Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for July 11 & 12

Pause before you pull out your plastic, Aries! On Saturday, a tricky opposition between the moon and strict Saturn in your money houses sounds the alarm bells when it comes to splurging. While you might want to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe or give your home furnishings a facelift, this cosmic faceoff warns against going overboard. Instead of embarking on a huge shopping spree, first hone in on what you REALLY need. Then, focus your energy on sniffing out deals instead of paying full price. This aspect can also impact your personal life, especially when it comes to trust or intimacy issues. If you have an unresolved matter hanging over your head, now’s the time to deal. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but facing it head-on is the only way forward. Sunday’s stars recommend that you strap yourself in. The Sun squares off with unpredictable Uranus, a status-quo disrupting aspect that happens only twice a year. For Rams, domestic drama could ensue if you stand up to a relative or roomie. If you’re raising kids, you could be ready to pull your hair out dealing with a rebellious child or the many pressures that come with parenting. You might feel the need to uproot in a big way, leading you to job search and house hunt in a brand new locale. Just don’t make any rash decisions. There’s nothing wrong with making a major move, but reflect on all the possible consequences before making a sizeable downpayment, or handing in your resignation.

Feeling weighted down by other people’s needs? On Saturday, the Taurus moon opposes restrictive Saturn in your relationship sector, putting your own desires at odds with your obligations. Breaking free is no easy task for your loyal sign, even if you’re in desperate need of some downtime. This feeling of claustrophobia could be your cue to become a bit more autonomous in a particular bond. While you don’t want to disappoint others, you could end up being resentful if you’re feeling burdened by them. If you need some unstructured free time, your best bet is to simply say so. Choosing to suck it up could lead to an epic meltdown on Sunday, as a volatile Sun-Uranus square fills the skies. Trust us—all diplomacy will fly out the window. You could resort to passive-aggressive tactics, or even lashing out. If your stress levels are at their peak, find a healthy outlet for them, from deep breathing exercises to dancing in your living room. Resist the urge to numb out with your favorite vice. Adding a hangover (alcohol, food, or otherwise) to the mix won’t do you any favors.

Your inner control freak could rise to the surface on Saturday, courtesy of a touchy moon-Saturn opposition. You could be hell-bent on keeping a certain issue alive—even if the offending party apologized or vice versa. If you can’t seem to let something go, chances are you haven’t dealt with the heart of the matter. Passive-aggressive jabs will only make things worse, Gemini, so muster the moxie to be honest. With taskmaster Saturn in your detail-oriented sixth house, you might be overly ambitious about dealing with all those pending to-dos. Don’t push yourself to get it all done this weekend, or you could end up draining your vital energy. On Sunday, a Sun-Uranus square in your social sectors could reveal frenemies in your midst. Or, you could have a revelatory moment regarding someone who only seems interested in hanging with you when you’re down and out. Choose to surround yourself with people who lift you up, not ones who keep you stuck in their muck.

High drama, incoming! This Saturday, the moon in your friendship zone forms a tough opposition to difficult Saturn. The divas in your posse could come out of the woodwork, competing for limelight. You’ve got better things to do than to waste your weekend on their attention-seeking antics, Crab. You might choose to put your foot down, and redirect the conversation into less charged waters. That said, you could also simply choose to spend your time with less theatrical people. While you might have categorized them as yawn-worthy in the past, their “boring” ways will now seem much more appealing. On Sunday, the Cancer Sun forms a volatile square to unpredictable Uranus, turning your attention to life-altering decisions. It might be time to move in a drastically different direction when it comes to your career or path in general. If you’ve been feeling stifled or aren’t making full use of all of your gifts, you could be inspired to shake things up in a major way next week. Heads up: simmering tensions with an important man in your world could hit its boiling point on Sunday. This will be especially true if he tries to restrict you in any way. No one puts Cancer in a corner!

You are SO ready to meet that supersized goal this weekend, but Saturday’s stars have something else in mind. With the moon in your ambitious tenth house facing off with restrictive Saturn in your domestic sector, home-based or family demands could derail your plans. That said, it could be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps you’ve been traveling in the fast lane with this project, which means you might have missed a few key details in the process. There’s something to be said for the saying “haste makes waste.” Take a breather to evaluate your action plan, so you can be 100 percent sure that the foundation you’re building is fault-free. Sunday’s stars shine a light on unresolved issues that you might be injecting into new undertakings. A tough square between the Sun and changemaker Uranus sets the scene for unvarnished truth-telling. A word of warning, Leo: if you’re going to unleash a candid diatribe on someone, just be prepared to receive a similar dose of brutal honesty. By all means clear the air, but try to round out the rough edges of your delivery.

Saturday’s stars serve up a dose of reality, as the expansive ninth house moon faces off against restrictive Saturn. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your lofty goals, but the cosmos insist on due diligence. As a meticulous Virgo, this shouldn’t be a tall order. Even if you’re anxious to put your plan into action, you’ll be glad you did more research, as it’s possible that you skimmed over a couple of important details. This cosmic clash might also squash any weekend getaway plans. Even if you have to tend to domestic or local duties, make a point of squeezing some fun into your weekend. On Sunday, your need for emotional security could bump up against your indie spirit, thanks to a change-making Sun-Uranus square. The secret is to take an unconventional approach to partnering up that works for YOU, regardless of what others may think. Operating outside the box can also breathe fresh life into a union that’s been spinning its wheels. Are your friendships feeling surface-y? Use the energy of this cosmic mashup to let down your walls a bit. Showing more vulnerability will bring your bonds to a more meaningful place.

Saturday’s faceoff between the sensitive moon and strict Saturn could catapult you deep into the emotion ocean. Don’t even think about initiating an important conversation (let alone delivering any take-it-or-leave-it deals) without properly processing your feelings. You’ve worked hard at achieving stability, Libra, so don’t let a few dark clouds derail all your progress. Keep your focus on the big picture. Also, apply the same wide-angle view to your finances. Tighten up your budget, scale back unnecessary expenses, or draft out an action plan for a lucrative business idea. If you take the time to plan properly, you might realize that you actually DO have the cash for that high-ticket indulgence. Score! On Sunday, a disruptive Sun-Uranus square could destabilize a close relationship, reviving conflicts that you thought were laid to rest. There’s a possibility that someone you’ve been counting on falls short of your expectations. Either make your standards more realistic, or seek out someone more suitable. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can always rely on Numero Uno.

Boundaries, Scorpio, boundaries! On Saturday, a moon-Saturn opposition could attract every Needy Nancy in a 50-mile radius into your sphere. It’s your job to establish and enforce clear limits. If you don’t, these energy vampires could suck the life right out of you. Asserting yourself might be a challenge (especially if your heartstrings are being pulled), but if you’d like to salvage your Saturday, speak up! Insecurity could rear its ugly head when it comes to a certain relationship. Don’t feed those naysaying thoughts or else you could ruin a good thing. This lack of confidence when it comes to you-know-who might have surged up because you’ve been giving ’til it hurts. Instead of dishing out resentment, take the day to top your tanks on your own. Reconnecting with Numero Uno will give you the perspective you need. Sunday’s skies feature a tricky square between the Sun in your expansion sector and disruptive Uranus in your minutiae-minded sixth house. You’ve got a larger-than-life dream that you’re intent on manifesting, but you could drown in the details today. This grand plan is worth seeing through to completion, but you first need to devise a creative way of managing all the moving parts. Think outside the box, keep your eye on the big picture, and a doable solution will emerge.

Honor your limits, Sagittarius. On Saturday, a tough moon-Saturn faceoff occupies your self-care sectors, cautioning against doing too much. When working out, listen to your body. If you follow the outmoded “no pain, no gain” mantra, your body will pay the price. Feeling charitable? Careful—you could offer to lend a hand with an endeavor that involves a lot more time and energy than you anticipated. You’re a giver by nature, Archer, but don’t be generous at your own expense. The planets could serve up a jarring reality check when it comes to helping others who simply don’t appreciate your efforts. If you’re having a hard time staying on top of things, you’ve got willing and able people all around you. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do it all. Let your posse support YOU for a change. On Sunday, you’re at risk of doing harm to a close relationship in the name of some cheap thrills, courtesy of a disruptive Sun-Uranus square. Perhaps you are pursuing a certain someone who consistently stands you up or lets you down. You’re worth much more than that—and your closest, most loyal bonds deserve better, too. Seek out excitement in ways that won’t threaten your valuable ties.

Are your amigos putting a damper on your love life? Or is it the other way around? This Saturday, a passionate fifth house moon faces off with restrictive Saturn in your friendship sector, making you feel like the rope in a tug o’ war. Perhaps a true-blue pal is going through a rough patch, and you want to lend support. However, sidelining your sweetie could drum up conflict and hurt feelings. On the flip side, if you’ve been devoting all of your free time to your S.O., rebalance the scales. Carve out time for your friends, Capricorn—they won’t wait around for you indefinitely. On Sunday, a square between the Sun and changemaker Uranus in the interpersonal areas of your chart churns up more conflict with your most important bonds. A relative could oppose a few your choices, drumming up family drama in the process. Or, you might find it a challenge to nurture a key relationship while also staying on top of your familial obligations. Trying to make everyone happy will only drain you dry—and cause resentment to rear its ugly head. Instead of writing ‘em all off, go do something to de-stress. When you’re in a calmer state of mind, you’ll be able to see that a few adjustments to your schedule can dissolve quite a bit of discontent.

Yes, it’s the weekend, but your job might demand your attention anyway. While all you really want (and need) is to unwind, a tricky moon-Saturn opposition could put you in the tough position of balancing domestic obligations and work deadlines. Instead of trying to multitask (e.g., answering emails over brunch), keep the personal and professional separate. Block off the time you need to take care of work, and plan on doing something fun or relaxing afterward. Think: catch up with a close friend over dinner, decompress in some sunny outdoor space, treat yourself to a massage. On Sunday, a frenetic Sun-Uranus square could find you trying to do WAY too much. Instead of driving yourself mad (and having a meltdown in the process), focus on the most important to-dos. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by other people’s needs, and concentrate on your top priorities. When in doubt, choose the simplest plan. Tip: conversations could take an argumentative turn, so steer clear of those rabble-rousers.

Before blurting something regrettable out this Saturday, put a few filters in place. With a moon-Saturn faceoff in your communication houses, speaking before thinking could cause more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, you might feel passionate about a certain issue, but unleashing a high-octane rant could end up doing harm to an important relationship. Steer clear of finger-pointing, and frame your concerns using “I” statements. For instance, you’ll get much farther with, “I need you to ask me how I’m feeling” instead of, “You don’t care how I feel!” Apply the same logic when posting on social media. If you need to blow off steam, get it off your chest with an uninvolved third party or burn it off at the gym. On Sunday, keeping it zipped will feel next to impossible, thanks to a square between the Sun in your expressive fifth house and volatile Uranus. While you’re more than revved up, recognize that you won’t be able to take back any choice words you let slip. Instead of burning bridges, channel your energy into a passion project. Your patience and attention span will be lacking though, so if possible, stick to simpler tasks.