Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for June 20 & 21

Joie de vivre hangover: incoming! On Saturday, you could easily overdo it—champagne, a late night, rich foods—thanks to the moon conjunct decadent Jupiter in Leo, your fifth house of celebration. The good news is that you probably won’t regret going overboard—in fact, you’ll probably have a few festive Instagram posts to prove just what a grand time you’ve had. With paramours (and all people) your generosity is flowing. Now, who wants a hug? On Sunday, the mood gets more settled, as the Sun shifts into Cancer, your fourth house of home, family and roots, until July 22. For the next four weeks, your main concerns are domestic and sentimental in nature. You could spend more time with relatives, cooking, decorating or shopping for new furniture. Your heart is more tender than usual, so take it easy when it comes to social engagements. You could tear up easily, or just crave more solitude to refuel your emotional tanks. Self-love and self-care top the agenda.

Blood is thicker than water, Taurus. On Saturday, you’re feeling especially connected to your family, as the moon is conjunct optimistic Jupiter in Leo, your fourth house of roots and sentimentality. Spend time cooking up a storm—perhaps a feast of old family recipes—or just host a lively house party (avec champagne!). It’s not often that everyone in your clan is in this good of a mood, so enjoy the mutual generosity. Old quirks are less annoying and more endearing—and this includes yours, too. On Sunday, the Sun shifts into Cancer, your third house of communication, until July 22. For the next four weeks, think about ways that you can spiff up your modes of expression—consider a writing class, a podcast or enroll in a storytelling workshop. Connecting with others on a mental level will be a prevailing theme. If you need to brainstorm new ideas or draft a marketing strategy, you’ll have mental acuity and powers of persuasion in spades. The overall atmosphere is lighthearted and fun-loving. Your witty banter knows no bounds!

Who ARE the people in your neighborhood, Gemini? On Saturday, you could be in the mood to connect with your community, thanks to the moon forming a conjunction with feel-good Jupiter in Leo, your third house of local affairs. By attending a street fair, a yard sale or a local eatery, you could increase your local connections AND make your world feel a whole lot bigger. You could discover something horizon-broadening right in your own backyard, like a foreign language class or new kindred spirits. Get set for some lively conversations. Your bluntness is pure delight. On Sunday, it’s back to basics, as the Sun enters Cancer, your second house of priorities, work and finance. The prevailing theme over the next three weeks is your security: how can you get more—and keep it? You could go on a budgeting tear, or end up figuring out smart ways to build your nest egg. You’ll also take a look at how you earn your cash. If it’s not in line with your essential values, it might be time to find a new gig. The more you take care of your bottom line, the more your self-esteem increases.

Dance with decadence? On Saturday, you’re feeling especially indulgent, as the moon forms a conjunction with abundant Jupiter in Leo, your sensual second house. Living the luxe life brings you joy, so #treatyoself to a splurge. Think: lavender toothpaste or satin sheets. Spend a feel-good afternoon at the spa, getting a massage and dining on healthy fare. Your posh tastebuds could bring you to a fancy bistro for dinner, or a swanky hotel bar for cocktails. Sunday kicks off your birthday season, as the Sun enters Cancer, your first house of fresh starts, until July 22. For the next four weeks, it’s all about YOU, Crab. Whether you’re promoting a passion project or taking the helm of a cherished project, everything you do feels intensely personal. And why should it be any other way? Stepping into the spotlight isn’t necessarily in your comfort-seeking wheelhouse, but your soul also knows it’s time to balance the scales. You’re always concerned about others, and now, you’re due for the limelight. Autonomy awaits!

You ARE the party this weekend, Leo. On Saturday, you bring sunshine everywhere you go, thanks to the moon forming a conjunction with cheery Jupiter in Leo, your first house of self and identity. You have a natural glow about you, so don’t be surprised if your dance card is full all day. Part of your infectious excitement is discovering new frontiers within your own self-conception. For example, maybe you didn’t think of yourself as a cook—and now you’re serving up complicated French fare. Whatever the development, your thrills hinge on one very important truth: for you, anything is possible. On Sunday, the mood gets a bit quieter, as the Sun slips into Cancer, your twelfth house of healing and the subconscious, until July 22. For the next four weeks, you’re in a more reflective and maybe even somber mood. You may plunge into healing work or look back on old emotional wounds. As much as it hurts to bawl your eyes out or to slog through a certain, familiar pain, there’s a method to the madness: you’re releasing these karmic and emotional knots, so that you can start anew. Engage in yoga or free dance to let the feelings pass through you. Find catharsis in your journal, or listening to transporting music. As much as you want to be there for others, check in with yourself first. Compassion starts at home.

Tenderness overload! On Saturday, your stores of compassion are sky high, thanks to the moon forming a conjunction with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your twelfth house of healing and empathy. You could be moved to tears by a story—and maybe even caught unaware, e.g. you didn’t realize you could be quite so sensitive! As much as you feel the urge to help a pal in need, you may need to think twice before clearing the decks for an SOS phone call. You have exceedingly porous borders today, Virgo, and you already tend to over-give. Can you afford to internalize someone else’s angst? If not, put limits on what you can offer. On Sunday, you feel recharged as the Sun shifts into Cancer, your eleventh house of friends, celebration and teamwork, until July 22. There’s an electricity in the air over the next four weeks, and when it comes to making the world a better place, your enthusiasm could light up Tokyo. Jump into group projects, enjoying the satisfaction of having a shared goal and diversity of voices. You’re great at reminding people that everyone has something special to contribute—not just the CEO or celebrity du jour. Your egalitarian ways make you a fabulous party guest. Get set to be busy.

Ultimate Frisbee? Even if you’re not the athletic type, on Saturday, you’re up for Ultimate Fun, as the moon forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your eleventh house of revelry and friendships. Perhaps you and your pals with have an epic day of wandering—starting at a BBQ and ending up dancing on someone’s roof ‘til the wee hours. Don’t be surprised if new folks join your crew along the way. You are especially open to forging fresh ties, especially with people from different cultural backgrounds. The more, the merrier! On Sunday, the Sun shifts into Cancer, your tenth house of professional recognition and ambition, until July 22. For the next four weeks, you are gunning for the corner office (or the figurative equivalent). Whether you get a raise or just start hobnobbing with the VIPs, you’re definitely going to get a bump up in prestige—all thanks to your hard work, of course. If achievement comes too easy, you’re not interested. This period is all about paying your dues and earning your way.

On Saturday, your long-term plans could shift for the better, as the moon forms a conjunction with adventurous Jupiter in Leo, your tenth house of ambition and the future. Maybe your career path brings you to a new juncture, one that includes a position abroad or increased business travel. Or perhaps you’re just seeing new vistas for yourself, e.g. that you don’t need to be locked into a 9-to-5 grind to have the security you crave. Your expansive perspective could come from a stimulating, lively conversation with a father figure or mentor-type, as males are highlighted. Open your heart to the goodfellas in your life, Scorpio. On Sunday, the free-spirited vibes continue, as the Sun moves into Cancer, your ninth house of travel and growth, until July 22. For the next four weeks, the prevailing theme is seeking wisdom and new frontiers. How can you better make sense of your place in this vast cosmos? That could come via an exciting trip or by enrolling in a mind-expanding workshop. Perhaps taking a risk closer to home could bring you the same sense of expansion. After spending last month in such an intense cocoon, it feels incredible to spread those wings, Scorpio.

Road trip to the casino? On Saturday, adventure calls, as the moon forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your ninth house of travel, personal growth and good fortune. You could be feeling especially lucky. Even if you don’t spend the evening playing the slots (or buying a lotto ticket) you do have an excited air about you…something is changing, and your soul thrives on this freedom-loving vibe. Brush shoulders with equally fabulous people at glittery soirees. You feel aligned with the highest vibrations, Archer—and it feels like anything is possible. (It is!) On Sunday, the mood takes a turn for the intense, as the Sun shifts into Cancer, your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and power plays. For the next four weeks, the overarching theme is how to create greater security in your life, whether on emotional, financial or spiritual levels. A close relationship could go through some transformational bonding, perhaps via some vulnerable, soul-baring (and possibly sexual) encounters. In your business life, a partnership also gets stronger, as you figure out ways to pool your assets—not to mention your collective, considerable will. Hey there, heavy-hitter.

Sweet surrender? On Saturday, you’re feeling especially energized by an intimate connection, thanks to the moon meeting up with feel-good Jupiter in Leo, your eighth house of soul-bonding. You and a long-term partner could reach new levels of closeness, as you peel back the layers of your own relationship and psyche. If you have the courage to talk about a past betrayal or a dicey jealousy issue, you will find that your worst fears and warts are well-received. Your world gets so much bigger with this type of all-encompassing acceptance. If you’re single, you could have a chance encounter that rocks you to your deepest core. Stay open to receiving. On Sunday, you’re in a more cerebral place with relationships, as the Sun moves into Cancer, your fourth house of one-on-one partnerships, until July 22. For the next four weeks, you’re concerned with your closest ties and whether or not they are actually working. You could spend more time improving your communication and figuring out other ways to invite harmony into your union. This applies to business relationships, too. If you’ve been doing all the giving as of late, it might be time to step back and allow the other party to step up. Make your synergies two-way streets, Capricorn.

Put a ring on it? On Saturday, you could be feeling uber-positive about a romantic relationship, as the moon forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your seventh house of partnerships. Maybe you and your mate decide to take things to the next level, perhaps by cohabitating or getting engaged. Or, you could just feel a new sense of comfort around each other, especially if you feel secure enough to make room for one another’s personal growth. Solo Water Bearers might meet someone with “forever” potential while at a rollicking party, or maybe you’ll take a new perspective on your current search for a mate—after all, this could be quite the adventure. On Sunday, the Sun shifts into Cancer, your sixth house of health and wellness, until July 22. For the next four weeks, you’re on a roll—hitting the gym, logging regular meditation sessions and eating better, too. You could be surprised at how revitalized you feel with seemingly minor tweaks, e.g. adding a probiotic to your diet and/or cutting out hormone-rich meats. Log these small wins—soon, they will add up to one grand victory.

Break a sweat! On the exercise front, you could be unstoppable, as the moon joins forces with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of health, wellness and efficiency. Don’t overdo your workouts, but definitely push your boundaries a bit. If you never run a full ten miles (or ten minutes!), this could be your day to try. You may also want to play with nutritious fare from other cultures, making your wellness pursuits educational and fun. Since the sixth house rules organization, you may tackle a cleaning project in record time. Break out the to-do list—this is your day to take care of business. On Sunday, the mood gets a lot more festive, as the Sun shifts into Cancer, your fifth house of romance, passion and celebration, until July 22. For the next four weeks, you’re feeling lighthearted and flirtatious, whether coupled or single. Seduction is your modus operandi, Pisces. You may decide to get glam with bodycon looks and other sexy pieces, but all you really need is that “come hither” look in your eye to seal (this night’s) deal. Creatively, you’re also on a tear. Indulge in self-expression for self-expression’s sake. Become a regular at the karaoke bar or dance class. Log more time with your camera or paint set. Converse with pals who encourage your most unique side—and don’t judge you for unleashing your wilder nature. When in doubt, let it out.