Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for June 27 & 28

Drop your defenses, Ram! On Saturday, a flowing trine between the moon in your intimacy sector and Neptune in your foggy twelfth house encourages you to bring down those walls. Your free-spirited sign usually makes no qualms about asserting your limits, but this cosmic confab inspires you to loosen up those boundaries. Any anxiety you might have about getting too attached disappears, setting the scene for meaningful bonding—or a hot one-on-one encounter. Ooh la la! You might be tempted to blow off a previously scheduled plan when something more interesting comes along. Don’t do it, Aries, or karma will come back to bite you. On Sunday, romance figures front and center, courtesy of a sweet trine between amorous Venus and unpredictable Uranus. If the love bug didn’t bite on Saturday, odds are it will happen before the weekend is up. The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy is strong for some Aries, so if you’re not looking to put a bun in the oven, double protect! Your creative juices will be flowing freely, too. Follow the muse—she could lead you to your next masterpiece.

On Saturday, don’t stick to the same old, same old social scene. A sweet trine of the moon in your interpersonal sector and Neptune in your group activity house prods you to mix things up. Think: introduce someone new to your posse, include friends of friends into the day’s plans, play Cupid with your pals. Even the most diverse people will mesh beautifully under this cosmic combo. In some cases, a few of your amigos could forge bonds that don’t include you. If that doesn’t sit well with you, think twice about playing superconnector. Alternatively, you could confront your possessive side, and reflect on why it would make you anxious. Remember, Bull, if your friends create relationships independent of you, they will still love you all the same. On Sunday, prettifying Venus forms a trine to changemaker Uranus, inspiring you to declutter your home sweet home. Take stock of your belongings, and donate items that bring back difficult memories (or at least put them in storage for now). Refresh the tchotchkes on display with something new, like a one-of-a-kind piece or even fresh flowers.

The cosmos crown you victorious! On Saturday, a sweet angle between the moon and Neptune in the most accomplished sectors of your chart sets the stage for celebration, perhaps for a career success or some other big win. Feel free to enjoy yourself, but don’t go to extremes—especially when imbibing. Sure, this achievement is impressive, but you’ve still got a lot of work to do. Whether you’ve scored that coveted promotion or landed a dream client, you’ll need a clear head to start prepping for the tasks that lay ahead. On Sunday, a sweet angle between charming Venus and unpredictable Uranus in the gregarious sectors of your chart drums up an exciting social schedule. Invites will come out of the woodwork, so don’t tie yourself down to any one commitment. You’ll be at your happiest if you can flit in and out of different scenes as you wish. With love planet Venus in the mix, an amigo could turn into an amorous connection. Or, while bouncing from party to party, you could meet a sexy someone worth getting to know. Invite this person to join in your fun and games. Before the weekend is through, you could have a new love interest or a fascinating new friend in your back pocket.

The cosmos hand you the social director clipboard on Saturday, thanks to a playful moon-Neptune trine. With the luna hovering in your fifth house of glam and magical Neptune in your limitless ninth house, you’re the perfect person to whip up exciting plans for your gang. You now have a knack for making even the simplest of outings uber-appealing and spirited. Whether you’re painting the town a fresh coat of crimson or throwing together a last-minute weekend getaway, high-octane fun will not be in short supply. On Sunday, a harmonious trine between garrulous Venus and spontaneous Uranus could infuse social outings with a pragmatic vibe. A lingering brunch could morph into a brainstorming sesh, or rooftop cocktails could turn into a business meeting. While it is the weekend, Cancer, don’t let this synergy go to waste. With unpredictable Uranus in the frame, you could meet someone who perfectly complements your skillset. Score! If you’re coupled, the two of you could suddenly decide to dive head first into planning for your future together. Are those bells we hear?

Moody much? Not typically, but this Saturday, a moon-Neptune trine in the most emotional parts of your chart could give you a case of the blues. While you’re perfectly entitled to fully experience what you’re feeling, keep in mind that your emotions will affect those around you. You might choose to hang on the sidelines or mope in a quiet corner, but people will pester you to find out what’s wrong. Instead of plastering on a happy face, why not just honor your current state? Keep your plans mellow, either on your own or in the company of family or close amigos who don’t expect you to be “on.” And you never know: after a good cry, a long siesta, or unloading to your loved ones, you might actually feel like being social again. Come Sunday, you’ll bounce back, as garrulous Venus in Leo forms a sweet angle to spontaneous Uranus in your worldly ninth house. Fascinating new friends could come out of the woodwork, or a sizzling attraction with a sexy-accented stranger might emerge. If the urge strikes to head out of town for the day or even an overnight getaway, follow it. Single Lions might even meet a potential paramour along the way. Coupled? A change of scenery can inject fresh life into your bond. This Venus-Uranus angle could also trigger a need for more “me, myself, and I” time. Steer clear of those Needy Nancys in your world, and protect your vital energy.

Saturday’s stars attract an admirer into your midst, Virgo. With a flowing trine between the emo moon and love planet Venus in your partnership sectors, it’s no surprise that a certain someone is smitten with you. Single? Don’t write off those amorous signals. When you-know-who sends out flirtatious cues, go forth and explore the possibilities. This could be the beginning of a steamy summer romance—or perhaps even something more. If you’re already in a LTR, don’t play with this person’s heart. You might be inclined to simply ignore these sexy smoke signals, but doing so can actually do damage to your current bond. Address the issue gently. If the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn’t you want to know? On Sunday, the intimate sectors of your chart are activated by a trine between Venus and changemaker Uranus. It might be the end of the road for a certain relationship. If so, be kind and let go with love. At the other end of the spectrum, you might drop your defenses and reveal your rarely-seen vulnerable side. Heads up: a sudden steamy attraction could emerge without warning this weekend. You might choose to keep this connection private for the time being, which is probably in your best interests. Better you develop the relationship at your own pace without the busybodies weighing in.

Micromanaging, begone! This Saturday, a moon-Neptune trine in the orderly sectors of your chart urges you not to get lost in the minutiae. Your plate is packed at the moment, so tending to each and every detail is simply not realistic. If you hope to get anything accomplished, you’ll need to put your inner perfectionist on ice. Sweating the small stuff will only slow down your timelines and increase your stress levels. SO not worth it. When it comes to professional and personal demands, keep it simple. Opt for a group hangout instead of burning yourself out trying to meet up with all your peeps one-on-one. A little social experimentation is good for the soul, Libra. On Sunday, a Venus-Uranus trine in the collaborative sectors of your chart provides a perfect opportunity to join forces with a friend on a business endeavor, perhaps related to technology or a cause you both care about. This cosmic confab could also trigger an out-of-the-blue attraction to someone in your social circle. Whoa! If you’re both single, go forth and explore. Already attached? This aspect could bring out your indie spirit, leaving you craving a little space from your significant other. Don’t stick to your standard socializing M.O. Go your separate ways for the day, and hang with your respective amigos. Alternatively, you could mix and mingle as a couple. Remember: true love doesn’t mean you need to act like Siamese twins.

Is bigger better? Saturday’s stars say yes. A Scorpio moon trines illusory Neptune, giving you a craving for more, with a capital M. This cosmic combo also makes you a tad impatient when it comes to satisfying your larger-than-life desires. Proceed with caution, or you could easily end up being labeled a diva. Put your pride to the side and you’ll avoid burning bridges. Smooth out the rough edges of your delivery, too. As the saying goes, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, Scorpio. Treat others with respect, and they’ll respond in kind. On Sunday, work matters could require your attention, courtesy of a Venus-Uranus trine in your career houses. A colleague or client could send an SOS your way, or your presence might be required at a work function this weekend. Sure, it’s Sunday, but by dealing with these demands, you can earn major bonus points. You might even be struck with a serious revelatory moment about your professional path. Score! This cosmic confab also shines a light on your health habits, helping you move in a more positive direction. If a fresh fitness pursuit catches your eye, Sunday’s the day to give it a whirl.

Your inner Pollyanna is out in full force this Saturday, courtesy of a trine between the moon and illusory Neptune. Being optimistic is all well and good, Archer, but not if you raise to the level of icon. While it’s wonderful you celebrate other people’s positive traits, you don’t want to turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. When you idealize another person, you only set yourself up for disappointment (and set them up to fail). Instead of hoisting people up on towering pedestals, be open to learning about the good, the bad AND the ugly in your developing relationships. Nobody’s perfect, Sag. Sunday’s trine between amorous Venus and volatile Uranus could drum up drama with the object of your affections. If you’re craving excitement, you don’t need conflict. Seek out more positive ways to get your kicks and scratch that itch. Single? While chemistry with a certain someone could intensify quickly, your sound judgment could be clouded by a desire for some high-octane fun. Be conscious of not crossing that proverbial line. Once you do, you won’t be able to turn back time.

Fresh social scenes are calling your name, Capricorn. Saturday’s moon-Neptune trine activates the most gregarious parts of your chart, urging you to give new activities a whirl. If you’ve been curious about trying something different (particularly spiritual or sensual pursuits), the time is right. Think: outdoor yoga, a drumming circle, sommelier 101. Fitting in won’t be an issue at all; in fact, you could be inspired to become an official member. Just don’t rush into paying those annual fees, especially if you haven’t put any previous thought into it. Mull it over, and wait till next week to make a firm decision. On Sunday, the most emotional sectors of your chart will be activated by a Venus-Uranus trine. Don’t be surprised if your feelings demand center stage. Don’t fight it, Capricorn, even if the tears start to flow. In fact, revealing your vulnerability can actually strengthen your closest bonds. This cosmic confab might motivate you to officialize a budding relationship. Anything from clearing out a dresser drawer for your love interest to introducing your amor to family is sanctioned under Sunday’s stars. An unexpected pregnancy is also possible, so consider yourself notified.

Ready, set, manifest! This Saturday, a moon-Neptune trine activates your money houses, helping your goals take shape. Work the Law of Attraction, and carve out time to visualize the outcome you desire. You might even want to journal about it to produce a clearer picture. However, with foggy Neptune in the frame, the specific details might be fuzzy. Don’t stress, Aquarius. Meditate on the end goal and the universe will assist with the rest. That said, it’s not a great time to invest your energy or cash into new projects, so channel your efforts into endeavors you know will pan out positively. With the moon hovering in your masculine tenth house, a helpful man could prove to be invaluable in advancing your desires. Make a point of sharing your aims with this earth angel, and let him work his magic. On Sunday, a rare alignment between love planet Venus and changemaker Uranus in your relationship houses shines a light on the important partnerships in your life. If you’re attached, it’s a stellar day to work through any stubborn issues with your S.O. Hold such conversations in neutral territory, and it could trigger a much-needed “A-ha!” moment for the both of you. You, your partner, or perhaps even both of you could be craving a bit more freedom within the bond. Brainstorm ways to satisfy that autonomous itch without doing damage to the foundation of your union. Single? An amigo could move into amorous territory under this aspect. You might also be inspired to join forces with a friend on shared project. Go forth and explore.

Open yourself up to new experiences. This Saturday, an expansive trine between the moon in your travel zone and Neptune (your cosmic guardian) in Pisces pushes you to stretch. If you can escape for an entire evening, head out for an impromptu overnight getaway—especially if it involves frolicking in the great outdoors. Think: surfing, hiking, horseback riding. If you need to stay in and around home base, become a tourist in your own town. Check out a hotspot in your city that you’ve never visited. And while you’re there, don’t be shy about striking up conversations with strangers. Innocent chitchat could pave the way for a brand-new amigo or even a hot-and-heavy encounter. Your wellbeing takes center stage on Sunday, thanks to an alignment of beautifying Venus and changemaker Uranus. Have you jumped on the SoulCycle or HIIT bandwagon yet? If not, it’s a great day to give a class a whirl. As Uranus governs all things tech, download a fitness app to help keep your wellness goals track. Also devote some attention to your organizational habits. If you’re drowning in to-dos, contracting a virtual assistant would be money well spent.