Your AstroTwins Weekend Horoscope for May 9 & 10

Pull out that five-year plan, Aries. Sure, it might be the weekend, but on Saturday, you are all business, as the moon in Capricorn, your pragmatic tenth house, forms a supportive trine to action-oriented Mars. Spend time thinking about your basic foundations—your finances, your work and your relationships. Are there ways you can be more responsible in these areas, perhaps instituting a budget (stat!) or scheduling a couple’s counseling session? Be proactive with regard to what you truly value, erring on the side of integrity and boundaries. Do the right thing, Ram. On Sunday, you could be restless, as the moon in Aquarius, your free-spirited eleventh house, forms a polarizing opposition to growth-oriented Jupiter in Leo. If coupled, you may opt for some solo time, as the very thought of losing your independence gives you the heebie-jeebies. You could feel torn, craving both autonomy and closeness. Try to get a nice dose of both things if you can today.

Setting sail for more majestic shores? You could feel the call of adventure strongly, as the moon in Capricorn, your ninth house of travel and expansion, forms a supportive trine to go-getter Mars in Taurus. The more you seek to understand your place in the world, the more solid you are in your identity. While this is generally the case, today, you gain immense optimism and good fortune by broadening your personal horizons. If you don’t actually book a trip, you may want to peruse travel websites for good fodder. Maybe your “journey” is an exciting business startup idea. Or, you could lose yourself in a transporting book. Bonus points for one that teaches something you didn’t know before. On Sunday, you could get the blues something fierce, as the moon in Aquarius, your tenth house of long-term goals, forms an opposition to expansive Jupiter in your emotional fourth house. Perhaps you’re sick and tired of struggling with a work-life balance and feel ready to just fly the coop altogether. Your restlessness could make for an uneasy close to your weekend, so channel your anxieties into some solid planning, starting with a vacation. Brainstorm ways you can invite fresh, spontaneous energy into your life, either on the work front or at home. Remember, the most important freedom is liberation of the mind.

The weekend kicks off on a sizzling note, as the moon in Capricorn, your eighth house of intimacy, forms a supportive trine to sultry Mars in your fantasy zone. You could find that your romantic longings are caught up in dreamy reveries (and, yes, that could also mean delusions that you’re currently acting out). You could care less about doing laundry, Gemini—you’re fixated on the object of your lust. Under these intense and sexy skies, you need a healthy outlet for that focused energy. Here’s wishing you a willing partner! On Sunday, the mood lightens considerably, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your ninth house of adventure, forming an opposition to growth-oriented Jupiter in Leo. You could shift gears pretty suddenly: yesterday’s privacy seeking is out, today’s free-spirited vibe is in. Forget hanging around the house; get out for an afternoon of wandering in a new neighborhood and striking up conversations with eclectic people. You have an easy time bridging differences, so let your thirst for new experiences drive all your interactions. Even if you can’t leave town, you still have a passport for discovery, right in your own backyard.

Party time! On Saturday, you may decide to co-host a celebration with your partner or a close friend, thanks to the moon in your one-on-one relationship house forming a supportive trine to energetic Mars. Your intimate bonds strengthen when you mix your S.O. (or heck, even your “work spouse”) with your crew. For romantic couples, being part of something larger than yourselves is motivating. You may seek out a volunteer project together, or jointly raise funds for a global humanitarian mission. As long as you feel connected, you’re golden. On Sunday, things take a turn for the intense, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your eighth house of shared wealth, forming an opposition to expansive Jupiter in Leo. If you’re involved in a separation, either from a business or romantic partner, you could be itching to get the whole division of assets over with, stat. (Helpful hint: don’t let the day’s impulsiveness cloud your long-term vision, Crab!) Even those of you who are happily matched might feel the need for a little freedom, emotional and otherwise. Normally, your security-minded sign LIKES when a partner or someone else in your inner circle is a wee bit possessive—it makes you feel like they care. But today, you have no time for constriction and clinging. If you don’t feel powerful enough on your own, you could be moved to expand your self-sufficient horizons.

Sweat the small stuff, Leo. On Saturday, the moon in Capricorn, your sixth house of organization and efficiency, forms a supportive trine to go-getter Mars, prompting you to see the long-term benefits of handling mundane details. Sure, it might seem like a drag in the moment to skip brunch so that you can make that trip to Goodwill or clean out your refrigerator. But the mood on Saturday urges you to exercise your more capable, grounded side—and just deal. When you do take care of business, you set yourself up for sustained success. On Sunday, you’re feeling less responsible, as the moon in Aquarius, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, forms an opposition to lucky Jupiter in Leo. If your honey wants to curl up and read the paper in bed, you might find yourself wailing, “What about me?” Yep. You’re busting at the seams with your own interests, so treat all partnership matters with the utmost care. If possible, seek a compromise: spend some quality time with your mate (or a close friend, if single) but also devote time to developing Leo 2.0. In the middle of an identity overhaul, you definitely need some “me” time.

The world is your oyster, Virgo. On Saturday, your joie de vivre is high, as the moon in Capricorn, your fifth house of self-expression and celebration, forms a supportive trine to energetic Mars. Your service-oriented sign often avoids the spotlight, but consider this: by honoring your unique impulses, you give others permission to do the same. Today, you have a heightened sense of freedom, too, so don’t box yourself in with too many plans. Leave room to be spontaneous. On Sunday, you could get a bit restless, as the moon in Aquarius, your analytical sixth house, forms a tricky opposition to abundant Jupiter in Leo. Even if you’re cozy at home, you could feel a nagging notion that you need space. Listen to your intuitive nudges today, as a trip to the gym or yoga class could result in a serendipitous run-in. You tend to be heady about your decisions, so you may find peace when you meditate on the difference between action that is logic-driven versus gut-driven. Peel yourself off the couch and get some physical activity—you’ll heighten your intuition while you’re on the move!

Security central! On Saturday, your heart is at home, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Capricorn, your domestic fourth house, and energizer Mars. Tend to your most important emotional bonds (and, hey, nothing says love like a home-cooked rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes, or a pot of lentil soup). If you’re looking for a new sanctuary, or to sell the one you have, a family member might have some valuable real estate wisdom, or even a lead. You may feel motivated to incorporate more self-care into your routines, too. Spa day, Libra? On Sunday, you’re ready to suck the marrow out of life, as the moon in Aquarius, your fifth house of passion and creativity, forms an opposition with adventurous Jupiter in your rebellion zone. Your restlessness is high. Part of you wants to indulge in a flirty, pleasure-driven affair, while another side is ready to break free and live by The Rules According to Libra (and Libra only). These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Open your mind to creative solutions. Remember: anything is possible.

Social summit! On Saturday, the moon in Capricorn, your third house of kindred spirits, forms a supportive trine to driven Mars, putting you in cerebral and curious spirits. The inquisitive thoughts running through your head have to go somewhere…so rally your pals or S.O. for a lively convo or start banging away on that laptop to write your Scorpio manifesto. Giving advice could be your specialty today, too. With your quick wit and nimble mind, you could come up with a savvy solution to a loved one’s nagging problem. On Sunday, you’re struggling with the whole state of affairs (e.g. your life), thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your domestic fourth house, forming an opposition to expansive Jupiter in your career sector. Perhaps a family member, loved one or spouse voices concern about your work obligations, or you’re just feeling hemmed in by the level of need at your home and work. You won’t be able to completely stop from obsessing about your goals. Today, however, your heart lies with your loved ones. Curb those worries, and trust that you can find a viable solution. In fact, a little downtime could clear your mind to see things from a more enlightened perspective.

Money’s on your mind this Saturday—and you’re ready to focus on all things fiscal, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Capricorn, your second house of finances, and go-getter Mars. Keep a close eye on your spending, especially your budget. You have the concentration needed to pore over receipts, analyzing even the smallest of exchanges. If you spend the afternoon cleaning, you may discover a new item of clothing or a gadget that saves you from having to go out and buy a new one. Frugality is your friend. On Sunday, you’re ready to break free from restrictions, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your third house of communication, forming an opposition to expansive Jupiter in your globe-trotting ninth house. Maybe you’ll have an inspiring conversation that amps up your thirst for adventure. Your sign gets bored so easily, so don’t be surprised if that old wanderlust kicks in, prompting you to start looking for online travel deals. Having spiritual and philosophical talks are also transporting. Seek new horizons, whether you hop on an airplane or simply expand your mind.

Go bold! On Saturday, you have serious personal drive, thanks to the moon in Capricorn, your first house of self and identity, forming a supportive trine to go-getter Mars. Courage is key—in social, romantic and professional spheres. You need an outlet for your unique self-expression, and you need it now! You have a natural audience everywhere you go today, so use this attention to score big for Team Capricorn. It’s time to let your incomparable light shine! On Sunday, you may have a hankering to quit your day job, as the moon in Aquarius, your second house of money and work, forms an opposition to expansive Jupiter in your long-term finance zone. Are there other ways you can build security, perhaps via investments, passive income or real estate? Thinking outside your regimented box will really help you tone down some of the restlessness in the air. It’s tricky, because you WANT security, but you also want a little fresh air. Take this low-grade angst as a sign: It’s time to use your own power to benefit your bottom line.

Yaaawn! On Saturday, your energy is a little muted, as the moon in Capricorn, your restful twelfth house, forms a healing trine to go-getter Mars in your homey fourth house. Maybe you’ll set up a cozy “cave” at Chateau Aquarius, with a stocked fridge and Netflix queue. Listening to your own intuition is critical for you—and a little challenging, too. Tune into your own emotions without trying to make intellectual “sense” of them—just let them flow. Feel your way through this wisdom by cranking up the tunes and listening to the brilliance of your own body. On Sunday, you feel torn between your own interests and a key relationship, thanks to the opposition between the moon in Aquarius, your self-focused first house, and expansive Jupiter in Leo, your seventh house of relationships. The old “we versus me” balance has never been easy for your independent sign—you love your freedom, but you’re also a loyal friend. Today, the planetary pull could cause some friction, especially if you feel like someone is trying to fence you in. Before you start a fight for no reason, consider this paradox: with commitment can come great freedom.

Game of Frisbee or outdoor volleyball, anyone? Maybe a round of mimosas? On Saturday, you’re in the mood for team activities, as the moon in Capricorn, your eleventh house of groups, sweetly angles energetic Mars. The best part of brunch or an athletic outing will, of course, be the conversation. Take time to find out what your pals are thinking about these days. Not only do you have the soul-salve of friendship, but you could also get fired up around an important cause, or team up for a joint project. If you’re feeling a little “meh” about your own life, being around passionate people could reignite your own spark. On Sunday, you could be feeling inexplicably restless, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your twelfth house of the subconscious, forming a tricky opposition to expansive Jupiter in your health sphere. If you can, get out of the house (and therefore, out of your head). By moving your body and getting fresh air, you lower the likelihood of self-sabotage, e.g. overly ruminating on a paranoid thought. Your emotions could be driving the boat, even if you’re not fully aware of that. When in doubt, get into your body. Restorative yoga and calming meditation can keep you centered…and set you free.