Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for June 6 & 7

Picking fights, Aries? On Saturday, you may not play well with others, as the moon in Aquarius, your eleventh house of friendships, forms an opposition to charming Venus. Suddenly, you’re bickering with friends or romantic partners to make them prove their love. (Hint: this is a losing game.) Or maybe you overspend on a pair of pricey shoes just so you can keep up with the Joneses. Instead of lapsing into this competitive mindset, how about nurturing yourself with a little self-love? If all else fails, make a gratitude list of the things you appreciate—about your life AND yourself. On Sunday, the mood gets considerably more playful, as the moon in Aquarius, your eleventh house of collaborations forms a supportive trine to go-getter Mars in Gemini. If you have to smooth over any rough edges with a friend, this is the day to do it, as you will be plainspoken and direct. Brunch with your crew could be exceptionally fun, as the banter and ideas flow as freely as the mimosas. Your trademark enthusiasm could inspire action on behalf of the group, perhaps around an important cause. Go ahead…get everyone all fired up!

If you try to please ‘em all, you please no one. Remember that on Saturday, when the moon in Aquarius, your tenth house of ambition, forms an opposition to lovely Venus in Leo, your fourth house of home and family. Perhaps domestic concerns pull you away from an important work project, or a loved one expresses displeasure with how little time you’re able to give (all thanks to those long hours in the office). Spending a lot of money on your honey won’t get at the real problem, so forget retail therapy. Put down the Blackberry or iPhone, too—it IS the weekend. On Sunday, the air feels so much lighter, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your tenth house of long-term goals, forming a supportive trine to energizer Mars. On this action-oriented day, you could implement new structures to be more productive overall, potentially increasing your bottom line. Perhaps you’ll devise a plan to ask for a raise next week, or maybe you’ll just take concrete steps to save time (which is also money).

Impulsive alert! On Saturday, the moon in Aquarius, your ninth house of honesty, forms an opposition to charming Venus in Leo, giving you a case of cabin fever. Maybe you book an expensive, impromptu trip (that you could later try to back out of), or you take out your frustration on a mate, friend or even the local coffee barista. Yikes, Gemini! It’s easy to assume that the other person is the source of your angst, when, in reality, you’re the only one who can set yourself free. So stop pointing fingers and get proactive already! On Sunday, the mood is far lighter, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your ninth house of adventure and optimism, forming a supportive trine to energizer Mars in Gemini. You’re inspired to develop a creative or personal project, so head out and explore. Don’t be afraid to act on behalf of your own interests, asking friends to make helpful introductions. Maybe you’ll get invited to hear (or give) an inspiring, inclusive talk. Others will be drawn to your expansive views, expressed in a way that is truly unique to you. Whatever the case, if you feel an urge to promote your own agenda, don’t think twice. Just do it.

On Saturday, you could mistakenly equate the number in your bank account with how much you are actually worth, all thanks to an opposition between the moon in Aquarius, your eighth house of shared wealth, and Venus in your money zone. Maybe you and a mate squabble over finances…and you take it way too personally (as IF you’re not worth that fine silk sundress!). Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to just relax and enjoy the weekend without breaking the bank. This is especially hard if you feel left out of social engagements that the rest of your crew can seemingly afford. Get proactive, and come up with ways to bond that don’t set you back on budget. On Sunday, the mood is much smoother, as the moon in Aquarius, your eighth house of intimacy, forms a supportive trine to revitalizing Mars. You’re inspired to make nice if you got into an argument with a loved one yesterday, and you won’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry” first. Tune into your inner guidance, too. You could have a hunch to open up a conversation, or go visit a certain shop, only to realize later—after a big payoff—that your intuition was gold.

Me versus we? On Saturday, you are not in the mood to budge, as the moon in Aquarius, your seventh house of harmony and relationships, opposes Venus in Leo. Your self-serving instincts could upend a close partnership, whether professional or personal. Maybe you want to indulge in some “me” time, but the other party isn’t down with your agenda. If you acquiesce, though, you’ll only end up feeling resentful and disconnected. You could also take an innocent comment out of context and end up sparring over something petty. Avoid fireworks and drama, if you can. On Sunday, you’re feeling more upbeat and adventurous, as the moon in Aquarius, your seventh house of partnerships, forms a supportive trine to action-seeking Mars. Grab your BFF or beau and hit the brunch circuit, a street fair…and any other spontaneous experience that seems like a good idea. (Hang gliding? Awesome!) A casual convo could turn into an excited, soon-to-be-manifested dream—starting a food and farm co-op together? Stoke those enthusiastic embers—for now, the excitement is enough.

Twilight zone? You could feel a little out of it on Sunday, when the moon in Aquarius, your analytical sixth house, opposes soothing Venus in your foggy twelfth house. Maybe you’re torn between reality and a fantasy, only you’re having a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction. You could get fixated on a health issue, or overly worried about something that’s out of your control (and actually not even close to being a problem). Your perfectionist tendencies could push a loved one’s buttons. When you can’t change the world, Virgo, change yourself. On Sunday, you’re in a more grounded mood, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your sixth house of efficiency, forming a supportive trine to go-getter Mars. Be practical, tending to the tiny details of your life (think: budget, vitamins, batteries for the alarm clock). These so-called small tweaks will have a major impact in keeping you calm. Your proactive mood extends to your health, too. After you finish cleaning out the garage, you may want to head out for a heart-pumping run or intense weight training session. Today of all days, you’ve got extra energy to burn.

Friendly fire? On Saturday, a pal could be meddling in your love life, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your fifth house of passion, opposite harmonious Venus. Maybe your BFF lets slip that she can’t stand your partner. Or perhaps there’s a bit of judgment because your S.O. isn’t a de facto “crew member” in your social circle. Don’t let petty differences in your tribe ruin your day. As much as you like things to be conflict-free, a dose of fireworks isn’t actually a bad thing…as long as you don’t get passive-aggressive or say something hurtful you just can’t take back. Sunday brings a much-needed air of “live and let live,” thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Aquarius, your fifth house of personal dignity, and assertive Mars. The more you have pride in who YOU are, the more you can celebrate difference in others. You could be feeling especially warm-hearted toward people who have a lot to teach you, whether it’s a colleague, friend or love interest. The playful mood could lead you to throw an impromptu party, maybe trying out dishes from a range of cultures. Or perhaps you’ll be daring enough to host a salon, one in which you debut a budding talent.

Family feud? On Saturday, you could find yourself embroiled in a domestic dispute, as the moon in Aquarius, your fourth house of roots, forms an opposition to peacekeeper Venus. A female relative or friend could pull a manipulative move, e.g. if you really loved her, you’d forego your Saturday night plans to help her clean out her garage. Or maybe you’re the one, triggered by old baggage, who forces people to prove their love. Any way you slice this hunk of cheddar, it’s not pretty, Scorpio. Before you lash out—offensively or defensively—go within. That’s exactly where all the answers are. Don’t fall prey to a codependent guilt trip either! On Sunday, you’re more energized with regard to a home or family matter, as the moon in Aquarius, your fourth house of roots, forms an auspicious trine to driven Mars. Maybe you and a relative link up, for a heart-to-heart, or even to help problem-solve a real estate, intimacy or investment matter. Don’t try to act like you’ve got it all together if you really need support. They love you regardless. Knowing that your crazy brood has your back means everything.

Run for conversational cover? On Saturday, if you have friction with someone, you may want to build in a buffer (e.g. going to see a movie instead of spending hours unraveling the issue over cocktails). Why this interpersonal friction? The moon in Aquarius, your third house of communication, is forming an opposition to peaceful Venus. If someone asks you what you think, you COULD just tell ‘em the truth. But is brutal honesty the way to go? You may not be able to censor yourself, but don’t let a dialogue spiral out of control. Petty barbs and judgmental remarks aren’t really in line with your “live and let live” philosophy. On Sunday, you’re more in sync with a partner or close friend, as the moon in Aquarius, your third house of kindred spirits, forms a supportive trine to go-getter Mars. You could have a talk that changes the course of a key relationship. On an action-oriented day like this, that means you could even be, say, packing boxes if you’ve decided to cohabitate, or crunching numbers for a business plan if you’re plotting an artisanal food truck. Slow down if you’re zooming ahead too fast. Even at a slightly modified pace, grand possibilities exist.

Covert cash? On Saturday, a money matter could feel like it’s attached to a deeper issue, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your second house of finances, forming an opposition to harmonious Venus. A surface chat about fixing a leaky faucet could lead to a power struggle with your partner. Or maybe a distant friend guilt-trips you into spending more than you can on a birthday or bachelorette trip. Don’t open your wallet every single time you get an emotional twinge—retail therapy can go SO wrong today. Your money situation should never determine your self-worth, Capricorn—although your self-worth sure can determine your money situation. Focus on building an internal sense of value this Saturday, instead of going on a spending spree. On Sunday, you’re feeling a lot more grounded, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your pragmatic second house, forming an auspicious trine to go-getter Mars. You could wake up with your eyes wide open—no double espresso needed. With all this zing, you may tackle more in this 24-hour cycle than you do all month. Prioritize, Capricorn. What needs to be taken care of first—the messy garage, your work budget, the vacation plans or finding a new trainer? Chances are, you’ll get it all done by sundown.

Me, me, me. On Saturday, your self-interest could overturn the harmony of a close relationship, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your first house of personal agendas, forming an opposition to cooperative Venus. Maybe a partner or colleague is relying on you to attend an event, or perhaps you had tickets for two to a play—only now, you’re really regretting that commitment. Anyone who knows and loves you understands that an Aquarian’s lifeblood is independence. Yet, faking sick or making some overly rationalized excuse as to why you’re backing out will only make things worse. If you must bail, at least own it. Simply saying, “I’m not feeling up for it” is good enough. If you want to look a little deeper, you may be experiencing some social anxiety. It might be worth pushing past that angst to have a memorable time with a close friend. On Sunday, it’s back ON, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Aquarius, your first house of self, and desire-driven Mars in Gemini. You have a magnetism that could charm even your worst enemy, so use this siren-like quality to your advantage. Maybe you want to lure in a new suitor, or impress a colleague with your artistic edge. A flirty champagne or coffee chat might be the highlight of your weekend. Make time for a workout or a marathon session in the sheets, though. You’ve got to get this energy out of your system somehow!

Are you being your own worst enemy? On Saturday, you could be kicking yourself for no good reason, as the moon in Aquarius, your delusional twelfth house, forms an opposition to caring Venus. You KNOW that a butt-kicking workout will help you beat the blues, for example—but you could still feel glued to your couch and that bowl of Cheetos. Or if you’re on the brink of reaching a major milestone—maybe with a relationship or job—you could create an imaginary scenario around why it’ll never work—and then poof!—you’ve torched your shot. Stay grounded and out of your paranoid thoughts, Pisces. Listen to soothing meditations or take a dance break. When in doubt, breathe, then call up a sensible friend who will remind you how awesome you are. On Sunday, the universe totally has your back, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Aquarius, your spiritual twelfth house, and driven Mars. Listen to your gut—and pay attention. With all the signs and synchronicities, you COULD feel like you’re doing an 18th-centruty minuet through your own personal, fairy-dusted snow globe. Your sixth sense could bring you to an important, uplifting discovery, perhaps about a relative, or just your own emotions. If you’re house-hunting, set a positive intention. You are in the land of “ask, believe, and receive.” Manifest!