Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for January 19-25

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if the weekend was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Should you come on strong or pull back and wait? Confusion ensues under this week’s blurry starmap. Hasty decisions should be avoided like the plague–and yet, getting stuck in the quicksand of analysis paralysis is not the right alternative either.  The quagmire begins on Monday, January 19, when aggressive Mars meets passive Neptune for a totally awkward dance. To make matters fuzzier, both planets are parked in Pisces, the sign that rules our deepest fears, intuition, and our most vivid dreams. FOMO may kick into high gear with Mars here, but Neptune is the planet of illusions. That oasis in the desert may actually be a mirage, but we won’t know unless we walk right up to it ourselves and see. This trek could be a bit dangerous too with elusive Neptune fogging up the lens. We’ll need to walk with our eyes open and our swords handy (Mars) in case we encounter a dragon–or a personal demon–along the way! Creativity is a great catharsis; leftover bottles of champagne are not. Avoid the victim mindset or turning to addictive substances, both pitfalls of Pisces energy.

At its best, the Mars-Neptune combo can summon the peaceful warriors in us. Mars is a planet of action; Neptune rules compassion. It’s fitting that January 19 is also MLK Day.  Dr. King, who knew how to rally the troops (Mars) for nonviolent change (Neptune), said: “We who in engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive.” With all the social justice issues in the headlines lately, this could be a week of widespread activism.

Mars and Neptune aren’t the only ones crying, “Viva la, Revolución!” On Tuesday, the Sun heads into Aquarius, the sign of progress, community and human rights, until February 19. Teamwork makes the dream work now, so bring on the joint ventures, creative collaborations, crowdfunding and resource pooling. For the fourth month in a row, the Sun’s sign-switch is accompanied by a new moon–something we are pointing to as a reason the world is clamoring so loudly for change.  This new moon in Aquarius is an extra special one. First, this happens to be a supermoon, meaning it’s as close as a new moon can possibly be to planet Earth. Hello, momentum! New moons spark beginnings; a supermoon brings a gale force of wind beneath our wings.  Secondly, this is the first of two consecutive new moons to fall in Aquarius–the sequel will take place next month, on February 18. So plant those seeds and make those two-part wishes, knowing that you’ll build on them yet again mid-February. Wondering where to start sowing? Aquarius rules technology, science, the future, and all things community-related.  Upgrade those digital devices, get involved in an activist group, film a Kickstarter video for a keen invention, find your tribe or get a brand new scene started yourself! Don’t forget to summon the spirit of Water Bearer Bob Marley along the way: One love! One heart! Let’s get together and feel alright.

In between protest marches and trips to the computer store, make sure to back up all your data to the cloud and password-protect confidential info. Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from Wednesday, January 21 until February 11.  Since Aquarius rules the Internet we should all take triple-strength precautions. We certainly don’t need to see another Sony hack go down! Membership has its privileges IF we are part of the right groups. We may have misgivings about being part of an organization–especially if their qualifications are too elitist or restrictive (Aquarius loves inclusiveness and freedom!). Since Mercury retrograde turns our attention to people form the past, this three-week phase is perfect for getting the old gang–or the band– back together again. Just don’t make any long-term plans until mid-February; simply reconnecting may be enough.

How unlike you, Aries, to give someone a pass on his or her less-than-acceptable behavior. On Monday, your celestial ruler, Mars, joins forces with intuitive Neptune in your twelfth house of healing to pull back the veil of delusion. If someone close to you leaves you feeling disappointed or taken advantage of, you need to let them know how you feel, not just swallow your emotions. (That will only lead to self-destructive actions on your part.) This isn’t about whether you understand this person’s situation–what’s important here is that you stop enabling the bad behavior by making excuses for it. A more effective thing to do is to have a little “what’s up with that?” conversation. Listen to what s/he has to say with an open mind, and then decide whether or not their actions fall into the deal-breaker category. Exposing bad behavior isn’t always a negative, though; in fact, sometimes it’s the only way to nip it in the bud. On the other hand, you don’t want to be into denial about someone’s true colors. On Tuesday, you bust out of your hibernation cocoon and spread your wings once again like the social butterfly you are. The Sun shifts into Aquarius and livens up your eleventh house of collaboration for a month. No more solo artist routine for you; you’re all about teamwork. If that’s not stimulating enough, there’s a new moon–a super moon, no less–in the same sign today, kicking off six months of new or renewed friendships. You could join a group, start a club or take (or lead) classes. This isn’t just about having a good time; it’s really about finding your tribe or dream team. What it’s NOT about is dutifully hanging onto something you’ve outgrown. Don’t be afraid to move on if a certain organization isn’t satisfying to you anymore. If you’ve been developing a big idea but need capitalization, investigate crowdfunding options like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise money–and awareness. Just as your social life achieves liftoff, however, communicator Mercury turns retrograde in that same house of groups and friendship. From Wednesday until February 11, certain relationships could get a little murky as Mercury distorts your message and makes self-expression unpredictably confusing. Good things can come of this, though. Since this retrograde will lift people’s masks and reveal their true faces, you may learn that someone you relied on is not to be trusted. No one is perfect, of course, and you’re willing to take the good with the bad, but this person may be more trouble than s/he is worth. A group’s internal politics may become too melodramatic for your Aries impatience now. Retrogrades also rule the past, so this three-week phase could bring someone back into your orbit whose groundedness and dependability are precisely what you need right now.

The week is off to an intense start, Taurus. Monday’s a push-me-pull-you kind of day. With a confusing mashup of aggro Mars and passive Neptune in your eleventh house of group dynamics, you could feel like you’re being drawn and quartered. Part of you is willing to go along to get along, but your invincible practical side (the one that usually wins out) ISN’T willing to sit back and wait for the train wreck. To avoid getting paralyzed by the paradox, find the midway point between resisting with equal force and sweeping the situation under the carpet. In addition to whatever’s going on at the moment, stay on-guard for potential disruptors. Don’t allow a domineering diva to crash your party. Your nice friends will wind up kowtowing to this person’s demands, which can upset the group’s balance and harmony. If this overbearing person is already thick as thieves with your crew, you might have to hold an intervention with other people who are having a similar negative reaction. But before you charge in like a raging bull with your litany of complaints, remember: This person’s shortcomings may be in her blind spot. Better to buffer your criticisms with some compliments to get her to listen. On Tuesday, the Sun grooves into Aquarius and your tenth house of career ambition for a month. You’ve got your eye on the prize and have no intention of diverting your glance. Play your cards right between now and February 18 and you could land a dream job, assignment or client. For Bulls still mapping out their 2015 work-related resolutions, major clarity arrives today–along with a new (super) moon in Aquarius that sets up a six-month cycle for professional growth. Networking comes naturally when cosmos make a connection to community-loving Aquarius energy. If you feel yourself starting to slump in this department, reach out to the Superconnectors on your contact list. This is the time to nurture relationships with people who can help advance you toward your goals. Don’t be intimidated by the so-called movers and shakers. Like you, they put their J-Brands on one leg at a time. Tap into the confidence-boosting energy of the Sun, and you’ll have no problem introducing yourself to new power players. Note: This is the first of two consecutive new moons to fall in Aquarius and your tenth house. The sequel occurs on Feb 18, so the developments you set in motion on Tuesday will get a second wind four weeks from now. But be patient, Taurus! On Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde in that same tenth house until February 11. The seeds you planted on Tuesday could take a little longer than expected to germinate–and might require more fertilizer than you were prepared for. At work, don’t take anything for granted. You need to remain relevant, not become redundant. And while Mercury is off-course until February 11, be extra careful about what you put in writing, especially on company email.

Caution: power plays ahead! This Monday, if one of your supervisors seems to be gunning for you or a colleague is body-checking you at every turn, don’t get mad–or even. A way more strategic move would be to “kill” them with kindness starting first thing Monday morning. Taking people’s ploys for power at face value will only put you at a disadvantage. Instead, harness the power of Monday’s meetup of aggro Mars and compassionate Neptune in your tenth house of career advancement to help you navigate office power dynamics more successfully. Here’s where being a Gemini comes in super handy: you can be tender and tough at the same time. Bear in mind, however, that even though a hierarchy does exist, those are thinking, feeling people behind the glass office doors and titles. Reach out and make an “I’d like to get to know you better” overture–just be careful to respect professional boundaries. While sharing a common “enemy” can be a way to bond, wait until you’ve established a stronger rapport before you slip into conversations that are too personal–or borderline gossipy. Otherwise, you could blow a deal by coming across as being petty or untrustworthy. On Tuesday, the Sun enters fellow air sign Aquarius for a month, illuminating your ninth house of travel, freedom and global initiatives. The world’s your oyster, Gemini, so plan to cast the widest possible net when looking for pearls. An Aquarius new moon (a supermoon, no less) throws jet fuel in your tank that very same day, sparking all kinds of brilliant ideas. Capture these gems in your journal or digitally record them: they’ll come so fast and furious you won’t be able to remember them all. All the action isn’t close to home, by the way. Long-distance connections simmer with potential–for business AND pleasure. If you can, steal away for a weekend, or better yet, a whole week. This will ward off the winter blahs and rekindle work motivation. But plan carefully! On Wednesday, your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde until February 11 (sigh) bringing its share of communication headaches. You’ll want to back up your files, follow up calls and emails promptly, and be prepared for plenty of misunderstandings. But retrograde periods are a great time to RE-treat, RE-search and RE-view big plans before putting them out into the world. Since this particular cycle lands in your ninth house of publishing, travel and entrepreneurial ventures, this is a perfect time to finish that screenplay, tweak your business plan or reconfirm all your travel reservations. Be patient though because your ventures could stall temporarily. To keep yourself sane while you wait, why not have a few skills-enhancing sessions with a life coach? Since retrogrades also rule the past, this is an ideal time to return to your favorite surf camp or the ski lodge with the roaring fire and world’s best masseuse. Hello, room service…? Temper every word with an extra measure of tact between Wednesday and February 11. While you’re only “calling it like it is,” your strong assertions could hit people below the belt. Follow the Bambi Rule: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Are you REALLY the only one who can see the eight-hundred-pound pink polka-dot elephant in the room? You’ve been trying to keep quiet about it, but on Monday, straight-shooting Mars steamrolls over evasive Neptune in your ninth house of honesty. Translation? You can’t ignore the facts any longer. Part of you wants to continue to play ostrich, but deep down, you know that the sooner you start a conversation about this, the sooner you can start to work on a resolution. And by bringing the inconvenient truth out into the open, you’ll know where everyone stands on the matter, so you can decide whether to move forward as a team or just move on. One thing to be careful about: while you’re justifiably upset, coming across too heavy-handed will only alienate people, not get them to rally around you. Morality without compassion will not win you support or do anything positive for the situation that you’re dealing with. Chill with the guilt trips too. You might succeed at making people see the error of their ways, but they’ll only avoid you if they feel like criminals in your presence. On Tuesday, the Sun grooves into Aquarius for a month, setting off fireworks in your erotic eighth house. Could it be time to make an emergency run to Agent Provocateur? We like the way you think, Cancer. But while a lingerie upgrade can do wonders to switch on the ignition, you need to keep your engines purring with regular exercise. A new moon in Aquarius that very same day (Tuesday) adds even more mojo–and since Aquarius rules community, group classes might be just the thing to keep you motivated. Or get REALLY inspired by rounding up your friends and invading a belly-dancing or S Factor course! The new moon also wakes up your sleeping inner minx. Sexy energy floods your world between now and February 18: you may feel ready to make a relationship official or enroll in a Tantra workshop. Already coupled up? You could buy property or invest in a start-up with some savvy friends in the coming month. If you’re in a relationship but it’s not going anywhere, screw up the courage to give an ultimatum or hand that commitmentphobe those walking papers. On Wednesday, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in your eighth house of secrets and lies until February 11. You could become obsessed with solving a mystery, but with each thread you pull, you get sucked in deeper and deeper without any answers. You could hear from an ex during this phase, or find yourself daydreaming about old whatshisname. When it comes to those toxic bad-boy or girl types, keep the door closed–and if it’s someone with “best sex ever” status, possibly even barricaded. Since the eighth house also rules joint resources and investments, do your research before putting your hard-earned cash into any long-term speculations. This goes for everything from buying real estate to selling valuables on eBay. If you possibly can, hold off until mid-February!

Your attraction to danger ramps up on Monday as lusty Mars hooks up with sensual Neptune in your eighth house of seduction. While there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting with the bad boys and girls, the key word is innocent. It’s a slippery slope, and once you start sliding down it, it can be hard to regain your footing. And while the physical aspects can be smoldering, these relationships can be hotbeds of obsession, jealousy and a few other deadly sins. If this dalliance occurs (or occurred) while you’re involved with someone else, you need to set up a time for some true confessions. Secrets can do irrevocable damage to your existing relationship, so rather than stashing your “shameful activities” in the vault, come clean sooner than later, Leo. If you can’t be totally transparent with your lover, how far can the relationship ever progress? On Tuesday, the Sun glides into Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships for a month, making two your lucky number. Between now and February 18, follow the rule of “opposites attract” instead of gravitating toward people who share all your interests. It’s the differences that will keep your connection dynamic. That same day, a new moon in Aquarius and your partnership zone helps you write a fresh chapter in an existing relationship. In both your personal and professional lives, you’ll have that exhilarating feeling of going from “me” to “we.” But because it’s in laid-back Aquarius, if you want this thing to sprout wings and fly, you need to keep the pressure to a minimum. A word of warning as you’re basking in the warm glow of your couple bubble: on Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde in your relationships house until February 11. Just when you thought you were clicking perfectly and things were progressing, suddenly they could come to a standstill–or appear to be going full-steam BACKWARD. Retrogrades can impede progress, cause misgivings or bring people back from your past. Old feelings may come bubbling up to the surface, necessitating the kind of conversation you thought you’d never need to have again. If you can’t work things out on your own, take your conflict to an experienced couple’s therapist. Meanwhile, don’t be too surprised if you get a message from an ex. This is common during a Mercury retrograde. If the only thing that kept you from taking things to the next level was a matter of bad timing, then go forth and explore. If you’re single, you might need to do a little inner work before you can dive back into the dating pool. Are you still hanging on to the past or comparing everyone you meet to the impossible standards set by “the one that got away?” Write a letter to your ex and burn it ceremonially. If you’re truly feeling stuck, check out “Calling in the One,” by Katherine Woodward.

Empowerment tip for Monday: Saying “I’m sorry” every time you turn down an unreasonable offer, drop a spoon or do something nice for yourself is not the path to self-love. And as the week begins with warrior Mars linked up with passive Neptune in your relationship corner, you are due to strengthen your backbone. Borrow Madonna’s #unapologeticbitch hashtag for the week, and heck, download the eponymous single for theme music! Unless you’ve made a genuinely egregious error, all you have to do is own your actions and get on with your day. If you’re feeling a little unsure about this, practice the pregnant pause. Wait an hour (or a day) before you rush to clear the air from a so-called conflict. The good news is that people aren’t as sensitive as you think, and your silence will give them a chance to reflect on their own actions–and maybe even think about how THEY impacted YOU. Under this transit, a lover’s quarrel could escalate quickly, especially if you’re being snarky instead of direct. Don’t fall into a Neptune-Mars passive-aggressive trap. If you have a legit complaint, by all means talk about it, but remember: timing is everything when it comes to bringing up touchy topics. On Tuesday, renew your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. With the Sun beaming into Aquarius and your sixth house of wellbeing–along with a fresh-start-activating new moon in Aquarius–it’s time to find the juicer and the Vitamix and stock the fridge with healthy goodies. Between now and February 18, you can develop some very positive routines. Don’t leave out the movement part of vitality plan. Buy a package of yoga classes, join (or just go to) a gym, and tuck yourself into bed a little earlier each night. This one-two punch will turn you into a clean, green healthy machine. Be guided by pleasure and not “deprivation.” Bland chicken breast and iceberg salads do not have to become your ever-meal staple. Check out Virgo Kriss Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen for some inspired raw recipes. Since the sixth house also rules work, your professional life may kick into high gear now. For the next month, you’ll be busier than ever, which is all the more reason to get into a groove with those stress-busting workouts. But don’t let yourself get blown off-course on Wednesday, when Mercury turns retrograde in your sixth house, too. It’s going to take a lot of self-discipline not to backslide when the messenger planet is spinning backward. You might want to up the ante by going on a one- (or three-) day juice fast. Push yourself to get over this hump by clearing out the junk food from your cabinets and checking the expiration dates on everything. Decluttering and organizing is the work of the sixth house, so take that project from the kitchen to your bedroom…to the bathroom, and beyond! Toss anything you don’t need, use or love. Just be careful not to throw out any essential documents. If you’ve been ignoring a nagging ache or pain, get it checked out now. Early detection is the way to nip problems in the bud. If possible, hold off on any medical procedures until Mercury straightens out on February 11. Mercury retrograde’s signal scrambling can wreak a little havoc on your workdays too. Don’t leave anything up to chance over the next three weeks. Confirm all appointments, sit down with coworkers to align around shared tasks, and then, put it all in writing. Use Google Docs or have Team Virgo download an app that allows you to share lists and calendars. That way, you can all work off of the same data and keep confusion to a minimum.

You’re on a mission to get (back) in great shape, which is admirable, but don’t get so caught up in outer appearances that you neglect the most important piece of all: your inner well-being. On Monday, motivational Mars and reactive Neptune meet up in your sixth house of healthy living–something that happens just once every other year. This serves up an important reminder to think of wellness from a holistic perspective. Little good will it do you to chisel your arms or develop a perfect six-pack if every crunch or bicep curl makes you feel worse about yourself. Better to leave the gym rats to themselves and surround yourself with encouraging friends who embody self-love from the inside out. Take your yoga off the mat by having a few empowering sessions with a life coach. Since this Mars-Neptune merger is in your sixth house of work, little things at the office could start to bug you big-time. Don’t be a doormat. Stand up for yourself without laying blame. Most crucial is staying on your A game this week and keeping relationships healthy. At the very least, hear people out before you write them off. You can come up with a constructive solution together, ideally one that doesn’t involve extra labor for YOU. On Tuesday, the Sun beams into Aquarius, waking up your fifth house of passion, fame and romance. From now until February 18, you should feel free to claim your rightful place on the world stage. Sprinkling even more fairy dust is a new (super) moon in Aquarius that very same day. You don’t have to be a performer or public speaker to take advantage of this cosmic power surge. You’ve got something to share with a wider audience, and it’s time to put your gifts on display. As long as you speak (or sing, or whatever) from the heart, you’ll be a hit. This new moon can also nudge a stalled love life, since it kicks off an auspicious six-month romantic phase. Singles could fall in love, couples could take their next step–and because the fifth house also rules children, there could be talks of expanding the family. But patience is required, Libra! Mercury turns retrograde in your fifth house Wednesday and doesn’t straighten out until February 11. Just when you thought things were going gangbusters, the messenger planet complicates things. This could lead to miscommunications, quarrels or the reversal of forward progress. Tread lightly, now, and don’t plan on having The Big Conversation about anything with high stakes until you’re one hundred percent sure it’s the right time. Retrogrades bring people from the past back, so you could hear from an ex out of the blue. Don’t get carried away by passion: if anything, you should proceed more cautiously than usual because of Mercury’s signal-scrambling effects.

Rein in those emotions, Scorpio! On Monday, an uneasy mashup of impetuous Mars and idealistic Neptune in your fifth house of romance could cause you to jump the gun. Don’t let your heart overrule your head–or least make sure you have someone on hand who can be the voice of reason and play devil’s advocate. You might need to dish out some tough self-love if your impulses threaten to get the better of you. If you’re single and uncomfortable going out on your own, invite a friend, sibling or someone from work who you keep planning to do “something” with. Buddy up with an extroverted type who can work the room when you feel like beating a retreat. If you are in a relationship, don’t put undue pressure on your partner to go along with your plans. This could drive him or her away. Instead, discuss how you can each pursue your own passions while still being a solid couple. (Absence–in a devoted relationship–WILL make the heart grow fonder.) Since the fifth house also rules creativity, take advantage of this time to yourself to make serious progress on a personal passion, like painting, songwriting or maybe arranging that long overdue photo shoot so you have great images to use to promote your latest work. Mars lends the motivation, and Neptune helps you dive into the most fertile corners of your imagination. Whatever you come up with this week, Scorpio, it’s sure to stir up some real emotion for others. On Tuesday, chillout time officially begins, as the Sun slinks into Aquarius and your fourth house of domesticity for a month. Highest priorities involve home, family, entertaining and catching up on sleep. There’s also a new (super) moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, intensifying your nesting instincts and giving you the drive to start some of those home-improvement projects you’ve been dreaming of. If you’ve been thinking of making a move–or buying a place of your own–something BIG could happen in the next six months. But think twice before you decide to host a college reunion at your place or open your doors to your entire family. Your intentions are good, but on Wednesday expressive Mercury turns retrograde in your home-zone until February 11. This is a time to honor your sacred space, NOT institute an open-door policy at Chez Scorpio. While things might seem fine on the surface, Mercury retrograde can fuel tensions with family members and lead to bizarre miscommunications. Anticipate conflicts by being proactive. You can use this as an opportunity to create new house rules and agreements. Just because you don’t want to invite everyone over doesn’t mean you can’t get together. Just do it on their turf. In fact, retrogrades are the perfect time for reaching out to people you haven’t seen in forever. Start scheduling those Skype calls now!

Don’t box yourself in, Sagittarius. Monday’s tricky meetup of feisty Mars and passive Neptune in your domestic fourth house could diminish your ability to go with the flow–especially when people are acting selfishly or unconsciously. You may not realize why you’re feeling impatient with someone or claustrophobic in certain groups. But if you’re not in your usual happy and expansive place, get yourself out of there, STAT. Not sure where to go? It may be time to turn your guestroom into an office or meditation space just for you. Or consider renting a small studio outside your home so you can do your creative work without being interrupted. Because the fourth house also rules women, you might experience some tension with a female friend or relative early this week. Rather than let it drag on–or reach the point of no return–harness your sign’s courageous honesty and address the issue head on. Just be warned: Mars can make you come across a bit aggressively, and indirect Neptune could introduce some head games or guilt-trips. YOU know it takes two to tango and are willing to cop to your role in the situation, but don’t let her shift ALL the blame onto your shoulders. On Tuesday, the sun blazes into Aquarius and your social third house until February 18. Pay closer attention to the people around you. Casual acquaintances and colleagues could get upgraded to BFF status now. Upping your social mojo is a new (super) moon in Aquarius that arrives alongside the Sun. Your charisma is palpable, and people will flock to you now. You’re not only the life of the party but quite likely the social director. To get everyone though the long, cold weeks ahead, come up with a fun calendar packed with ski trips, tobogganing afternoons or movie marathons. If you’ve been kicking around an entrepreneurial idea, look for someone with whom your combined forces will make you both stronger. Since the third house also rules the media, you could be struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration for a blog, podcast or other writing project. But just as you’re getting jazzed about it, messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your third house of communication. You’re famous for blurting out whatever pops into your head, so for the next three weeks (at least), think before you speak, tweet or hit send. On the other hand, this is a particularly good time to revisit an old writing or creative project or to develop some media behind the scenes. Retrogrades can also bring old friends (and lovers) back, even when you haven’t been in touch for a while. If you’ve wanted to reach out to a long-lost someone, search for them on Facebook or LinkedIn. You’ll get back into step like you never fell out of it.

Monday meetings be damned. Step away from the spreadsheets–or client call lists–and plan to have some FUN. No sign enjoys their job more than Capricorn, but all work and no play makes for one dull goat! On Monday, with impulsive Mars and boundary-free Neptune aligned in your social third house, what you REALLY need, is to tear away the power suit, call up your inner Jim Carrey (or Tracy Ullman or Julia Louis-Dreyfus…all fellow Goats, by the way) and unleash your wicked sense of humor. Don’t worry if you shock a few folks with your impish antics and quips; that’ll only make them that much more fun. Take the same gloves-off approach with friends. If certain relationships aren’t going the way you’d like, don’t settle! Use wit to address matters to get your connection back on track. But ixnay on heavy conversations! Since the third house also rules your local scene, this is a perfect time to play Marco Polo. What’s new–or new to you–in the ‘hood? With eyes open and ears peeled you could stumble upon a cool new boutique, yoga studio or juice bar that you never noticed before. Or be a lightning rod and launch your own special interest group to connect with likeminded folks. On Tuesday, polish off the last of the birthday cupcakes and toss those empty champagne bottles into recycling. As the Sun moves on to Aquarius and your second house of real-life obligations, your birthday (month) celebration comes to an official end. But that’s okay: You’re actually a little tired of all the hoopla and festivities and are ready to get back down to business. Between now and February 18, you’re all about finances, budgeting and long-range career planning–sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things.” Alongside the Sun comes a new (super!) moon in Aquarius this Tuesday. If you’re looking to change fields or just climb to the top of the corporate ladder, get ready to hustle because it’s go time. Start by polishing up your resume and updating your LinkedIn profile. And dare to dream. One of your big ideas while the Sun was in your sign could have the makings of a wildly profitable operation. Fortunately, yours is a patient sign–helpful because just as you pump yourself full of enthusiasm, expressive Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday in your second house until February 11, throwing a wrench into your plans. That long line of green lights suddenly turns to yellow, cautioning you to look before you leap up each rung. You could even discover a bill you forgot to pay: yikes! Don’t panic or lose your motivation. Do what Capricorns do best: work hard and wait for the results to come. During Mercury’s three-week backspin, take advantage of a retrograde’s benefits: research, review, revamp. While others are taking missteps, you’re plotting your next 20 strategic moves. Retrogrades rule the past, making this a grand time to reach out to former clients or colleagues. For all you know, they might be looking for someone with your very skill set.

Mind your purse, Aquarius! Monday’s mashup of spontaneous Mars and undisciplined Neptune in your second house of finances will provide a mighty foe for your impulse control. You might THINK you can waltz into a trendy boutique and walk out empty-handed, but when one-of-a-kind sparkly things wink at you and your Visa card, you could lose some of that resolve. Rather than dig yourself deeper into debt, keep your wallet on lockdown. On the other hand, a well-researched necessity, like a new tablet, or an investment-worthy luxury item is okay since it’s not likely to be an emotional purchase, which is what you want to avoid. While you’re paying attention to your cash flow situation, have you been overlooking earning opportunities? Money may be sitting right under your nose and could come to light under this Mars-Neptune merger. The trouble is, you may be giving the milk away for free, not valuing your gift because it comes too naturally to you. One word, Water Bearer: monetize. Someone’s gonna make some moola for that skill, and it might as well be you! On Tuesday, it’s time to wish you a happy cosmic New Year! This day kicks off your annual month of maximum mojo, as the radiant Sun beams into your sign and sticks around until February 18. That’s an enviable solar power surge in and of itself, but because it’s accompanied by a new (super!) moon in Aquarius, it’s like double dipping into a deep well of good fortune. Better yet? This is the second of TWO consecutive new moons in your sign, a rare gift from the heavens. What you begin on Tuesday could get a second wave of momentum with the sequel new moon on February 18. If you’ve been a bit down lately, your sunny optimism will come swooping back like a boomerang. The world’s your oyster now, so think it, dream it, manifest it! And don’t be afraid to dream REALLY big. This is an excellent time for launching new ventures, indulging in passion projects and getting your name out there. It’s not an ego trip, Water Bearer: what you have to offer the world is precious, so don’t hold back. Once you get started, you may be tempted to dive in headfirst, but remember to build in private time to your schedule too. Otherwise you’ll be headed straight for Burnout City. Cleave some whitespace into your daily (or at least weekly) schedule for quiet time, meditation, ideation and the not-so-simple task of integrating all the information you’re been processing at warp speed. Take time out to journal goals and wishes that you’d like to realize in the coming six months. But it might take a little while for the magic to work. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your sign until February 11. These next three weeks could prove a little challenging when it comes to expressing yourself or making things happen. What to do? Harness the positive energy of this planetary cycle. Retrogrades rule the past, making this a perfect time to revisit a brilliant project that you back-burnered, reconnect with old friends or host a ’90s-themed birthday party. Work that you do behind the scenes will catch fire in the public eye when Mercury makes a favorable U-turn again on February 11.

We really hate to have to say this, sweet Mermaid (or Merman), but on Monday you need to rouse your sleeping inner dragon and shift into fire-breathing mode. It’s not your default setting, but when bellicose Mars aligns with your celestial ruler, softhearted Neptune, a challenging situation may force you to defend yourself in a fiercer manner than you are used to. No, you can’t just let the tears well up and then melt into a puddle of mush. (Well, you COULD, but it will have the opposite effect of you want.) Just do it, Pisces. Screw up the courage and face that demon. You might be surprised at how much inner strength you have–and that, when push comes to shove, your nemesis is actually a big sissy. Your standing up to him will earn his respect. In the process of facing your fears comes your greatest genius: turn that hurtful situation into something beautiful, like a painting, a poem or cathartic blog post. In so doing you’ll show people that you can be both tough (Mars) and tender (Neptune), all in the same key or brush stroke! On Tuesday, the Sun glides into Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing and closure for a month. Because the Sun’s transit is accompanied by a new (super) moon in Aquarius, you could bring a long, drawn-out chapter to its conclusion. It may be bittersweet, so give your emotions appropriate airtime over the next four weeks. When you’re done shedding tears, you’ll probably want to take a victory lap high-fiving your entire inner circle. If the going gets tough, reach out to the people who you know you can count on: your closest friends, a sibling or maybe a short-term therapist, mentor or spiritual adviser. For some Fish, this phase will be a great escape to Fantasyland. But don’t settle for mere daydreams. Surrendering to the depths of your rich imagination can help you add a significant new work to your portfolio before February 18. But as you’re following your muse, take some precautions. On Wednesday, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until February. Stock up on thumb drives, increase your cloud storage capacity, read the fine print–and review every email and message before you hit the send button. Because this backspin lands in your twelfth house of forgiveness and completions, old wounds may reopen before they heal up for good. As you let go of things or people from the past, examine your own heart. Are you still holding a grudge–or carrying a torch? You need to be radically honest with yourself, which is why professional support may be helpful. Retrogrades rule the past, so perhaps that masterpiece-in-progress could build on something you shelved a while back. Suspend judgment, and see what your heart is urging you to create.