Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for June 13 & 14

Count your pennies or spend with abandon? This Saturday, the moon in your second house of security encourages you to pull up your budgetary bootstraps. But as it forms a square to limitless Jupiter in your hedonistic fifth house, your resolve will be tested. Instead of dreading balancing out the income and expenses columns, try to inject a little pleasure into this necessary to-do. Pour yourself a glass of Pinot, burn some incense, and put yourself in a positive state of mind. Perhaps even start the process with an affirmation of gratitude and abundance. If your budget is balanced, you’ve got cosmic clearance to indulge in something small. If you’re not convinced you should keep your plastic on lockdown, Sunday’s stars give you even more reason. Strict Saturn travels retrograde (backward) into Scorpio and your eighth house of shared resources and big money until August 1, urging you to get clear on your long-term financial plans. You might also be faced with a decision about an important bond during this cycle. Does this relationship have a strong foundation? If you want this union to go the distance, now’s the time to strengthen it.

Go your own way or bond with la familia? On Saturday, a Taurus moon could drum up a desire to fly solo, where you can follow your whims with no restrictions. But a tough square from Jupiter in your fourth house of home and family could reveal other obligations that compete for your time. Your presence may be expected at a get-together with relatives, or you might need to tend to pressing domestic matters. Just don’t sacrifice all of your “me, myself, and I” time to fulfil your other responsibilities. A family member might have a wildly different view about a certain issue than you do—don’t be afraid to express your contrary perspective, Taurus. If you bite your tongue, you’ll barely be able to stay in this person’s presence for any length of time. Say something! On Sunday, structured Saturn backs into Scorpio, your interpersonal house, until September 17. Take the time to establish (or re-establish) clearer boundaries in your closest relationships, especially while Saturn travels retrograde through August 1. Be prepared for a partnership to hit a plateau or even pause altogether. See this period as a time when the two of you can work through the rough stuff, and figure out how to deal with it in the future. There are two possible outcomes: you’ll become a formidable duo, or start your search for someone more suitable.

Looking forward to a long lounge on Saturday morning? Well, we hate to burst your bubble, Gemini, but the stars have something else in mind. While the moon in your sleepy twelfth house wants you to spend the day in your PJs, a tough square with Jupiter in your communication sector brings interruptions left, right, and center. Sure, you could turn off your smartphone, but you hate to miss out, especially when your friends are full of intriguing invites. Tame that FOMO streak of yours, and listen to your body. At the very least, pace yourself. Besides, your social sign rarely suffers from a lack of interesting invitations. On Sunday, strict Saturn backs into Scorpio and your sixth house of self-care until September 17. Over the next month and a half though, Saturn travels retrograde, potentially calling for recalibration of your eating and exercise habits. Start by getting organized, and hone in your top three goals for the summer. Be it incorporating veggies into every meal, learning how to eat intuitively, or taking hot yoga classes thrice weekly, write out a step-by-step action plan that leads you to realizing your aim. By August 1, you could be at a whole new level.

Tackle those to-dos or blow ‘em off for playtime? This Saturday, the moon in your group sector squares Jupiter in your practical second house. While you really want to take care of those pending chores, just one mildly tempting invite from a friend will be all it takes to shelve those tasks. Instead of easing into the day, clear away as many items off your list as you can—long before your pals start calling about evening plans. You might want to break for brunch, but go easy on the Bloody Marys or you’ll never get back to work. Consider adding a few simple pleasures to the process. If you need to run errands, bring along a thermos of jasmine tea, or even better, take a break at a rooftop cafe. On Sunday, structured Saturn backs into Scorpio, your passionate fifth house, until September 17, sounding the call for a lot more playtime. As the ringed planet transits retrograde (backward) until August 1, certain issues in your love life could demand your attention. Don’t sweep them under the rug; deal with them head-on. A reunion with an ex (or finally moving on from a past relationship) is also possible during this retrograde. If you’re struck with the urge to revive an old creative project, follow it. After this short cycle, Saturn won’t visit this part of your chart until 2041, so take full advantage. Your magnum opus is calling.

Work the pleasure principle or practice delayed gratification? This Saturday, the moon in your structured tenth house is at odds with bountiful Jupiter in your sign. It’s a challenge to decide between a feel-good-now option and a more satisfying opportunity down the road. You could be thinking about switching jobs or making a lifestyle change that looks good on paper, but doesn’t excite you. Before making a decision, reflect on the potential consequences of your choices, now and in the future. On Sunday, serious Saturn backs into Scorpio, your domestic fourth house, until September 17, shining a light on home and family matters. Keep in mind that until August 1 Saturn is retrograde, causing you rethink your personal foundation, from where you hang your hat to the people who form your inner circle. As the fourth house rules the feminine, a female relative or close friend could take center stage this summer. You could be inspired to find a woman to mentor you, or maybe bid adieu to one you no longer feel aligned with.

Saying “yes” to life is a great way to live, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean accepting each and every offer that comes your way. On Saturday, the moon in your expansive ninth house puts you in a “more, more, more” mood. But a tense square from Jupiter in your twelfth house of rest and rejuvenation warns against taking on too much, or your body will pay the price. If you’ve had a great offer land in your lap, you might be uncharacteristically eager to swandive in—even if you’re missing some of the facts. It’s awesome that you’re willing to get out of your head and take action, but you also don’t want to be reckless. This cosmic clash could attract a critic into your world, someone more than happy to rain on your parade. If you have brilliant news, be discerning with whom you share it. The last thing you need is someone bursting your happy bubble. On Sunday, selective Saturn backs into Scorpio, your garrulous third house, until September 17, calling on you to scale back your contact list. The ringed planet travels retrograde (backward) through August 1, giving you a chance to assess the people in your midst. You could decide to put some distance between you and those high-maintenance folks, realizing that your life is better off without them. As Saturn doesn’t return to this position until 2041, cleaning house in ways that support your self-worth is highly recommended now. Devote your energy to nurturing those relationships (both business and personal) that are grounded in respect and reciprocity—the kind of bonds that will stand the test of time.

It might be time to be less generous about opening the vault, Libra. On Saturday, a private eighth house moon clashes with Jupiter in your group activity sector. Do you regret sharing too much with someone you thought you could trust? Be more discerning when choosing your audience, so the personal details of your life won’t circulate through the rumor mill. Using more discretion can also save you from having to justify yourself. For example, if you go on a rant about a friend to a group of amigos, and then turn around and post BFF selfies of the two of you, people may not take seriously the next time round. Keep your biz to yourself! On Sunday, serious Saturn backs into Scorpio, your second house of self-worth, until September 17. Getting yourself into a grounded routine is key. Take this cycle (especially as the ringed planet travels retrograde until August 1) to solidify your daily habits and get on top of your budget. If someone is overdue in repaying you, it’s time to cash in. Likewise, clear away your debts or set up a payback plan. Feeling dissatisfied at your present job? A past colleague, supervisor, or client could open a window of opportunity. Reach out and reconnect.

When you have your sights set on a certain goal, you’ve got laser-beam focus. But this Saturday, a square between the moon in your interpersonal zone and expansive Jupiter in your tenth house of success could throw you off your game. No matter how consumed you are with work this weekend, don’t neglect your loved ones. The trick is finding a balance, so you’re not sacrificing your entire day. Reserve no more than two hours at a time with your nearest and dearest—any more than that you’ll be distracted, eager to get back to the grindstone. On Sunday, things get serious as structured Saturn backs into Scorpio until September 17. The cosmic taskmaster occupied your sign from October 2012 to December 2014, which forced you to grow and evolve. A few of those lessons were hard-earned, and Saturn wants to make sure you’re truly committed to them. As Saturn travels retrograde (backward) until August 1, tweak your personal goals. After this transit, the ringed planet won’t revisit your sign until 2041. Use this time to polish and perfect your strategy for personal success. You’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

Treat yourself or steel your will? On Saturday, the moon in your self-care sector clashes with indulgent Jupiter in your abundant ninth house. Your appetite is voracious, but you’ll soon suffer the effects of overindulging. Archers aren’t exactly known for practicing moderation, so it’s key that you find ways make healthy habits enjoyable. Google new recipes or even try a vegan cooking class. Mix up your exercise routine and get outside, the closer to Mother Nature, the better. Think: yoga in the park, jogging along the water, exploring botanical gardens. On Sunday, self-care continues to play a central role, as serious Saturn backs into Scorpio, your twelfth house of rejuvenation until September 17. Some healing work may be necessary, especially while Saturn travels retrograde (backward) until August 1. As retrogrades rule the past, don’t be surprised if an old thorn in your side re-emerges. Structured Saturn can help up set up limits and stick to them. This transit could also shine a light on a health issue, or require that you step up for a loved one. That said, find time to decompress. The taskmaster planet has been in your sign since December 2014, and come autumn, it will move back into Sagittarius for another two years. You need this time to catch your breath, and tie up any loose ends. Once the fall rolls around, you can make a fresh start.

Lay your cards on the table or hold ‘em close to your vest? That’s a tricky one to answer on Saturday, as the moon in your passionate sector forms a square to Jupiter in your private eighth house. On the one hand, you want to speak from the heart, but on the other, you’re not sure you can handle the consequences. Once those words leave your lips, there’s no turning back. Before you take a risk, make sure you’re not projecting your idea of a perfect mate onto an innocent flirtation. Take your time, and ensure you’re both moving at the same pace. On Sunday, strict Saturn backs into Scorpio, your eleventh house of groups, until September 17, shining a light on your peeps. You could realize that a couple friendships aren’t aligned with who you are anymore—especially as Saturn travels retrograde (backward) through August 1. You of all people know that you’re judged by the company you keep. Use this cycle to make sure that everyone in your posse is top-notch.

Domestic matters could interfere with your love life on Saturday. The moon in your fourth house of home and family clashes with expansive Jupiter in your partnership sector. One of you might be getting ahead of the other, anything from wanting to merge resources to making a baby. You could find that a family member (or even a business connection) is cutting into your personal time. Your challenge is to create balance—which is perhaps a tall order, but not impossible. Long-term planning moves front and center on Sunday as structured Saturn backs into Scorpio, your ambition sector, until September 17. Saturn won’t occupy your career zone again until 2041, so don’t let this window go to waste. Get clear on your trajectory and the milestones you want to achieve, develop your network of connections, take a bold risk. With Saturn traveling retrograde (backward) through August 1, the time is right to re-establish contact with coaches, colleagues, and clients from the past. Doing so could lead you to a professional slam-dunk!

Burnout alert! This Saturday, the moon in your garrulous third house could bring a wave of tempting social invitations, none of which you want to miss. Complicating matters is a tough square the moon forms to Jupiter in your health corner. Trying to be here, there, and everywhere (while also maintaining your other obligations) puts undue strain your body’s defenses, leaving you susceptible to getting sick. SO not worth it, Pisces. Graciously bow out, take a raincheck and then scale back your schedge even more. Deal with only the high-pri items, and then take a siesta, pick up a healthy meal, or get a massage. Sunday’s stars come with a “less is more” mantra, as disciplined Saturn backs into Scorpio and your limitless ninth house until September 17. Saturn travels retrograde until August 1, reinforcing a minimalist approach. Steer clear of piling your plate. Even better, channel most of your energy into a project that feeds your soul. As the ninth house also governs travel, education, and entrepreneurship, it’s a stellar time to expand your skillset via a course, out-of-town workshop, or by learning how to become your own boss. Writing and publishing also bode well. Dust off that half-written memoir, pitch an op-ed, launch an innovative blog.