Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for February 2-6

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if the weekend was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Make some room Queen B, Princess Kate, and Wills and Harry too. We’ll all feel like royals, thanks to the full moon in eminent Leo this Tuesday, February 3. If we’ve earned our rightful place on the throne, it’s time to step up and wear the crown. Leaders wanted! The noble, lionhearted energy of this full moon could call us into courageous action in our families, relationships and communities. The race to the top could get rather competitive though — especially since the full moon arrives at a close degree to Jupiter in Leo. The red-spotted planet is retrograde until April 8, which means some old rivalries could be stirred. We may even see some power struggles play out on the world stage. Here’s hoping our global leaders continue to link arms in solidarity as they did in Paris this January.

Life could feel like a nonstop talent show with this theatrical lunar energy lighting up the skies. Please, don’t hold back! Heck, take it to Cirque du Soleil extremes if you so desire. Untamed self-expression is fully sanctioned by full moon-Jupiter combo platter. Err on the side of TMI rather than receding into the wallpaper. Turn every day into a costume party and have fun with fashion. People may point and stare, but that’s half the fun of being a trendsetter.

And yes, there will be drama. With every emotion heightened to a fever pitch, we’ll have to keep the soap opera tendencies down to a respectable level. Feelings could easily be confused with facts this week, and no one will be in the mood to back down from his righteous stance. It doesn’t help matters much that Mercury is in retrograde for its final full week. We’ll endure the messenger planet’s signal-scrambling influence until it corrects its course this February 11. Steer clear of hot-button topics unless you can address them from an open-minded, solution-oriented perspective. It’s all too easy to stoke the firepit of anger and cause destruction to relationships this week.

Cupid will make an early arrival for many of us in 2015, as sweet-sweet love is one of the Leo full moon’s favorite things. With tell-it-like-it-is Jupiter in the picture, candid confessions could come pouring out. Without risk there can be no reward! Lift the mask and let your feelings be known. Don’t forget the most important form of amour: self-love. Until we can accept and embrace ourselves, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to truly let another into our hearts. Self-loathing is the ego’s game, a protective measure designed to keep us “safe” and at a distance from others. It is truly an act of defiance to love oneself, especially if we don’t fall into the narrow standards that society holds. Summon the spirit of bawdy Leos Jennifer Lawrence and also Mae West who quipped, “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.” Or heck, borrow lioness Madonna’s #unapologeticbitch hashtag for the week!

On Friday, the Sun will sit directly opposite Jupiter in the horoscope wheel making us all feel like we can take on the world. The trouble is, we might commit to more than we can honestly handle. Don’t let enthusiasm trump good sense. “Let me get back to you on that!” would be a far smarter answer than a knee-jerk “Yes!” or even a firm “No.” This opposition may force us to expand out of our comfort zones, which can provoke a sense of fear. But refusing an intriguing offer simply because we’re not sure we can pull it off is not the answer either. If it’s time to liberate ourselves from a confining situation, Friday’s starmap illuminates a savvy exit strategy. Move swiftly and confidently into that goodnight.

You, of all people, Aries, are not going to wait around for a Hallmark holiday to surrender to the love jones. This week, Cupid makes an early arrival activating a full-tilt romantic renaissance. The magic happens on Tuesday, when bountiful Jupiter and the full moon — both in Leo — shower your fifth house of passion, glamour and fame with their generous beams. Amorous situations could progress at warp speed now and you could have your hands full of admirers. Since Jupiter is retrograde, this might even be a second chapter of a relationship that started, but stalled, in September 2014 (when Jupiter was last at this same degree of Leo). What do you desire, Aries: a proposal, a baby, or maybe just a few pages of bodice-ripping adventures to tuck into your (locked) diary? Whether it’s a Harry Winston walkthrough or a “When Harry Met Sally” boundary-blur with a “friend,” nothing will happen on a small scale. You may be shocked by the strength of your own feelings — for better or for worse. If drama’s been bubbling in the background it could come spilling out “like sands through the hourglass.” To avoid a soap opera level meltdown, harness Jupiter’s truth-bearing beams and get real about your feelings. Don’t just blurt out the raw, unedited mix though. Retrograde Jupiter advises you to use more class than sass so no one’s feelings get demolished in the discussion. Some Rams may actually END a relationship this week. If you’ve known for a while that your heart isn’t in it, hanging on out of habit will feel like torture. This full moon and Jupiter combo platter could usher your talents onto the world stage over the coming two weeks. A project that slipped under the radar this fall could get a second life. Make sure you leave the house “camera ready” because the media could pop by to interview you. Heck, you might get stopped by a style blogger for your fifteen minutes o’ trendsetter. Although your fashionista will be activated by la luna, with Mercury retrograde until the 11th, resist the urge to chop off miles of hair, ink or pierce anything. A simple blowout and some edgy makeup or wardrobe selections will do the trick — and spare you regret.

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, its remaining backspin through February 11 takes place in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Rather than cursing the “incompetent hacks” leading a group or remaining largely incognito in the virtual world, use this week to make some necessary changes. Maybe it’s time to put your name in the hat for a leadership position within an organization, or draft a letter to the board with some constructive (!) critiques. Be sure to offer up solutions too, Aries, or you could come across as a rebel without a cause. How your keen insights are received will tell you everything about whether you should stay or go from this posse. Although Mercury retrograde is never the best time to launch anything, it’s perfect for reviewing what you’ve already posted. Go through your social media pages with your hawklike gaze engaged. Delete the lame timeline posts and tipsy tweets and put up some new photos (selfies too) that tell the story of who you are today. This Mercury retrograde is particularly good for reuniting with old groups of friends or reviving collaborative projects. Make like Fleetwood Mac and get the band back together. Even if it’s just a one-time jam session, you’ll benefit from reconnecting to those precious old parts of YOUR personality, ones only people who knew you back in the day can help recall.

If Tuesday’s full moon stirred the pot a little too intensely, take heart. On Friday, the illuminating Sun will sit in its annual opposition to Jupiter retrograde bringing you wisdom and perspective in spades. Innovative solutions — to relationship dilemmas AND creative undertakings — could arrive. Prepare to laugh because these answers could even be a little humorous or absurd. The stroke of genius is often touched with a glimmer of insanity; at least it seems that way when you’re doing something that no one has ever tried before. Thankfully, being a trailblazer comes naturally to your sign. You’ll make mistakes sure, but if you can chuckle at yourself you’ll realize that laughter is the best medicine…and momentum…for moving things along to the finish line. This opposition could push you into a leadership position faster than expected or give you a clear sign that you’re better off breaking up the band and going solo. Either way, something’s gotta give.

Make it a double, Aquarius! This Tuesday, February 3, the full moon in Leo lights up your seventh house of committed relationships, bringing your most important partnerships into the spotlight. Will this herald an early arrival for Valentine’s Day or an inescapable moment of truth? Either is possible. This full moon will arrive at a close degree to lay-it-on-the-line Jupiter in Leo forcing buried issues to the surface. Jupiter happens to be retrograde so there’s a good chance these emotions have been bubbling below the surface like hot lava for a while. While an eruption is never pleasant, you’ll actually feel relieved once everyone’s real feelings are out in the open. Finally! You can have an authentic conversation about your respective needs, frustrations and desires. This could be the best thing that’s happened to your relationship for a while. Sometimes it takes a good old-fashioned blowout argument to clear the air. Just keep your lightning bolt temper in check. Read: no hurling objects at the wall behind your sweetie’s head, as we’ve known a couple fired-up Aquarians to do. If you’ve been feeling the sparks with an as-yet secret crush, this bold moon-Jupiter combo helps you screw up the courage to make a move. Your relationship status could change significantly in the two weeks to follow this full moon. The question is, will you update to In A Relationship, Single & Loving It, or It’s Complicated? You can think of this full moon as an important line in the sand. For example, stop pretending you’re “just friends” when your heart wants so much more. Better to lay it all on the line than to keep quiet and risk missing your window of opportunity! Remaining in a bad romance is not your fate, Water Bearer. This full moon might be your opportunity to exit strategically. Since legal matters fall under the seventh house’s domain, the full moon could bring resolution to a court case or contract negotiation. You may also be offered a contract, bringing some long-overdue security. Try to stall until February 11 — the date that Mercury ends its retrograde — to sign your name on the dotted line. The shadow of Mercury retrograde lingers until April 1, so it could take until then to REALLY hash out terms and decide on the right way of joining forces — or dividing everything up. If you’re ready to break free of a partnership, this full moon may prompt you to call your lawyer or get an appointment on the books for next week when Mercury is direct once again. Speaking of Mercury’s backspin, this one’s been especially tough for Water Bearers since it happens to be taking place in your sign. From January 21 until February 11, the messenger planet is retrograde in Aquarius, making you feel intensely misunderstood. You may be struggling to get your point across to people, feeling as if you are speaking a totally different language at times. While this three-week transit is NOT the best time to say, publish your memoirs, post a YouTube video or schedule an audition, it IS optimal for developing your genius ideas behind the scenes. Amidst the week’s relationship developments reserve an equal amount of space in your calendar for personal enjoyment and solo pursuits. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in Self-Reliance (a title that pretty much sums up the experience of a Mercury retrograde in your sign), “A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.”

Slip on the powersuit! You’ve got the high-pro glow this week, thanks to Tuesday’s luminous full moon in Leo and your second house of income. Your efforts of the past six months could strike a chord with the movers and shakers, shuttling you into a more secure financial position. News about a job or dream client could FINALLY come in. Fasten your seatbelt! You may be off to the races faster than expected. But you can’t wait around for other people to recognize your standout capabilities. Unleash a round of shameless self-promotion under this showstopping lunar light. Fortune favors the bold when the full moon is in Leo — and even more so this time as la luna will blossom at a close degree to risk-taker Jupiter in Leo. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may even travel on a company’s dime or collaborate remotely with a team in another city. Working 9-5? If you think you have a good shot at upping your title, salary, and perks then state your case. Just bear in mind that two important planets are retrograde: Jupiter (until April 8) and Mercury (until February 11). You can’t just shoot from the hip, alas, expecting people to automatically dig deeper into their pockets. Hand the powers-that-be concrete evidence that you’ve increased productivity, profits and prestige. Put together a Powerpoint or a PDF that you can share during a performance review. Spell it out for them so there’s no doubt in their minds what an asset you are to the team. If you’ve been dragging your heels, this full moon brings a wakeup call. Get back on the ball, Cancer, or you could threaten the security you’ve worked so hard to build.

Mercury continues to hover in retrograde mode — although you’ll be happy to hear that this is the last full week of the messenger planet’s backspin. Since January 21, you’ve endured this transit in your eighth house of seduction, intimacy and shared resources. People’s promises may have failed to materialize. Or, you may have spent an inordinate amount of time chasing them down. Read the tea leaves, Cancer: if you’re exhausting yourself with the pursuit, you may be barking up the wrong tree. It could also be that you gave too much too soon and now the other party feels pressured. See what happens if you draw back and become a bit more elusive. Don’t go AWOL though. As Oscar Wilde famously quipped, “I can resist everything except temptation.” Dangle the carrot a bit, but don’t make it too easy for those unappreciative types to nab a bite. If you’re in a secure relationship, take the poet’s quote to heart too. This is NOT the week to play with fire or try to build a “friendship” with an ex who has historically made your best judgment fly out the window. If you’re in a relationship, jealousy may bubble up. Get the facts before you react, Cancer. Your CIA operative may reveal that you had nothing to worry about at all. It’s easy to misinterpret the “evidence” when Mercury is in reverse.

On Friday, the Sun and bountiful Jupiter face off in the money zones of your chart. This is the second time this week your career will get a boost from the stars. You may have an illuminating insight about the work you do. Perhaps you’re ready to sacrifice a bit of the 9-5 security in the name of making true wealth through passive income. Or, you might decide to take on a longer contract instead of flying by the freelancing seat of your pants. If investments are not paying off — real estate, stocks, etc. — you might consider selling and cutting your losses. Do wait until Mercury turns direct next Wednesday, February 11 to make those decisions though. An investor may step forward with an offer to fund one of your ventures too. Meet for coffee and a preliminary chat but again, try to wait until the 11th before setting anything in stone.

Paging Christian Grey! No need to wait until the movie’s February 13 premiere to get your Fifty Shades fix. This Tuesday, a seductive full moon in Leo lights up your erotic eighth house. A simmering attraction could reach the tipping point, turning you and the object of your affections into a sexy chemical compound. If your lingerie drawer is more “Ma Kettle” than “Hot Mama,” run (don’t walk) to the nearest Victoria’s Secret. You may be entertaining a special guest in your boudoir near this full moon and you’ll want to dress the part. Despite the searing physical attraction, the covalent bonds you form this week will find you sharing more than just the proverbial outer-shell electron. Let that urge to merge guide you into deep waters. A proposal — the ring-on-the-finger kind or the let’s-do-business-together type — could arrive within two weeks of the full moon. Or, you may up the ante on an existing relationship, opening up a shared bank account, co-signing on a piece of property or otherwise fusing your lives in amore permanent way. You’ll have more incentive to leap as this full moon arrives at a very close degree to risk-taker Jupiter in Leo. With the gambler planet fueling your instincts, throwing caution to the wind won’t feel like such a big deal — despite your sign’s tendency to over-plan, Capricorn. Who knows? You might just be walking down the aisle of a Vegas chapel for all we know. If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, this full moon helps you tune in to your instincts instead of going after the “looks good on paper” type. This fascinating formula by Why Him, Why Her? author Dr. Helen Fisher can help you pick the right type based on your primary brain chemistry. Are you a touchy-feely estrogen type or a dopamine-fueled adventure junkie? Find out here:

For some Capricorns, this full moon could bring a relationship to Point Break. If harmony has been elusive with your partner you may realize that it’s time to throw in the towel. But a word to the wise: both Jupiter and Mercury are retrograde this week pointing to a need to reveal MORE of your true feelings first. Perhaps the breakthrough lies NOT in trying to smooth over a conflict but instead, addressing it head-on. Before you issue that Dear John letter, try getting raw and real. Your willingness to be vulnerable — messy old mascara-streaked tears and all — could melt away at the iceberg that’s formed between two frozen hearts. What have you really got to lose here anyway, Capricorn? Then, there are some people with whom baring your soul is akin to laying your pearls before swine. If you’ve repeatedly opened yourself up to the blast of cold air, you may have no other choice but to bolt the door behind you and move on. Self-preservation is a must.

Keep an eagle’s eye on your finances all week too. Mercury retrograde is trudging on through Aquarius and your money zone until February 11. Fortunately, this is the last full week of this cosmic clampdown. Being on an austerity plan is never fun for someone who enjoys high-end fineries as much as you do. But it’s a little too easy to overestimate your cash flow now. Err on the side of caution. Don’t just fixate on the expense column though. Flip through your old contact database. The name of an old colleague or client could set the lightbulbs off. Reach out with a friendly call or email. Some exciting synergies could be percolating, ones that spell money in the bank for the both of you.

Two has always been a Gemini’s magic number and this week is no exception to the rule. Tuesday’s full moon in Leo sets your third house of partnerships alight. While these unions most likely fall into the platonic category, you’re ready to attach another name onto the other side of an “&” symbol. Team up on a short-term project — even one you can wrap over the next two to four weeks. It’s always great for you to test the waters before you plunge in all the way. Then again, if you’ve been in “trial and error” mode for a while, this full moon helps you decide whether or not to make your dynamic duo official. Lucky Jupiter will sit right alongside the full moon making it easier for you to take a leap. If the pros outweigh the cons, stop stalling. Sign your name on that dotted line. Kindred spirits could pop up on the scene too — one who even has “new BFF” written all over her. These people will be worldly, wise and well traveled; capable of having those lengthy, philosophical conversations a Gemini craves. They’ll also respect your independent spirit. Yes, you have a tall order for your inner circle, Gem, but you give as good as you get. A “friend’s” true colors could be revealed under this lunar light — and you may discover an unsavory side to your pal. Don’t ignore the red flags. If she is quick to snark and judge other people behind their backs, you might as well assume that she’s doing the same to you. It’s disappointing, but a friendship breakup may be in order. Have you been sitting on an idea for a blog, screenplay, book, or podcast? With the full moon and publishing planet Jupiter activating your communication skills, you could literally become obsessed with getting those words down on paper. Type like the wind. You’ll be amazed at the word count you’ll achieve over the coming two weeks.

While you’re at it, hit the books! Your cosmic guardian Mercury is rounding out its retrograde through your ninth house of higher education and worldly expansion. Next week, on February 11, Mercury will resume direct motion and you’ll be able to apply the next data you’ve taken in. In the meanwhile, deep dive into your reading and research so you can speak from an informed place about politics, literature, or technology. You might even tuck away to plow through a tutorial or take a one-day workshop to tighten up your skill set. A long-distance contact — someone you met while traveling, perhaps — could ping you out of the blue. You may be the one craving a reunion. If you have the whitespace in your calendar, this would be an ideal week (or weekend) to slip away for a visit. Just plan your itinerary carefully to avoid Mercury’s scheduling snafus and traffic slowdowns.

Wanderlust strikes on Friday too when jetsetting Jupiter makes its annual opposition to the Sun. Travel off the beaten path in some way, shape or form. If you can’t literally get outta Dodge, explore the hidden gems of your hometown. If the cultural landscape is barren, start your own scene. A local bar or restaurant may happily provide the venue. On a personal note, the Sun-Jupiter faceoff could reveal some unmet expectations with friends. When people don’t keep their word, it’s easy to get disappointed — but did they feel pressured to make a promise to you in the first place? Some keep-it-real conversations are in store. At the end of the day, you might be the one in need of a reality check. Don’t raise the bar so high for people that they can never live up. From your end of things, make a point of under-promising and over-delivering instead of the reverse.

Shine on, Superstar! This Thursday, January 3 marks the annual full moon in Leo — and aren’t you the lucky one? La luna goes full bloom at a close degree to abundant Jupiter in Leo, increasing your bounty exponentially. Full moons are a time for cashing in, when our efforts of the past six months (since the corresponding NEW moon) pay off. With jetsetting Jupiter’s influence, the opportunities that roll in this week could involve global expansion, travel, or even a major move to a new part of the world. Are you the type of Leo who loves the spotlight? You could find yourself on stage in the coming two weeks, performing, presenting, or otherwise entertaining the crowds. If you’re not doing what you love, the full moon/Jupiter combo will bring an important moment of truth. Leo, you’ve always known that you’re destined for big things. Life is too short to be wasted on soul-sucking tasks. It’s not that you should deliver a “take this job and shove it” monologue or make any other such dramatic exits. But start mapping out your transitional plan so you can move into a more fulfilling lifestyle — ideally when Jupiter ends its retrograde through Leo this coming April 8. Speaking of Jupiter’s backspin, this full moon’s proximity to the red-spotted planet could bring a past project back onto the main stage. Take a look at your personal highlights reel. One of your Best Of Leo moments could have a second life. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, as they say — and your Version 2.0 could be a bigger hit than your first release. The only risk is overdoing it. Your sense of limits will not be clear this week so weigh any new opportunities against reality too. Can you REALLY create the space in your calendar for these without burning out? Some old activities may have to go to pave the way for the new.

With the countdown to Valentine’s Day underway, it’s hard to avoid the topic of love (sweet love). The hunt for your 2015 Valentine could lead you on a trip down Memory Lane. Blame it on messenger Mercury, which is retrograde in Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships from January 21 to February 11. This is the final full week of Mercury’s backspin, and the desire to reconnect with an old flame could reach a fever pitch. Was it merely bad timing that kept you apart? It wouldn’t hurt to poke around Facebook and Google to see if you share the “single” status. But think through the repercussions before you open that old, familiar door. Sure, you’re feeling sentimental, Leo, but has anything REALLY changed? The last thing you need is to reprise an agonizing chapter of your life. Has the haunting memory of a bad romance kept you off the playing field? Devote this week to getting closure. Sometimes a face-to-face sitdown can do the trick, but often this just riles up buried feelings. Try writing a letter to your offending ex, then burning it ceremoniously (and safely so your apartment is still standing when his/her memory turns to ash). If you’re in a relationship, you may spend a good deal of the week clearing the air. At its best, Mercury retrograde brings buried issues to the surface and forces us to communicate. While this can upset emotional equilibrium at first, it’s certainly preferable to feeling numb and checked out. A couple’s therapy session could be a game-changer.

Friday is another important day for balancing the “me” with the “we.” Your sign walks an interesting line. You’re as magnanimous as they come, but you also have high (and, yes, sometimes diva-like) expectations. With the Sun and Jupiter making their annual opposition on Friday, you’ll see clearly the imbalances in your closest partnerships. Maybe you’re leaning a little too heavily on one person but not asking for enough from another. A love connection could heat up quickly under this Sun-Jupiter placement. Your optimism outweighs practical concerns and you might spend the weekend throwing caution to the wind. The jury is out on whether this is a Happily Ever After situation, but at least you’ll have a memorable chapter in your love story. Coupled Leos will also get a feel-good infusion from this transit. Focus on the positive and you could fall in love all over again.

Dear Libra, your ego is not your amigo. With Tuesday’s full moon in Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork, you’ll realize just how much you rely other people to pull off your grand schemes. Chill one of those unopened bottles of NYE champagne so you can raise a toast to your entourage. Your clear appreciation (as in, “I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”) will keep Team Libra energized for the next chapter of your shared adventures. But words alone may not be enough for everyone involved. Some people must be given greater credit, whether you’re handing them an official title or showering them with them love on social media. Sharing the spotlight can be in your best interest as well. Tuesday’s lunar beams could shine on a group that can help YOU as well. Membership does have its benefits; at least when you’re associated with the right people. Ally yourself with people who are well connected but who also need what you have to offer. Hello, win-wins. This full moon arrives at a close angle to Jupiter in Leo, firing up your entrepreneurial spirit. Since the eleventh house is the tech sector of your chart, you could get some brilliant downloads about a web-based business or a crowd-fundable invention. If you already have a project like this brewing, use the two weeks following the full moon to do your final rounds of testing. When Mercury turns direct next week, on February 11, you can safely hit the launch button and share you product with the world. Also, give your online profiles a thorough review. Rewrite the text, post professional photos or smartly-filtered ‘grams, and send out some invitations to connect. Make sure your digital image is a match for who you are in real time. If you’re dating online, consider expanding your search radius by a few more miles. The full moon’s proximity to jetsetting Jupiter could bring a match who is ideal in every way except geographically. Since it’s a lot easier to hop in the car and drive a few miles than it is to turn a player into a prince, you might as well keep an open mind, Libra. The distance does not have to divide you.

Mercury schleps along through its retrograde, but this is the final full week of its backspin (hooray!). This go ‘round, the messenger planet is backstroking through the drama-infested waters of your fifth house making it hard for Cupid to get a clear shot. Love has no doubt felt like a four-letter word since January 21 — if you even had the patience to deal with dating at all. But don’t give up on St. Valentine! (You’re a romantic, Libra…remember?) Devote this week to clearing away the cobwebs. You might write an impassioned letter to an ex and burn it (carefully!) instead of dropping it into the mailbox. Or, if you’re in a relationship, set aside a time to get those bottled-up feelings off of your chest. Warning: signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde could make your missives more fiery than you realize. If you feel your “Oh no he didn’t!” temper a-flaring, vent to a proactive, levelheaded friend before unleashing a tirade on your amour. Some of that anger might actually be your own frustration about not speaking up sooner. As the sign of justice you are always fair, trying to consider the other perspective before making a final decision. The trouble is, you sometimes ignore your own instincts in the process. If you swallowed your true feelings or stepped over misdeeds, we can’t blame you for being angry. Just remember that your sweetie is not a mind reader. Focus on the future you’d like to create instead of harping too much on the past. That way, these conversations can be constructive. Has the muse been whispering in your ear? Shut yourself away for a songwriting session, painting marathon, or to bang out a few chapters of your memoirs. When Mercury turns direct on February 11, you’ll have the green light to debut your works-in-progress — and to great acclaim. Until then, develop them privately with YOUR opinion as the only one that counts.

Structure, stability, routine! Not exactly “a few of my favorite things” if you’re a dreamy Pisces. But with Tuesday’s full moon in Leo and your sixth house of healthy habits and efficiency, you’ll feel ready to bring some order to your court. As much as you love to be a free-flowing mermaid or merman, you may have floated a little too far away from shore. Tuesday’s full moon happens to bloom at a close degree to magnifying Jupiter, which will make those dust bunnies look like giant dust devils once you start casting your gaze over all the things you’ve swept under the rug. Eek! Don’t freak out, Pisces — and don’t try to tackle everything all at once. Open up that list-making app and make a tap out a roster of all the things you want to straighten, sort, and organize. You might even circle April 8 — the day that Jupiter ends its retrograde— as your finish line for wrapping up all these loose ends. Prioritize a few missions that you’ll tackle in the coming two weeks, however, so you can utilize the full moon’s power period.

Work and health related issues come under the microscope now too. Your professional efforts of the past six months could gain some long-overdue recognition. Harness the showstopping energy of the Leo full moon to self-promote. The squeaking wheel gets the oil, as they say. Some Pisces could receive an award, raise or exciting “next level” project as a result of your diligence. Just don’t wait around for people to discover you. Toot your own horn as strategically as you can. If you’ve been slacking, this full moon could deliver a stern wakeup call. Consider working with a career coach, branding expert or graphic designer to help you craft your next steps. On the health front, have you been more of a hedonist than a health nut? This is a likely possibility given that reckless Mars has been camped out in Pisces since January 12, and remains there until February 19. Keep on having your cake, but first, polish off some lean protein and roasted Brussels sprouts. When the drill sergeant’s whistle blows, don’t resist. Lace up those crosstrainers, slap on the FitBit and bring your attention to your well-being once again. If you veered to the opposite end of the spectrum, getting a little too “extreme” in your diets and workouts to actually sustain a program, this full moon/Jupiter combo platter helps you find some joy in your routines. Sweating it out on the treadmill is not the only way to get your heart rate up, after all. Take your cue from those Dancing With The Stars contestants and twirl your way back to great health. Give yourself options too. Having a home fitness setup can fill in the blanks when your schedule clashes with your favorite studio’s.

Don’t forget the emotional cleanups. Mercury is in the final full week of its retrograde through your twelfth house of healing, surrender and the subconscious mind. A few of those old demons — fear, self-doubt, and paranoia — have been a-knocking since Mercury shifted into reverse on January 21. Use this week to tackle those “scary” areas head on. Do you need to close the door on a relationship or bow out of a professional or extracurricular commitment that’s not in alignment with your desired path? Work on screwing up the nerve to say goodbye when Mercury turns direct next week, on February 11. Gather supportive people around you and practice your farewell speech so you can make the smoothest exit possible. Not sure how to proceed with a certain someone? Clarity arrives on Friday when truth-bearer Jupiter makes its annual opposition to the illuminating Sun. You’ll see people for who they really are that day, which could lead you to bolting the door behind you or hugging it out in a grand act of forgiveness.

Tell them how you REALLY feel, Sagittarius. It’s a #nofilters kind of week for you, so look out world! Tuesday’s new moon in Leo and your outspoken ninth house makes a direct connection to let-it-all-hang-out Jupiter. On an average day, you can be counted on to call out the neon pink elephant in the room. This week, your hammer of truth could come down a little (or a whole lot) harder. Easy now! Jupiter happens to be retrograde (from December 8 until April 8) indicating that you’ve been stewing over certain sentiments for a while. You have something important to say, but if you deliver your words in the heat of anger, your message will get lost in translation. You could also burn a few bridges in the process too. Caramba! That doesn’t mean you should suck it up though. Just plan your speech carefully and your words could move the masses. This full moon may bring glowing news about a media project, travel plan, or long-distance relationship. Pull your passport out and make sure it’s up to date. You may be booking international travel in the two weeks following this full moon. Are you ready to be really big in London, Hong Kong, or Melbourne? Cast a wider net in all that you do. Even if you don’t sojourn to these places in person, you could soon be interfacing with colleagues in a new corner of the globe. Start compiling a list of locations for your winter getaway too. Surf the travel blogs, dig deep in your research to ferret out the hidden gems — that reef that only local divers have explored, the tucked away rentals in the rainforest, now we’re talking. When Mercury ends its retrograde next week, on February 11, you’ll have the cosmic green light to get those vacation plans in motion. An entrepreneurial venture gets a major boost from this full moon too. As the zodiac’s most indie-spirited sign, you can’t bear the idea of a boss breathing down your neck. A personal passion could lift into the profit zone; or, if you’re already the boss of Sagittarius, Inc., a major windfall could come your way.

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, this one’s been a double whammy for you. The signal-scrambling effects have been stronger than usual since January 21, as Mercury’s backspin is hitting your third house of communication. You said tomato, they heard “tomahhhhto,” and calling the whole thing off is starting to sound like a mighty fine idea. A squabble with a friend or sibling could plummet to a low point this week. Let this be your cue to detach, Sagittarius. Perhaps the two of you are a little too wrapped up in trying to “save” one another from making mistakes. As hard as it is to watch your loved ones struggle, rushing in for the rescue could have the effect of clipping their wings. Take a time out before you go on an un-friending spree. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Next week, you can meet for coffee and work through the knots. To make the most out of this final week of Mercury retrograde, focus on all things “re” such as reviewing, refining and revising. Erudite Archers are eternal students. Plow through a tutorial or spend the week schooling yourself on a new technical skill. Practice makes perfect, and you could emerge with a profitable idea to boot. Tucking away and working on a writing or media project would also be advantageous. Line up the blog posts, do a practice run of that podcast, or figure out what it takes to write a killer keynote speech.

On Friday, wanderlust strikes when your celestial ruler Jupiter makes its annual opposition to the glowing Sun. A return to one of your favorite places on the planet could brighten your weekend — or, you could explore an amazing vacation spot just a couple short hours from your own home. You could also travel in the figurative sense. This is an ideal weekend for expanding your self-awareness through a workshop or adventurous experience. One of your neighbors, coworkers or new friends could extend the invitation.

Touchdown! This Tuesday, February 3, the full moon in Leo brightens your tenth house of career, bringing rapid developments on the professional front. Adding to the rush of good fortune is bountiful Jupiter, which will sit at a close degree to this full moon. The red-spotted planet is retrograde (from December 8 until April 8) so look to the past. The opportunities that manifest this week could be ones that have been bubbling on the burner for a while or maybe involve a colleague with whom you’ve successfully joined forces in the past. A project you thought was done and dusted could suddenly get the green light over the next two weeks. If YOU know that there’s life left in it, set up another round of pitch meetings and follow-up calls. Have you been putting in serious sweat equity for the past six months? (Ah, the joy of paying your dues.) If so, your drive and dedication could pay off, shuttling you towards the executive suites or a more prominent, public position. How do the letters CEO sound to your ear? Some Scorpios will be inspired to go the solopreneur route. It may finally be time to make that leap, even if you start Scorpio, Inc. as a side business and keep a day job during the transition phase. For slacking Scorpios, this full moon brings major momentum. Drop your Chanel blazer off at the dry cleaner because you could be sitting across the boardroom table from some heavy-hitters before the week is through. The tenth house rules the masculine realm. Your relationship with a significant man will come under the microscope this week too. He may be someone you met while traveling, or even a beloved fella who lives further away from you than you’d like. Is a reunion long overdue? One or both of you could book a flight. There’s no replacing face-to-face communication.

Family could continue to be a source of stress this week — or you may have to deal with some annoying home repair issues. That’s because signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde continues its backspin through Aquarius and your domestic fourth house until February 11 (NEXT Wednesday). While Mercury retrograde can stir the pot, it generally illuminates problems that were already brewing. Fortunately, you have a lot of heart underneath that prickly exterior, Scorpio. Perhaps you could extend a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card to a relative who has been working your nerves. Get to the bottom of what’s bugging them, Scorpio. Perhaps they are acting out as a bid for your attention. You don’t always realize how withdrawn you can become when you’re fixating on a project or following the muse. By the same token, you don’t have to sacrifice your need for alone time. Do a better job of communicating with the ones you love. These simple words can do wonders to put them at ease: I’ll be back.

On Friday, the Sun makes its annual opposition to horizon-expanding Jupiter. This will help you find a better balance between your personal and professional lives. Close friends and family may turn out to be the perfect people to enlist for help on a career matter. You may decide to set up a home office — or to get all work-related items OUT of the house so as not to disrupt your downtime.

Should you roll out the welcome mat…or roll it on up? This Tuesday, the full moon in Leo meets up with supersizer Jupiter in your domestic zone. Their combined powers could have a couple different effects on your psyche making you love where you live or the exact opposite. Blissed-out Bulls will be motivated to play host, interior decorator, or even temporary landlord. Don’t be shocked if you start moving furniture around (bonus points if you’re guided by a feng shui bagua map), furiously pinning living room spreads from Elle Decor, or opening up a new OneNote list to log the ingredients for a dinner party menu. And could that empty area of your home be turned into an airbnb profit machine? This would be worth exploring now. One hitch: Mercury is retrograde until February 11, so when it comes to the riskier adjustments, we recommend thinking them through carefully and waiting a week or two before you, say, post photos of your rustic-chic pied-a-terre on But by all means, though have that epic dinner party before the week is through, especially if it means reuniting with precious pals from your past (both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde will LOVE this). Jetsetting Jupiter’s influence could spark you to serve a more international menu. How about setting up that make-your-own sushi demo or a fondue station for the fun of it? If you’re feeling disgruntled about the four walls that house you, the full moon’s connection to Jupiter retrograde could spur a feverish real estate hunt. Start looking around, even if everyone around you is carping about how “impossible” it is to find reasonable rent or mortgage rates. Lucky Jupiter is planted in your living sector from July 16, 2014 until August 12, 2015. If ever there were a time to find your dream home, this would be it. Don’t be the stubborn Bull, scared to make a change. Squabbles with relatives and roomies may reach the boiling point, necessitating a raw and honest conversation about your shared household responsibilities. You might just redraw that old-fashioned chore chart and post it somewhere visible. After all, Taurus, you ain’t nobody’s maid or babysitter! Don’t rage on ‘em: We teach people how to treat us and your compliance with their unreasonable demands may be the reason they’ve mistaken you for the aforementioned welcome mat. Speak up for your needs too, especially with close female friends, family members and neighbors. Unless you vocalize your dismay, they will remain clueless. Tuesday’s full moon could also bring back an incredible woman from your past. She may have been a teacher or someone you traveled with. You’ll be thrilled to reconnect and learn from her expansive worldview once again.

To ease any tension at Chez Taurus, it’s fine to bury yourself in work this week. Mercury remains retrograde in your career zone until February 11, which is an optimal time for tightening up the ship before you launch it from the port. Beta test new initiatives with your close friends or trusted colleagues — ones who can give you helpful feedback on how to improve your product. Polishing up your professional presentation to a “sunlight on The Chrysler Building” beam, would be a wise idea too. Challenge yourself and raise the bar higher. Your bells and whistles can be subtle. Aim for a striking effect using sleek design and whitespace for less-is-more impact. And, since success so often depends upon who you know, use this week to nurture your connection to the movers and shakers. Don’t hit them up for anything just yet. First, build the relationship. Show up (and volunteer perhaps) at an industry group’s networking event. Invite colleagues out for a getting-to-know-you lunch and don’t forget to pick up the tab. Ask lots of questions, put in some extra elbow grease with your boss or clients “just ‘cause.” Position yourself as a loyalist and dedicated teammate and soon they’ll be offering you opportunities before you even ask. Paying dues is always part of the process.

On Friday, the tension between your personal and professional life could hit the tipping point. If you’re off balance — perhaps spending too much time at the office OR on curled up avec remote control on the couch — something’s gotta give. Enterprising Jupiter will sit directly opposite the action-oriented Sun encouraging you to make a change. This cosmic lineup only happens once a year and will really feel like a push. A private matter could be pushed into the public eye. Be careful about making a scene, Taurus, because people will not be fast to forget what you do near Friday. Of course, this can be a good thing if you want to draw attention to one of your hidden gifts. If a leadership position has been calling your name, step up to the plate. Conversely, you may decide that it’s time to hand off some duties to another capable soul so that you can get more face time in with your friends and family.

Map out that exit strategy. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, Virgo, and the time for goodbyes is nigh. This Tuesday, February 3 marks the annual full moon in Leo and your twelfth house of completions. No more procrastinating. Wrap up a project that’s been dragging on and declare it done and dusted. You have bigger fish to fry, new vistas to explore! This full moon falls at a close degree to indie-spirited Jupiter bringing a wave of liberated energy. Are you feeling claustrophobic in a relationship, friendship or work situation? (Help…air!) In some cases, you might opt out and go your separate ways. At the very least, create a little (or a lot) more breathing room for yourselves. The codependent, Siamese twin routine is getting a little old. The muse is in the house! This full-moon/Jupiter combo could bring major downloads of creative inspirations. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night to scrawl and sketch pages and pages of ideas. With entrepreneurial Jupiter’s touch, these could be the seeds of a business plan or even a full-length book! The inspiration might even come from your own emotional pain. Since the twelfth house rules our subconscious, a cathartic creative project could be better than years of therapy. Beyond that, your work can inspire others who are struggling with the same issues. Dig deep and be bold about sharing from the heart. This could be a watershed week for some Virgos too. Don’t lie to yourself: have you known for a while that a chapter of your life was over? While diligent Virgos have been known to hang on longer than the average bear, it’s time to strap on the parachute and fly, fly away. Look at it this way: dragging out an outmoded situation may actually be preventing you from embracing a new adventure. If you need to cut the cord or close the door for good, you’ll have the courage you need to say a firm farewell.

Mercury, your cosmic guardian, remains retrograde all week in your sixth house of work and health. Fortunately, this is the last full week of the retrograde — next Wednesday, February 11, the speedy messenger planet will correct its course (sweet relief). Be extra mindful about your professional communications in the meanwhile. While it might seem easier to skip the middleman and go straight to the top, you could alienate one of the leader’s key allies. Flip through Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers if you need a reminder of why it’s equally important to woo the proverbial advisers-to-the-queen as it is to wow the royal herself. Work on charming the gatekeepers and you’ll never be left on the lonely side of the drawbridge again. Also, be hyper-vigilant about checking the reply box before hitting send. Your snarky message about those incompetent hacks on the marketing team could wind up in the wrong Inbox. Super embarrassing! Load up on preventative medicine: Vitamin C and D, fresh produce, tons of sleep. Mercury’s backspin through your health sector could leave you feeling run down. Listen to your body! If you’re feeling depleted, don’t push yourself. Go do something restful and restorative instead. Keep your competitive streak in check while working out too. You don’t have to outshine your belly-dancing teacher or make the professional ballerina in your barre class look like a Swan Lake reject. Make sure to warm up sufficiently and do YOUR best. The last thing you need is a pulled or strained muscle to throw you off track when you just got into your fitness game. You might even rock a Fitbit or other monitoring device to track your vitality and keep you accountable on your self-care mission.