Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for May 2 & 3

Synergy abounds on Saturday, courtesy of a harmonious trine between the moon and Venus in your interpersonal houses. Conversations are rich and effortless with the object of your affections. If you’re single, chatting with someone new could spark a fresh romance. Reciprocity flows with ease, and you feel especially connected to those around you. Ah, there’s nothing sweeter than synchronicity, Aries! Take full advantage of this energy, and open up a dialogue that brings together everyone’s talents for the greater good. Come Sunday, your blue-sky thinking could take a hit. An opposition between communicator Mercury and stern Saturn calls on you to consider the implications of your vision. Start breaking down the practicalities in order to make your plan come to life. Keep nurturing your dreams, but at more of a slow burn. Sunday is also the annual Scorpio full moon, which illuminates your intimate eighth house. Strong emotions could emerge from a deep place—and with the moon forming an exact square to Jupiter, things could get pretty dramatic. Shared finances or a joint venture could also be on the table. You’ll ponder joining forces, but not at the expense of your individuality and creative freedom.

Self-care can also be enjoyable, Taurus—a truth that your sensual sign usually lives by. On Saturday, a harmonious angle between the moon and indulgent Venus helps you inject some decadence into your wellness routine. Give a new yoga studio a try that also has an on-site spa, try out a few Bach flower remedies, or treat yourself to a Shiatsu rub. That said, simply slowing down your pace and practicing mindfulness can work wonders for your peace of mind. On Sunday however, a tough Mercury-Saturn opposition could burst your blissful bubble. You’re at risk of sliding down that slippery slope of obsession, so monitor your thoughts. Maybe you’ve been keen to splurge on a big purchase, but your bank account says no. Your emotions could also be particularly intense, so don’t weather them alone. Reach out to a grounded confidante to help you put things back into perspective. Sunday also brings a Scorpio full moon in your relationship house, a beautiful chance to regain perspective around partnership and mutuality. A romantic connection could become official, or you could have a bonding moment with your current amour. Perhaps it’s also time to part ways? The full moon can bring necessary closure.

Saturday’s stars summon your inner coquette or Casanova. The moon in your passionate fifth house forms a sweet angle to love planet Venus in your sign, making you simply irresistible. This cosmic confab puts all eyes on you, so don’t let it go to waste. Wow ‘em with your witty banter, and keep those risque, and sometimes scandalous, remarks coming. You’re in a live-out-loud mood, so make sure you dress the part on Saturday night. Debut a bold new accessory or even add a colorful new streak to your tresses. Bring on those likes! Your indie spirit still wants to run the show, but on Sunday, one person in particular could require your attention. A tense opposition between Mercury in your sign and disciplinarian Saturn in your relationship sector could bring a reality check—especially if you’ve sidelined a certain someone one too many times. Let people know you can be counted on, and follow through with your commitments. A full moon in your sixth house of health and organization on Sunday also emphasizes integrity. Spend some time getting clear on your priorities. A tense moon-Jupiter square could make it hard to say “no” to certain friends, but consider that you could be missing out on more fulfilling opportunities by filling your calendar with social “fluff.” There are only so many hours in a day, Gemini!

Saturday’s sentimental stars put you in your sensitive wheelhouse. The moon in your fourth house of emotional ties forms a sweet trine to loving Venus in your nostalgic twelfth house, leaving you longing for large doses of TLC. You can be a tough nut to crack, Cancer, but deep down, you’re one of the most nurturing people around. Reserve the day for quality time with your nearest and dearest. Feathering your nest will also be especially fulfilling. Hosting a home-cooked meal at Chateau Cancer with your favorite people will hit the spot. On Sunday, you’re happy to keep riding the wave of nostalgia, but a tense Mercury-Saturn faceoff insists you deal with practical matters. Tackle those chores, run necessary errands, and tend to self-care. While you might be tempted to whittle away the afternoon over a lingering brunch, you also need to prepare for the week ahead. Take time for a workout, or even a brisk walk in the fresh spring air. Try to steer clear of heavy comfort food, and you’ll be that much more productive. Green juice, anyone? Of course, you’ll want to save SOME room for indulgences to honor Sunday’s full moon in Scorpio, your decadent fifth house of love and creativity. This could be a five-star day for romance, and a pregnancy is even possible. Just watch your budget, as a heedless moon-Jupiter square could tempt you to blow your bank on something that doesn’t really return the investment. Has your unspoken mantra been “spend, repent, repeat”? Time to break that cycle!

The bigger the crowd, the better the party! Your social butterfly wings are at full flutter this Saturday, as the moon in your garrulous third house forms a sweet trine with charming Venus in your group sector. Mixing and mingling with new and old friends couldn’t be more fulfilling and fun! As Venus is the planet of amour, clever conversation could transform into a romantic connection. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up with queue of suitors at your door. Online dating could also reap rich rewards, Leo, so get your right-swipe on. Already attached? This cosmic combo paves the way for a free-flowing conversation about an important issue. You can still address something serious in a somewhat playful way. Try it—it works! You’re a Lion in demand on Sunday, but a Mercury-Saturn opposition could find you leaving one special soul out in the cold. Be it your S.O. or best friend, reserve part of the day for some quality one-on-one time. Heads up: don’t forget to squeeze in a couple hours for Numero Uno. Reflect on whether you put others’ needs before your own. If so, is this approach an excuse to not take more risks? Break outside that safety bubble, and take a leap of faith. You might scrape your knees, but it won’t kill you. Seize the day! Sunday also features a full moon in Scorpio, your fourth house of home and family. Make time for loved ones or to feather your nest. Just don’t start any gigantic home reno projects. A moon-Jupiter square could make you overly ambitious…and ready to throw in the paintbrush when you’ve only primed half of the living room wall. Oops!

While the weekend has arrived, Saturday’s stars motivate you to get cracking. Use this surge of inspiration to explore what truly feeds your soul AND helps build a secure future. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself with unrealistic timelines. With a sweet angle between the moon in your grounded second house and harmony-loving Venus in your career sector, start by aligning your daily habits and desires. If a certain couture accessory is calling your name, you’ve got cosmic clearance to splurge—especially if you’ll get great use from it. On Sunday, you’re still in a goal-oriented mood, but home or family obligations might require some attention. A difficult Mercury-Saturn opposition could demand that you follow through on certain personal commitments. Bowing out could do damage to an important bond, so honor your promises. Try to strike a balance: take a couple of hours for your passion project, and then devote the rest of the day to your loved ones. Tip: silence your smartphone and keep it tucked away. Be here now. While  you’re at it, how about some honest communication? Sunday’s full moon in your communication house emphasizes a need for honest dialogue. The moon will battle Jupiter in your twelfth house of martyrdom, ensuring that you could get a few guilt trips in exchange for your honesty. Don’t let that stop you from speaking your truth and setting clear boundaries.

The world is your oyster! This Saturday, the Libra moon forms a sweet angle to your cosmic guardian Venus in your expansive ninth house, opening up endless possibilities. Take a wide-angle view on life, and while you’re at it, feel free to wear your rose-colored lunettes. Be it in romance, friendship, or creative pursuits, let your curiosity lead the way—the farther outside your comfort zone, the better. Check out a fresh scene, catch a foreign film, strike up conversations with intriguing strangers (sexy accents a plus!). As the ninth house also rules entrepreneurial ventures, you could be struck with a brilliant gem for a startup. No idea is too “out there” under this cosmic confab. Start doing your homework this weekend, and see how to turn it into something tangible. On Sunday, a tough Mercury-Saturn faceoff reinforces the importance of digging up hard data to support your lofty goals. Just don’t get too caught up in the practicalities though, Libra. Dreams need time to take shape, and that can involve some trial and error. Investigate the options without bursting your bubble. You might be able to come up with a strategy to take a risk that also offers a safety net. The silver lining? Sunday also features a Scorpio full moon in your work and money house. Brilliant new financial opportunities could be on their way, or you could be offered a thrilling position in the coming days. Keep your credit cards at home, though; a moon-Jupiter square could tempt you to pick up the tab and empty your coffers. Breaking the bank on brunch? Not today.

Drop your defenses, Scorpio. This Saturday, the sensitive moon and warm-and-fuzzy Venus form a harmonious trine in the sensual sectors of your chart. Showing your softer side is not part and parcel of your sign’s M.O., but this cosmic combo opens your heart. Just be forewarned: a charismatic character could leave you swooning, but don’t rush in. It’s questionable whether this person can be trusted or not, so make sure you do those background checks first. Also, stay in tune with your instincts, as they’ll never lead you astray. Saturday’s stars are also prime for strengthening an existing bond, or confiding in your inner circle. Come Sunday, old confidence issues could rise to the surface, making it a challenge to trust others. The deeper a relationship gets, the more you may fear about opening up. Being vulnerable feels like a huge risk, Scorpio, but baring your soul will make you even more endearing—especially to those who really count. Insecurities, begone! There’s a silver lining, anyhow, as Sunday features the annual Scorpio full moon. Come out, come out and revel in being you! Just avoid making any grandiose public declarations you can’t 100 percent back up. A tricky square from Jupiter could make you a tad overconfident. Unless the ink is dry on a contract, don’t send out any premature announcements.

The more definitely is the merrier for Archers this Saturday, thanks to the moon illuminating your eleventh house of groups. At the same time, it forms a sweet trine to charming Venus in your partnership sector, setting the scene for some sexy sparks with one special soul. If you’re looking for amour, you might even get lucky online, as the eleventh house rules all thing tech. Already attached? Save the intense one-on-one dates for another time. Head out with your sweetie and your fun-loving crew, or try out a new scene together. If you sense that two of your pals would hit it off, set them up. It will keep the love karma flowing! On Sunday, your social life will still be buzzing, but a tough Mercury-Saturn opposition could find you longing for a little “me” time. Don’t expect a window to open up during the day. You’ll need to be firm about that, even if it does feel a bit awkward. Compromising your desire to fly solo will only cause resentment to rear its ugly head. Don’t do it. This is further underscored by Sunday’s Scorpio full moon in your twelfth house of endings and rest. You may need to close the door on a toxic tie or a painful chapter of your life. Perhaps there’s an energy vampire who needs to be cut off, or some forgiveness work for you to do. It will be hard to set limits, however, thanks to a tough moon-Jupiter square. Trust in the universe’s abundance—opportunity won’t slip away just because you pass on one thing. Honor your body’s need to rejuvenate!

Less is more on Saturday, thanks to a sweet angle between the moon and prettifying Venus in your sixth house of organization. Minimalism is the way to go: it not only allows you to showcase your most treasured objects, it also keeps the chi (life-force energy) flowing freely. Take a few hours to scale back, from your kitchen cupboards to your bursting wardrobe. Follow this rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in the last year or it doesn’t nourish your soul, bid it adieu. Come Sunday, you may still be motivated to continue this paring-down mission as fast-moving Mercury moves into your orderly sixth house. But as the winged messenger faces off with stern Saturn in the sleepy sector of your chart, don’t ignore your need for rest. Give yourself a much-needed mental break, and slip in a siesta while you’re at it! Heads up: a Needy Nancy in your sphere could be sucking you dry, and it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Your resentment tanks are about to blow, Cap, so don’t even think of agreeing to yet another favor. Is it time for a new crew, or to change the rules in your circle? Sunday also brings a brilliant full moon in your eleventh house of teamwork and groups. While you distance yourself from the takers, you could attract some great new allies. Just watch for jealousy sparked by the full moon’s square to Jupiter. Beware falling into the comparison trap yourself. Remember, everyone has something that makes them special—so celebrate yourself just the way you are.

Stray off the beaten romantic path, Aquarius. This Saturday’s skies feature a sweet angle between an expansive ninth house moon and Venus in your passion sector, encouraging you to take a risk in the game of amour. Look at prospects far from your usual type, and you could make a love connection. Muster the moxie to be the first to express your real feelings. If you’re in a LTR, inject fresh life into your bond and do something different on Saturday night. Open your heart to your true-blue pals, and let them know how happy you are to have them in your life. Giving them kudos for their accomplishments is also a great idea. Come Sunday, the same expressive energy remains, but you’ll need to be discerning with your audience. A tough angle between communicator Mercury and restrictive Saturn could bring out the skeptics and naysayers. While you may be super-enthusiastic about an issue or idea, don’t assume everyone will jump on your bandwagon. Choose your public carefully, only sharing with friends who can give thoughtful and practical feedback. Sunday also features a full moon in Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house. Spend time focusing on your grandest ambitions and long-term goals. Just know that it might take a little extra effort to get a partner on board, as the full moon will square Jupiter in your interpersonal zone. Make sure to take the other person’s dreams into consideration when you craft that ten-year plan!

Saturday’s stars bring a sentimental vibe to the day, courtesy of a loving trine between the moon in your intimacy sector and Venus in your home and family house. Your nurturing side comes to the fore, inspiring you to snuggle up to your nearest and dearest. This moon-Venus mashup could also strengthen a particular bond, probably with a woman—so much so that you might even feel telepathically connected. If you get an intuitive hit that something’s not quite right with a lady in your life, honor that and give her a call. The cosmos suggest that your hunch will be spot-on. All those warm-fuzzy nostalgic feelings might dry up on Sunday, when expressive Mercury faces off with stern Saturn. You might get iced out or intimidated by someone you’re trying to know better. Resist the urge to charm your way onto this person’s good side, lest you be accused of being a manipulator. Tone down your approach, and focus on practical solutions. Show ‘em that you can also be serious, and you’ll gain their trust. Balancing this out, Sunday also brings a Scorpio full moon in your expansive ninth house. Keep your focus squarely on the big picture, Pisces. Since this full moon will form a tricky square to Jupiter, it will be easy to get caught up in petty details or trying to control the situation. Let go and remind yourself that if it’s meant to be, it shall be. Don’t be passive, of course—but know when to release the matter to the universe, too.