exclusive is a serious matter, try to make the conversation inviting, not intimidating. Apply the same logic to your business dealings. Rather than holding a formal boardroom meeting, opt for a power lunch with a potential partner, your treat. Sunday’s stars come with an overreaction alert! A merger of the emo moon and impulsive Uranus in your intense eighth house could churn up supersized emotions in the blink of an eye. Jealousy could rear its ugly head, or you could move into uber-sensitive mode. Resist the urge to react and give yourself a time-out, or bundle up and take a walk around the block to gain some perspective. This cosmic confab could also ignite potent sexual chemistry with a certain someone. Revel in the attraction and see where it leads. Rawr!

Love yourself through thick and thin, Libra. Saturday’s Pisces moon illuminates your sixth house of self-care, reminding you that you’re at your happiest when you make healthy choices. Take the time to prepare balanced meals, or get someone else to do it for you, like Skip the party scene, and opt for a candlelit yoga class (with your BPA-free water bottle in tow). Alternatively, it’s a great night to fulfill your designated driver (or Uber-summoning) duties, and work up a sweat on the dance floor. Just squeeze in a disco nap before you hit the club circuit. Saturday afternoon is a good time to check some to-dos off your list. As the sixth house also rules service, you might go out of your way to help a friend in need. Said amigo may even be your sweetie, so roll up your sleeves and lighten your boo’s load. You may be the zodiac’s peacemaker, Libra, but your inner rabble-rouser could demand some airtime on Sunday. A merger of the moon and unpredictable Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships incites this feisty change of pace. Playing devil’s advocate may even be appealing—just steer clear of hitting below the belt to prove your point. Coupled? If you’re feeling bored with your bond, don’t drum up conflict. Instead, try something adventurous and new to the both of you. Single Libras could get struck by Cupid’s arrow—you won’t even see it coming!

Let’s get this party started! Saturday’s Pisces moon activates your celebratory fifth house, inspiring you to whip up adventurous activities for your crew. Come this evening, bringing out your best means dressing to the nines and mingling amongst the glamorous. Batting your lashes is second nature this Saturday, drawing in a selection of suitors. Single? Pucker up! On Sunday, drowning in the details is optional, Scorpio. A mashup of the moon and unpredictable Uranus in your sixth house of health and organization could throw a few unexpected tasks your way, derailing your concentration. Don’t get sucked into other people’s panic. Take a deep breath and prioritize. Burn off your frustrations on a bundled-up power walk, work up a sweat at your favorite weekend cardio class or get a massage therapist to work out those knots. Make a point of finding a productive way to get your stress under control, so you don’t end up taking it out on those you adore.

Sensitive much? This Saturday, the moon hovers in your domestic fourth house, making you averse to crowds and noisy environments. Stick to more intimate, low-key activities, like bonding with a BFF over a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and Spanish tapas. Or, you might be motivated to impress your loved ones with your latest culinary skills at Chez Sagittarius. If your energy levels are on the low end, this lunar light gives you permission to turn this dinner into a potluck. On Sunday, your feisty side comes out in full force, but don’t forget those filters, Sagittarius. The emo moon and impulsive Uranus meet up in your passionate fifth house, pumping up your naturally outspoken nature. Pause and reflect on how your strong opinions may be received before you open your mouth. Tailor your message and delivery to your audience. Calculated risk-taking in the romance department could yield positive results. Single? An electric attraction could materialize out of nowhere. If you’re coupled, invest a bit more energy into your bond, and get those embers burning brightly again.

Your powers of persuasion are potent, courtesy of Saturday’s Pisces moon lighting up your communication house. It’s a stellar day to advance a fledgling friendship over brunch or even a spontaneous day trip. Saturday evening is perfect for mixing and mingling, so don’t get guilted into inviting any buzzkills along. Do you really want to be stuck with someone who needs babysitting all night? Your coquettish side is out in full force, but be careful not to string any love-struck suitors along. On Sunday, a merger of the moon and changemaker Uranus in your domestic fourth house mixes things up at Chateau Capricorn. Whether you’re thinking of hanging your hat somewhere new or bringing a bouncing baby into this world, ponder the possibilities. As Uranus tends to be impulsive, steer clear of spur-of-the moment decisions. A female family member knows exactly what buttons of yours to push, and she could hit one or two of your sore spots on Sunday. Breathe in, breathe out. If you’ve got a bit of the January blues, a woman in your world may motivate you to make a radical change. Ready, set, go!

The finish line is just over the next hill, Aquarius, so don’t throw in the towel. Saturday’s stars remind you that slow and steady wins the race, so keep putting one foot in front of the other. While you might be dragging your feet or simply fed up, give it one last push. Although it’s not an official workday, you could finally receive well-deserved professional accolades…and maybe a killer contract or bonus check to go with it. In your personal life, you could move from casual friend to bestie status, or say buh-bye to Tinder in lieu of pursuing a love connection. Should a relationship require some attention to move it along, carve out a few hours for TLC. Sunday’s meetup of the moon and impulsive Uranus in your communication house gives your words a razor-sharp edge. Pause before blurting, or an out-and-out war could erupt before you even know what hit you. Are you sure you want to post that inflammatory Facebook update or trouble-making tweet? If you hit “send,” be prepared to take ownership of your offenses. Instead, purge your radical perspectives onto paper, or engage in a lively discussion with someone who won’t take your controversial commentaries personally.

Charm personified: You’re oozing magnetism, thanks to the Pisces moon ruling Saturday’s skies. If you’ve got a big ask to make, this lunar light is on your side. Refresh your vision board to reflect your 2015 wishes, but also actively go after what you want. People aren’t mind readers, so avoid assuming they know what you expect of them. Express your desires, and they’ll be more than happy to try and make ’em happen. Sunday’s mashup of the moon and impulsive Uranus in your money house urges you to pause before pulling out your plastic. A little shopping can be good for the soul, but not if throws your budget out the window or leads you to buy things you already have. Looking for a supplementary source of income to sate your love of luxe? Indie planet Uranus can help you sniff out a freelance gig or a job on the side.