Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for May 30 & 31

Silence all smartphones! On Saturday and Sunday, the moon lingers in Scorpio, your intensely private eighth house. If you crave some behind-closed-doors time with a certain someone, make it happen. Or, if what you’re really craving is complete autonomy, book a few hours for “me, myself, and I”. This Saturday, steer clear of rowdy parties and boisterous events. Channel your energy into a passion project, one that demands sharp concentration. It’s a stellar day to research or do focused work. On Sunday, your mental processes aren’t running at full capacity, courtesy of a square between the Sun in your intellectual sector and foggy Neptune in your illusory twelfth house. You’re normally quick with an answer, but this cosmic clash could find you at a loss for words or even at odds with a close friend. Give your brain a well-deserved break, Aries, and steer clear of heavy conversations. Sunday’s stars could turn you into an emotional sponge, too, so only keep the company of positive people. Should those Needy Nancys come knocking (or texting), remember that you’re under no obligation to answer.

It takes two to make a thing go right, especially this weekend. The moon occupies Scorpio, your partnership house on both Saturday and Sunday, paving the way for amorous connections. If you’re in a relationship, block off ample time to stoke that spark. Single? Step outside of your cocoon, and plant yourself among the eligible on Saturday night. Just do yourself a favor and don’t give those players the time of day. The dating game can be discouraging sometimes, Taurus, but this weekend is NOT the moment to wave the white flag. In fact, under this commitment-friendly lunar light, you could attract an awesome long-term prospect. Come Sunday, the scales of give-and-take with a few friends might need some rebalancing. A collision between the Sun in your finance sector and needy Neptune in your eleventh house of amigos could find you picking up the brunch tab one too many times, or sacrificing your to-do list to play therapist. Reserve your company for those friends who truly understand the meaning of reciprocation.

Order in the Gemini court! The moon spends all weekend in Scorpio, your sixth house of health and organization, drawing your attention to your overall wellbeing. Your sign is renowned for have a million and one balls in the air, which makes it a challenge to stay on top of everything. Carve out a good chunk of time on Saturday to tend to the high-pri items on your to-do list, get your exercise regimen back on track, and organize your paperwork. Sunday’s stars prompt you to reflect on your life trajectory and where you want to go. However, the Sun in Gemini forms a tense square to foggy Neptune in your long-term goals sector, obscuring the way forward. Perhaps your present path doesn’t feed your soul, or maybe you feel like a hamster on a wheel at work. You might long to align your professional world with your life purpose, or at least, to be more creative in your work. Don’t do anything rash, Gemini. Instead of obsessing, channel your energy into journaling, drawing, or taking in the great outdoors. When you move into a Zen state of mind, you create a space for fresh ideas and insights to flow into your consciousness.

Romance, glamour, and passion, oh my! As the moon spends the weekend in Scorpio, your fifth house of amour, your love life takes center stage. Surprise your S.O. with a dress-up date, or if you’re single, slide into your sexiest outfit and let your inner coquette out to play. This lunar light also amplifies your creativity, so should the muse come knocking, heed her call. If you’ve been keeping your true feelings under wraps, Saturday’s stars help you speak from the heart. As much as you wish people could read your mind, Crab, they can’t. Summon the courage to say what you feel. Once you express your truth, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so earlier! Come Sunday, a square between the Sun in your foggy twelfth house and limitless Neptune in your indulgent ninth house blurs boundaries. From going on a Bloody Mary binge at brunch to nearly maxing your credit cards with retail therapty, you’re at risk of going overboard. Be conscious of this fact and slow down before saying “yes” yet again. An unresolved issue from the past could rise to the surface today, too. Should you decide to go there, Cancer, don’t jump in for a round of the blame game. Advance this dialogue by owning your part of the conflict. Focus the conversation on creating closure, for once and for all.

Your home couldn’t get any sweeter, thanks to a Scorpio moon illuminating your domestic fourth house all weekend long. Bonding with your nearest and dearest takes top priority, and you’re more than happy to host your clan for some home-cooking or a movie night. If your family lives out of town, catch up with a group video chat. Some Leos will need to carve out some solo time, too. Dive into that raved-about novel, soak in a lavender-infused tub, do the weekend crossword puzzle. On Sunday, beware becoming involved in your pals’ latest dramas. With the Sun in your group sector squaring foggy Neptune in your eighth house of secrets, some confidential intel could be revealed with disastrous results. As accusations fling back and forth, do NOT take sides. Do your best to redirect conversations away from the inflammatory topic. Should friends be intent on duking it out, make a swift but gracious exit. If you’ve been contemplating sharing more intimate details about yourself with someone, check in with your intuition. If you’re not getting a clear read, keep the vault locked for the moment.

You’re a perpetual planner, Virgo, but try to leave ample room in your agenda this weekend. With the moon lighting up your garrulous third house for the next two days, unexpected offers will come rolling in out of nowhere. In fact, a last-minute invite could end up being the highlight of your entire weekend. Backstage passes to your favorite band or seats to a sold-out show? You won’t want to miss those, Virgo. This lunar light also kicks your imagination into overdrive, making you a veritable idea machine. Capture your brilliance on paper, then brainstorm with a forward-thinking friend. Sunday’s skies feature a conflict between the Sun in your ambitious tenth house and foggy Neptune in your relationship sector. You might be ready to forge ahead with a tangible plan of action, but your partner isn’t on the same page. Or, maybe you’ve been so wrapped up in your grand goals that you’ve been sidelining your sweetie or inner circle. Rebalance the scales, and spend quality time with your closest connections. Remember, relationships are like any living thing. Without the proper attention and care, they won’t survive.

Libras love to indulge, and this weekend’s stars set the pleasure-seeking scene. On both Saturday and Sunday, the moon hovers in your sensual second house, amping up your high-end desires. From perusing upscale boutiques to finagling backstage passes, this lunar light sets your sights on the VIP list. Since the second house is also about practical matters, block off a chunk of time to deal with your to-do list. That way, when you’re mixing and mingling at that exclusive wine-tasting soiree, you’ll have absolutely nothing hanging over your head (except perhaps a Swarovski crystal chandelier). On Sunday, your taste for excess could catch up with you, as the Sun in your adventurous ninth house collides with Neptune in your health zone. Those bottomless glasses of Pinot—and the aftermath—could eat up your morning, making you miss your workout or errands. If you’ve promised to lend a loved one a hand, chances are you won’t be anywhere near interested in following through when you wake up on Sunday. Think twice before bailing though, Libra. The repercussions could be heavy.

Power surge! The moon settles into Scorpio for the whole weekend, making you energetic and enthusiastic about the good times that lay ahead. Scrap any plans to putter about the house and catch up on your Netflix queue. With la luna activating your first house of self, you’re in the moon to hit the town with your whims leading the way. If you want to fly solo, do it! Don’t even think of agreeing to be designated driver or volunteering your services as wing-person—not this weekend. Public recognition could come your way too. Own it, Scorpio! People can’t help but be drawn to your presence, whether you’re captivating the crowd with your storytelling or killer karaoke skills. On Sunday, a tough angle between the Sun and foggy Neptune could summon the emerald-eyed monster. Has all this attention in the spotlight triggered doubts or suspicion from the object of your affections? Perhaps you’re the one being a bit paranoid. Overblown egos could throw everything out of whack, Scorpio. Take pride out of the equation, and let the love flow back in.

Slip into the slow lane, Sagittarius. On both Saturday and Sunday, the moon will hover in Scorpio, your twelfth house of rest and healing. You might want to rethink any hard-partying plans for Saturday night. Chances are good you’ll be dragging your feet well before the sun goes down. If you do decide to go out, steer clear of the rowdy crowds, and hit a low-key lounge or rooftop patio—even better if there’s live music to keep the vibe light. Hang only with pals who don’t need you to perform at your best. Overindulging is likely with la luna in this position, so go easy on the sidecars. Sunday comes with a guilt trip alert, courtesy a tricky Sun-Neptune square. With el sol in your partnership sector, emotional manipulation could come via your significant other or a close family member. You could feel especially sensitive, even insecure in your relationship, but under Sunday’s stars, you probably won’t get the reassurance you want. On the flip side, you could feel pressured or depleted by emotional demands. Hit the “pause” button, and initiate a frank conversation about everyone’s expectations. Then, reconfigure the dynamics, so both parties feel completely comfortable moving forward.

Let the good times roll! For the entire weekend, the moon lingers in Scorpio, your eleventh house of group activity. You’ve got cosmic clearance to let down your hair, and explore the various trails that lead off the beaten path. Break outside the safe little bubble of your inner circle, and meet fresh faces. Instead of dinner at your favorite restaurant, try a new fusion place in an up-and-coming part of town. Scan the cultural events happening in and around the city, and check out a modern art exhibit or catch some fringe theater. On Sunday, it’s time to pull out the proverbial garlic for the energy vampires in your midst. A square between the confident Sun and attention-seeking Neptune might shine a light on imbalanced dynamics. People can always count on you, rock-steady Capricorn, but don’t run to their side if it means sacrificing your own priorities in the process. Don’t cancel your mani-pedi or skip your workout to be a sounding board for a friend in crisis with her partner for the zillionth time. Only consider sparing your sacred time after you’ve taken care of yourself.

Never mind kicking back this weekend—you’re fired up about making progress. On both Saturday and Sunday, the moon is in Scorpio, your tenth house of career and long-term goals. Give yourself permission to take at least a few hours to advance a work assignment, develop your most recent brainchild, or do some strategic life planning. Since the tenth house also governs masculine energy, you might block off a chunk of time on Saturday for the most important men in your sphere. On Sunday, the Sun in your pleasure-seeking fifth house forms a hard angle to foggy Neptune in your money sector, calling for financial restraint. Take stock of your expenses. and see what’s setting you back. Are some of your recent costly purchases an attempt to stay on par with your peers? Reconfigure your budget, and adjust your attitude so that you’re focusing on what really matters.

Spontaneous weekend escape, anyone? The moon hovers in Scorpio, your adventurous ninth house, on both Saturday and Sunday. Consider this an open invitation to explore new horizons. If you need to stick close to home base, check out different cultural experiences happening in and around the city. On Saturday, take a pass on your standing brunch date for something more stimulating. Join a discussion group, take in a foreign film, scour the metaphysical stacks in your favorite bookstore. Carve out a bit of time to surf a few travel blogs, and get ideas for your next epic vacay. On Sunday, a tricky square between the Sun in your domestic sector and your cosmic guardian Neptune puts you and your family at odds. You might be motivated to finally cut the cord as you explore interests far outside their comfort zone. Take a look at the core issue though. Do you have parent-pleasing tendencies you need to let go of, Pisces? If so, be loud and proud about your choices. On Sunday, you might also ponder the possibility of relocating. Should you go down this road, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. If it’s addressing a symptom, and not the root of an issue, pause and reconsider.