Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for June 1-5

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Truth or dare? The week kicks off with a full moon in outspoken, adventurous Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2. No more faking it, people. Our honest thoughts and feelings could come out in a hot uncensored rush. But the way we deliver those words determines everything. Too much of a direct hit could cause our messages to get lost in translation. The think-before-you-blurt rule is especially important since la luna locks into a tricky T-square (a three-way tug of war) with muddling Neptune in Pisces and a meddling Sun-Mars duo in Gemini. Before we unleash, we need to apply the compassion filter (Neptune): Will our words leave people with their dignity intact? And then: Do we REALLY want to get involved? The busybody vibes of the Sun and Mars in Gemini could cause us to poke our noses where they don’t belong. Unless people ask for our opinions, it might be best to keep them to ourselves. And if we feel we have something genuinely valuable to offer, it’s always useful to ask permission to contribute feedback before just going at it. Stuck in a rut? The Sagittarius full moon can pull us right out, delivering a heady dose of optimism. With the T-square, we’ll need to screen out the Debbie Downers and the Critical Christines who want to stick a pin in our balloons. Think globally…and act that way, too. This full moon can prompt us to cast wider nets. Opportunity might be waiting in foreign ports this week. Fire up FaceTime for a meeting or book travel to pursue a prospect. Just remember that Mercury IS retrograde until June 11, so it might be best to take the journey later in the month.

On Friday, love planet Venus heads into glamorous, romantic Leo for an extended stay that lasts until October 8. Hello romantic renaissance! Venus is very much at home in the lion’s den where decadence and ardor reign supreme. The spring, summer, and early fall will be showered with rose petals, Rumi poems and public serenades. (We hear cries of, “Get a room!”) Normally Venus hangs out in a sign for 4-5 weeks, but due to a retrograde that stretches from July 31 to September 6, she’ll hover in Leo for four MONTHS. And while life may be rainbows and unicorns until then, relationships could hit a speedbump during Venus’ backspin, which essentially will be for the entire month of August. If we projected a fantasy onto our partners we could get a harsh wakeup call then. And with Venus in theatrical Leo, things could get pretty dramatic. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for lovebirds. There’s a reason those vows include “for better AND for worse.” Getting to know our partners’ shadow sides is part of the happily-ever-after equation. Old flames may be reignited during the retrograde, too, so if an ex starts creeping into your dreams this weekend, it may only be a matter of time before you reconnect—or get that much-needed closure.

Did you set a wedding date for the time Venus is in reverse from July 31 to September 6? Don’t worry: Your union is NOT cursed. But you will want to take extra care with planning and maybe even do a few sessions with a couple’s therapist or spiritual advisor before tying the knot. We recommend a vow renewal one year later to those who wed during a Venus retrograde. Don’t worry: 2016 is in the clear because Venus only drives in reverse every other year.

Venus in Leo is an ideal time to be an artist, musician or just to express yourself creatively through style. Take more dares with your creativity and your closet-pulls. If you’re not a maker, be an arts appreciator. The festival circuit couldn’t be livelier than under this enchanted Venus spell!

Ready, aim, fire? With an auspicious full moon in Sagittarius this Tuesday, June 2 your eyes are fixed firmly on the prize. Sagittarius is the ruler of your ninth house of good fortune and global expansion. Are you ready to leap? Luck is definitely on your side so go ahead and take a gamble. But don’t be a reckless risk taker! This full moon locks into a tangled T-square (three-way battle) with the impetuous Sun and Mars in your communication zone, plus Neptune in your foggy twelfth house. Before you pull any proverbial triggers, check in: Do you have a clear shot? Or will your bold moves mow down innocent people in the process? Are you aiming for the right target? While it’s great to hit the bull’s eye, make sure you actually want to handle the responsibility that comes along with these “spoils.” A little recalibration will be necessary before you can rush in for the win. But the extra care you take to ensure that you’re lined up properly will really pay off.

And, uh, did you really just say THAT, Aries? This full moon makes you even more candid that usual (and you’re already pretty raw and real to begin with). The truth bombs could drop in an uncensored rush, especially if you’ve been bottling up your emotions for a while. Honesty may indeed be the best policy, but this T-square could complicate the way you express yourself. You could come across as combative one minute, victimized the next. And neither one of those stances will leave you feeling empowered. Practice your delivery with a wise and levelheaded friend before you unleash. Then, remix your words to make sure you aren’t flinging accusations or throwing a pity party. The best bet is to focus on what you DO want. Be proactive, constructive and solution-oriented. Come to the table with potential scenarios of how things could be done differently (read: better) but make sure there’s room for the other person to chime in, too.

Overall, this full moon’s job is to leave you feeling optimistic about your life. You might just have to plow through a few storm clouds in order to reach that sunny state. Mental and verbal processing can help: Try journaling or talk therapy to untangle confusing thoughts. With Neptune in the frame, give your subconscious some soothing, too. Healing modalities like The Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA “tapping”) can prepare you for liftoff.

On Friday, surrender to the pleasure principle! Venus, the planet of beauty, love and sensuality heads into Leo and your decadent fifth house for an extra long four-month tour. Life will have a fairy-tale quality until mid-fall, so stop questioning it and just enjoy! Where in life did we ever learn that it’s noble to suffer, anyway? You CAN still be healthy and hedonistic at once, after all. Find your bliss by surrounding yourself with beauty and people who truly do love you. Feel the joy of being in your own skin: Move more often, go dancing, get massages, take a lover. Cupid is SO in your corner during this Venus cycle. Let your passionate side out to play, and your wild streak, too. A legendary love affair could be sparked this summer. Or you could take your existing relationship to an exhilarating new high, one that could involve an engagement, pregnancy or a co-created business plan. There’s just one hitch: From July 31 to September 6, Venus will be retrograde. This could bring back an old flame or stir up a conflict you thought was SO over. A romance that was off to the races in June and July could hit a speed bump in August, but all you can do is keep calm and carry on. If this relationship is meant to be, you’ll know for sure in September, and the wrinkles will iron themselves out.

Let your theatrical side take the wheel between now and October 8. There’s a performer (or at least a presenter) living inside every Ram. Sign up for a summer acting workshop or audition for a role in a production. Have fun with fashion, too—life is a giant costume party now! Your offbeat flair could even captivate the style bloggers. Hire a professional photographer to snap some great shots of you (heck, you might just pose for some sexy boudoir photos). Push yourself to your edge, stylistically and artistically. The creative juices are flowing like a vintage cabernet. Viva la muse! You’ll be a charming and diplomatic leader should you find yourself at the top of the pyramid (again). People will want to follow in your spirited footsteps now since you make everything feel so deliciously entertaining.

Make it a group thing, Aquarius! But only with the right people, okay? With the full moon in Sagittarius activating your teamwork sector this Tuesday, June 2 you’ll be keen to collaborate. Just don’t go handing out all access passes to the random people who SAY they want to join your fun and games. Because this full moon will sit at cross purposes to foggy Neptune in your money zone, and the flamboyant Sun and Mars in your fifth house of passion and creativity, your “the more, the merrier” mantra could backfire. The “T-square” these heavenly bodies form (a cross-formation in the skies) signals that there could be a conflict if money is involved or if there are too many cooks in the kitchen. While it’s your natural inclination to share the power, you also want to take the lead. Honor the fact that YOU have a vision to see through, Aquarius. Inviting strong-willed people to the party could water down your plan. And if they are light on funds, you could wind up covering their tab. So vet people carefully and the outcome will be stellar. Give everyone a clear role and make sure cash is handled up front. With these measures in place you could form a dream team by the June 11 new moon.

Are you ready for your 72dpi close-up? This full moon could bring you recognition online through a social media shout out, a link or another online plug. Mercury is retrograde, however, which can cause technical snafus. Make sure all your profiles or your blog/website is up to date so people who click your way get an accurate impression of who you are and what you’re capable of. Do your own promoting, too, or fill up your feeds with witty tweets and captivating ‘grams. Showing more personality through your digital avatars could attract a soul friend from another corner of the world.

Happy news for your love life comes on Friday—and lasts until October 8! Romantic Venus trips the light fantastic and lands in Leo and your relationship house for an extended four-month tour. Usually, la love planet hangs in a sign for a brief four weeks. But she’ll be retrograde from July 31 to September 6, stretching out her stay in this zone of your chart for the rest of the spring, summer and into early fall. Consider yourself charmed! Partnerships of all manner will be blessed by Venus’ gracious, seductive beams. It will be as easy to woo ‘em into the bedroom as it will be the boardroom. And to seal the deals, too, Aquarius—because you’ll actually WANT an exclusivity clause now. Surrender to that urge to merge. As much as you love your freedom, giving up your independent status will have its benefits. With Venus as your cosmic cultural guide, you could fill a whole album with colorful memories of music festivals, beach bonfires, romantic vacations and sweet “just the two of us” dinner dates by fall.

During the retrograde (July 31-September 6) an old flame could return, or you may need to tie up unfinished business with an ex. Maybe you’ll finally create space to deep dive into issues that have plagued a relationship from the jump—and find a harmonious solution that feels like a win-win. Since Venus is the feminine planet, you could collaborate successfully with women or even create an event that draws in a large number of ladies on a regular basis. As a rule of thumb, opposites will attract. No matter what the nature of the connection, surround yourself with people who can pick up where you leave off.

Ready, set, organize! The suggestion of an efficiency mission might be music to your ears, Cancer—or maybe an idea that fills you with dread. But like it or not, a clean up mission must commence. On Tuesday, June 2 the full moon in Sagittarius activates your orderly sixth house. What’s become unwieldy or outright unmanageable in your life? This full moon tucks into a T-square (three-way conflict) with crisis-junkie Neptune and an aggravating Sun-Mars combo. You may find it hard to put all the puzzle pieces together because…well, there are too many damn pieces! Modify. Simplify. Streamline. Developing a Version 1.0 of a project can help you launch into a bigger league later. Not willing to downsize? Recruit assistance for your Mission: Impossible. Good help is easier to find. Clue: Create a job description and look beyond your go-to network. It’s easier to boss around people who don’t already know you in a casual capacity. For some Cancers, this full moon will shine on a milestone moment. Your laborious efforts of the past six months come together beautifully. Shout it from the social media rooftops! The T-square could make you nervous about promoting, but you’ve earned your bragging rights. If you’ve been sitting on a great product or idea, maybe it just needs some polish. Enlist a designer, coach, branding consultant or programmer to help you finesse the finishing touches.

Have you been half-on and half-off the wellness wagon? La luna blows the whistle on your bad habits, which could be illuminated by Neptune in your indulgent ninth house and the Sun and Mars in your “no boundaries” zone. It’s not that you should deprive yourself or submit to a grueling regimen. That just won’t work for the summer season. But put some structure back in place. Create menus for your week and make sure they are pleasing to the palate, too. Monitoring with a wristband activity tracker like the Jawbone or Fitbit can help you get to those 10,000 steps we humans are supposed to take each day to stay in optimal health. Mindfulness goes a long way to keep you on point—even if you’re making the choice to indulge in a giant hand-dipped artisanal ice cream cone and mindfully savoring every lick. What matters is that you’re aware, Cancer, instead of doing your self-soothing routine to numb emotions with food. Boosting your mood might simply be a matter of moving more this week, too. Get thee to the dance floor!

On Friday, Venus slow jams into Leo and your sensual second house for an extended tour that lasts until October 8. Move over, Lady Mary! Old-fashioned courtship rituals may become de rigueur for Cancer 2015. Your sentimental (and sometimes guarded) sign prefers to open up slowly in love, even if you do fall hard at first sight. Good news! You could meet your match over the coming four months—or reconnect with “the one that got away” while Venus is retrograde from July 31 to September 6. Already attached? This Venus cycle helps you get present with the person sharing your bed. It’s so easy to go through the motions on a daily basis or fixate on the future you are building together. And while this might support security, this practical energy can be a buzzkill to romance. Make a point of enjoying the little things: cooking dinner together, walking hand-in-hand through the park, clicking off Netflix and heading to bed a little earlier so you can talk about the day and, uh, you know.

With Venus in this position, your appetite for life’s finer things will intensify. Better make a budget for a few high-end upgrades. Start with your bedroom because this relaxing Venus phase wants you to luxuriate there. But be careful! It’s easy to overspend on clothes, food, design items and cultural activities between now and October 8. Work within your means—and work your network, too. Social Venus could bring some well-connected friends who can get you a discount or a work-study opportunity that helps cover costs. And who says you have to bring home EVERY object of lust you see on the shelves? Arty Venus could inspire you to start your own style blog or Tumblr page to show off snaps of your curated selections. Creative Cancers could make money from their art this spring, summer and fall. Put your work on display! The second house rules the throat, and this would be the time to sign up for singing lessons if music is your passion.

Let it go, let it go? A second wind for spring-cleaning hits you hard this week, thanks to Tuesday’s full moon in Sagittarius and your twelfth house of endings. Too. Much. Stuff. The urge to purge could become an obsession; you might even feel physical discomfort staring at piles of papers in your office or your chaotic closet filled with clothes you haven’t worn in three years. But what qualifies as a keeper and what needs to be sent off to charity (or the junkyard), STAT? That would normally be obvious under the full moon’s light. But the signals get jammed by a tricky T-square (three-way tug-of-war) between la luna, foggy Neptune and a reckless merger of the Sun and Mars. Make a “maybe” pile of items you might regret carting off, like your grandmother’s silver serving set that you’ve never actually used. In other life matters, you could be equally rash near Tuesday. While this full moon illuminates buried emotions and hidden desires, wait to take action on the revelations that arise. Everything will feel rather extreme under this lunar light, which could put you on the defensive or even cause you to go into attack mode. Remember: The words you utter will be impossible to take back. Spend time journaling and untangling the knots with levelheaded friends and supportive guides like therapists, coaches and mentors. While you may indeed decide to end a relationship or assert a stronger boundary, it’s always best to do so in a way that doesn’t provoke a war. To adopt a phrase, keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.

Schedule Friday for inventorizing your lingerie drawer. You’ve got some prep work to do because a sultry late spring, summer AND early fall are in store for you, Cap! Va-va-voom Venus slinks into Leo for an extended four-month tour, electrifying your eighth house of seduction and intimate bonds. Normally, Venus lingers in a sign for 4-5 weeks, but due to a retrograde from August 31 to September 6, she’ll hold court in Leo until October 8! You’ve already been getting strong hits to your libido since Jupiter landed in Leo last July. But if you’re still waiting to unleash your lusty nature, the time is nigh! Charming, graceful Venus can help ease single Capricorns into the dating process. You’re not looking for a lighthearted spring fling, though! Nope, you want a bond that builds and gets better over time. The eighth house is the soulmate zone and Venus here helps you send out satellite signals for someone of depth, character and a smoldering sexiness (rather than the overt, feather-fanning peacock type). To attract that, however, you have to allow yourself to be more vulnerable. Trust takes time to build and you certainly don’t have to show your whole hand now; in fact, a little mystery goes a long way—as long as you’re laying a breadcrumb trail for the one you adore.

If you’re in a relationship, use the next four months to up your intimacy game. If a frosty vibe has built between you and your boo, Venus helps you diplomatically dissolve it. Again, Capricorn, this is going to require some vulnerability. You’re a natural provider, but what do YOU need in return? Operating on assumptions could cause a breakdown, too, especially if you accidentally turned your sweetheart into your personal assistant. Don’t let work take greater priority over your partnership. Though you’re a busy bee, dedicated date nights and more focused time (sans mobile work devices) can bring your bond back on track. Do some exploring as a couple. Take a class on tantra together, learn how to give each other relaxing massages, surprise your sweetie with a booklet of boudoir shots (you’ll be sexier than a vintage Vargas girl). Believe it or not, managing money as a couple can also go a long way to get your mojo rising. Wealth building is an aphrodisiac for you, Capricorn—ah, the titillation of long-term security!

Soulmate fantasies dance through your head—are you ready to make it a double, Gemini? On Tuesday, the full moon in Sagittarius and your partnership house gets you excited to pair up. A casual connection could evolve into a real-deal relationship. Coupled Gems could take their love game to the next level. (Do we hear bells?) But don’t float off on that love bubble too fast. It’s easy to get carried away into “rainbows and unicorns” terrain when you’re smitten, or simply eager to pair up for professional purposes. Unfortunately, that tends to obscure your (ugh) practical thinking, and—as a leap before you look zodiac sign—can get you tangled up in some tricky situations. Keep one platform sandal planted on terra firma, okay? You’ll need to, since la luna will assemble into a complex tug-of-war (called a T-square) with hazy Neptune in your house of long-term goals and the self-possessed Sun and Mars in Gemini. Unfortunately, what seemed like an easy collaboration could wind up mired in red tape. A man or someone with power and authority could even stand in the way of you moving ahead with your plans.

A couple questions to ponder before sealing any deals: Are we on the same page about our long-term goals? Do our personal values align? Am I able to have an equal voice in this union? If you can’t immediately check the yes box on all of these concerns, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Initiate an open discussion about the places where you diverge. The way the other person deals with the dialogue is as important to note as the conversation itself. There are always differences that arise when two people try to blend their energies—for romance, finance, creative collabs, whatever. Through this week’s difficult discourse you might just realize you’ve found a winner; someone who can gracefully navigate the choppy seas of a disagreement. (Here’s hoping.)

Of course, you might catch sight of your own shadow through this process, too. When things don’t go according to The Gospel Of Gemini, how do YOU react? If you find yourself getting frustrated, upset, or adopting an IDGAF defense, you could be blocking a compromise from coming together. Fortunately, diplomatic Venus rushes in with some rescue remedy. On Friday, she’ll head out of your stubborn second house and into Leo and your third house of communication. While Venus generally dwells in a sign for a month, she’ll hover in Leo four times as long—until October 8! (This is due to a retrograde from July 31 to September 6.) Assertiveness training time! Note: We did not say aggressiveness training or passive-aggressiveness training. Learning how to graciously disagree and negotiate will be a grand theme of the summer. Explore the work of John Gottman, whose book The Relationship Cure can help you strengthen love, family, and friendships by illustrating the concept of “turning towards” (not away from) the people in your life when they make a bid for your attention.

Get ready for a social summer, too! With Venus in your garrulous third house of kindred spirits, your #girlgang could come together for a nonstop roster of weekend trips, music festivals, nature hikes and poolside hangs. BFF alert! As a Gemini, having one road-dog with whom to share all those adventures can be plenty satisfying. (Not that you won’t invite others along for the fun.) Your soul friend could appear before June is through—or you could reconnect with a bestie from back in the day while Venus is retrograde from July 31 to September 6. A lover could emerge from the friend zone, too, hello BFF-with-benefits. Coupled Gems need more playdates over the next four months. Get out of nesting mode and go explore the social scene in your neighborhood together. Who knows? The home you share could easily become grand central for summer soirees and laid-back weekend guests.

Lights, camera, action? This Tuesday, June 2 the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your fifth house of fame. The stage is calling, Leo! Get ready to shine and take a bow for the hard work you’ve done over the past six months. Whether you’re performing, presenting or simply letting your voice be heard, you’ll feel the pull to be more public over the coming two weeks. There’s just one caveat: This full moon assembles into a tricky T-square (a three-way tug of war in the skies) with elusive Neptune and an aggressive pairing of the Sun and Mars in Gemini. Before you hurl headlong into the spotlight, determine your own privacy policy. Neptune is stationed in your eighth house of secrets, while the Sun and Mars are camped out in your community zone. What other people think of you SHOULDN’T matter, but you’re only human. Under this cosmic crossing, people’s critiques or judgments could pierce your tender ego. Honor your vulnerability, Leo. If that means sharing selectively, so be it. Reveal your gifts to a group that you know will understand and appreciate them. This will boost your confidence for presenting to a wider audience. And don’t feel that you have to put your biz in the streets to be a role model or inspiration. It’s certainly brave and noble of you to be such an open book but it’s also fine to keep a few pages under lock and key.

Another reminder from this full moon: When you compare you despair. Are you holding yourself up to other people’s standards or worrying about their judgments? This is particularly true when it comes to your love life this week. Silence the peanut gallery (the one in your head, too). Cheesy pop lyrics apply here: The heart wants what it wants. You don’t need your friends to sign off on your romantic choices, or even know what happens behind closed doors. Then again, you might decide to go public with a relationship under this passionate lunar light. Chemistry that’s been bubbling behind the scenes could finally reach the boiling point. Hotttttt! But while your love light IS shining, the T-square could bring some tricksters to the table. You’re a sucker for flattery, Leo, but before you go planning the happily-ever-after, wait and see if those charmers can walk their talk. (Time is the only way to tell.) Allow yourself to enjoy a sultry moment without having to shoehorn it into a relationship. If you’re already attached, the full moon could stir up some drama. A lover’s quarrel that’s been brewing below the surface could erupt volcanically. Seek outside perspective instead of racing into battle. It’s too easy to lose perspective now. Even if your concerns ARE legit, the way you present them will determine the response you get.

Another nudge into the pleasure zone comes on Friday, courtesy of Venus — or more like a gale wind. You’ll have the good fortune of hosting the planet of elegance, beauty and amour in Leo for an extended tour in 2015. Normally, Venus hangs in a sign for one month’s time. But due to a retrograde (from July 31 to September 6), she will linger in Leo until October 8! That means you have the entire summer and half of fall to enjoy her graceful beams. Get ready for a fashion moment. You’ll have a blast wearing your rockstar personality on your leather-embellished sleeves. Use the celestial stylista to develop a signature look, even if you’re more of a boho babe or the borrowed-from-the-boys type. While image may not be EVERYTHING, studies reveal that it literally takes a tenth of a second for people to form a first impression of you. Might as well make it count, right, Leo?

Romantically, you’ll be a total magnet during this delicious Venus cycle. But you’ll want to feel autonomous AND connected. Single Leos could revel in the freedom their status brings, enjoying the rush of attention and the variety of suitors lining up for their time. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll need a longer leash. Allow yourself to flirt more often. As long as you’re clear on where the line is drawn, this can be a confidence-boosting aphrodisiac that you can bring back home to your honey. During Venus’ retrograde, however, you’ll need to be stricter with yourself as temptation’s trail could lead you into a Dionysian disaster zone.

You’ll be loved as a leader now, too. It’s easy to charm people into doing your bidding with Venus here. Just don’t take advantage of anyone’s willingness to serve you or you could catch flack during the August retrograde. Venus is the cosmic creatrix as well, so make love AND art this spring and summer. Your magnum opus could emerge as a song, painting, even a community service project. Indulge in “the artist’s way,” and dive into the eponymous book by Julia Cameron if you need a hit of inspo.

The social butterfly is back! Tuesday’s full moon in Sagittarius lights up your third house of communication and kindred spirits. This week you’ll love nothing more than the opportunity to mingle, share ideas and just hang out with interesting folks. People who’ve been hovering in the acquaintance category could be bumped into the bona fide friend zone. You might even form an official partnership with one of them as the third house governs dynamic duos. You could certainly benefit from a second pair of hands, ears and eyes—not to mention a savvy sounding board and a fellow ideasmith! But that doesn’t mean you should rush into a collab, Libra. Try testing the waters with a small project first; one that doesn’t have such an air of gravitas to it. And choose your partners wisely. This full moon will form a tricky T-square (three-way clash) with foggy Neptune in your sixth house of efficiency and an aggravating Sun-Mars duo in your expansive ninth house. Someone with a big or bossy personality could overwhelm you into silence. People who are all sizzle and no steak will annoy equally. Steer clear of judgmental people who undermine your confidence with their critiques. Their offers of help could start to feel like a shackle, leaving you too frozen to make a move without checking for their consent. That’s not the kind of support you need, Libra—you already struggle enough to make a decision. Stick with people who empower you to trust yourself—while asking the right questions to draw the answers out of YOU.

You could have some eye opening revelations about your communication style this week. Have you been making promises but forgetting to keep them? In your desire to be polite and please the ones you love, you may have dropped an offhanded idea into conversation that they took seriously. Uh oh, Libra. You’ve got some ‘splaining to do. Strike the word “maybe” from your vocab for the week. If you can’t give a solid yes, then just say no. That way people won’t feel like you’re stringing them along. If you’ve been a bit too serious lately, this full moon can help lighten the tone. Inject humor into those difficult conversations. As the mystic Osho quipped, “A serious person can never be innocent, and one who is innocent can never be serious.”

More popularity-boosting energy comes on Friday, courtesy of your cosmic ruler Venus. That day, she will move into Leo and your eleventh house of social networking for an extended visit that lasts until October 8. Usually, Venus hangs in a sign for a month’s time but a retrograde from July 31 to September 6 will lengthen her stay. Are you ready to find your true tribe, Libra? With easygoing Venus at the wheel, you’ll love the search process. Start checking out new scenes. Look both online and in real time for people who share your interests. You could bond over artistic passions or a humanitarian cause—or a bit of both, creating a collective art project as a community mission. During Venus retrograde (from July 31 to September 6) you could reinstate your membership with a crew from back in the day.

Venus is the governess of love and you’ll be feeling lighthearted and casual about affairs of the heart. That doesn’t mean you won’t crave a relationship. If you do pair up, you’ll just prefer a partner who feels like a BFF with benefits. Coupled Libras should get ready for a social summer. Being part of a regular group of friends will be a fun way to bond—especially if you can team up on the party prep when it’s your turn to host. Other Libras could take an unconventional approach to love between now and October 8, since Venus is in the most liberated position of the zodiac wheel. Don’t force the white picket fence fantasy onto your life if it doesn’t fit. You might prefer to keep your own apartment, date someone in a different city or even be “monagamish,” as Libra sex columnist Dan Savage puts it. Single? Get out and mingle—with new and interesting groups, that is. You could meet your match while you’re not even looking. And even if you don’t, you’ll love being part of a summer sports league, book club, meditation circle, whatever! Since the eleventh house is the tech sector of the chart, online dating could bring a lucky strike. Revamp your profile so your humor shines through.

Pull that powersuit to the front of your closet, Pisces! Your career game is rising skyward thanks to Tuesday’s full moon in Sagittarius and your ambitious tenth house. If you’ve been plugging away for the past six months (since the Sagittarius new moon of December 2014), your efforts come to a rewarding milestone. Finally! And if it’s time to turn in a new direction, the full moon will help you take the plunge. But don’t be extreme about it, Pisces! Quitting your day job to pursue your art might sound like a romantic show of dedication to some ears but this can seriously destabilize you. With the full moon locked into a signal-scrambling T-square (three way tug of war) with your ruling planet Neptune, and the impetuous Sun and Mars, you will want to act strategically—NOT suddenly. Think any necessary changes through with care. Your exit strategy should involve a transitional phase where you build up your savings account and make supportive connections with people in your field. And if you’re celebrating a milestone moment this week, you might discover that certain people aren’t REALLY on your team. Neptune’s influence could reveal a hidden competitor or a frenemy who’s been sipping the Hater-Ade behind your back. Leadership is calling, Pisces, and it’s time to step into the role, even if that means someone else will have to step down. The demands of home and family could also be at cross-purposes to your goals—and the Sun-Mars merger is to blame for this. Bottom line: You can’t please everybody! While it’s important to touch base with your inner circle, don’t pass on a golden opportunity because of their fears or abandonment issues.

Are you ready for a surge of body love? Radiant Venus ignites your lit-from-within glow this Friday as she moves into Leo and your sixth house of healthy living until October 8! Grab your yoga mat, pull out the exercise bands. Devote Q3 of 2015 to your wellness, Pisces, and you could get into the best shape you’ve been in for years. But ditch the “no pain, no gain” mindset: Pleasure-loving Venus reminds you that exercise doesn’t have to feel like torture and that nourishing meals don’t have to be comprised of boring, flavorless ingredients. Try ballet, swimming or an aquatic dance class for the best of both worlds. Or go earn your own Mirror Ball trophy with a fun “Dancing With The Stars” workout. Bonus points if there’s a social aspect to your fitness routine. You could gather your girls for a 10-week series or find a gym with a juice bar and lounge area (maybe even one with a sunny poolside deck!). PS: This is four times as long as Venus usually parks in one sign, and that is due to a late summer retrograde from July 31 to September 6. Plan ahead with “preventative medicine” so your radiant pilot light stays on in August. Book regular massages and acupuncture, detox in an infrared sauna, do a food allergy test to see if you have any sensitivities. Gut health is pretty much everything, Pisces, since it governs your immune system. Start popping probiotics (the good bacteria that helps with digestion) and follow these 7 savvy tips from wellness wiz Kris Carr.

The sixth house is all about efficiency and with Venus here for four months, your systems could get a smart AND design-savvy upgrade. Sitting in a beautiful environment can encourage productivity now. Tune in to your senses and see what’s missing. If you don’t have adequate light near your desk, supplement with a sunlamp. Does the view from the window inspire? If not, hang a chic succulent and other plants; make a small windowsill altar with crystals and soulful objects. Organize loose objects and paper into matching, decorative boxes, too. You’ll be amazed by the difference a touch of luxe can make. You’re a charmer with Venus here—making the next four months key for wooing clients and getting in good with the execs in corporate. Socializing may become a necessary part of your job. Even if it isn’t, let your friendly nature rule. Going to work every day will be far more pleasant when you have a few BFFs to eat lunch with or meet for happy hour!

Cue the Kendrick Lamar. It’s an “I love myself” kind of week for Archers! On Tuesday, June 2 the annual Sagittarius full moon brings a surge of self-authorized confidence your way. But as you spread your wings and prepare to soar, you may realize that certain people are uncomfortable with your live-out-loud nature. Get ready: This full moon locks into a complicated T-square (a three-way battle) with hazy Neptune in your family zone and the aggressive Sun and Mars in your house of relationships. Feedback from your inner circle—relatives and romantic partners especially—could be less than enthusiastic early this week.

Take an honest look: Did you fail to check in with them before racing to the edge of the cliff—or even exclude them from your planning process altogether? Wounded feelings could crop up as a result of your insensitivity. Hey, you weren’t trying to leave them out; you were simply so excited that you hit the launch button. Some recon work may be necessary to bring your inner circle on board with your vision quest. But then again, Sagittarius, you can’t let other people’s fears control you. Maybe you actually need a little more room to breathe—to develop your interests without worrying about pleasing anyone else. Or maybe you’re a little too bogged down in playing Best Supporting to your peeps. If you’ve spoiled your loved ones, they’ll have to deal with the fact that there’s a new sheriff in town. You could afford to be a little more demanding during this full moon’s influence, which lingers on until the June 11 new moon. Flip the script and ask a relative, close friend or partner to help you out for a change. And while you’re rightfully annoyed, try to ask nicely, Archer, and not get into a huff if they can’t accommodate your wishes right away.

On Friday, it’s all aboard the pleasure cruise! Charming, romantic Venus switches signs, heading into Leo and your adventurous ninth house until October 8. This is an unusually long Venus cycle—normally she chills in a sign for a month’s time. But due to a retrograde from July 31 until September 6, her stay in this zone of your chart stretches through the whole summer and half of fall. Lucky you! The ninth house is YOUR zone, the wedge of the zodiac wheel naturally associated with Sagittarius, the ninth sign. You’ll be in your element now—especially in the Venus ruled areas of life: art, beauty, fashion, love. Romantic vacation anyone? Traveling with your sweetheart will be epic this summer. That said, you might consider the retrograde dates of July 31 to September 6 a blackout, UNLESS you’re returning to a place you’ve visited before. No matter where on Planet Earth you’re stationed, you’ll feel a sense of expansiveness about love. For some Archers that could show up as a desire for more: more time together, more dates, more partners. You’ll certainly have a healthy appetite for love. Don’t rush to slap an exclusivity clause onto a relationship. You might enjoy being single for the summer, or giving yourself room to explore some new types. Cross-cultural connections simmer with extra spice; anything “different” will appeal to your senses.

The ninth house governs education and you could become Cupid’s ace pupil between now and October 8. No doubt your bookshelf is already stocked with titles from the Self Help and Relationship sections. Take it to the experiential plane with a sensuality workshop. Learn how to ignite your own libido and life force energy through tantric breathing or kundalini yoga. A couple’s retreat could be super stimulating, too. Some Sagittarians could meet a mate through a spiritual community or a discussion group. Getting philosophical is a turn-on now. Hello, beautiful mind!

Make it rain, Scorpio! Your money mojo heats up this week, as Tuesday’s full moon in Sagittarius sets your income zone on fire. News could come in about a job offer, or a prestigious client could sign with you. If you’ve been going the freelance route, this full moon could prompt you to find a steadier gig—either in the form of a regular retainer contract or an actual corporate job. Even if you’re happily ensconced in your 9-5, there should be sweet signs of progress in the wake of this full moon. One thing’s for sure: Financial security is integral to your peace of mind. And while your resourceful sign can live on a shoestring (and somehow even manage to save), it’s always nice when there’s some cream to skim off the top. With this full moon locked into a tense T-square (three-way tug of war) with murky Neptune in your luxury house and the aggravating Sun and Mars in your investment zone, you need to think big picture. Beyond the basics, what are you goals for saving—and also ENJOYING—the cash you work so hard for? Draft a couple lists: one for long-term, security-based purchases like a house or a business start-up fund and another for the pleasurable extras like a trip to Paris or a go-to black dress for the summer from your favorite designer’s collection. Having these visions mapped out gives you something to look forward to and a yardstick for measuring what you will and won’t indulge in.

When it comes to the funds you share with other people, there could be some recalibration necessary. With the Sun and Mars in the frame—both masculine forces—tension with a man could erupt. He may be holding his cards close to his vest (Neptune) or demanding that you hand over more than is rightly owed to him. Ground yourself in facts and enlist a lawyer to negotiate for you. Money could even get funny with the person who shares your bed. Your different ways of spending and saving will need to be talked through. There are endless ways you can handle this situation, even creating separate bank accounts for yourselves if merging has caused more conflict than camaraderie.

On Friday, social, romantic Venus switches signs, moving out of cozy Cancer and into glamorous Leo until October 8. For the next four months, she will grace your tenth house of prestige, lending her gracious beams to your career ambitions. If you’re an artist or musician, your work could be monetized between now and October, a definite reward for all that you’ve put into it. Power lunch on the rooftop deck, anyone? Socializing and networking are pretty much one and the same this spring, summer and early fall. You might even join an elite, “members only” group that lets you rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in your town. Spring for the yacht club fee or the Hamptons summer share, why don’t ya? That would be an investment that pays off, Scorpio, since building strong connections with influential people will help YOU get ahead. Venus’s tour of Leo and your tenth house is a longer-than-usual one. Normally, she hovers in a sign for a month’s time. But due to a retrograde that lasts from July 31 to September 6, that stay is extended. So you’ll have plenty of time to work that magic and glide gracefully into a new league.

Venus rules romance and your summer love forecast could bring a power couple matchup. Scan the suit-and-tie crowd—even if they are an odd pairing for your black leather and body-con dress M.O. Hey, you can hold your own, Scorpio, no matter what crowd you’re a part of! Accomplishment is an aphrodisiac with Venus here and you’ll appreciate being with someone who shares your (secret?) desire for world domination. If you’re already attached, the summer could bring an opportunity to go into business with your boo. While this might be a killer idea, don’t leave anything in the grey zone or there could be trouble in paradise when Venus flips into retrograde from July 31 to September 6. The line between business and pleasure may blur for some Scorpios. Be cautiously optimistic if a coworker crush evolves. As long as the spark has potential to build into a real blaze, this could be worth pursuing. Slowly.

It’s a matter of trust for you this week, Taurus. On Tuesday, June 2 the full moon in Sagittarius lights up your eighth house of binding agreements, shared resources and soul-baring intimacy. Were you about to sign on the dotted line? Give a relationship an exclusivity clause? Before you devote yourself to anyone or anything, make SURE that you’re sure by reading the fine print. What you get yourself into this week won’t be easy to back out of—and hey, maybe that’s a good thing! But do run the background checks, as this full moon will lock into a T-square (or a three-way battle royale) with shadowy Neptune in your house of teamwork and an aggressive Sun-Mars duo in your money sector. If you’re borrowing money or receiving an investment, clarify the terms and repayment schedule to the letter. Even if you’ve been in a long-term relationship for years, this would be a smart week to check in. In addition to doing the requisite financial planning, have an honest talk about your future wishes. With fantasy-fueled Neptune in the frame you might just discover some hidden desires buried in your partner’s bucket list—ones that would be amazing to explore together. And yes, these musings could fall in the erotic category as this full moon charges up your seductive powers. Ready to get your groove back? Chemistry that’s been bubbling could explode into a bodice-ripping all-nighter before the week is through.

On Friday, Venus the cosmic creatrix switches signs, heading into Leo and your domestic fourth house until October 8. Usually, Venus will visit a sign for about a month’s time. But due to a retrograde from July 31 to September 6, she’ll bring her enchanted beams to this part of your chart for four times as long. Fire up those home decor Pinterest boards and start sourcing materials and design ideas for your space. The interiors bug bites now and you could turn your living quarters into a breathtaking sanctuary. Just wait until Mercury turns direct on June 11 to swing any hammers or select wallpaper patterns—your design decisions will be much sounder then. Do you already love where you live? Break out the martini glasses and serving platters then. You’re the host with the most when you put your planning powers to work. Chez Taurus could become the lively nucleus for spring and summer socializing. Reconnect with relatives, childhood friends and your #girlgang as Venus blesses these relationships with extra joy.

Venus governs love, so Bulls could go into serious nesting mode. Talks about cohabitation will be graceful and fun. If you already live with your sweetie, you’ll enjoy more private time—and if you have a family together, bonding with your brood will be blissful. Ready to play “Meet The Parents?” Introductions will go well with Venus here; you might just be adopted into the clan. Single? Give the nice guys a chance! Your girlfriends—even your mother(!)—could play a successful hand of matchmaker. Don’t protest when they offer to fix you up.

During Venus retrograde (July 31 to September 6), however, there could be a few snags. Prune the difficult branches of the family tree from your plans because you won’t have the patience for their disruptive drama. If you’re renovating, try to get the contractors moving before August. Not loving where you live? Don’t put off the search for a more enjoyable address too long. Ideally, you’ll be in your new space by July 31—or else we recommend waiting until September 6 to start the search again. Lovers could butt heads about where to live or how to keep the house clean, so don’t let diplomacy go out the window just because Venus is driving in reverse.

La famiglia. Your posse, your clan, your DNA-sharing tribe. This Tuesday, June 2 a full moon in Sagittarius activates your personal fourth house putting your inner circle in the spotlight. When was the last time you phoned home, Virgo? Don’t wait another minute to reconnect with relatives who keep popping into your mind—especially the supportive ones. Old friends, too. It’s a win-win: Those heartwarming FaceTime sessions will bring high vibes your way. Unfortunately, this full moon won’t be all sunshine and roses. Some static interference comes from elusive Neptune in your relationship sector and a stressful Sun-Mars duo in your career zone. They’ll assemble into a T-square (three-way battle) with la luna on Tuesday, forcing you to deal with the less-enjoyable aspects of your domestic life. If a family feud’s been brewing in the background you could find people taking sides or being quite aggressive about trying to pull you into their drama. Remaining “Switzerland” could piss off people whose allegiance you want (your mother’s, even!). But don’t go against your own values just to placate the ones you love. This won’t heal anything. Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Support the squabbling parties in working towards a compromise.

Are you ready to purchase property or put your home up for sale? Or maybe sign a lease in an apartment that is better suited to Virgo 2015? The T-square could push you to move faster than you desire. Change is in the air, so pack that past-the-expiration-date roommate into a U-Haul, or call the mortgage banker daily (or hourly) until you get him on the line! If you’re happy with your home, some rearranging may be in order. What’s most important to you now: Space to unfurl your yoga mat for morning asanas? A home office area that doesn’t feel cramped? Form follows function! (A concept brewed by a Virgo, in fact…modernist architect Louis Sullivan.) Before you start ordering sheepskin throws from One Kings Lane, spec out the purpose of each corner of your home and maybe even consult a Feng Shui bagua map for positioning purposes. Has life been making it hard for you to find a single moment to breathe? Sanctuary time is essential to keeping your tightly wound nervous system at equilibrium. The T-square could push you to put up healthier boundaries with your love interest and your colleagues. Kill the martyr vibes and make sure you have adequate assistance for getting your job done well!

On Friday, love planet Venus flows into Leo for four months, landing in your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Rose-colored glasses? Check. Your erotic life could become quite poetic between now and October 8. Surrender to the chemistry that is bubbling with a certain someone, even if they are more of a seasonal indulgence than a happily-ever-after candidate. Virgos in relationships will be a lot more experimental. Tear a page from signmate Beyonce’s files and keep things spicy with your own version of her visual album. Take a tantric workshop, pole dancing lessons, or go tango-ing together. Above all else, clear some whitespace in your calendar so you can be relaxed and receptive when your partner makes a move.

The twelfth house is also the zone of healing, helping you release relationships that are no longer serving you. Venus is gracious and diplomatic, so you don’t have to slam the door in anyone’s face. Gently untangle yourself—but DO set a deadline for the goodbye. Venus lingers in Leo until October 8, four times the usual time she stays in one sign. She’ll make a brief visit to Virgo from July 18 to 31, which might be an ideal window for the farewell. From July 31 to September 6, Venus will be retrograde in Leo, which supports deep healing, mourning and letting go. Working with an energy healer can help you cut psychic cords and remove other people’s residual energy from your field by the fall.