Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for January 26-30

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if the weekend was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Resolution check-in! As we slip into the final week of January, we’ll get a dusting of practical magic from the skies. This Monday, January 26, the quarter moon in Taurus helps us take stock of our progress. Did we raise the bar too high for ourselves on January 1—or should we notch it up even higher? Grounded, steady Taurus energy helps us weigh our fantasies against reality. Perhaps it would be wiser to scale back, simplify, or build in phases instead of trying to tackle a behemoth goal in half the required amount of time. Still waiting to get those 2015 goals in motion? This get ‘er done quarter moon brings a shot of elbow grease. Fill out the forms, file the paperwork, and confirm all the details that are standing in the way of that leap off the starting block.

On Tuesday, love planet Venus switches signs, plummeting into Pisces until February 20. Her co-pilot Mars is already in Pisces—from January 12 until February 19. The two will combine forces now and bring some fantasy-fueled fun for our love lives and creative projects. Pisces energy is all about enchantment, magic, and illusion. Boundaries? Uh, what are those? With Mars and Venus here, we’d all prefer to ride off into the sunset on a white stallion—duties and details, be damned! Have that sweet escape, but DO set some limits. We must be careful not to slip too deeply into fairy tale mode, or risk spinning yarns about our lovers instead of seeing them for who they are. “Prince Charming” could be awesome, …or, he could be a temperamental mama’s boy with a gambling addiction and spotty employment record. It’s important to notice the red flags instead of screening them out with our rose-colored glasses. On Sunday, denial could reach a fever pitch when Venus meets elusive Neptune at the same degree of Pisces. Rather than waste such energy Googlestalking the Tinder date who never called back after a night of passion, summon the muse! Some otherworldly creativity could emerge in the spirit of the late, great Pisces Alexander McQueen. With the right love, however, the weekend could wrap on an amorous high; one that would make Pisces courtesan Elizabeth Taylor proud.

Before the weekend, there will be a couple of important reality checks. (Good news, since delusion serves no one.) On Thursday, sober Saturn in Sagittarius steps in demanding that we see things for what they really are. Venus will square Saturn that day, which may feel like a temporary buzzkill to our airy-fairy plans. But Saturn in visionary Sagittarius doesn’t want us to sacrifice our dreams. Rather, Thursday can help us review the blueprints to ensure our relationships and ambitions are being built to last. On Friday, the Sun will sync up with retrograde Mercury in Aquarius, the sign of groups and collaborations. Have we assembled a dream team or do we need to tighten up the ranks? One weak link can break the chain, and Friday’s stars may expose a need for stronger allies—or a higher standard for the people we are counting on to be there for us.

Manic Mondays, begone! This week starts off with a quarter moon in Taurus and your second house of practical planning. Before you leap back into the rat race, take a moment to check in: are you on track with your goals and plans? Is there paperwork left to fill out, bills that you’ve been ignoring, calls left to make? As much as you hate to rustle through those piles and stacks, ignoring them is just leaving you with a low-grade stress hangover. Earmark Monday for what efficiency expert Dan Sullivan, creator of the Entrepreneurial Time Management System, calls a “buffer day.” In other words, you handle all the stuff that’s blocking you from zooming ahead with your exciting and meaningful projects. Free your mind and your dreams will follow! This quarter moon also reminds you of the importance of starting everything off on a grounded, sensual note. The way you begin a project, relationship, even a conversation, is usually a clear indicator of the final outcome. Your Aries enthusiasm and firepower has been known to make you leap before you look. That would be a mistake this week. The words, “Let me get back to you on that,” could be lifesavers now. You might also try a little centering exercise before you start a task or pick up the phone to make a call. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths—you might even light a gorgeously perfumed candle before you inhale. As you quiet your mind, visualize yourself moving through each situation with grace, joy and ease. Hold a picture of the outcome you’d like to create or the feeling you’d like to have once everything is complete. Then, go!

On Tuesday, love planet Venus plunges into Pisces and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house until February 20. She will join your ruling planet, lusty Mars (also in Pisces), until February 19, doubling her amorous powers. Move over Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: this cosmic coupling is sure to be bring some fairy-tale fantasies to life. (Spoiler alert: On February 20, Venus and Mars pair up in Aries for three weeks, bringing even more white-hot excitement for your romantic life!) With the two in Pisces, however, your boundaries will be far less rigid. Some Rams will even don the rose-colored glasses, preferring to see your amour in an idealized light—flaws and red flags, be damned! The jury is out with the new people you attract: are you dealing with an enchanted love or a tainted love? In some situations it will be tough to tell— and there can be some highs and lows on this romantic roller coaster ride, especially this Sunday when Venus meets Master Of Illusions, Neptune, in the skies. Thursday could bring a white light moment when Saturn in truth-bearer Sagittarius checks Venus before she gets too carried away. Venus and Saturn will square off right before the weekend, pushing you to be more honest with yourself about who you’re dealing with. The question is: can you accept people for better AND for worse? Nobody’s perfect, Aries, and if you’re the ultra-picky type of Ram, Thursday’s revelation could be that you’ve been holding the bar TOO high. On the other end of the spectrum, the Venus-Saturn square could force an overdue ending with a lover whose values and visions simply don’t align with your own. If you’re in a relationship, the Venus-Mars duo brings you three solid weeks of dealing and healing. Issues that you’ve swept under the rug can be discussed candidly (Mars) and gracefully (Venus). Creative solutions will emerge for overlapping your individual lives. The twelfth house and Pisces both indicate that you may have to make greater sacrifice in the interest of keeping a relationship alive. Just make sure you’re also supported in return or you will wind up feeling resentful. This is an optimal time for a couple’s getaway. Let those escapist urges lead you to a mountain spa or a hidden jewel in the tropics where you can sip fresh coconut drinks while cuddled in a hammock.

Welcome back, Bull! The week kicks off with a quarter moon in Taurus, on Monday, January 26. This lunar surge will re-energize your resolutions—the ones you made at the top of the month but haven’t quite managed to get off the ground. Did you overshoot the mark with those big, bold plans? Monday’s quarter moon helps you find the right balance. Scale back and simplify for phase one of your mission. Remember, you have to crawl before you can walk. Don’t worry: you won’t be down on the ground for long. Momentum and confidence build as you get those tangible results under your belt. The quarter moon brings more focus back to your own pleasure and self-care. It’s not narcissistic to put your needs first, Taurus. You’ll exhaust yourself if you don’t take time to rest, relax, and enjoy some unstructured “me time.” This could even involve a trek to the salon or shopping for a few 2015 wardrobe upgrades. Cashmere sweater, ankle boots and cape coat, anyone?

On Tuesday, amorous Venus—your ruling planet—changes signs, moving into Pisces and your offbeat, experimental, eleventh house until February 20. Bonus: her co-pilot Mars will also be in Pisces until February 19, so the two planets will sail alongside each other for the next few weeks, playing to each other’s strengths. How about a little levity for your love life, Taurus? As the zodiac’s planner and traditionalist, you can get a little heavy in the romance department, jumping quickly into “how about we?” mode when you’re only a few dates in. With Venus and Mars in Pisces, you won’t take it all so seriously—and that’s a good thing. If you thought you had a type, Taurus, guess again. You’ll be attracted to a wider range of people now, especially those who march to the beat of their own drum. Hello, rebels, rockstars, and revolutionaries—meow! Just be careful not to delude yourself or get in over your head with these “troublemaker” types. On Thursday, Saturn wags a finger at Venus, reminding you not to confuse sex with love. Then, on Sunday, Venus will make an exact connection with Neptune, the Master Of Illusion. People you meet in the second half of the week may not live up to their hype or promise—and could even have some shady activity going on behind the scenes. Keep your guard up. Maybe it’s best to just enjoy the view instead of actually getting involved. The eleventh house is the tech sector of the horoscope wheel, so single Bulls should refresh your Plenty Of Fish or Tinder profiles and enjoy the high “clickthrough rate” of the coming three weeks. If you’re more of an IRL type, get out and mingle. You could meet a mate through the introduction of mutual friends or a group activity like a ski trip, book club, or self-development workshop. Already attached? Make a point of socializing more as a couple. You and your partner could become the reigning royals of a new scene, calling your respective friends out from their winter hibernation for some rollicking good times. Host a dinner party, organize a weekly night at the movies, or gather everyone for a winter lodge rental where you might even trek through the snow to an outdoor hot spring.

At work, keep everything on the up and up. The Sun and Mercury retrograde are traveling close to each other in your career sector, meeting at the same degree on Friday. Don’t be too heavy-handed in your deal-making tactics or people could feel hustled and rebel in response. If you rushed through a project, this planetary pairing will expose the weak spots. Don’t wait for a breakdown to occur—one that could potentially damage your good standing. Go back and batten down the hatches, even if you have to own up to making a mistake. A man who you worked with in the past could show up with a proposal or project worth considering. Review it but try to wait until Mercury turns direct on February 11 to make a final decision about how to proceed.

As you settle into your next week, don’t just rush into “Go!” mode. On Monday, January 26, the quarter moon in Taurus sets your dreamy, intuitive twelfth house alight. How can you bring more balance, ease, and imagination into your daily activities? Stop rushing around and take a minute to focus your higher intentions. Are those “busywork” activities actually taking you in a particular direction or helping you build towards a happier life? You may decide that it’s time for an adjustment, perhaps taking on an assignment that allows you to grow and challenge yourself. If your job is more security-based than purpose-driven—but you’re happy for the steady paycheck—shift an aspect of your personal life. Start a special savings fund for an epic experience like, say, a winter getaway to Buenos Aires or a summer yoga retreat in the South of France. Or, sign up for a local workshop—ceramics, Italian cooking, salsa dancing—that helps you relax and have more flow during these cold, dark days. Some Geminis may feel exhausted from doing too much. If you got overzealous with the resolutions and spread yourself too thin, prioritize and revamp. There’s no shame in backing out of activities that only halfway turn you on. That means more time to dive wholeheartedly into doing the things you love.

On Tuesday, your career gets a boost from pleasure-centered Venus, which decamps to Pisces and your tenth house of ambition until February 20—and travels alongside her companion Mars all the while. Joy! You get to focus on the social and creative side of your career once again, which is the Gemini sweet spot. Be skillful: it really is “all about who you know,” as long as you nurture the relationships delicately instead of applying pressure to them. Your intuition will be a great guide for this phase and you may accomplish more breakthrough developments by journaling, meditating, sketching and making vision boards than you will by staring at your computer screen. Create dedicated slots for daydream time in your schedule. A quiet mind is a brilliant mind with Venus and Mars in Pisces. This week, however, you won’t want to act prematurely upon your visions. On Thursday, Venus will form a challenging square (90 degree angle) to Saturn in Sagittarius and your partnership house. In 2015, relationships are a priority again for Gemini. While you may feel enthusiastic about an ambitious plan, if it fills up every hour of your day (leaving no time for love), consider a modified version that allows you to ALSO have a personal life. Just don’t veer to the opposite extreme and pass on a great opportunity because you’re afraid it might threaten a relationship. Discuss with your partner—creative solutions can emerge by Sunday when Venus makes her second connection of the week to brilliant, boundless Neptune in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces will also carve a new path for your love life—especially as she is working in tandem with Mars. With your goal-oriented tenth house lit up by this planetary pair, be more purposeful about your romantic choices. A kiss is not “just a kiss” for single Gems now; it could turn into a time-sucking obsession and fruitless attempt to turn a major player into marriage material. Practice temperance and give your time to people who have long-term potential. (PS: Divorce is not a strike against people, it shows a willingness to take a walk down the aisle in the first place.) Already attached? Use this three-week Venus-Mars energy to work on your shared goals. From making a baby to scouting out locations for your first vacation as a couple, plan bigger milestones together; then, get to work on manifesting those dreams.

A word of warning about Friday! Mercury retrograde will slip back to the same degree as the Aquarius Sun. While this can bring brilliant flashes about a publishing project or entrepreneurial venture that got sidelined, it can also give you quite the sharp tongue. Keep the unsolicited comments to yourself. Even if they are “the truth,” they could come across as cruel and damaging if you haven’t been asked for your honest opinion.

Welcome to the Collaboration Station. You’ll be in the mood to share your toys this Monday, January 26, as the quarter moon in Taurus lights up your teamwork zone. “Plays well with others” is a label you embrace and eschew with equal enthusiasm. IF you adore people, you’ll move heaven and earth to make them happy and have them by your side. Otherwise, they might as well be invisible as far as you’re concerned. The question is: has Club Cancer become a wee bit too exclusive? If so, Monday’s waxing quarter moon (which is about balanced growth) gently chides you to open up enrollment to a few more qualified candidates. On the other hand, you may have allowed one too many a random prospect to slip beneath your red velvet ropes. Their presence may be watering down the power and intimacy of an organization you’re involved in. In cases like this, you may decide to regroup with a tighter-knit crew or call the slackers to the carpet and see if they’ll straighten up. This lunar cycle touches your tech sector too. Give your social media profiles a refresher, and your websites too, if you host any. Delete the tipsy Tweets and unflattering photos from Instagram and Facebook, but make sure you have some casual snaps up too so you also come across as accessible. This post by media maven Gala Darling has some stellar tips for shooting a great selfie.
On Tuesday, your love life gets an infusion of adventure and spice when ardent Venus moves into compatible water sign Pisces until February 20. You’ll feel back in your element in the game of love, and far friskier, flirtier and freer than you have for a while. Double-happiness! Venus’ cosmic companion Mars is also touring Pisces until February 19. Together, they’ll occupy your ninth house of travel, truth, and titillating surprises. If you have a winter vacation planned, be sure to slip those lacy, racy and little black numbers into your suitcase. You could be dancing until dawn with a fellow resort-goer—or rolling around in the sand for a second honeymoon of sorts, if you’re coupled. Cross-cultural relationships simmer with stronger potential now too. Sparks may fly with a traveler who is rolling through your town or a local who comes from a different ethnic or religious upbringing. Have you been hiding your honest feelings from the one you adore? Whether harboring a crush, a secret or a straight up grudge, this Venus-Mars cycle wants you to come clean. A relationship that isn’t built upon honesty can never really thrive. Just note that Mercury will be retrograde until February 11, so your confession should be well timed and planned carefully. Don’t drop a bomb in a public setting or when the object of your affections is stressed or distracted. Waiting until Mercury turns direct on the 11th wouldn’t be a bad idea either. In the meanwhile, come clean to a confidant or therapist and plan the best way to deal with this bottled up information.

On Friday, retrograde Mercury makes a direct connection to the bold Sun in your eighth house of seduction and secrets. Careful, Cancer. Your judgment could blur in the game of love and you might even compromise your own ethics in the face of a strong attraction. Don’t ignore the ring on THAT finger or make excuses for someone’s troubled past. Loose lips sink ships. If you’ve been entrusted with secrets, keep ‘em locked in the vault. It would be all too easy to use these juicy tidbits as social currency near the weekend. Unfortunately, the end result may be the loss of an important friendship and earning yourself the reputation as untrustworthy!

How well do you understand the men in your life…really, Leo? This Monday, January 26, a quarter moon in Taurus and your tenth house of dudes shines its balancing beams on your most important “bro-mances.” Fierce Leo women are often the queens of the girl power scene, but in the process, you risk leaving some great guys on the sidelines. Just as one size does not fit all for the ladies, the same holds true for the male species. Take more time and care to study the nuances of the men in your life. As the week opens up, ask them questions instead of operating on assumptions. Give them a chance to weigh in and share their opinions (and please DON’T interrupt them until they’ve finished their thoughts or immediately go into argumentative mode). If you listen, you’ll likely find their feedback refreshing. You might even enjoy reading about different male archetypes in Jean Shinoda’s Gods In Everyman, which draws comparisons between the Greek gods and the modern male. Are you a sucker for the Zeus type—the powerful CEO with an enormous lust for life, power, and…well, lust in general; a sucker for the ephemeral, hedonistic high of a Dionysus, or weak for the geek Apollo? Whether for romance, business, or creative collaborations, learning to work well with men can revolutionize your life this week. Check out Allison Armstrong’s fascinating workshops designed for women who want greater affinity with men (without sacrificing your hard-won feminist ideals) at

On Tuesday, va-va-voom Venus shimmies into Pisces and your intensely seductive eighth house until February 20. Bonus! She will travel alongside Mars in Pisces for all but the final day of her journey. This planetary duo blesses you with magnetism and mojo for days. The UGGs, granny panties, and oversized blazers can take a long, winter’s nap. You’ll be striking in basic black and form-skimming numbers that show a little flash of skin. Be sure to give your lingerie drawer a refresher too. If you’re not feeling the power of your purr, begin with some dedicated pampering and by moving your body (walking, dancing, yoga) to awaken your slumbering libido. Although surges of sexiness sweep through your life, you’re not interested in playing the field. The eighth house governs deep, intimate bonding and permanent pairings. Leos will be playing for a throne-mate now—in romance, finance, and creative collabs. If you’ve been dating someone or working together casually on a project, talks turn to exclusivity now. It’s all or nothing for a royal like you, even if that means banishing a commitmentphobe who has made it past your palace gates. Mark Thursday as a cutoff date for wishy-washy behavior. Structured Saturn will square Venus that day insisting that you put up firm limits instead of putting up with bad behavior. With the right person, however, the next few weeks will be ultra spicy. Retreat to the Red Room and enjoy some Fifty Shades-style fun. Meow! Or, book some studio time to lay down tracks for an album or co-write a screenplay. On Sunday, enchanted Neptune will align with Venus. Slip off for a “just the two of us” moment or head to the spa to detox from a bad romance. Friday is another telling day for relationships. The Sun and Mercury retrograde will meet at the same degree of Aquarius in your seventh house of commitments and legal matters. Were you too quick to “say yes to the dress” or sign on the dotted line? You may have misgivings that need to be worked out. Try negotiating the terms first, and remember that Mercury turns direct again on February 11. You’ll have far more clarity then about how to proceed. Haste makes waste on Friday!

It’s time to stre-e-e-etch, Virgo, but not so far that you snap. This Monday, January 26, a quarter moon in Taurus helps you expand your horizons in a sane and measured kind of way. You’re ready to make some progress without abandoning everything that is familiar to you. Avoid anything with the “extreme” or “ultimate” label attached to it for the moment. But do branch out! The ninth house rules travel, education and cross-cultural relationships. You might take a journey in the name of research—perhaps to a neighboring city or an area that requires a short flight. Tap your friends who are living in other cities for input and advice. Close to home, some multicultural mingling can also awaken a fresh perspective. Get out of the cozy bubble and meet people from different walks of life. This is also a good week for research. Don’t let your lack of know-how stop you in your tracks. Anything and everything can be learned, Virgo. If a training or workshop has been calling your name, jump in! This could buoy your entrepreneurial spirit and allow you to do a more independent kind of work within a company.

On Tuesday, love planet Venus moves into Pisces (your opposite sign) and your seventh house of relationships until February 20. Red-hot Mars is also in Pisces until February 19, and with these two planets traveling in close proximity, your partnerships could become quite permanent. Are they in or are they out? You’ll feel eager to sketch clearer outlines around your relationships instead of leaving the status nebulous. Although Mars can make your pitch a little high-pressure, Venus will lend charm and diplomacy. Translation? It’s going to be tough for anyone to turn you down now, whether your proposal is business-related or romantic in nature. You might even clear the decks completely and start fresh with a new batch of options. Don’t just gravitate towards the usual type. With Mars and Venus in your seventh house, opposites attract. Seek that complementary force who can pick up where you leave off. If you’re in a relationship, this Mars-Venus duet will sing a sweet paean to your love affair. Make your twosome time a priority, even cleaving some whitespace in your overbooked calendar for a dedicated date night! Be more inclusive of your sweetie in all your activities and find ways to merge your social lives more. Who knows? The two of you might wind up playing Cupid for a pair of mutual friends. Figuring out next steps could bring some serious discussions. Within the next three weeks you could be shopping for a love nest or trying on diamond sparklers on THAT finger. On the flip side, if it’s time to part ways, the Mars-Venus pairing can help you make a graceful and loving exit so you can move on to greener pastures with everyone’s dignity still intact. There will be a couple of challenges for Venus this week, however. On Thursday, stern Saturn will throw down the gauntlet, insisting that you take more responsibility for your emotions. It’s not fair to vent on people or treat the object of your affections like your personal therapist or sounding board. Just because he or she WILL listen to you wail until 3AM, doesn’t mean you should relegate them to that role repeatedly. Doing so will really put a strain on your love affair, Virgo, so find other sources of support before Cupid leaves the building. On Sunday, Venus and hazy-eyed Neptune align at the same degree, skewing your judgment. Wait before you start tweeting that you met The One this weekend, as there’s more to people than what you see through your rose-colored glasses.

On Friday, the Sun connects to Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of healthy living and daily routines. Did you slip off the resolution bandwagon? Recommit to those thrice-weekly yoga classes and clear space on your countertop for your juicer (then, use it). Don’t ignore nagging aches and pains that come up—but go to a real MD instead of Dr. Google. The sooner you address the sniffle or the achy wrist, the easier it will be to treat it. Load up on preventative medicine too. This would be the week to get your flu shot and some homeopathic supplements to ward off the winter bugs.

Temperature check: are you feeling passionate or just lukewarm? This Monday, January 26, the quarter moon in Taurus and your all-or-nothing eighth house helps you assess the state of affairs. If you’re not lit up with excitement about a person or project, reconsider your role. While lulls happen naturally, you shouldn’t let them linger on for too long. What can you do to stoke the embers of a relationship, Libra, or revive the muse? This week, gently turn up the heat and do things that might be considered edgy or out-of-the-box. If you’ve played coy with a lover, be more obvious with your affections, leaving no doubt about your interest. Have you swung to the opposite, overeager extreme? Pulling back can create dynamic sparks. If you’ve been too accessible, available and predictable, a yawnfest may occur. Mix it up a bit and keep your beloved on his or her toes. You don’t have to leap across the room to answer every text or give too many details of your day. A little mystery (but not a total Sherlock headtrip) can stir up intrigue. You might also find that you need more time to yourself to rest, recharge and rediscover your mojo. With the Sun and Mercury retrograde meeting up in your romance house on Friday, an old flame could reappear just before the weekend. Whether you desire a second chance or an “eat your heart out, baby” gloatfest, this is all the more reason to restore your glow early in the week.

On Tuesday, Venus switches signs, leaving your flamboyant fifth house and moving into Pisces and your grounded sixth until February 20. After a month of dramatic ups and downs, you’re ready to plant your feet on terra firma. Let them eat cake! You’d prefer a green juice now, thankyouverymuch. You can finally kick off those 2015 healthy living resolutions, especially since robust Mars will stride alongside Venus in Pisces until February 19. Paired up, these planets pack a punch. Don’t shy away from a challenging spin or boot camp class. You might indulge in a private Pilates session so that you can learn the moves for the more affordable group classes. The sixth house rules the core area, and strengthening yours is not just for the purpose of wearing cropped tops come springtime, but because doing so helps you walk with true confidence and swagger—sexy! If you’re in a relationship, see if you can enlist your sweetie in your wellness crusade. You could become each other’s biggest champions—and the erotic rush of endorphins won’t hurt your love life either. Start training now for a springtime marathon, and get Olympian in the bedroom in between those runs. The sixth house also governs your career, and the Mars-Venus duo could find you doing a lot more socializing with colleagues and clients between now and February 19. Get involved in an industry-networking group if you need to build up your street cred. Venus gets a finger-wag from Saturn on Thursday, warning you against spreading yourself too thin. If you have your hands in too many pots, prioritize. Over the next few weeks, you could pique people’s interest in you, or establish yourself as an important force—but this will mean showing up regularly and repeatedly rather than flitting from scene to scene like a sparklepony. On Sunday, Venus joins dreamy Neptune at the exact same degree of Pisces. Hello creative, productive rush! Keep your schedule light this weekend as you could make headway on a passion project. Neptune’s influence could bring some healing vibes too. Sunday might be best spent journaling, doing yoga, or lounging in the various saunas at a Korean or Russian spa. Who knows? The white light breakthrough could come along with a burst of eucalyptus-infused steam. A relaxed mind is a receptive mind.

You love them, you love them not. What’s it going to be, Scorpio? This Monday, January 26, the quarter moon in Taurus shines its balancing beams onto your closest relationships. It’s time for greater equanimity with everyone in your life. With some people, you’ve done more giving than taking. Press pause before the pressure piles on. Allow them a grace period to return the favors, Scorpio—but please, don’t put them through any intense loyalty tests. It’s also your job to ask for what you need. If resentment is simmering, nip it in the bud by making a clear request of one of the “takers” in your life. On the flip side, have you been leaning a little too heavily on someone you love? While this person may give support with a smile, be mindful not to let your relationship get mired in dependency. Seek out others to lean on in the interest of preserving your powerful bond. In work partnerships or creative collaborations, redistribute the load so that you’re both pulling equal weight. Is there a job neither of you wants to do? Rather than squabbling, how about outsourcing to a third party? The investment will be worth the peace of mind.

On Tuesday, get your glam squad on the line. Radiant Venus floats into your flamboyant fifth house until February 20, amplifying your starpower. Adding to the celebutante energy is Mars, which travels right next to Venus through Pisces until February 19. Farewell, mysterious vibes. You’re ready to turn heads once again and make a splash in the public eye. This is a stellar time for Scorpio performers and media figures. Whether you’re auditioning for a movie role or filming your own YouTube videos, the camera loves you, baby. Even Scorpios who prefer to stay out of the limelight could have a Marilyn Monroe moment now. Set up the tripod for a sexy boudoir shoot, or hire a pro photographer to snap some creative photos that you can use for your blog, bio, or social media profiles. Having the cosmic couple Mars and Venus united is a huge gift, especially as they are now paired up in the part of your chart that rules romance. An early arrival from Cupid kicks the Valentine’s Day vibes into high gear this week. Single Scorpios might actually enjoy dating so stop resisting those meet and greets. Book the salon appointment (pastel pixie, anyone?), break out the leopard print, and set up that profile on Tinder or Match. The Mars-Venus duo will make your love story anything BUT boring. Look out! There could be a bit of drama too, especially if you confuse a fling with the real thing. Be careful not to romanticize before you’ve actually received an accurate download about your dates’ lives. With stern Saturn in a square to Venus this Thursday, you won’t want to sweep any of your concerns under the rug. Get the facts and you’ll know how to react. If you’re in a relationship, Venus and Mars in Pisces can bring a romantic renaissance too. Talks could turn to babymaking; or, if you have children, you’ll enjoy spending more time together, enjoying your offspring. Be more playful together too. Studies show that sharing new adventures can release adrenaline, which can strengthen your bond. This is a great time for a couples’ collaboration too, whether you’re hosting a legendary dinner party, redecorating your bedroom, or working on the hooks and lyrics to a co-authored song.

Near the weekend, beware the wrath of a fire-breathing female! (Head’s up: she might even be a neighbor, close friend or family member.) Mercury retrograde meets up with the Sun in Aquarius on Friday, illuminating your fourth house of women. A misunderstanding with one of your girls could get way blown out of proportion. It would be easy to sink to her emotional level and respond in disbelief or even break down in tears. Rule of thumb: don’t take it personally, Scorpio. That said there’s no need to be her emotional punching bag. Be clear that you’d be happy to discuss matters once she’s cooled down. It’s hard to hang up on people you love, but if the conversation gets too heated, exercise your right to hit that little red button. Buh-bye!

Mission: efficiency! This Monday, January 26, grab your glue gun, labelmaker, and a few Hefty bags. The quarter moon in Taurus and your administrative sixth house beckons you to bring more order to your court. It’s no long acceptable to leave those stacks of unopened bills lying around or to ignore the half-built bookshelf in your office or living room. Procrastinating on these “small” tasks is stalling your productivity and momentum for the bigger items on your resolution list. (Yes, Archer, clutter does occupy psychic space) Don’t forget the aesthetic aspect of your cleanup missions. Tuck away like pieces in a chic storage system or matching boxes that are clearly labeled. In fact you might just want to upgrade a few items of furniture, opting for pieces that do double-duty such as a coffee table with nooks to tuck away remotes, a bed frame with drawers built-in. At work, it may be necessary to renegotiate aspects of your contract. Are you wasting time on low-ROI tasks? Consider outsourcing, even hiring someone for a few hours of assistance each week.

The domestic diva in you will take the wheel on Tuesday when Venus sidles up to Mars in Pisces and your cozy fourth house. Venus will occupy this position until February 20, Mars until the 19th, so this journey is a shared one for all but one day. Having the zodiac’s cosmic couple in the same sign is a powerful heart-opener. You could find yourself being a lot more sentimental, even weepy at times, over the coming three weeks. Just go with it, Archer. It’s not every day that a jokester like you can get moved to tears by puppies, sunsets and kids playing in the park. If you’re single, don’t be surprised if you fall for the family guy or gal. You’ll see the beauty in the secure and dependable nesters now, and may even hunker down in a “cohabitation station” yourself. Coupled Archers could enjoy some romantic nights in, cooking, cuddling, and keeping each other warm. Co-host at least one intimate dinner party before February 20, as this is an optimal time to team up as hosts and unite your respective groups of friends. If you have yet to meet the parents, the next few weeks are prime time. Whether single or spoken for, don’t be surprised if the interior decorating bug bites. Gather the paint swatches, fabric samples, and inspiration boards. Although brash Mars will give you the drive to tackle an outsized renovation, plan carefully! Mercury IS retrograde until February 11 making it hard to truly predict the breadth of a project. A rule of thumb: assume that anything you tackle will take twice as long (and even cost doubly as much as you budgeted) to complete. You might want to stick to more cosmetic changes rather than, say, trying to turn a cute one-bedroom into an open-plan loft, this go ‘round. Don’t underestimate the power of painting a single wall a vivid color or even applying a swath of temporary wallpaper to add a bright pop to a room. On Thursday, you might have to push back against some family pressure. Stern Saturn in Sagittarius will form a tense square (90 degree angle) to Venus in Pisces, sounding the call for boundaries. A persuasive or “helpless” relative could dump her issues on you. Don’t rush to the rescue this time, Archer. As difficult as it is to watch her struggle, she’ll never grow unless she flaps those wings on her way out of the nest. If you do step in, empower, don’t enable. The heavy lifting is not yours to do.

Before you dive right into work mode, pause and assess: how can you bring more art, beauty and sensuality into your daily routines? A quarter moon in Taurus shines its balancing beams onto your fifth house of passion and pleasure. Your hardscrabble work ethic has always been impressive, Capricorn but what if you didn’t have to toil and suffer to get the job done? For example, you might take your laptop to a gorgeous restaurant or hotel lobby where you can outline a project plan while indulging in deliciously prepared fare. Maybe you’ll settle into a pair of velvet armchairs and have a brainstorming meeting with a giant, drop-crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Atmosphere is everything! This quarter moon summons your romantic side, and those small touches—like lighting a scented candle, placing fresh flowers on your desk, or selecting a graphic cover for your mobile phone—can bring floods of feelgood energy. You might even think of your routines as rituals instead. Be present while you’re preparing your morning coffee (which you might as well sip out of your grandmother’s gorgeous china), pick out new bath products and lotions; even set a timer at the top of each hour to take a few conscious, centering breaths in between tasks. This quarter moon can help you find equilibrium in a love relationship too. There’s a middle ground between romance and romanticizing. Make sure you aren’t placing anyone on a pedestal above yourself!

On Tuesday, amorous Venus switches signs, picking up the pace in your love life. Until February 20, she will flow through Pisces—traveling right alongside Mars in Pisces until the 19th. Code Orange Flirt Alert! Pisces rules your garrulous, impulsive and curious third house. With Mars and Venus paired up there, you might find it hard to focus on just one person. Nothing wrong with taking in a little eye candy, Capricorn—or even enjoying a few Tinder hookups. A “no strings” fling might be your preference now; or, you could actually enjoy the process of dating several people and discovering the different aspects that they draw out of you. Variety is the spice of life with Mars and Venus here, but coupled Capricorns can still achieve this without a breach in commitment. Plan more playdates and cultural activities together. Pick up concert tickets, book an overnight at a ski lodge (the room with the roaring fireplace, please!), even have a staycation at a cool local attraction. The third house governs communication, and Mars and Venus bring stellar momentum for a writing project, even a podcast. You could be inspired to host a great event for your community of friends. Who knows? A local business could offer a special deal for this if you get a big enough headcount.

Thursday could bring a tense moment with a friend when your ruling planet Saturn gets into a tussle with Venus. As you grow, stretch and expand, it can activate jealousy in the insecure types. Like crabs in a barrel, they may try to pull you down. Don’t fall for the guilt trip, Capricorn. And if you want to leave a Negative Nancy off your guest list, trust your intuition. Watch your finances on Friday! The Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde in your money zone. It would be a little too easy to overshoot the mark, spending cash you don’t have and forgetting about an upcoming bill. Delayed gratification is the name of the game, and you may even need to put yourself on a temporary austerity plan while you save up for that bigger purchase. Check in with colleagues too. It’s better to ask for an evaluation and get their feedback than continue to work on a project with a giant question mark hanging over your head about whether or not you’re on the right track.

Hand-dyed rugs, reclaimed wood coffee tables and rustic chandeliers—oh my! This Monday, January 26, your nesting instincts are activated by the quarter moon in Taurus, the ruler or your domestic fourth house. You don’t have to rip out drywall to give a room new life. Sometimes, all it takes is a colorful coat of paint on one wall, or the reconfiguring of furniture. Take a peek at a feng shui bagua map. What’s holding court in your love corner? Haul that overstuffed storage cabinet to a different part of your home and replace it with a pair of chairs and a framed photograph of a couple instead. Some DIY upgrades, like refinishing a thrift store dresser can stoke your creative side. You might need to start the week off on a slower note too. Bow out of stressful commitments so you can get your house back in order. After a couple home cooked meals and an emptied Netflix queue, you’ll be ready to get out and socialize again. If your relationship has been rocky with a relative or roommate, the quarter moon helps you smooth things over. You may simply agree to disagree or call a truce. Let “no more drama!” be your rallying cry,

On Tuesday, love planet Venus bids Aquarius adieu and moves on to Pisces until February 20. You’ve hosted the celestial love goddess in your sign since January 3. This has been a gift in many ways, as it brought a surge of self-love, helped you summon the muse and not take everything so darn seriously. Partnerships, however, may have taken a backseat to your own interests since 2015 began. Creating space for dating and relationships will become easier on Tuesday. Not only is Venus moving through Pisces, but her cosmic companion Mars is too, until February 19 (all but one day of Venus’ journey). Together, they’ll dance a pas de deux through your second house of sensuality and old-fashioned romance, bringing lovely warmth to the Valentine’s season. You’ll feel downright traditional at times—or as close to it as an offbeat Aquarius can come. Slow down and appreciate the little things that your love interest says or does. It’s easy to overlook those daily hits of help and support, but adopting an attitude of gratitude (instead of focusing on what’s NOT happening) can be the magic elixir for romance. The little things mean a lot now, too: give your sweetie a backrub, prepare his/her favorite meal, pitch in during a tough family or work crisis. Being that steady source of support is what seals your bond—even if you skip out on the larger, sweeping gestures. If you’re single, don’t waste this Mars-Venus phase. These planets don’t pair up every day so be proactive and systematic (the second house way) about setting up dates. Let friends play matchmaker, repost your profile, or head to activities where you have a chance of meeting someone who shares your common interests. The second house rules your daily work and income. With Mars and Venus here, you’ll have lots of momentum for a creative project. You’ll feel more passionate about your job—or driven to create a vocation that makes your heart and soul sing. Have you been eyeing a luxe object? Check your budget. Maybe it’s time to “treat yo’self,” Aquarius, as a means of motivation. With Saturn squaring Venus on Thursday, you could get a glimpse of just how many sacrifices you keep making for the people around you. If you don’t balance it out with a little self-indulgence too, your relationships will suffer.

On Friday, the Sun and Mercury retrograde will meet at the same degree of Aquarius. This could bring an identity crisis or a heartwarming flashback to your “old self.” Don’t expect people to understand you as the workweek draws to a close. Your ideas may be too ahead-of-the-curve for them to digest—at least until you’ve fleshed them out further. If you seek outside validation, your ego could take a hit. This is one day where the opinion that matters most is your own! In fact, seeking approval could totally derail a creative or inventive mission that you’re on. You might spend time near Friday doing an “archive dive” through old photos, letters and social media posts. You could come across a photo or half-formed thought that sparks a new idea. Dig around in the attic too. The 90s are beyond back, so an old pair of Levi’s 501s (bleached and distressed?), chunky-soled boots, or flannel could bring a worthy style revival.

Say you, say me. This Monday, January 26, a quarter moon in Taurus and your expressive third house helps you find the words you’ve been fumbling for. Grab that pen or keyboard! You’ll want to capture these thoughts as they may very well contain seeds of genius. If you’ve hit a wall with a writing project, this lunar surge will help you push through; even a half hour of dedicated journaling can help you start the week off on a tuned-in, peaceful note. Platonic partnerships, such as friendships and coworker collaborations, are the focus of this quarter moon. Has the flow of give and take become a little lopsided? Spend Monday restoring equilibrium. If you’ve been slacking, step up to the plate and make amends. Have you been letting others dump their duties into your lap? Stop the enabling, Pisces, and hold them accountable for pulling their weight. The way you share with people should feel like a win-win for both parties. If it doesn’t, you might need to find a third party to help with the tasks neither of you can handle. Think before you speak on Monday too. This harmonious quarter moon falls into your communication quarters, cautioning you against blurting out any unfiltered monologues. Talk through your speech with a levelheaded third party. What is the point you are trying to get across? Is there a clear request you want to make—one that’s more logical than emotional? Practice makes perfect when it comes to delivering your lines and getting results.

Monday’s complexity is quickly replaced by a feverish burst of mojo. On Tuesday, love planet Venus sashays into Pisces until February 20, joining her cosmic companion Mars there. These two don’t pair up all that often, so consider it a double-bonus since you’ll be hosting them both in your sign for the next three weeks! Who has time to wait for Cupid? Not you, Pisces! Your Valentine’s era is officially underway. Enjoy all the attention that comes your way, and don’t be afraid to be a bit more, uh, demanding, from your partner. Everyone likes a little challenge, so be a little harder to pin down—not impossibly so, but just enough to create an aura of mystique. It’s not like you’ll need to fake it. With Mars and Venus in your sign, both your creativity and ambition are off the charts. Obsessively pursuing a passion project—and even turning it into a moneymaker—could consume hours of your days. While your magnetism shoots to the moon, don’t rush to lock down a “one and only.” If you’re single, you might prefer to play the field for the next few weeks, enjoying a wide span of suitors a la late signmate Elizabeth Taylor. After all, the marrying kind has his/her benefits, but so does a high-intensity Dionysian fling. There could be one for the books before February 19—or perhaps the locked pages of your diary. Ooh la la! With your cosmic ruler Neptune meeting Venus at the exact degree of Pisces this Sunday, some bodice-ripping adventures lie ahead. Doff the rose-colored glasses (along with your unmentionables) though. Delusional Neptune and idealistic Venus could almost convince you that a player is really a Prince Charming this weekend. Projecting qualities that don’t exist is a pitfall of the Venus-Neptune pairing, which could also veer to the opposite extreme. Should your suspicious mind be riled up this weekend, take a breath. Get the facts before your react (or fling anyone’s clothes onto the front lawn and block ‘em on Facebook). It might really just be a cousin your amour du jour is hugging so tightly in that photo.

A few storm clouds could blow in this Friday, too, when the Sun and Mercury retrograde conjoin in your murky twelfth house. If you’ve swept some fears or emotions under the rug, look out! Your attempts to be “positive” could backfire, so don’t bother. Take a time out to really deal with the feelings that come up. While you don’t want to vent anger on anyone, you shouldn’t pretend that you’re okay with something that really bothers you on a gut level. If the other party is resistant to change, you might need to close the door on your relationship for a while, in the interest of self-preservation. Are you missing the advice of a mentor? Someone who played Yoda to you in the past could have the very words of wisdom that you need to hear. Reach back in your history for that stellar support.