Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for May 23 & 24

Par-tay! On Saturday, you’re in an ebullient mood, as the moon is conjunct feel-good Jupiter in Leo, your fifth house of celebration and self-expression. Treat pals to a delicious brunch, as your generous side is revved up. In matters of the heart, coupled Rams could feel like the luckiest sign around…and ready for a grand romantic adventure. Single Aries could feel especially optimistic, which might even translate to a real-time, spontaneous rendezvous. In case you haven’t gotten the festive picture, tonight is no time to play the homebody. Glam up and go paint the town! On Sunday, the elation continues, as the moon in Leo, your fifth house of passion, forms a supportive trine to innovator Uranus in Aries. Perhaps you get a lightening-bolt download or creative inspiration, which prompts you to spend hours in the studio or sharing your newfound excitement with a smart, artistic pal. In general, spontaneity is your existential fuel. Pals could pop by for an impromptu brunch, or maybe you bump into someone on the street and you’re transported to a rollicking afternoon of unexpected delights. Hooray for your glittering life!

Happier at home? The weekend starts on an upbeat note, as the moon is conjunct ebullient Jupiter in Leo, your fourth house of domesticity, family and self-care. Even if the tulips are blooming and everyone is outside, you’ll want to be feathering your nest (and your garden if you have one). Perhaps you’ll kick off the day with a fresh ricotta and shitake mushroom omelet, or spend time redecorating your living room. Even something as mundane as tending to your laundry can satisfy your spirit. Hit a specialty food shop (geeking out about marcona almond sea salt) and then plan a special, artisanal dinner party for your closest peeps. Or, take care of yourself with an Epsom salt bath and time-stopping novel. On Sunday, you could enjoy a surprise drop-in visit (or a lively video chat) with loved ones, thanks to the moon in Leo, your cozy fourth house, forming a supportive trine to spontaneous Uranus. Perhaps you’ll have an enlightening convo with a family member. Or maybe, when reflecting on where you came from, you’ll have a life-changing epiphany as you’re weeding your flowerbed. Just when you think you have things figured out, the winds of change take you by pleasant storm. Expect the unexpected!

Think big! On Saturday, you’re in an intellectually hungry mood, as the moon meets up with abundant Jupiter in Leo, your communication house. Your conversations could not only span subjects, spiritual traditions and scholarly disciplines, but you’re also in the mood for some laughs. The stand-up comics among you should slay your audiences (and the same goes for the “sit-down comics” as one of our bar-hopping Gemini friends calls himself). Spend time writing in your journal, or getting a fresh perspective on an old idea—your views are exceptionally optimistic. On Sunday, the happy vibes continue as the moon in Leo, your idea-driven third house, forms a supportive trine to excitable Uranus in Aries. Maybe you’ll take a spontaneous road trip with a pal, or perhaps you’ll get a sudden epiphany on how to change the world. There’s no limit to your idealistic visions, especially if you get lively, stimulating input. Allow yourself time to daydream a bit. On a day like this, when your head is in the clouds, amazing things can happen.

Money moment? On Saturday, you’re feeling optimistic about a financial matter, as the moon meets up with expansive Jupiter in Leo, your stability-minded second house. You could get a hunch about a new side gig, or even job, in conversation with someone at your local coffee shop. Or maybe you’ll finally see the value of your professional contributions. With your heightened self-confidence, you may decide to ask for a raise next week. In the mood to #treatyoself? Even if you give into a splurge urge, Lady Luck is on your side, helping you refill those coffers soon enough. On Sunday, the swell of enthusiasm continues, as the moon in Leo, your grounded second house, forms a supportive trine to free-spirited Uranus. You could get an email or phone call from an authority figure (maybe a former boss, even?) out of the blue. Or, you could find yourself volunteering to mentor a younger person, in a turn of events you hadn’t foreseen. Ultimately, a little spontaneity in the moment can give you fuel for more security down the line. When it comes to your financial prospects, it’s time to take a risk already!

Ambassador Leo? On Saturday, the moon is conjunct worldly Jupiter in Leo, your first house of self and identity, bringing out your generous, inclusive side. Everyone will be drawn to you, from the barista at your local coffee shop to strangers you meet at a social gathering. Others sense your inherent tolerance and willingness to embrace “difference” (whatever that may mean in your orb). Overall, this is an extremely lucky influence, so go ahead and roll the dice. It doesn’t so much matter what you do…you just have a strong hunch it’s going to be grand. On Sunday, the high-minded vibes continue, as the moon in Leo, your autonomous first house, forms a supportive trine to spontaneous Uranus. If ever there were a day to break from routine, this is it. You don’t mind being the “random” who pops in on a pal. Or maybe you get inspired to book a flight to Croatia. Exercising your independence (and maybe even your eccentricity) brings you emotional satisfaction. This is not a day to plan every minute. Go with the flow, and listen to your out-of-the-blue hunches.

Is that fairy dust floating around you, Virgo? On Saturday, it might feel like you’re living in your own personal glittery snow globe, as the moon meets up with optimistic Jupiter in Leo, your twelfth house of spirituality and the subconscious. Watch out for synchronicities and “signs,” but don’t just marvel at them. If you write them down, you may be able to glean a bigger-picture meaning and grasp some helpful direction. Seize this rare opportunity for your control-loving sign to just go with the flow. On Sunday, you could glean some sudden insight into a tender emotional issue, as the moon in Leo, your twelfth house of the psyche, forms a supportive trine to innovative Uranus in Aries. Your powers of perception run deep and fast (so be forewarned that you might have a hard time being around people with negative energy). If you’ve been nursing an old hurt, you could get a sudden hit about its soul message, i.e. a past betrayal forced you to confront your limiting beliefs and embrace your own worth. Under this compassionate influence, everything really IS a gift.

Gather your tribe! On Saturday, the moon meets up with gregarious Jupiter in Leo, your eleventh house of platonic connections and social action. This is a great day to rally your peeps and spend a meandering, unstructured day moving from brunch to so-and-so’s living room, making hilarious jokes and intelligent connections. With friends, you’re feeling generous, eager to share your warmth and open-hearted connection. A particular alliance could bring you good fortune, e.g. a pal makes a significant intro that opens up new vistas. Keep looking on the sunny side of life, Libra. On Sunday, the atmosphere takes a balanced, harmonious turn, as the moon in Leo, your egalitarian eleventh house, forms a supportive trine to people-loving Uranus in your relationship zone. Perhaps you and a partner decide to spend the afternoon on an impromptu volunteer mission or meeting a new crew at Sunday afternoon pub trivia. Whatever the development, you’re eager to invite some fresh blood into your twosome (and this includes professional partnerships, too). Avoid boredom by sparking high-minded convos about, say, how drones can revolutionize retail or innovations in potable drinking water. Link up with a razor-sharp, creative mind, and, well, anything is possible.

Go on, rest on your laurels, Scorpio. On Saturday, you could be feeling uber-confident and lucky on the career front, thanks to the moon meeting up with abundant Jupiter in Leo, your ambitious tenth house. Maybe you get five-star news about a promotion, or an exciting new leadership position—or you kick off the weekend with a career coup to celebrate. Perhaps you have a serendipitous run-in with a VIP…and it leads to greater opportunities. When it comes to structure and your five-year plan, you’re feeling especially optimistic, too. The results will surely be a mix of your sweat equity and positive expectations. On Sunday, the upbeat vibe continues, as the moon in Leo, your tenth house of fame, forms a supportive trine to innovator Uranus in your health house. You could get an out-of-the-blue epiphany about how to revolutionize your daily routine. Or maybe you decide to mix things up on the wellness front, trying out a Crossfit or Zumba class. If you can have fun AND sweat, all the better. Mostly, though, you’re in the mood for a change. Even a small switch from, say, unsweetened almond milk to hemp milk in your coffee could feel exciting—especially if it helps your digestion. Look to the smaller details for a real-life revolution.

Up all night to get lucky? On Saturday, you’re in the mood to take a leap of faith, thanks to the moon in Leo forming a conjunction with abundant Jupiter in Leo, your ninth house of good fortune. It’s hard to say: do your chances of hitting the jackpot increase because of coincidence, or because you have a positive expectation of hitting it big? It could be both, but under this influence, it doesn’t really matter—you simply know that this next chapter of your life is gonna be awesome. Take a risk, Archer! On Sunday, the party vibes continue, as the moon in Leo, your ninth house of adventure, forms a supportive trine to rollicking Uranus. Before you even finish your morning coffee, you could be thinking about your next travel destination: kite surfing on the shores of the Bosphorous? If you happen to be on vacation already, you could meet a sexy suitor (bonus points if you’re seduced by a sultry accent!). Both coupled and solo Archers could feel like it’s time to spread those gossamer wings. Too much confinement, especially within a romance, will make you climb the walls. (What’s new?) Combat ennui by doing something spontaneous: go eat brunch in a part of town you never visit, or go sketch in your local park. Ah, fresh air!

On Saturday, your powers of attraction, especially in intimate and financial matters, are high, thanks to the moon meeting up with lucky Jupiter in Leo, your magnetic eighth house. With the object of your affection, take the emotional temperature first; even if you’re talking about something like paying joint bills, there’s a subtext or unspoken vibe you should pay attention to as well. Turn that lens inward, too. Your earthy sign can be overly focused on the practical, but that would be a missed opportunity here. Envision the things you want, e.g. being surprised by your honey with flowers, getting news about a new, high-paying gig, making a lifetime commitment, etc. Revel in how good THAT feels, and then simply relax into the happy, expansive mood. On Sunday, the light atmosphere continues, as the moon in Leo, your eighth house of shared wealth, forms a supportive trine to innovator Uranus in your domestic zone. Perhaps you and a romantic (or business) partner decide to purchase real estate together (or sell an existing property). This or another security-inducing development could come clear out of the blue, so be prepared to be “surprised by joy,” as author C.S. Lewis put it. Or, the delight could come in an unexpected proposal, perhaps to cohabitate with your sweetheart or take the next step in a relationship. Your emotions are your guide, Capricorn. Whether it’s family planning, quality time or a passionate Sunday afternoon romp, your walls are coming down. Let them.

Travel for two? On Saturday, the moon meets up with adventurous Jupiter in Leo, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, sparking your shared wanderlust. Even if you don’t jet to Napa for some impromptu wine tasting, a key partnership is undergoing a significant growth period—and it feels fantastic. Your normally independent sign could happily sacrifice some of your autonomy for the benefit of true companionship, especially in personal relationships. Solo Water Bearers will be thinking along the same lines, and could even stumble across someone who’s a lot more than a one-night stand (but still a ton of fun). On Sunday, your excitement continues, thanks to the moon in Leo, your seventh house of partnerships, forming a supportive trine to unpredictable Uranus in Aries. Your spouse or a close friend could surprise you by striking up a thought-provoking conversation out the blue. Maybe you’re having brunch at your local eatery and you start chatting up a cutie who either introduces you to your next love, or becomes your next amour. Deep down, you’re craving some emotional excitement…so, in whatever form it takes, embrace the serendipity!

Healthy escapes? On Saturday, you could find yourself dreaming about a wellness getaway, as the moon is conjunct travel-loving Jupiter in Leo, your sixth house of vitality. Your whole existence expands via healthy pursuits, so even if you can’t ship off on a yoga retreat, try running, spin class and stocking up on your vitamins. Bonus points if you can combine a workout with cultural education, e.g. you take an Aikido class or do the latest Bulgarian bag craze. Your excitement is infectious, so don’t be surprised if you inspire your pals to join in on the enlivening fun…the more, the merrier! On Sunday, you’re taken by the upbeat mood, as the moon in Leo, your efficient sixth house, forms a supportive trine to free-spirited Uranus in your zone of routines. You might get a surprise hand in a cleanup effort, e.g. your sister or a pal pops by to help you do some of the heavy lifting in a decluttering mission. Or maybe you get an out-of-the-blue idea to revolutionize your daily habits, so that you have more time, more wellness and more sanity, too. Whatever transpires will have a tangible, practical effect on your efforts to purify your environment. Break out the Windex and white sheets!