Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for May 16 & 17

Embrace your sentimental side, Aries. This Saturday, the sensitive moon forms a sweet trine to compassionate Neptune in the emotional sectors of your chart. Bonding with your nearest and dearest could be oh-so satisfying—especially if it’s done on your turf. Rally your closest friends or family together for a potluck or game night. This cosmic confab might also inspire you to zhush your space with special touches, like framing old photos or showcasing an antique piece that belonged to your beloved grandmother. On Sunday, money matters take center stage as the annual Taurus new moon lights up your grounded second house. Revamp your budget to minimize spending and maximize savings. Time to move up the ladder, Ram? Identify a promotion or raise you want as your own, and map out an action plan to get there. This lunar light could also bring an intriguing offer your way in the next week, so make sure your resume is up-to-date and your elevator pitch perfected. As the second house rules all things sensual, don’t be afraid to explore investment purchases, like original art or a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture—something that will bring you years of pleasure.

Let the good times roll! On Saturday, harmonious Venus forms a sweet trine to dreamy Neptune in the social sectors of your chart. Carve out a good chunk of the day for your pals, from lingering over brunch to exploring spring festivals. What may start out as a small group could quickly morph into a swelling crowd of merry-makers—which will suit you just fine! The interwebs also hold much promise for building bonds. Surfing social media, online dating, or chatting in forums could lead to synergistic connections. Click and ye shall find! On Sunday, the annual new moon in your sign fills the skies, launching your own personal New Year. This lunar light marks the beginning of a six-month cycle, so take a bit of time to become clear on what you’d like to accomplish. Get the manifestation ball rolling now, and watch your dreams become reality by the corresponding full moon on October 27.

While the weekend is upon us, Saturday’s stars draw your attention to your professional life and long-term trajectory. Harmony-loving Venus occupies your finance house, and forms a sweet trine to creative Neptune in your career sector. This cosmic confab gives you an extra sprinkling of manifestation magic, so start figuring out a path that pads your bank account and aligns with your highest self. You might even be inspired to donate your time and skills to a cause you care about. Let the positive karma flow! Saturday is also a great day to socialize with a purpose, perhaps by taking a client out for brunch or bouncing around ideas at a new pub in town. On Sunday, the annual Taurus new moon transits your twelfth house of completions. As this lunar light launches a brand-new six-month cycle, you can view it as a transition from one situation to another. Make space in your world for a new adventure or three. Tip: it might take some time for these fresh paths to evolve. Patience, Gemini, patience.

Live loud, live proud, Cancer! This Saturday, magnetic Venus in your sign forms a sweet trine to dreamy Neptune in your candid ninth house, setting the scene for following your passion. Push yourself to take a risk, from sharing what’s in your heart with you-know-who to putting your creative gifts on display. The ninth house tends to bring expansion, so the urge to travel could strike, as could a desire to explore new subjects. You’re like a sponge for new ideas, the ideal state of mind to welcome an epiphany. Your quest for knowledge might even help you view a past painful experience through a different lens—one that encourages healing. Embrace forgiveness and move forward with less baggage. On Sunday, collaboration becomes the focus, as the annual new moon in Taurus lights up your eleventh house of friendships. Synergistic connections could turn into a formidable team, either IRL or online. Even if you’ve found your tribe, welcoming new souls into your world is always enriching. Ready, set, connect!

Ah, sweet surrender. This Saturday, a sweet angle between romance planet Venus and dreamy Neptune in the intimate sectors of your chart helps open your heart. You’re a natural leader, Leo, but you’re now happy to let someone else fill those shoes. Give-and-take features prominently throughout the day with someone close to you, be it your S.O., a relative, or a BFF. You might be on the receiving end of an intense emotional outpouring or confession. Not only will it be liberating for the other person, it might even be healing for you, too. Being compassionate and empathetic comes naturally for you, and even more so this Saturday. Just be sure to “clear” your energetic field after any heavy discussions, so you don’t inadvertently carry any negative residue with you. On Sunday, the annual new moon in Taurus turns your attention to your career and long-term goals. Over the next week, an exciting opportunity could emerge that propels you up the ladder. If you’ve already set your sights on an ambitious goal, make “slow and steady” your mantra. This new moon launches a six-month cycle, so you’ll need to pace yourself. Make it a priority to get in good with the decision-makers and bigwigs. You could find yourself rubbing padded shoulders in the VIP lounge by the corresponding full moon on October 27.

That discerning eye of yours can get you into trouble sometimes, Virgo. It’s in your nature to hone in on the shortcomings of others—and yourself. While we know that you’re a natural fixer, others might view you as critical instead. This Saturday though, the stars help you show the world a different, more tolerant side. This shift comes courtesy of harmony-loving Venus in your idealistic eleventh house forming a sweet angle to dreamy Neptune in your interpersonal sector. In fact, you’re now most comfortable seeing others through a rose-colored tint, helping them recognize their greatest gifts. Continue riding this optimistic wave into Sunday, as the annual new moon in Taurus and your expansive ninth house fills the skies. You’ve got grand ideas, and you’re keen to share them with a wider audience. This new moon sanctions larger-than-life goals, so don’t shy away from planning that exotic trip, returning to school, or even launching your own startup. Begin mapping out a plan of action, and you can realize these lofty aims by the corresponding full moon on October 27.

You’re at your happiest with a balance of order and spontaneity, and Saturday’s stars are here to help. A supportive trine between indulgent Venus and holistic Neptune in the health sectors of your chart encourages you to incorporate pleasure into your wellness plan. If you want to get on track with nutrition, how about signing up for weekend retreat in the country? Instead of opting for the cheapest gym membership out there, invest a few extra dollars per month to join that high-end yoga studio and spa. If you want these positive changes to stick, make choices that ensure you’ll enjoy yourself at the same time. Soul-level bonding is the theme on Sunday, courtesy of the annual new moon in Taurus, your intimate eighth house. From pregnancy to cohabitation to joint business deals, the seeds you plant today could blossom by the corresponding full moon on October 27. This lunar light also shines its beams on long-term financial planning. Explore different ways to make money in your sleep, perhaps via real estate or another sort of investment. Also investigate saving some funds by pooling resources. Potlucks, carpools, and community gardens—get creative and create a win-win!

Expand your search radius, Scorpio. This Saturday, romantic Venus hovers in your adventurous ninth house and forms a harmonious angle to dreamy Neptune in your passion zone. Variety is the spice of your love life this weekend, so don’t get hung up on any so-called differences. Be it contrasting cultures or varying values, what’s really important on Saturday is the kismet connection between you. If you’re already attached, synergistic sparks could fly with a creative collaborator in another corner of the world. Make time in your day to seek out inspiration, from the latest in fringe theater to the hottest TED talks online. On Sunday, the annual new moon in Taurus illuminates your partnership sector, urging you to work the power of two. Joining forces with another—in either romance or business—can bring rich rewards over the next six months. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Your cocoon is calling, Sagittarius. If you made party-hardy plans for this weekend, Saturday’s stars urge you to bow and bond with your closest peeps. Loving Venus in your eighth house of intimacy forms a sweet angle to dreamy Neptune in your home and family sector. You might find yourself bringing your latest beau to meet la familia, or you could snuggle up with your longtime sweetie. With Venus occupying the erotic part of your chart, things could get scorching behind closed doors. If you don’t have any prospects in the running, Saturday is perfect to get some quality time in with a close friend, your clan, or even just yourself. If catching up on Homeland, finishing that novel, and sneaking in a siesta sounds appealing, follow your bliss. Sunday’s stars come with a shot of green juice. The annual new moon in Taurus activates your sixth house of healthy living, beginning a six-month quest for vitality. Regardless of where you fall on the fitness scale, the cosmos give you license to begin anew. Set some realistic goals that nurture and soothe your body. In other words, steer clear of the no-pain-no-gain mentality. Don’t deprive yourself, and expand your diet so that it includes more organic and local fare. As the sixth house also governs organization, you’ve got cosmic clearance to dive into that decluttering mission or home reno project.

Shine on! On Saturday, the moon hovers in your partnership sector while forming a potent trine to dreamy Neptune in your communication house. If you’re in a relationship, it’s power-couple time, Capricorn! This magnetic cosmic combo makes you and your plus-one simply irresistible. Single? Take extra time to adorn yourself, as there’s a chance you could meet a prospect with potential. The chemistry will be palpable, and might even feel fated. Ooh la la! A platonic pal could also prove to be an excellent collaborator. Take that seed of an idea and bat around the possibilities together—it could be the beginning of a beautiful endeavor. On Sunday, the annual new moon in Taurus illuminates your passionate fifth house. Single or taken, get crystal-clear on what you’d like to manifest in your love life, and welcome these changes into your world by October 27, the corresponding full moon. Got babymaking on the brain? Sunday’s the day to get busy, Cap. Alternatively, you could take an unformed idea and nurture it into something significant.

Saturday’s planets remind you that clutter takes up physical AND psychic space. The skies feature a supportive angle between harmonious Venus in your organization sector and Neptune in your money and possessions house. This cosmic combo prods you to create order in your immediate surroundings as a first step to improving other areas of your life. Living in disarray keeps you from facing more significant issues, like faltering finances or a rocky relationship. Take time on Saturday to engage in a clean-up mission of sorts, perhaps by doing your taxes or packing away mementos from old lovers. With each task you tackle, you’ll gain the confidence and clarity to confront those important matters at hand. On Sunday, the annual Taurus new moon activates your fourth house of home and family, putting domestic matters front and center. This lunar light helps you turn to a fresh page with loved ones, especially women. Reserve a few hours for some quality one-on-one time with her. Self-nurturing should also figure prominently into your day. Cook nutritious meals for yourself, steer clear of screens, or soak in a long, hot bubble bath. This new moon might also motivate you to think about renovating or even moving. Start doing your homework, Aquarius.

Ah, sweet amour! This Saturday, the moon hovers in your fifth house of romance while forming a sweet angle to your planetary guardian Neptune, which is lingering in your sign. This cosmic confab makes it easy to dissolve your defenses in the name of making an intense connection, either with your S.O. or a fresh prospect. Your inner coquette or Casanova needs some airtime, so bat those lashes and flirt to your heart’s content. Since the fifth house also rules creativity, you could be motivated to throw yourself into an inspired project. And don’t be shy about assuming your place in the limelight either. An adoring public awaits, Pisces, so put your talents on display! On Sunday, the annual Taurus new moon electrifies your expressive third house, paving a path directly to the podium. You have valuable ideas and insights to share, and they deserve to reach a wider audience. Be it writing, teaching, or podcasting, find a platform to spread your message. The third house also rules dynamic duos, and you could have a serendipitous conversation with a like-minded person, setting the scene for a potent collaboration over the next six months. Ready, set, brainstorm!