Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for February 23-27

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Come on baby, light my fire? Sure, as long as the blazes are kept under control. With Mars and Venus pair bonding in Aries until March 17, we’re all feeling rather impetuous about love. But early this week, the Mars-Venus duo will form a flowing trine (60 degree angle) with sensible Saturn in Sagittarius. Heed the warning label and hold back a little. Allow romance to build at a measured pace. That way, no one will wind up feeling pressured — or trapped in a bad romance. Feeling distant from the one you love, or like your relationship has slipped into a rut? You may actually need to plan the fun stuff instead of expecting it to “just happen.” Structure supports spontaneity. And that’s why there’s nothing lame about earmarking a regular date night, booking a vacation well in advance of the date, or picking up actual tickets long before the night of the show. As Saturn trines Mars and Venus there could be a few breakdowns, especially as relationships hit a growth spurt. You may realize that you’re doing too much too soon or not spelling out the support that you need from your sweetie. Saturn sounds the call for clarity, not clairvoyance.

On Wednesday, February 25, the brilliant Sun makes an exact connection to ethereal Neptune — a bizarre mashup that takes place once annually. This year (and until 2026) they’ll pair up in dreamy Pisces, the sign that governs our soul urges. But the effect is a bit like shining a light into fog. For a few days, it will be hard to see anything except what’s directly in front of us. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We often spend so much time worrying about the future that we miss the richness of the present moment. Take a midweek time out from future-tripping or plotting your ten-year life strategy. Instead of wondering, “What am I supposed to do with my entire life?” figure out, “What would inspire me NEXT?” Turn inward for answers instead of looking for external gratification. The sixth sense (or third eye) will be especially activated with psychic Neptune being lit by the Sun. But some digging will be required too. Journal, meditate, listen to music in the dark.  The Sun-Neptune merger wants us scuba diving into the depths of our souls to find hidden treasures — and maybe to do a little tidying up while we’re at it.

On Sunday, messenger Mercury sits directly opposite broad-minded Jupiter. Move over Socrates and Sartre — our philosophical natures will be piqued, making this an excellent time to mull over bigger questions and concepts. The truth, however, could feel like a moving target. We shouldn’t take anything at face value or rush to follow the lead of a charismatic personality. Feeling sequestered in the same old scene? Break out of those bounds! The risks we take to stretch ourselves socially could bring a bevy of BFFs before the weekend is through.

More, more, more: that’s how an Aries likes it. Your appetite for life experiences is always expanding, which is why you’re such an eternally fascinating creature. But even you can get stuck in a rut sometimes. Devote this week to self-development. With cosmic couple Mars and Venus pair bonding in Aries until March 17, you have permission to prioritize your own joy. It was Ram Pharrell Williams who wrote the “Happy” anthem, after all. When you’re up, everyone around you gets lifted. Early this week, Saturn will form a flowing and productive trine (60 degree angle) with Mars and Venus. Saturn is the planet of structure and is currently parked in Sagittarius and your philosophical, independent, and exploratory ninth house. Have you been waiting for other people before pursuing your desires? Your BFFs may not have the resources to join you on that yoga retreat; maybe your partner’s schedule won’t clear up before that exhibit at the Met closes. Forget waiting; it’s time for a solo adventure! With Mars and Venus in your sign, you can fill your own love tanks — at least to a respectable half full line. Aries will be hungry for attention with Mars and Venus here, but Saturn wags a finger against being too eager to lock down The One. The desire for partnership is understandable, but are you trying to fill a hole in your soul? Try this exercise: make a list of all the qualities you desire in an ideal partner. Then, use this week to develop those very qualities in yourself. Perhaps your raging urge to date a rocker is covering up your own hidden dream of taking center stage. Like attracts like so this is actually a good strategy for, say, luring that sexy lead singer. Coupled? Be the change you wish to see in your relationship. Rather than griping that your partner doesn’t do this or that for you, find ways to activate that energy in yourself. For example, maybe you’re frustrated that your sweetie doesn’t tell you that you’re sexy often enough. Rather than moping around, treat yourself to an outfit that screams “total tigress,” then go dancing with friends who always love you up with compliments. You may worry that cultivating your independence will threaten your relationship, but the opposite is true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder — and the libido stronger.

On Wednesday, the Sun and Neptune have their annual meet-and-greet — an awkward gathering for sure. While the Sun brightens and illuminates, Neptune makes everything foggy and obscure. Even more disorienting? This year (and until 2026) they join up in Pisces and your twelfth house of dreams and the subconscious mind. Surrender to the purple haze, Aries. This is actually a golden opportunity to deal with any haunting feelings that you’ve been sweeping under the rug. Plan ahead and book dinner with a compassionate friend, or even a therapy session, for Wednesday. The buried fears (Neptune) that the Sun illuminates are worth examining. Shining a light on the demons under the bed is what makes them disappear — and releases their hold on you. You might actually need a new bedtime routine altogether. Watching “Game Of Thrones” or a dramatic reality show can make it hard to shut down at night. The sulfites in wine can also make you toss and turn. Try brewing some herbal tea or kava (the Hawaiians are onto something here). Tuck in with a soothing download like actor Jeff Bridges’ “Sleeping Tapes,” an album of his satiny vocals humming and narrating over dreamy sounds and meditation music — kind of hilarious but undeniably effective.

This Sunday, Mercury faces off with Jupiter, helping you balance head and heart. Maybe you’ve been overthinking everything and getting obsessive. Playful energy will get you back into your feeling center. Devote the weekend to socializing, exploring new scenes and enjoying cultural activities. Soak in creativity from a mix of off-the-beaten-path artists and ones who evoke a simple burst of joy. It’s true, Aries: your playlist du jour CAN include both Iggy Pop and Icona Pop. Hello, lust for life. We love it!

Quirky Aquarius, when you’re “on” you’re naturally the life of the party — playful, expressive and free. But when you’re having a mood, look out world! Your Blue Period could make Picasso look like a kindergarten-level finger painter. Early in the week, Mars and Venus in Aries and your third house of communication get some illuminating insight from Saturn, which is touring Sagittarius and your eleventh house of community. Like it or not, your energy affects the groups you are a part of. From your home to your office, you’re part of an ecosystem that can shift when one person (or pet even) is out of whack.   Assess the cast of The Aquarius Show this week. While a few people may be misbehaving, changing YOUR approach to dealing with them will bring the biggest shift. In some cases, your ultra-casual attitude could be creating drama. Something may be “no big deal” to you, but it could seriously push someone else’s anxiety buttons. Is this behavior really worth holding onto, Aquarius? No, you don’t want to be “controlled,” but being stubborn or righteous could mean letting a good person slip away. The good news is, Mars and Venus in your third house make you a charming and savvy negotiator. Working out compromises can save the day. Give something up and you could gain something greater. In this case, that might mean fighting over a task that no one wants to do. Consider pooling funds and outsourcing instead. A weekly cleaning service could cost you each less than a night of drinking. The radius of your social circle is constantly expanding, but a few key people may be feeling shortchanged. Remember: the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side of the fence. But it WILL be more verdant where you water it. Create a “fertile crescent” with the people who know the meaning of reciprocity this week. Pick up the social organizer’s baton and get an event on the calendar for your crew. Since continuity creates intimacy, how about making this a weekly or monthly thing? If you’re looking for love, this brings a double-bonus. A friend of a friend could be your perfect match between now and March 17.

On Wednesday, the Sun and Neptune host their annual meetup. This year (and until 2026) the confab takes place in Pisces and your second house of money, luxury, and fiscal planning. Like a light in the financial fog, the Sun will illuminate new ways of budgeting your hard-earned cash. Are you being a spendthrift, Aquarius, denying yourself luxury for fear of living beyond your means? While we’re not suggesting you go on a retail therapy binge, you might find little ways to indulge without breaking the bank. This can be as simple as purchasing a few key ingredients for your shelves or closet. For example, a high-quality bottle of olive oil and a brick of artisanal Parmesan can make simple pasta come alive for days (ramen, begone!). Investing in a smart blazer, great jeans and black ankle boots will dress up everything from your vintage concert tees to a white button down — and you can jazz up the ensemble with affordable accessories. As someone who is inspired by visuals (more than you realize at times), make sure your workspace feels soulful this week. This hilarious “How Bleak Is Your Office?” Buzzfeed quiz could be an eye-opener for the ascetics among you. Reviving inspiration may just be a matter of rotating your décor too. Bring in a couple plants, frame a new mantra, or heck, a unicorn illustration, over your desk.

This weekend, you can pull yourself right out a relationship rut by being more adventurous and expressive. With chatty Mercury in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in your relationship house, people will love watching you fly your freak flag — as long as you leave room on the stage for them to shine too.  Bring more of your quick-fire humor and honesty into conversations instead of rationalizing things that don’t feel right. It’s okay to have a divergent opinion; in fact, a lively debate can bring some sexy snap, crackle and pop to your closest connections.

Chin up, shoulders back, gaze forward! This week, projecting an authentic aura of confidence will take you far in your career. When people are looking for a warm hug and sympathetic ear, they know they can cuddle in your cozier-than-cashmere embrace. But what about when they need a sturdy shoulder to lean on? You’ve got one of those too, but it might be a little less obvious at times, O’ Emo One. With a charmed Mars-Venus merger in your tenth house of success until March 17, it’s time to show the world your strength and backbone. You’re a cardinal sign after all, the Alpha of the water signs, born to lead with love. Early this week, stalwart Saturn forms a supportive angle to Mars and Venus and their combined powers can really help you establish a new way of expressing yourself at work. Question: do you have an “executive presence?” An article in Psychology Today suggests that image may actually be “everything” when establishing oneself in the workforce. While you shouldn’t fake the funk, building an outward sense of confidence could be as essential to your ascent as your finely-tuned skill set. Studies show that people form a lasting impression of each other within the first seven seconds of meeting. At work, this is based on how you act, speak and look: If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you might need to tune one or all three of those. Sign up for a session with an executive coach, take a Toastmaster’s workshop and suit up in some killer clothes — maybe ones that are both office-appropriate and a little bit rock and roll. Romantically, the trifecta of Mars, Venus and Saturn can help you plot out long-term goals with a partner. Being on the same page doesn’t mean doing everything together 24/7. Have a candid conversation about your unfulfilled dreams. While you might not BOTH be able to go full-throttle with them at once, you could strike a savvy compromise this week — one that doesn’t require too many sacrifices. Single Cancers might get more practical in your search for love. Get out and mingle in real time with likeminded groups. There’s no replacing the face-to-face connection.

On Wednesday, the Sun and Neptune collide for their annual (and pretty darn awkward) dance. While the Sun illuminates with its bright beams, Neptune is like a smoke machine, refracting the light. This year (and until 2026) the Sun-Neptune paso doble takes place in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, optimism and big-picture planning. It may be hard to see the forest for the trees midweek; in fact, you could feel like the wind is taken out of your sails about an idea that got you got psyched about on Monday. This is not your cue to shelve those plans, Cancer. Rather, you may need to take a time out to soothe any fears that have come up. Life is pushing you to stretch outside of your comfort zone, but this can be scary for a sensitive soul like you. Talk to close friends and even a therapist about the feelings that are coming up, especially with regards to change, travel, or an independent project. Explore the fear you have of REALLY going big. Are you attached to getting people’s approval or winning in some way? The point of expanding, Cancer, is to experience your fullest potential, whether other people approve or not. This week, make it your aim to be self-authorized in an area where you might normally opinion-poll friends or seek validation from your family before acting. Also, make sure you are operating from your truth. If you’ve rationalized something that doesn’t feel right in your gut, reopen the discussion. It’s never too late to back out if you can’t make the terms work for you, too.

This weekend, quirky Mercury faces off with risk-taker Jupiter, which could bring blurred lines. A sexual connection may be hot enough to overwhelm you, but that doesn’t mean you should surrender or get swept away. This attraction could also be a powder keg of painful emotions. Don’t kid yourself, Cancer. What seems fun and flirty at first could lead to days of obsessing. Rethink ideas about calling your ex or hanging out with someone who you don’t fully trust. Your seductive powers will be in rare form too. Use them responsibly so you don’t lead anyone on this weekend.

Feelings may not be facts, Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them. This week, tune in to the wisdom of your heart. Mars and Venus — the zodiac’s cosmic couple — are pair bonding in Aries and your sensitive fourth house until March 17. Early this week, they get a hit from stern Saturn (your ruler) in your twelfth house of subconscious smarts. This reminds you to take your intuitive flashes and emotional waves seriously — a big theme of 2015 overall. If something feels off, trust your gut and dig deeper. The reverse holds true: if something feels RIGHT it’s also worth pursuing! But here’s the deal: these urges might not make as much sense on paper as they do in your soul.  Suspending logic can be hard for your practical sign but ask yourself this: would passing up this exploration leave you with more regret than failing at it? While you don’t want to be reckless, you’d be wise to follow the trail of desire. This week, that could lead you to make some changes with your home or living situation — all in the name of love. Or, you may need to have a candid conversation about family and life plans to ensure that you’re on the same page as your romantic interest. If you want the white picket fence fantasy AND sex goddess status, there’s nothing wrong with that. But be clear about your fuller spectrum needs so you don’t get shuffled into an either/or (…or worse, a Madonna/whore…beware the small-minded) categorization. And hey, if you need scientific data to justify your love, check out the findings of the Institute of Heartmath, a center devoted to researching “neurocardiology,” or the connection between the heart and the brain. As it turns out, the heart’s electromagnetic field is sixty times stronger than the brain’s, so maybe those feelings ARE a bit more factual, or at least measurable, after all.

On Wednesday, get ready to suspend all knowledge and judgments again. The Sun and Neptune meet up for their once-a-year conference. Until 2026, those will take place in Pisces and your third house of communication, platonic partnerships and friendship. The Sun’s bright beams could get lost in the fog of Neptune forcing you to stop and really look at what’s right in front of you. Take time to evaluate your inner circle. Are you actually getting the support you need from your crew or do you need to ask more of them? Maybe you’ve been leaning a little too heavily on one person, which can drain the goodwill between you. Get real about the people you admire, too. While they may be cool and successful and make all the right style choices do they actually have your back? Prune away the fake friends and create more whitespace in your calendar for the connections that feed your soul. When you compare, you despair, Capricorn. Make sure you aren’t holding yourself up against other people. Their lives are not your life, and Neptune’s haze could remind you to follow your own bliss instead of keeping up with the Joneses. You may find it hard to communicate midweek or to express yourself in words. Don’t let people draw you into battle because you could fold too easily or even be at risk for some bullying. Give yourself quiet time to connect to your thoughts while meditating, listening to music or sketching in your journal. This fog is temporary and should lift by the weekend.

Devote Saturday and Sunday to financial planning. With Mercury opposite Jupiter you can objectively look ahead and create a budget that allows you to enjoy your money now AND save for the future. Keep your GPS pointed towards passive income opportunities. Could you make money through a network marketing business, a commission-based sale, or a rental property, for example? Think beyond the 9-5 grind, Capricorn. You might love a hard day’s work, but wouldn’t it be nice if that were a choice instead of an obligation?

Ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius and your relationship house on December 23, you’ve been longing for a more satisfying sense of connection with other people — one that feels more “adult” than what you’ve dealt with in the past. Don’t get it twisted, Gemini, we’re not advocating an early retirement into matching wicker rocking chairs. But wouldn’t it be nice to put an end to the game playing? To support each other’s dreams and expansion instead of blocking them out of fear or jealousy? This week, Saturn gets a creative and energizing download from cosmic lovers Venus and Mars, who are traveling together through Aries and your super social and experimental eleventh house until March 17. Translation? It’s time to color outside the conventional lines in love. But before you bust out the fur-lined handcuffs, hear this: your desires are more likely to be fulfilled OUTSIDE of the bedroom this week than by rolling around under your silk-lined duvet. This geeky Mars-Venus pairing directs you to stimulate your brain before concentrating on your body — specifically by triggering the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. Studies like this one ( show that sharing fun or emotional experiences in a group setting can flood you with the feel-good hormone. Surefire heart-openers? Belting out Taylor Swift at a karaoke bar, taking a group fitness class, even sniffling through a tearjerker at the IMAX theater. (Hey, now you don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to get frisky after your American Sniper date. You’re welcome.) Whether single or spoken for, consider this your heavenly hall pass to go out and play more. Log off those addictive messenger sessions and opt for IRL experiences. If you’re nervous about meeting “strangers,” these quirky how-we-met stories may inspire you to walk up to that cutie at Crossfit or to finally say “hi” to the hottie who you see on the train platform during your evening commutes.

On Wednesday, the Sun’s bright beams are enveloped in the fog of Neptune as the two heavenly bodies align at the same degree of Pisces. Their annual meetup can bring a moment of crisis, then deep clarity. Since their 2015 confab takes place in your career sector, prepare for a potential midweek meltdown at work. You could find yourself questioning everything: What the @#$% am I doing at this place? Why isn’t progress happening at a faster rate? Does anyone even care about what I do around here? Breathe, Gemini, breathe. There’s a good chance you’re “future-tripping” here, thinking so much about the grand plan that you’ve missed some juicy stuff that’s staring you in the face. Simply ask yourself, “What’s next?” this week. By accomplishing something small, you’ll build momentum for the bigger tasks. Neither Rome, nor The Gemini Empire (Gempire?), was built in a day. Forget multitasking, too! Block out significant time for each task instead of sticking your hands in too many pots. Neptune can reveal where we are being passive or playing small. If you’re bored at work, create a challenging project for yourself. The self-starter brand of leadership could open your colleagues’ eyes to your full potential. If you want to win them over, pull out all the stops. Bring empirical data, visual cues, and case studies to back up your ideas.

This weekend, expand your social horizons. With Mercury opposing Jupiter, you could feel claustrophobic around the same old crowd of people. You’ve heard their stories a thousand times — and rehashed your own so often your pals can recite them verbatim. Yawn! Spice it up with some variety, Gem. Feed your mind and soul by reading, listening to TED talks (or better yet, attending live lectures), and soaking up cultural inspiration like documentaries, performance art and experimental cuisine. You might even dive into a self-development workshop or sign up for a class that’s been calling your name. Not only will you make new and inspiring friends, but you’ll bring some fresh material back to your entourage. Sweet relief!

With stodgy Saturn planted in your fifth house or passion and self-expression since December 23, you’ve found it difficult to access your jungle-fierce roar.  It’s not that your happiness has gone on hiatus, Leo. It’s just that you need to tap new sources of inspiration to find your bliss. This week, joy-inducing Mars and Venus enter the frame to help with this mission. Until March 17, both planets are cruising through Aries and your adventurous, broad-minded ninth house. They’ll be sailing in sync with Saturn early this week (forming a flowing 60-degree angle called a trine), encouraging you to stretch outside of your comfort zone. Warning: turning towards happiness could disrupt your routines in a way that feels temporarily chaotic. For example, you may need to travel to pursue a long-distance relationship, or figure out how to gracefully exit a job that just ain’t doin’ it for ya anymore. Be willing to let go of what no longer lights you up, Leo. Your independent spirit wants to soar and this cosmic triftecta can help you achieve liftoff. If you’re not sure where to find the juice, go on a discovery mission this week. Pilot AWAY from “the usual places” and permit yourself to dabble in the new. For example, if you tend to drift towards the metaphysical bookstore and crystal shop when you feel anxious, try the more scientific route instead. See a nutritionist who can advise on mood-boosting diet changes or have a doctor run blood tests to see if you are deficient in any stress-busting vitamins or minerals. If you’re more of the empirical-data-loving Leo, this could be the week where you finally give meditation a try. To wit, here are some proven results that meditation will have on your brain: And, do your outsides reflect your inner depth? Last year’s go-to style might feel like a mismatch for your current state of mind. Given that people form a hard-to-undo impression of you within thirty seconds of seeing you, packaging yourself appropriately is not a superficial quest. This week, Saturn in your style-centric fifth house gets a boost from beautifying Venus, so go on and refresh your wardrobe and hair game. Also, picking a symbol as your talisman can ground you, much like a mantra, each day. If you’re not the tattooing type, a piece of jewelry could do the trick, like the heavenly As Above, So Below collection by Louise Androlia and Jessica de Lotz:

A midweek mashup of the Sun and enchanting Neptune in Pisces and your eighth house of seduction begs the question: What is REALLY sexy? No, Leo, it’s not about sculpting a perfect “bikini bridge,” or learning how to compose a foolproof sext. Body language (no matter your body type) signals desire and creates attraction. With Neptune, the ruler of the subconscious, lit up by the Sun, you might try a few of these unspoken cues — and stop worrying about shaving off twenty pounds before you can lure someone into your lair. Begin by uncrossing your arms and keeping your torso area unobstructed by wine glasses or other social lubricants. That open stance is like a welcome mat rolled out for the object of your desire. Take your mitts out of your pockets and let people see your hands — this will telegraph trustworthiness. And maybe those vampires were onto something — the neck is an erogenous zone, so pull your hair back and ditch the turtleneck when you’re feeling amorous. (Wherefore art thou, Robert Pattinson?) With Mercury opposing Jupiter this weekend, making efforts to express yourself in a different way will draw a new type into your orbit — or create a renewed spark with someone who knows you a little too well. Play with it; the results will be fascinating!

Contrary to popular myth, relationships don’t “just happen,” Libra — and they won’t flow on autopilot this week. Yes, sometimes you DO have to roll up your sleeves and put in some work. This is not a bad thing, not by a long shot. These moments of stretching are generally accompanied by a heart opening or an “Aha!” moment about love. Until March 17, Mars and Venus will travel alongside each other in Aries and your seventh house of committed partnerships. But early this week, they’ll get a healthy reality check from Saturn, which is parked in Sagittarius and your third house of communication. If you’re trying to reprise the romance of the silent film era, you are in trouble, Libra. The Mars-Venus-Saturn trifecta calls for clear, compassionate communication. Asking for what you need is the first step. Being willing to ask it in a language that your partners, friends, colleagues and family understand is the second. If you’re dating a person who can barely find his keys in the morning, you may need smarter structures for helping him remember to pick up the groceries or show up at the right movie theater for your date. Save the eye rolls and just send a text an hour before the appointed task. Email a calendar invitation that will pop up in her phone, a link to your favorite flower or the ring that makes you drool. Now, let’s discuss the negotiation process. Do you allow people to say no to you, Libra, without consequence? If you pout or throw a guilt trip, you may find that others avoid you. You may have to stomp your feet AFTER you’ve hung up the phone instead of ending the conversation on a down note. When people feel free to come and go without punishment, they’re far more likely to flow your way. But don’t pretend to be “fine” with an idea when you’re really not. If you’re struggling to accept something a partner throws your way, keep it real. You don’t have to say yes to every plan just to show that you’re engaged. Lastly, ask more questions and make fewer assumptions. This can leave you pleasantly surprised, whether you’re meeting an OkCupid date for the first time or you’ve been married for years.

On Wednesday, the illuminating Sun pairs up with illusion-master Neptune creating a smoke-machine effect in your sixth house of work and daily routines. Getting into your regular, productive groove will NOT be easy midweek. But rather than force yourself to “just do it,” use this as an opportunity to evaluate your time management. Are you feeling like a hamster on a wheel, stuck in perpetual motion but not really going anywhere new? A few small changes can pull you out of a rut. The sixth house governs service providers so you may finally surrender and hire an assistant, outsource a few tasks that are zapping your time, or stop doing them altogether. Take a look at time management. Studies show that multitasking is the enemy of productivity. It can take up to 25 minutes to get back on track when you interrupt one task to do another. Clustering similar tasks together, however, can boost efficiency, as detailed in this piece on about how to make the most of your momentum when getting spread thin: Are you pushing yourself health-wise instead of tuning in to what your body needs? Rest and recovery time are equally essential to your wellness as those grueling cardio classes. With liquid Neptune in the mix, make sure you’re properly hydrated too. Less coffee and soda, more H2O!

This weekend, be careful not to jump headlong into a new commitment. With Mercury opposing Jupiter (stronger on Sunday), you could get totally psyched about joining forces with a group of people — especially if a creative project or adventurous mission is involved. But the responsibility that accompanies this could be heavier than you realize. Take a few days to mull it over and consider the practical details like budget, timelines and hours of prep time that you might not have to give to the cause. You don’t have to bow out of this, but you might downsize the role you play, allowing someone else to take the lead.

Can you achieve your dreams and enjoy yourself along the way? The stars say yes — but this week, your game plan involves slowing down, not speeding up. With stalwart Saturn camped out in your career zone for three years, your ambitious nature is rapidly emerging. This week, decadent Mars and Venus — both circling through your luxurious second house — will form a flowing trine (60 degree angle) to Saturn. Translation? It’s time to take a more soulful and sensual approach to your moneymaking strategy. Measure your goals against the pleasure principle. If your quest for success leaves you stressed — and bereft of time to stop and smell the roses — gently tap the brakes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, or using cheap labor and materials that “fell off the back of a truck.” Better you should stretch out the timeline and erect each Doric column with care and integrity. On that note, does your workspace stimulate the senses? You, of all signs, are particularly cued in to subtleties from the lighting to the paint hue to the whirring sounds of the building’s machinery. Take stock: could the walls use a color correction? Would a white noise machine drown out that irritating radiator? And does the artwork in your line of vision light you up? In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Remember that when you “splurge” on a pretty print, sheepskin throw, or haute scented candle for your office. No matter how busy you are, take regular breaks this week — a habit worth forming for the long haul. Even the shortest time out can boost productivity. If you can’t get up and stretch your legs, try closing your eyes for one full minute at the top of every hour. This gives your brain a break from processing all those visual cues. Combine with deep, conscious breaths and you’re secretly meditating at your desk. Voila! The trifecta of Mars, Venus and Saturn gets you thinking long-term about love, too. If you’re in a relationship, sit down to map out a few inspiring goals and plans as a couple. Grounding yourselves in a sensible financial plan can reduce stress and arguing. It can be inspiring to start saving up for a join purchase together too. Talks may turn to supporting each other’s dreams, especially your professional aspirations. Be each other’s cheering squads, but get real about timelines so that you aren’t both so busy that you never have time together. Single Pisces could make a love connection through work. Heed cautious Saturn’s warning labels and let the bond grow slowly and organically. The attraction might be better played out as a flirty friendship than anything more.

Wednesday is major for you, setting the tone for the second half of the week. That day, the illuminating Sun joins forces with your ruling planet Neptune in Pisces helping you to connect to your truest desires. You may have a temporary identity crisis, especially if you’ve been denying yourself something that you need. Shower yourself with love and care — and by all means, put yourself first. You don’t have to feel guilty for treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion you bestow onto others. Be fair warned: a few people (read: the ones you’ve spoiled) could pitch a fit when you pull back. Don’t rush in with soothing words or apologies. Let them kick and scream for a while. If they are worthy of your time, they’ll calm down and get a clue. All throughout your life, give people a clear notion of where your boundaries lie. This is the fair and kind thing to do since you won’t waste their time with misleading maybes. There’s no need to wear shark repellant if you keep it real. People who show their teeth when you draw a line probably aren’t worthy of your inner circle anyway. With soulful Neptune in the frame, the law of attraction is on your side. Start clarifying what it is that you DO want instead of harping on what you don’t. You might even start a meditation practice like the 21-Day Energy Of Attraction series by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra.  Starting each day off with a centering thought can make you a magnet for the magical!

With Saturn marching through Sagittarius since this past December 23, you’ve been going through some major changes. Structures that you used to take for granted are crumbling all around you, forcing you to put new smarter systems in place. As frustrating as it may be to have to actually THINK about things that you used to do so effortlessly, you are building some rock-solid strength in the process. This week, sensible Saturn forms a flowing trine (productive 60 degree angle) to Mars and Venus in Aries and your fifth house of passion, fame and amour. Time to upgrade your ideas about romance, Archer. Instead of acting upon that flash-fire hit of attraction, learn what fosters intimacy and lasting heat. That, sweet Centaur, is simply one thing: time. But given your impatient M.O., this is no easy task. You love the chase; the combustible, can’t-wait-to-rip-your-clothes-off, oh-hell-did-that-just-really-happen kind of lovin’.  As you find yourself reaching into that old bag of tricks this week, hit the emergency brake. Self-control can lead to majorly seductive vibes! It can also help you avert some big mistakes. Let’s be honest, you don’t need to add another bad romance to your catalog of memories. As you aim for that genuine connection, make sure to share more of your authentic self. You’re a dazzling performer and comedian, but you can still keep it real without becoming a snore. As it turns out, storytelling is the most powerful way to activate the brain. Stop the preaching and advice-giving and share YOUR experience, from the heart. As you recount your journey to meet a Peruvian shaman or the struggle you had to support your sister through her depression, the listener’s sensory cortex lights up — and yours does too. Hello, delicious buzz of connection, and one that may knit you closer than merely rolling around in the sheets.

On Wednesday, the bright Sun is refracted by fog-machine Neptune, as the two heavenly bodies pair up at the same degree of Pisces and your nurturing fourth house. Illuminating insights about your caretaking style can emerge midweek — and this might be a tough pill to swallow. You love to swoop in for the save, Sagittarius, but you hate when people get overly dependent on you. Kind of a Catch-22, wouldn’t you say? Worse, this need to play savior for virtual strangers can put a strain on relationships with people who truly DO have your back (close friends and family) as they often get shortchanged while you rush off on these random rescue missions. Put the kibosh on these codependent relationships, Sagittarius. If you feel bad for saying no or setting limits, it’s a safe bet you’re stuck in that draining dynamic. While the person you’re enabling could throw a tantrum when you pull back, they’ll thank you later for pushing them to stand on their own two feet. (If they’re worth keeping around, that is.) How do you nourish yourself?  The Sun-Neptune merger sounds the call for sacred rituals like a morning journaling practice — the best form of decluttering according to this Feng Shui expert: Set up your home to support relaxation and foster creative bursts. This could be the week where you finally decorate your bedroom or set up a mediation corner. (Hello, fun weekend project!)  If your job will allow, consider taking a work-from-home day once a week. Studies show that this can boost your productivity — and best of all, you can pop a week’s worth of meals into the oven while finishing up that PowerPoint presentation. Hello, lifehacks. On Sunday, ditch the brunch table and get active with your friends. Time out in nature or a spin class followed by smoothies will be invigorating.

Lather, rinse, repeat? Oh the drudgery. You’re far too creative a creature, Scorpio, to let life fall into a boring groove! Early this week, sensible Saturn forms an inspirational trine (flowing, 60 degree angle) to sensual Mars and Venus, which are traveling side by side through Aries and your sixth house of structure until March 17. So yes, you DO need order in your court. But here’s an idea: how about turning those routines into rituals? Instead of going through the motions, practice a little more mindfulness. In other words, think before you act and make the little things into a bigger deal. For example, as you prepare your morning cup of joe, don’t just dump random grounds into the coffeemaker and chug it like fuel. Instead, savor each sip from a gorgeous mug that you’ve curated from a beautiful home goods store. Raise your bean-count IQ and geek out on Portland coffee connoisseurs Stumptown’s website: Impress (or annoy, who cares!) your friends by dropping varietal names like Marracatu and Pacamara into conversation. Since coffee is a digestive, you might drink it AFTER your breakfast so as to wake up the nutrients you’ve just ingested instead of simply igniting your AM brain. This is just one example, of course, Scorpio. But radar in on those things you do every day and infuse them with magic. Would brushing your hair with a gorgeous Mason Pearson light you up? Splurging on a designer wallet to house abundance in beauty, or curating a case for your mobile gadgets to bring you joy every time you pull that damn *bleeping* ringing device out of your bag? Sexier workout gear could inspire you to hit the gym more often. As someone who understands the power of the details, investing a little more for the artist’s touch can move you into productive action this week.

On Wednesday, the Sun and foggy Neptune link up for their annual meeting. This year (and until 2026), they’ll join forces in Pisces and your fifth house of fame and romance. Neptune rules the subconscious mind while the Sun brings clarity. There could be some major “white light moments” going down midweek as you get a clear glimpse of personal patterns in need of an upgrade. Have you been fearful of speaking your truth or even stepping out as a leader or public figure? Covering it up with swagger can only take you so far. Develop true confidence instead, which doesn’t mean expecting yourself to be a Google database of on-demand knowledge. No, Scorpio, confidence comes from self-acceptance and being kind to yourself about the things you DON’T know. Catch yourself before you do a cover-up and ask questions instead.  Once you have the information locked and loaded, it will be a lot easier to step into the lead. The Sun-Neptune merger could reveal a bit of romance addiction too.  Do you keep dating the same person in different form over and over again? Soul-searching could reveal something surprising, Scorpio: you don’t need other people to make you complete, you simply need to develop those qualities you gravitate towards in yourself. For example, instead of autopiloting to the commitmentphobic indie-rocker, foster your own rockstar status.  Are you hitting the same wall with your partner? (Ugh, not THAT argument again!) Your sign has an addiction to drama and intensity, and you sometimes confuse those highs and lows for “passion.” There are other ways to get that fix without being destructive. Dive into activities that bring a rush, like an adventurous new sport or performing at an open-mic night. Let relationships be a source of support and stimulation but not drama! Over the weekend, draw better boundaries between the business and personal realms. Your work may be bleeding into your relaxation time or maybe you’ve gotten a little too involved in a colleague’s affairs. Pull back a bit, for sanity’s sake.

With sultry Mars and Venus in Aries and your “no limits” twelfth house until March 17, your emotions are running wild and free. As great as it feels to let yourself go, you could tread dangerously close to “bull in a china shop” territory. Early this week, the Mars-Venus duo gets body-checked by stern Saturn, giving you a moment to pause and assess. Saturn is touring Sagittarius (until December 2017) and your eighth house of trust, intimacy and permanent partnerships. Although you want to surrender to fantasy, are you slipping down a dark path? Make sure you really know who you’re getting into bed with, literally and figuratively! Ask the important questions like, “Are you seeing anyone else?” or “If you invest money in my business, how much ownership will you want in return?” Operating on hope and assumptions could bring a crash and burn. If you’re in a relationship, a few trust issues could be aroused. Before you fling accusations, dig deeper. Is there REALLY just cause for your suspicion? Maybe you need to put more structures in place to feel more secure, like a weekly date night or daily phone calls at a specified time. Esther Perel, author of Mating In Captivity asserts that committed couples must plan sex; it doesn’t spontaneously combust like it did in the honeymoon phase. But hey, Christian Grey’s Red Room antics were certainly pre-meditated, so even if your “Fifty Shades” adventures wind up on a shared Google calendar, it doesn’t mean you can’t get maximum pleasure from the experience. Feelings of loss, heartbreak and abandonment may be stirred by Mars and Venus in your twelfth house, and some Bulls could be mourning a heartbreak — even one that happened years ago. Saturn encourages you to find savvier strategies for exiting yourself from the grips of fear. Surprise — that exit plan from Doomsday thinking doesn’t include “focusing on the positive” alone! According to this Psychology Today article (, freeing yourself from fear means talking out the worst-case scenario then discussing strategies for what you would do if that unlikely situation were to emerge. You’d realize you could handle it, O’ Resilient One. You’re tougher than you think!

Of course, you don’t have to go it alone — even though you are a man or woman of steel. On Wednesday, the brilliant Sun meets up with soulful Neptune in your eleventh house of community. Their connection is always a bit awkward since the Sun’s bright beams get lost in the fog of Neptune. But their pairing tends to reveal illusions, forcing us to see what’s right in front of our faces instead of looking too far into the future. The question for you, Taurus, is this: are you getting enough support? And is it the RIGHT kind of support? Team Taurus may have your back, but there could also be some missing links in the chain. You need empaths (the chicken soup to your soul) AND way-showers, people who have “been there, done that” and can illuminate the next steps for your journey. Since Neptune rules psychology and the subconscious mind, one of those links might even be a great therapist or coach.

This weekend, curious Mercury will sit opposite wide-eyed Jupiter, making you a wee bit gullible at times. Don’t let your emotions be the sole guide for your goal-setting, or even your business decisions, or you could veer off path. Conversely, if you’re being TOO practical, this cosmic configuration could snap you out of that myopic rut. Tuning into your desires could force you to adjust your one-year plan if you realize that what you want might take a little longer to cultivate…at least if you want to do it with joy and integrity.

Snuggie for two? As the week starts off, you’re bringing sexy back — in a cozy, nurturing way. This is a tough paradox to pull off. After all, where does the line between “Hot Mama” and “Mommy Dearest” lie? But with Saturn in your domestic zone forming a flowing trine to cosmic couple Mars and Venus — both in your seductive eighth house — you CAN strike that scintillating balance. It begins by taking the best possible care of YOU, O’ Giving Virgo. Slow down and indulge in self-care rituals. Make the mundane feel meaningful. Even something as simple as massaging lotion into your skin instead of slapping it on hastily before you dry your hair can make a difference. Draw inspiration from Virgo Karl Lagerfeld’s daily rituals, which are all done with extreme mindfulness and care.

Also, opt for workouts that energize rather than deplete. If yoga feels better than spin for a few days, listen to your body’s innate wisdom.  Also, make sure your home feels like your sanctuary. Do you have enough private time to dream, get creative and just plain relax? Some renovations — or even a move — may be in order. With Saturn in your fourth house of nourishment, what you eat can get you in the mood OR totally zap your mojo, as in the case of sugary foods. Save dessert for a post-coital treat to avoid a “let’s just cuddle instead” disappointment when you get home from your dinner date. Burn a scented candle in the bedroom. The aromas of cucumber, pumpkin pie, lavender, and (glug) baby powder have been proven to turn women on. Bottom line: once you’ve fully “mothered” yourself, Virgo, the instinct to henpeck your love interest will wane, paving the way for sultrier exchanges. This could be the perfect week to have your first home visit, discuss cohabitation or even purchase a place that could be your future (or current) love nest. In all conversations, make a point of sharing yourself more vulnerably. As you open up about your less-than-perfect “quirks,” you’ll create a safe space for other people to do the same.

On Wednesday, there will be more illuminating insights about love when the Sun teams up with probing Neptune in Pisces and your seventh house of relationships. Perhaps you’ve got some ideas and expectations about what a dynamic duo SHOULD look like. And yet, the picture of what’s going on in your life right now just isn’t matching up. Your ethical sign can struggle with standards — and you know you’ve delivered a righteous rant or two in your day. Unfortunately, being judgmental of others may be making a hypocrite out of you. Instead of trying to “straighten up and fly right,” how about admitting that you were wrong? If you owe a few friends an apology for wagging the finger, use the second half of the week for making those hat-in-hand amends.  If you’ve been chasing a fantasy (or someone who is truly a long shot), this Sun-Neptune merger can bring a jarring reality check. How would you rather spend this finite time you have on Earth: by playing the pursuer-distancer game or by actually enjoying the company of someone who wants to build a life with you? The latter would be far more fulfilling. If you’re coupled, bring a dash of excitement and fantasy fodder into your relationship in the second half of the week. Slipping off for a weekend getaway, especially in nature, can bring a seductive spike to your bond.