Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for June 15-19

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive,” Joseph Campbell said. And with Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini activating our joie-de-vivre, it’s time to make that experience fuller, richer and more exhilarating. Passion planet Mars will sit right alongside the new moon, pumping up the vivre-volume further. Maybe you’ve scrawled out a bucket list or simply can’t stop thinking about giving a new activity a try. Carpe diem! Gemini energy loves to dabble: Hey, you never know how you’ll REALLY feel until you give things a try, right? This is the week to stick more than a few toes in the water. No need to fully commit, not until you’ve “tasted the rainbow.” By the corresponding full moon in Gemini on November 25, anything worth pursuing wholeheartedly will be obvious.

Track for soul twins! Gemini is the sign of the dynamic duos and the new moon-Mars merger prompts us to recruit for that missing puzzle piece. While opposites might attract, limit this week’s search to kindred spirits. Nothing will feel better than finding people who truly understand us and tread on common ground. Warning: Gemini is the communication sign and with feisty Mars in the frame, we could get a little carried away with our, er, enthusiasm for new ideas. Pay attention to the audience and make sure they are engaged before unloading a diatribe or obsessive gushing about the amazing new idea or group you just discovered. Don’t forget that listening is even more important than impressing people with clever quips!

The summer solstice is on Sunday, June 21—which officially kicks off the Sun’s monthlong tour of emo Cancer. As the longest, lightest day of the year, this is a powerful moment of personal illumination. With Cancer’s solar flares shooting into the softest, most sentimental parts of our hearts, we could wrap up the weekend with some true confessions. Write that “I Heart You” in the sand; hand deliver an old school love note to the one you adore. Or simply have a sit-down with your journal and dedicate Sunday to tracking the wisdom of your heart. Creative bursts could give birth to transcendent works of art. Plant yourself somewhere that inspires you on Sunday and be a vessel for the muse. The Sun hangs out in Cancer until July 22, putting our personal lives in the spotlight. Reconnect with relatives and your inner circle: Hello, family-reunion-time perfection! Home should be a haven, so get those summer projects like painting and gardening underway. There’s still time left in a later planting cycle to grow your own edibles or at least pop some colorful blossoms in a window box.

Calling all kindred spirits! This Tuesday, June 16 the annual new moon in Gemini activates your dynamic duo zone. Like a social butterfly bursting out of the cocoon, you’ll feel like a total “people person” again. Of course, no one is messing with an Aries’ sacred “me time.” But consider carving out a few new slots in your schedule for mingling with the other kids on Planet Earth. Someone you encounter this week could have BFF or future business partner written all over ‘em. The third house governs the local scene so you could bump into your soul twins in the neighborhood hotspots. Just don’t leave it up to chance. Plant yourself in scenarios where you could actually meet like-minded souls. Motivating yourself to get out and network won’t be hard. Your cosmic ruler Mars will sit at the same degree of Gemini as the new moon, charging you up with confidence. You’ll charm people, no doubt, but you’ll also come on strong—so be careful not to overwhelm the introverts or slower-to-action types. But hey, if you do, that’s kinda THEIR problem, isn’t it? Raise the bar and let them elevate—but be patient, since most people can’t keep up with your supersonic pace. Maybe you already know the person who fits the “other half” bill. Your connection to a friend, sibling, neighbor or coworker could evolve into a more formal collab now. Circle November 25—the date of the FULL moon in Gemini—as the manifestation deadline for any projects you begin together now.

How’s your communication style, Aries: Are people catching your drift lately…or have you fallen short of pitch perfect? Gemini governs your communication zone, so this new moon-Mars combo—along with the Sun and Mercury (also in Gemini this week)—puts you in assertiveness training camp. Some Aries can actually be quite soft-spoken and guarded at first. Others among you charge in like a bull in a china shop. There’s a middle ground between passive and aggressive and this is the week to nail it. A subtle (or seismic) shift in the way you introduce yourself can turn on your co-star attractor light. Want to learn how to have them at hello? Check out, and get trained on making an entrance and leaving an awesome impression by a professional scene-stealer.

On Sunday, gussy up the guest room and put a leaf in the dinner table. The Sun decamps to Cancer and your fourth house until July 22, putting you on the friends-and-family plan. Get cozy! Even the zodiac’s go-getter needs a moment to rest. This is your downtempo chill time, Aries, and there really is no place like home. The decor bug is bound to bite. Collect ideas on Pinterest or get a renovation project underway. The fourth house rules cooking, so you’ll probably be spending a lot more time in the kitchen. Might as well make it a stylish oasis with these savvy tips from The Decorista. You’ll love playing host to relatives and people who knew you back in the day. Feed yourself a steady “soul food” diet of slumber parties and overnight getaways with your nearest and dearest. Although you’re a fire sign, water soothes the savage Ram between now and July 22. Toss your beach clothes in a bag and retreat to your friend’s cottage or a sweet little rental on the shore. A few days away (or heck, this weekend) will be downright restorative. Keep your antennae up for powerful women: Cancer rules the feminine realm and some amazing ladies could help you ascend over the coming four weeks.

Are you ready for your close-up, Aquarius? The spotlight is yours this week as Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini electrifies your fifth house of fame, flamboyance and off-the-charts romance. Adding to the excitement, this new moon blossoms at the same degree of Gemini as passionate Mars. Shrinking violets, switch up your game plan! The world is clamoring for what you have to offer. And while you may indeed be “discovered” by a random influencer, don’t leave it up to chance. Both the energy of a new moon AND go-getter Mars respond well to personal initiative. Under this starpowered influence, you shouldn’t hesitate to self-promote. That Instagram you post or email you send out could start a buzz—one that builds into major results by the corresponding full moon this November 25. Audiences are hungry for your brand of authentic, audacious creativity. To fully play the part, you might opt for a makeover or wardrobe upgrade. Get rid of anything remotely “ratchet” and upgrade to strappy maxi dresses and colorful espadrille sandals that are walkable and chic. If the well of inspiration has run dry, the new moon-Mars combo will flood you with new ideas. Make it your mission to soak up as much creative juice as you can this week: Download music (and watch the videos for some styling ideas), try new fitness classes and read blogs of people who are doing work that you admire.

If you’re looking for new love, la luna will refresh your feed with some bright new candidates. This infusion of sultry self-confidence has you as the object of, oh, everyone’s affections. Yes, this is an exciting new beginning for your love life, either with a new interest or a rekindled connection. When you look good you feel good—a solid mantra when planets light up your fifth house—more reason to treat yourself to a few summer pieces that truly express your style. Take the lead in your love life, too. Fortune favors the bold this week. That might even mean bringing up a taboo topic—the one you keep sweeping under the rug for fear of a conflict. Lovers’ quarrels don’t have to get heated or dramatic (although feisty Mars can raise the temperature quickly this week). Aim for “proactive.” Ideally, what do you want the outcome to be? Paint the picture to your amour instead of harping on what’s NOT happening…yet.

As the week wraps, you become a healthier hedonist. The Sun heads into Cancer for a month this Sunday, activating your work and wellbeing zone until July 22. Lap swims in the saltwater pool? Sailing lessons? Your sign is naturally sporty and you could find a new activity that helps you stay fit and cool simultaneously this summer. You may decide to revamp your eating habits or perhaps replace a few of those watermelon margaritas with cold-pressed juice. Your professional life also gets a boost from this solar phase, which brings an advisory warning to “work smarter, not harder.” Pump up your efficiency level and go digital if you’re shuffling through stacks of paper and Post-It notes. A cleanup mission can revolutionize the way you work if you create savvy storage systems so everything has a place. Delegate or outsource to free up time for truly meaningful tasks. Maybe it’s time to hire that assistant already, Aquarius—or BE the assistant if you want to break ground on a new industry. Roll up your sleeves and pay your dues now, and in a month you could be well on your way to a new income source.

Welcome to baggage claim, Cancer. This week is all about dealing with those demons you’ve been dragging around for too long. Make it your mission to be done with them! Or at least much further removed. On Tuesday, June 16 the new moon in Gemini electrifies your twelfth house of healing and completions. Grab your sword and go into battle! Gladiator Mars will be at the same degree of Gemini as the new moon, giving you the courage you need to face (and fight down) those fears. The Sun and communicator Mercury are also in Gemini this week, making it easier to talk about what’s troubling you instead of keeping it hidden behind that thick shell of yours. This is THE moment: The one where you stick up for yourself and set firm boundaries with people who have mistaken you for a doormat. Issue an ultimatum, if it’s come to that, and prepare to make good on this final warning shot. Walking away from troubling circumstances could be your only choice. But you know in your gut if someone is truly toxic or just a little troubled. Let “codependent no more!” be your battle cry this week. By refusing to hold people accountable, you are doing THEM an injustice. As hard as it is for a nurturer like you to watch loved ones struggle, they’ll never learn to fly if you keep swooping in for the save. Enlist a Sherpa if this journey is too daunting: therapists, coaches, holistic healers and the like provide a confidence boost as you learn to stick up for yourself.

Creative downloads will be nothing short of brilliant this week. Keep your capture-tools handy for these divinely inspired downloads: sketchpads, audio recorders, notebook apps. Have you been dying to take guitar lessons, train with a painting instructor or work with a vocal coach? Sign up for a session and see if you’d enjoy it. When the corresponding full moon in Gemini rolls around this November 25, you could be on your way to virtuoso status. But don’t let that be your goal. Make art for arts sake. You never know: That pole-dancing studio could become your personal church as you set your soul free.

Put the bubbly on ice this weekend! And while you’re at it, order a couple dozen buttercream-frosted cupcakes from the decadent boulangerie. Your birthday time officially begins as the Sun heads into Cancer from Sunday to July 22. We all have drama, but like Taylor Swift, you are so ready to shake it off and move the @#$% on! Good news: Life will feel lighter, brighter and far more exciting as the weekend wraps. With The Festival Of Cancer underway, you have permission to be self-focused instead of playing nurse, therapist and adult babysitter to the people in your world. It’s not that you shouldn’t be helpful, of course. But keep dialing back the sacrifices. As you tend to your own bliss bubble, everyone around you benefits in response. Sure, they might grumble when you initially cut them off, but four weeks from now you’ll be a shining example of self-care whom they can’t help but admire. Pick up the ball on your passion projects—the ones you shelved to help other people realize their dreams. Sign up for the weekend workshops, girlfriend getaways and other restorative adventures that you’ve been putting off. Your romantic relationships will actually benefit from a little more autonomy now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, provided you spend your solo time on self-development instead of waiting for the phone to ring. The more you indulge in that which lights your fire, the more attractive you become. For a savvy take on this concept, watch Esther Perel’s widely-circulated TED talk on maintaining desire in a long-term relationship.

Ready, set, organize! Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini sends a shockwave through your sixth house of efficiency, turning your attention to the messier areas of life. You’ve been a busy bee this year, both literally AND emotionally thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in the most therapeutic zones of your chart. But the excess objects that have piled up are starting to take up psychic space. With aggravating Mars sitting at the same degree as this new moon, you could literally feel anxious, pissed off or annoyed for “no reason.” The culprit? Too much “stuff and things!” Tap the wisdom of Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo who authored The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. Her ceremonial, celebratory approach to decluttering will make you think of your cleanup mission as a sacred ritual rather than a dreaded chore. Sort by category and keep only objects that “spark joy,” she suggests. And while you may already be a minimalist, Capricorn, you might find her folding techniques fascinating or be inspired to set up a shrine on your top shelves to bring more soul into your space.

The sixth house governs healthy habits—and with the Sun, Mars and Mercury already here, it’s just one more prompt to get your glow on. You are what you eat…and consume, so pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth and your head. From sugar-laden foods to limiting beliefs about yourself, clear the decks of these crash-and-burn influences. Instead, pick up a pair of 5lb hand weights and a great motivational book (uh, like the one on tidying up). Earthy Capricorns are known for their stamina AND a love of the great outdoors. Take your fitness regimen al fresco or your paperback to a comfy poolside lounger.

The new moon could bring word about a job offer or an opening to rise through the ranks at your current 9-5. And with high-achiever Mars pushing you along, put even more effort into that “next steps” mission. What would make rolling out of bed each morning a more exciting proposition? A concerted, step-by-step effort can get you there by the full moon on November 25. If you’re feeling stumped, work with a coach to discern your plan of action. Start developing a business plan if you want to be your own boss. While you don’t have to quit your day job right now, know that your ruling planet Saturn is steadily inching towards Capricorn (where it will hang from December 19, 2017 to December 18, 2020). While this is still a more distant vista, your goal-oriented sign loves to mark the calendar already and look ahead. Know that this three-year phase will set you on a brand new 28-year path! So get the prep work going, even if the only thought you have is, how can I create a happier work-play balance in my life?

The answer to that may lie in embracing the power of partnership. With the sun blazing into Cancer and your seventh house of relationships from Sunday through July 22, you’re ready to join forces in every area of life. Opposites attract! Search for people who can skillfully pick up where you leave off. Need to do some recruiting? Rather than doing a random search, tap your social network for connections. Your female friends, heck even your mother, could know just the person to introduce you to. Existing relationships deepen as well. Add an exclusivity clause to a casual dating situation, or clear the decks of the lame “Tinderonis” and make space for people who can go the distance with you.

Happy Cosmic New Year! This Tuesday, June 16 the annual new moon in Gemini refreshes your internal feed and renews your optimistic spirits. With the radiant Sun, expressive Mercury and go-getter Mars also in Gemini this week, you’re basically unstoppable. Dedicate an hour on Tuesday for sacred “me time.” Sit down and reflect on what you’d like to leave behind. Then, map out goals you’d like to achieve by the Gemini FULL moon on November 25. You’re always thinking of others, Gemini, but this is YOUR new moon, so focus on Numero Uno. What talents and interests do you want to develop? How do you want to grow over the coming six months? If the words aren’t flowing, make a vision board instead. Clip images from that stack of gorgeously designed magazines you’ve collected or even photography books that you don’t mind cutting up. As you piece them together on tag board, your deepest desires could materialize right before your eyes. Who knew you wanted THAT so badly? Delight in the surprises your own subconscious reveals.

It’s also time to say a final sayonara to the past—from the bad romances to emotional baggage and the limiting beliefs that held you captive and confined. You’ll find it easier to close doors now. If you can’t bolt, begin developing your exit strategy so you can gracefully flit off by the Gemini full moon on November 25. Your adventurous spirit is seriously stoked. Set off on an independent mission—or at least one that you start without feedback from outside sources. It’s time to make a name for yourself, beyond being part of a dream team or dynamic duo, Gemini.

On Sunday, you’ll feel like your platform sandals are planted back on solid ground. The Sun moves into Cancer for a month, restoring calm to your universe. Although this is officially the end of your 2015 birthday party, you will welcome the grounded, centered groove. You had a zillion great ideas while the Sun toured Gemini for the past four weeks. Now it’s time to do some sorting: Which of these will actually be feasible, affordable, and enjoyable to pull off? Crunch the numbers, map out the timelines and do some 101 project-management. Facts must take precedence over fancy between now and July 22, so if you catch yourself making unconfirmed assertions, change your tune to, “Let me get back to you on that.” Research may reveal that you need to start with a dialed down Version 1.0 of your master plan. That’s okay, Gemini. Start simply and you can add the bells and whistles as you evolve. With the Sun in Cancer, all things aquatic will have a soothing effect. Take your workouts to the water: Swim laps in the pool, take surfing lessons, help crew a sailboat for the summer. Setting up a small fountain in your bedroom can bring restful sleep. Your work life will pick up pace and you could have your hands full with maintaining projects that got started in late spring. Key to your sanity? Setting up savvy systems and lifehacks so you can work smarter, not harder. If you’re on the hunt for new work, circulate your resume and call up the recruiters. You could be gainfully employed or vaulted into a more prominent position by July 22!

OMG, you’re, like, totally popular, Leo! (Or certainly soon to be!) Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini buzzes through your electric eleventh house of teamwork and collaboration. New you, new crew? You’re hungry for some fresh faces; to connect with people who share your current interests. Start sniffing out unexplored scenes, both online and in real time. And talk to strangers, Leo! You could make a kismet connection with a crew who become your summer festival entourage or beach buddies…or maybe even your meditation circle soul tribe. With go-getter Mars sitting at the same degree of Gemini as this new moon, you’ll also gravitate towards the movers and shakers. They might be pounding the pavement with their professional hustle and flow…or with their crosstrainers. Group fitness classes will inspire you to stay active this summer, a bonding experience that brings the bonus of an endorphin rush. While kindred spirits come out of the woodwork, remember that you have to do your part, too. Stop making sporadic cameos. When you find a group that speaks to your soul, become an official member or take on a leadership role. Consistency lays the groundwork for intimacy.

Since the eleventh house rules technology, this is also prime time to set a digital idea in motion, like developing an app or trademarking an invention. Swift moves now could manifest into bona fide results around the November 25 full moon. Spend time this week polishing up your social media profiles. Take down the blurry snapshots and check out the great mobile camera accessories on Photojojo, like the Pocket Spotlight to illuminate shots in the dark or the lens kit that fits right onto an iPhone for funky fisheye effects. You of all people know the power of visuals. Use the images on your Instagram feed and Facebook timeline as a gateway to inviting people to learn more about your many gifts. And hey, any excuse to pose for a photo shoot, right, Leo?

Starting Sunday, you’ll also need your RDA of chill time. The Sun decamps to Cancer and your twelfth house of rejuvenation until July 22, helping you recharge your dangerously low batteries. Consider the next four weeks preparation for your birthday season: What loose ends do you need to tie up from your 2014-15 year of life? What issues do you need to drop off at Emotional Baggage Claim…permanently? This unfinished business is dragging you down, Leo. And while dealing with it doesn’t exactly appeal to your sunny personality, hitting Ignore is like inviting in storm clouds. Take a hard look—and maybe enlist a therapist or coach as your Sherpa for this journey. Accepting your shadow side (we ALL have them) is the gateway to wholeness. Over the coming month, take lots of bubble baths, beach trips and disco naps—with amazing playlists soothing you into sweet, Spotified slumber. When your energy is restored, dive into a decluttering mission. Bag up unused possessions for the Goodwill and sell the moneymakers on eBay. Scan your space for objects that stir up unpleasant memories, too. The sentimental value is not worth much if they also trigger a mixed bag of emotions. Pack them away and give your reptilian brain a rest from the stress. In addition to a ginormous sun hat, you’ll also be rocking the rose-colored glasses for the next four weeks. This fantasy-fueled month helps you see people in an idealized light. Summer loving could happen so fast…but will it actually last? Sometimes a kiss really IS just a kiss. Time will tell, but run the background checks. Focus on who they are now, so you don’t fall in love with someone’s potential that may, or may not, really actualize.

Hello, sunshine! Your trademark optimism comes beaming back this Tuesday, as the new moon in Gemini pulses through your positive, proactive ninth house. Ready to take on the world again? With can-do Mars at the same degree as this new moon, the answer is a resounding yes! Possibilities seem limitless so vision-quest on! (Yep, even if you have no idea HOW you’ll accomplish these lofty plans.) The power of positive thinking is undeniable, Libra. Keep your mind trained on the bright side—not in a Pollyanna way, but with the determination to figure out how to trek from Point A to Point Z. The ninth house governs education and this new moon gets you eager to learn all the processes involved in your evolution. Enroll in a one-day workshop, certification training or even a degree program to build your skill set. If you’re a go-getter in business, this enterprising new moon could find you launching a side venture, one with potential to blossom into something major. Set intentions and take action toward your goals; then get set for things to unfold over the next six months and manifest on November 25—the date of the corresponding full moon in Gemini. The golden rule, Libra, is to think bigger than you’ve ever thought. Don’t naysay as your default. Instead, open your mind.

Keep the WhatsApp notifications turned on. A long-distance opportunity could pop up courtesy of this new moon. Have you dreamed of doing a semester in the London office or traveling more for work? Begin exploring now. And with the shadow of Mercury retrograde passing completely by Sunday, you can safely start putting your summer vacation plans into place. Sure you may have your go-to festivals and beach escapes mapped out, but cast a wider net. Visit an unexplored corner of the world, one where the culture has always fascinated you. Who knows? You could become an adopted citizen of a small surf town or the unofficial mayor of Ibiza 2015. With your charming personality and genuine interest in what makes other people tick, people just fall in love with you, Libra. Need to save up for your passport-required pilgrimage? Start setting aside funds this week; even have the funds auto-transferred from your paycheck (if you don’t see them, you won’t miss them). Remember to circle November 25 at the Gemini full moon as the time to embark on your soul-enriching sojourn.

But wherever wanderlust leads you, make sure you have a cell phone signal for the coming four weeks. On Sunday your ambitious tenth house is activated as the Sun heads into Cancer until July 22. You could be traveling for business or to scope out moneymaking possibilities: While other people are relaxing by the pool, you’ll be planning mergers and acquisitions—or lounging avec laptop, getting work done in the sun. Schedule power lunches at outdoor bistros and evening meetings on chic roof decks. While you enjoy working in partnerships, a leadership position calls your name during this solar-powered month. No apologies: If you want to grow, you’ll have to delegate. Here’s where that Libra charm comes in handy again. Use those people skills to gracefully hand off assignments, ensuring that no one in your realm feels like a minion. Business is about relationships, too, so devote the next four weeks to strategic networking with the movers and shakers in your field. The tenth house rules all things dude-centric, so men will be the major players in this game. Lady Libras can smash through the glass ceiling—or in your case, smoothly glide into the boys’ club—and take your rightful place alongside them.

Does your space feel sacred, Pisces? When you open the door to your home, your bedroom, or your workspace, you want the vibes to be peaceful, inviting and pleasing to the eye. Most Pisces have no problem figuring out this equation. When it’s time to decorate, your natural creativity just shines. With Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini activating your domestic zone, you’ll feel motivated to make some improvements to Casa Pisces. If you’re set in the overstuffed pillows department, perhaps you just need a little more privacy—a place where you can get all rainbows-and-unicorns without anyone disturbing your glitter-bombed groove. If that’s the case, consider building yourself a She Shed, the female alternative to a Man Cave. (And Pisces men reading this, you might just update to a Pub Shed or maybe a Sonic Shed for listening to or recording music.) If you’ve been pondering a move, this new moon prompts you to start scouting out a new address. A word to the wise: Excitement-junkie Mars is sitting at the same degree as this new moon and could make you jump the gun. Shop around, even if you feel like placing a deposit on the first cozy pad you see (unless, of course, your intuition is absolutely screaming, “This is it!).

Already love where you live? Play host. There’s always a bonus benefit when you reconnect to old friends or relatives you’re dying to get back in touch with. Intimate conversations with people who knew you “back when” buoys your spirit. Invite them over for one of your legendary home cooked dinners—slumber party add-on a plus! If things have been rocky on the family front, this new moon could bring some sweet relief. Perhaps there are just too many domestic demands for you to keep pace with. (Calgon moment, anyone?) Hold your relatives and roommates accountable for loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash, too. And if you live alone, how about hiring a housekeeper, if only to give Chez Pisces a good deep clean? A key relationship with a woman could also be healed now. Take her out for a celebratory brunch and toast your new chapter over Belgian waffles and mimosas.

But don’t worry, Pisces, you won’t morph into a total shut-in: The Sun swoops into Cancer and your fifth house of fame, passion and romance from Sunday until July 22, bringing some “lights, camera, action” moments your way. Like fellow Pisces, Rihanna, you’ll “shine bright like a diamond” during this solar powered spell. Get ready for your walk of fame. Prominent people will have their eyes on you. The next four weeks are THE time to bring the wow factor. Wardrobe! Styling! When you look good, you feel good—especially when so many eyes are on you. Make a budget for some pretty summer staples, and a bit of pampering, too. Your love life also gets a cosmic boost; in fact, your Summer Of Love is now officially underway. Whether single or spoken for, take the lead in affairs of the heart—it’s your turn to set the wheels in motion. The fifth house rules fertility. Got babies (or puppies) on the brain? Spending time with cute, cuddly little things gives you a chance to express your creativity. You might decide to start trying for a bambino of your own or scope out four-legged adoptees. Cupid AND the muse are calling for your attention now, so if it’s not an actual child, you are due to give birth to a creative brainchild by July 22.

Ready, aim, release! Archers aren’t the only arrow-slingers making waves this week. On Tuesday June 16, Cupid unloads a quiver of ‘em, marked with your name! With the new moon in Gemini and your seventh house of committed relationships, swap some of that hardcore independence for a taste of twosome time. Dip your toe into the dating pool, single Sagittarians. With the right person (read: someone who respects your individuality and autonomy), you’ll hear tolling bells of freedom—and maybe wedding bells—when you think about joining forces. If your fingers are sore from right swiping, take a break from Tinder. Getting involved with groups of like-minded people might be a better option for your inner pick-up artist. (Or, if you live in LA, try this astrology-based dating app:!) A word to the wise: Instead of instantly putting people on pedestals, make a point of getting know the full human picture. As a romantic idealist, you can crash from disappointment when people fail to live up to the dream of perfection you project onto them. We know you want “the ultimate” in everything, but you’re still dealing with beautifully flawed mortals, Sag!

If you’re already attached, this new moon bumps your bond to the next level—and in a totally sexy way. Passionate Mars will sit at the same degree of Gemini as this new moon, adding heat. Make time during the workweek for some tantric twosome time. Mars can be feisty—a warrior even—so watch that temper and your sharp tongue. Your truth bombs could start an epic battle with one of your closest allies if you detonate without thinking. Of course, sometimes it takes a lover’s quarrel to melt the icy vibes of a cold war. Don’t hold in your true sentiments. Just tweak ‘em with tact. Or perhaps you feel inspired to take your relationship to the next level. Maybe it’s time to move in together, get engaged, join forces on a business project, or simply lay all your cards on the picnic blanket (avec wine and cheese, of course). And take heart if amour doesn’t get off to a galloping pace: The seeds you sow this week will manifest in six months, under the light of the Gemini FULL moon on November 25.

This Sunday, Cupid’s aims only get sharper. Your charms will be supersized when the Sun heads into Cancer and your seductive, powerful eighth house until July 22. “Magnetic” doesn’t begin to describe you now, Archer, so be careful what you wish for. The people you draw into your orbit over the coming four weeks won’t be in any hurry to leave. Keep that red velvet rope raised and only invite in partners who can give as good as they get. In love, your connections could bring that mind-body-spirit synergy you crave—hello, soulmate! This solar phase keeps building on what Tuesday’s new moon started. If you’re attached, you could entwine your resources in new ways, co-creating a business, joining your bank accounts, purchasing property, getting married. You’ll feel sexier than usual, but a lot more possessive. Don’t ignore the prompts of the green-eyed monster because your intuition is as sharp as your sex appeal. But there’s a tendency to overreact so it’s probably NOT what you’re thinking. Find out the real story before you fling accusations. Or, someone could put dollars behind your dreams, like an investor or larger company that funds a project for you. This is a time for creating wealth for yourself and dreaming up passive income streams. Buh-bye, 9-5 grind. You’ll need more private time between now and July 22. Slip off to create, meditate, and process feelings that arise—they’ll be more intense than usual. Gather your confidantes: trusted people who will keep your secrets and can hold a sacred dialogue. If you get a case of the moody blues, creativity is cathartic. Make art for art’s sake and you could tap into a line of inspiration that you monetize later.

Sexy is a Scorpio’s favorite four-letter word, whether you’re cultivating your signature look (leather, sheer panels, lace…black, lots of black) or describing a decor scheme you imagine for your living room. Stay in that lane! This Tuesday, June 16 the new moon in Gemini electrifies your seductive and intimate eighth house replacing your spark plugs and getting you in the mood to connect. Deeply, that is. Time to prove those true rumors about Scorpios being the most erotic sign. Unleash your powers and go all in! But not with just any handsome face: You’d sooner plunge into the soulful nadirs than paddle around in the shallow end of the pool. When casting for your other half, a partner with “history” is your preference and this new moon could bring a storied candidate (or three) into the picture. Just make sure their problems aren’t insurmountable because once you commit, you’re all in. Aussie chanteuse Betty Who’s “All Of You” could seriously be your anthem.

Has your mojo been in slow-mo? Lusty Mars will be at the same degree of Gemini as the new moon, motivating you to restore your va va voom vibes. You’re nobody’s blow-up doll (or wind-up doll for that matter). You need to feel good in your own skin before you can really enjoy sharing yourself with others. Start to incorporate more movement into your daily routine to get the blood flowing to your heart (and, um, other parts). Nurture your body with healing and whole foods like green juice and organic protein. Getting grounded within your own spirit will turn you back into the happily magnetic vixen you were born to be. Perhaps you haven’t had your proper Scorpio RDA of private time. Giving yourself a little more personal space can do wonders for a relationship. And there’s always more to learn. Stoke the embers of your soul merger with a tantric workshop or even some healing sessions of couples’ therapy.

This new moon-Mars merger puts the spotlight on finances as the eighth house rules shared resources and wealth strategies. The 9-5 grind can only take you so far. Start exploring ways to make your hard-earned cash work for you, like purchasing real estate, creating products that pay you royalties, working on a percentage-based commission. A promising business partnership may emerge with someone offering to put dollars behind your dreams or vice versa. Think bigger! By the time the corresponding full moon in Gemini rolls around this November 25, your financial picture could brighten vividly.

This weekend, pull your suitcase out of cold storage and give your passport an expiration date check. The Sun blazes into Cancer and your globetrotting ninth house making a global nomad out of you until July 22. What’s next on the Wanderlust World Tour: dancing with the jetsetters at Nikki Beach, meandering through the lemon groves of Cinque Terre? Expand and explore. A rustic retreat to nature would suit you—whether you’re pitching a tent in the woods or glamping in an Airstream trailer. Stretch your horizons in the figurative sense, too: This solar-powered month is an optimal time to sign up for a life-changing workshop or develop an entrepreneurial idea. No matter where your feet are planted, mingling multiculturally brings an enticing dimension to your life. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. A “oui” could soon become a “we.”

What do you consider valuable, Taurus? As Taurus Sigmund Freud once said, “Love and work…work and love, that’s all there is.” This Tuesday, June 16 the new moon in Gemini sends a grounding pulse to your second house of security. Are you standing on a firm foundation, both materially AND emotionally? This is the week to restore equilibrium. Motivator Mars is sitting at the same degree of Gemini as the new moon, giving you a push to take care of those basics. Balance your budget and hew the excess from your spending. Review statements and cancel those redundant recurring charges you totally forgot about. (Hello, grocery money!) Although you’re ruled by decadent Venus, you can be quite thrifty, too. If you’ve tightened your belt to the point of denying yourself luxury, loosen it up a notch. A well-made practical item—crafted by a true designer’s hand—can bring you joy for years to come. If funds are there, invest in the best. In the end you might just wind up spending the same amount on cheap replacements, anyway. New sources of income can flow in with this new moon, too. Don’t wait for the fateful email to come in. Write up a job description and present it to a prospective employer or even the one who currently signs your checks. You may see a profitable niche that they haven’t even realized was there. If you serve clients, be proactive: Pitch new packages and offerings while this moon-Mars mojo buoys your courage. Circle November 25—the date of the corresponding FULL moon in Gemini—as manifestation day for any new moneymaking initiatives you start this week.

How’s your heart? This new moon is a sentimental one, but with firebrand Mars in the mix, you could also tap into some bottled up anger. Whoa, there! When you see red, you can do major damage, Bull—especially when you charge forward in haste, a pitfall for your sign. Journal, vent to a helpful outside party, grab your boxing mitts and work it out on the heavy bag. Although you need to address the issue at hand, wait until you’ve processed the raw emotions a bit. What ticks you off early in the week might only be a catalyst revealing a bigger issue. The possible root cause? Your fear of speaking up for yourself. With the expressive Sun and Mercury also in Gemini this week, it’s a great time to practice some new communication techniques. Flip to “Habit 5” in Stephen Covey’s classic, 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood. Listening and assessing before you dive in can boost your confidence in conversations.

On Sunday, your social butterfly wings start a-flapping. The Sun cruises into Cancer and your garrulous third house until July 22, pushing you to get out and about. Who are the people in your neighborhood? The local scene is a warm and welcoming environment now. Before you start planning that overseas vacay, see what’s happening in your very own neck of the woods—or a road trip away. Dabble in new activities: from the Pilates studio on your corner to the homebrewing and basic soldering techniques classes taught at neighborhood venues. Read the reviews and sample the fare at just-opened restaurants. And if you live somewhere low-key, pick up the baton on making your ‘hood a livelier place. Those Taurus planning skills will come in handy. See if a local venue might host weekly trivia nights, karaoke, or film screenings. This is a prime time for partnerships, although more of the platonic variety. Keep your internal tracker tuned for kindred spirits. Joining forces with kindred spirits will more than double your productivity. Surprise! A competitor could even become a collaborator before the month is through.

Ready, aim, fire! Your professional game has #cantstopwontstop written all over it this week, thanks to Tuesday’s new moon in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house. New moons are fertile phases for planting seeds. Set aside time to map out your six-month goals. What would you like to manifest by the corresponding FULL moon on November 25? Make like a good Virgo and create an actual plan. Use spreadsheets or a sketchbook—just record the visions that dance through your head so you can then plot out the practical steps to obtaining your holy grail. Can’t quite get a clear notion? A picture says a thousand words, so try vision boarding. Collect a stack of magazines and clip out the images that scream, “YES!” in your mind. As you assemble them on a larger piece of mat board, you’ll see exactly what your subconscious has in store for your personal “happiness project.”

Are you toying with a career change or are you perhaps in the budding stages of a new path? Why not see if you can apprentice at a high-profile company? A short stint as the underling could open some serious doors, especially after the powers-that-be see how capable you are. Some Virgos are ready to be groomed for management, or even ownership. With Jupiter moving into your sign this coming August 11, your desire for independence is getting stronger by the day. Let this new moon be your prompt to explore possibilities for opening the doors on Virgo, Inc. or paving a clear path to a prominent position within a company. With motivator Mars at the same degree of Gemini as this new moon, you’ll have plenty of pluck to make your power move. Carpe diem!

Your relationship with an important man also gets a refresher thanks to the new moon. With aggressive Mars in the frame, the two of you may be past due for a “let’s clear the air conversation.” Be open and direct, Virgo—but not blaming. You’re justifiably annoyed by his (in)actions, but this might be a blind spot for the dude in question. If the raw material is worth investing in, gently help him see the error of his ways and provide helpful guidance. What would make you happy in this relationship? Spell. It. Out.

Don’t forget Team Virgo. On Sunday, the Sun switches signs, heading into Cancer and your collaborative eleventh house until July 22. Rising through the ranks doesn’t have to leave you lonely at the top. Seek kindred spirits and communities where you feel right at home. If you don’t actually join forces, you can still be part of a collective. For example, freelancing Virgos might set up shop at a coworking space so you can hum productively alongside other busy bees (and save yourself hundreds on espresso…not to mention the jittery nerves from laptop-ing in a coffeeshop all day). Networking events bear fruitful connections. Beyond trading business cards, you’ll also enjoy swapping ideas—the more eccentric or future-forward, the better. Jump into a discussion group, book club, or a more physical activity like a dance troupe or summer softball league. Getting your playful nature in gear helps you relax and—surprise, surprise—become more balanced and productive. The Cancer Sun makes you feel like a social butterfly, especially with your girlfriends (Cancer governs the feminine) and la familia. Line up your calendar with summer entertainment: music festivals, street fairs, family campouts and amusement parks. Who wants a corndog and funnel cake? The eleventh house rules technology and this solar-powered month will inspire you to build a stronger online presence. Pose for new profile shots and make a point of posting to your social media feeds a little more often. Some grand ideas for an app, blog, website or other invention could arise. Call the developers and see if these are worth building out!