Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for June 22-26

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


So what exactly is “normal,” anyway? That question will color the entire week. It begins this Monday, June 22 when jovial Jupiter and liberated Uranus form a lucky trine (flowing, 120 degree angle) and make the weird seem wonderful. Both planets are known to evoke our free-spirited natures—even more so because they are in creative, courageous fire signs. Take a sharp detour from the “wax on, wax off” way of doing things! Jupiter’s philosophical, sky’s-the-limit mindset gels beautifully with Uranus’ innovative, rule-breaking style. While it might be hard to create a structure or game plan with these two badasses at the wheel, this is the perfect week for high-level brainstorming. Call a summit with the great minds in your world. With Jupiter in flamboyant Leo and Uranus in devil-may-care Aries, the results could be quite show-stopping indeed. This configuration is a rare—it won’t happen again until 2019. But flip back to March 3 of this year, because Jupiter and Uranus met in a trine then, too. This week’s developments could be phase two of what got initiated in the early spring. We may find ourselves interested in spiritual and metaphysical teachings, global politics and social change. Given the friendly angle of these planets, we could see some positive advancements on the world stage and in the tech sector.

Brainfog alert! On Tuesday, messenger Mercury will form a tricky square (90 degree angle) to hazy Neptune, making us all feel like space cadets. Thinking and speaking may be muddled—and common sense could go right out the window. Take extra care when driving and crossing the street near Tuesday—and don’t walk around with your nose buried in your Instagram feed. Scan each room before you leave it to make sure you’re not leaving a trail of important papers, keys or your cell phone behind. Mercury leans into logic, while Neptune is a deep feeler. Their clash will push to balance head and heart, and that can be quite positive. A frenemy could get back in our good graces and we might just embrace someone whom we thought we’d never get along with. We may have to think more creatively, too, which can lead to breakthrough developments.

Weekend warriors: Turn on your love lights! On Sunday, romantic Venus will trine effervescent Uranus, bringing some let-your-hair-down energy to the world. 1960s flashback, anyone? This cosmic confab has “free love” written all over it. Excitement will be preferable to predictability. We might just stop talking midsentence to the Steady Freddie who bought our first Saturday night margarita to chase after the smoldering lead singer who winked at us across the bar. Will we have the best judgment this weekend? Oh, probably not. The point of a Venus-Uranus trine is to enjoy a magical moment instead of trying to force the “happily ever after.” (A warning to those thinking about, ahem, ending a 48-hour date in a Vegas chapel.) Couples should break out of their predictable grooves, too—this doesn’t have to threaten your relationship status. Book a weekend getaway in a lively city or head to a festival together. And hey, if you actually ARE ready to elope, you might just end the weekend with a ring on THAT finger. Venus rules style, and breaking the rules of fashion can be a great way to meet strangers! Now, where IS that unicorn onesie?

Been thinking INSIDE the box again, Aries? It’s time to let your imagination run wild. Follow it where it leads you on Monday, when boundary-free Jupiter in your expressive fifth house grooves into an auspicious trine with transformative Uranus in your sign. This rare alignment sparks your most progressive ideas and helps spread them like wildfire. Look back to March 3 (the first time these planets did their pas de deux) and dig deeper into that creative vault. A project that seemed impossible last week might be viable now. If you’re passionate about it, it’s worth running a few beta tests to see if it has legs. Since the fifth house also rules romance, you could easily wind up in the throes of a torrid love affair or be attracted to someone who “breaks the mold.” What you admire about this person is their #rebelheart. But be warned: Along with that allure could come a personality that’s as strong as your own. There’s a thin line between love and hate, Ram, and what starts as a fiery debate could give way to a bodice-ripping makeout session that feels like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream in live action!

On Tuesday, expressive Mercury faces off with hazy Neptune, making it next to impossible to figure out what anyone is REALLY trying to say. You need to tune in to conversations with more than your ears. Listen with your heart, your gut—and your eyes. Watch people’s body language. If, for instance, someone is insisting that “everything’s fine” while they’ve got their arms pinned across their chest, ask more questions. Similarly, don’t assume your words are being correctly construed, even when YOU know you’re being crystal clear. For truly important communications, ask people to repeat back what you’ve just said—and don’t be surprised if they missed half of it! Since Mercury’s in your transportation sector, you could experience delays and changes when trying to get from Point A to B. Check traffic alerts before heading out the door—and ensure that you have the correct address in your GPS. At work, a little research goes a long way toward giving you the leading edge. With foreknowledge, you can prepare the right questions and tailor your pitch to clients’ interests.

Sunday brings a spontaneous energy, as romantic Venus forms a supportive trine to impromptu Uranus. You could find yourself crushing on someone who’s not your usual type. Hey, Aries, let the love jones be your guide. Even if it’s just a flash-fire attraction, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t at least TRY to get to know this person better. But only if you’re unattached, okay? A Venus-Uranus trine CAN bring bouts of rebellious amnesia when it comes to commitment. If you’re in a relationship that’s been a little too lather-rinse-repeat lately, find other ways to spice things up besides following your wandering eye. Do something out of the ordinary, even if all you have time for is a staycation-style overnight in a local hotel. And for all Rams: Best NOT to have a “platonic” reunion with your smoldering ex who’s just passing through town this weekend.

Two’s your lucky number on Monday, when auspicious Jupiter beams into an auspicious trine with your co-ruler, spontaneous Uranus. Bring on the dynamic duos! Both planets are parked in the most synergistic sectors of your chart, urging you to buddy up. While you cherish your freedom, this cosmic lineup can show you the huge benefits of teaming up with the right companion. Your gazillion friends are fabulous, Aquarius, but life can be richer and more meaningful when you have a kindred spirit to share it with. This may be a business alliance or someone who feels heaven-sent by Cupid. And while the two of you definitely have shared values, your skills will also be complementary. Make a point of networking if you need to build a stronger support system. As a social creature, this truth is self-evident: It’s all about who you know! These game-changing planets won’t sync up like this again until 2019, so take advantage of a beautiful opportunity!

On Tuesday, check your trusting nature at the door and set some clear boundaries—especially where your cash is concerned. A confusing square between communicator Mercury and hazy Neptune in your money zone can wreak havoc on your budget (or best-laid plans to finally create one). A little splurging does a world of good for the spirit, but making a habit of living beyond your means is a one-way ticket to Debtsville. This transit offers an opportunity to get a handle on what all this splurging is really about. Are you trying to fill an emotional hole or maintain your social status by keeping up with the Joneses—or have you gone to the opposite extreme, gravitating toward the sale racks and passing up value because it comes at full price? This square can teach you a lesson about the benefit of quality (as opposed to quantity). There are times when it pays to invest in the best, especially items that will be in your life for years to come. Investigate payment plans so you don’t leave yourself cash-poor by paying it up front.

Sunday is all about partnerships, too, thanks to a rare and energizing trine between sensual Venus in your interpersonal corner and transformative Uranus in your expressive third house. Couples could have a breakthrough conversation—possibly working through a painful issue. If it involves finding a way to build more freedom into the relationship, be sensitive to the other’s needs. That way you can test your wings without disrupting the safety of your nest. The bottom line is this: How enriching is the time you spend together? Better to schedule one memorable date each week than several dinners when you’re both too exhausted or distracted to enjoy each other’s company. Single? A platonic friendship could veer into sexy time this weekend. Keep an open mind. If the connection is strong, it’s probably worth exploring. Or you could meet a potential mate through the introduction of friends. Let your capricious side play social planner. Even if you start off as a party of one you aren’t going to end the weekend that way. Talking to strangers could yield a love connection or a new crew in a city that you love exploring.

Monday’s a red-letter day for career-minded Crabs. A rare and fortuitous trine between lucky Jupiter in your money zone and transformative Uranus in your tenth house of professional aspirations has a loud-and-clear message for you. Forget about climbing that ladder like a dainty lady, one rung at a time. (And as for “paying your dues”: puh-lease!) On a day like this, act like you’ve got a jetpack strapped to your back and blast ahead! Screw up the courage to make your big ask…then enjoy your upward joyride. Oh, and while your brassy nerve is out, “carpe DM.” Send a direct message to someone who inspires you or, if it makes sense, pick up the phone for a cold call. Following the intuitive urge to ping someone you admire could open the doors to opportunity, and fast! These game-changing planets won’t meet like this again until 2019, so you owe it to yourself to go after what your heart truly desires.

On Tuesday, communication gets a little wonky, thanks to a befuddling square between hazy Neptune and communication planet Mercury in your nonlinear twelfth house. As if your poor addled brain weren’t already on overload! Messages might not get through, and people might misconstrue your words. Ask them to acknowledge your instructions or requests to ensure they’ve got it right (or are even on the same page). Unfortunately, if you try to proactively avoid the confusion by unplugging and focusing on what needs to be done, your Zen bubble could be popped by a nonstop barrage of pings, dings and other annoying alerts. Unless you like wasting your own precious time, let non-urgent calls go to voicemail (and only check email every hour—less, if possible). More things to avoid before the weekend, if possible: booking travel plans or making ANY sort of reservations. It may say Paradise Cove on a website, but IRL it could wind up being more like Parasite Cave, that is, a claustrophobic, vermin-infested dump!

On Sunday, without necessarily meaning to, you could blend business with pleasure. As long you keep the pleasure principle high, no one will mind. A harmonious trine between community-minded Venus in your money zone and spontaneous Uranus in your tenth house of career could turn a picnic or barbecue into an impromptu business meeting. Wherever you go—even to the store to pick up OJ—bring your business cards…just in case. Since Venus IS the love planet, single Cancers are advised to double down on dating efforts or update their online profile to reflect TODAY’S you (yes, even if you revised it two weeks ago). Coupled up? Start making bigger plans for the future. What’s the point of waiting if you’re sure about someone? Whether you run off to City Hall, exchange keys or just try something new together, this wave of seize-the-moment energy will bring you closer.

Go ahead, Cap: Uncork those bottled-up feelings! On Monday, a restorative trine between expansive Jupiter in your intense eighth house and radical Uranus in your private fourth house could open the floodgates. One minute you could be focused on work, minding your own biz, when out of the blue something triggers a memory or touches a nerve and suddenly you can’t hold back the tears. Don’t resist it: This is what it means to be human and your vulnerability can bring you much, much closer to people who mistook you for the Iron Lady or Man of Steel. Your relationships with female friends and relatives will be especially blessed by this cosmic confab. Reach out to the power babes in your circle for support and guidance. There could even be talk of a potential joint business venture, whether a one-off or an ongoing partnership. This is a great week to explore these kinds of synergies and see if they could be profitable. Perhaps one of your chicas is interested in investing in one of your dreams or helping shepherd an existing project into a bigger league.

On Tuesday, a slippery square between expressive Mercury in your organizational sixth house and hazy Neptune in your communications corner rouses your inner control freak. But before you morph into an annoying micromanager, ask yourself what, exactly, you’re in a lather about. (If you can’t answer that question, repeat after us: Sweating the petty stuff is NEVER worth it.) But don’t discount your intuition entirely. Where there’s a LOT of smoke, there’s likely to be fire. Do some investigating. If something feels “off” with a colleague or someone isn’t pulling his or her weight, stay calm, don’t jump to conclusions and keep on observing things until you have your hard evidence. Feeling stressed about the whole scenario? Follow the “tend and befriend” rule. Handle smaller matters, like cleaning your office, doing laundry or clearing out your Inbox, to calms your nerves. A clear mind functions more efficiently. If you need to get something off your chest, vent to a compassionate yet proactive pal who can help you strategize better ways of handling a frustrating situation. Drop the mask and pick up the phone.

On Sunday, love planet Venus sashays into a harmonious angle with capricious Uranus in the two most emotional areas of your chart. You could be caught off-guard yet again by a torrent of feelings. But rather than keep that upper lip stiff, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Showing your sensitive side can solidify a bond. This time, the flood could bring a rush of boundless joy. What activity always unleashes a case of The Happies for you, Cappy? Set aside your previously scheduled agenda (the one involving a day full of errands, helping every relative in sight or working overtime) to go do something you truly enjoy. Free time should feel like just that, especially when Uranus is in the frame. Liberate yourself from obligation and refuel your own tanks. Coupled Capricorns could be inspired to make a big change on the home front, possibly moving in together or making it official. Need a little more elbow room? Look into renting a studio or office space outside of the home that could offer you a necessary patch of peace where you can commune with your muse.

Hello, synergy! On Monday, visionary Jupiter in your expressive third house lunges into a supportive trine with revolutionary Uranus in your collaborative eleventh house. A casual connection could blaze into a potent partnership, so don’t censor yourself when you start talking about your passions with relative strangers. This is how magic happens. And while this is familiar ground for Geminis, what unfolds under this cosmic confab could blow even YOUR already-wide-open mind. These game-changing planets won’t reconnect like this again until 2019, so exploit it! But first take inventory: You know your strengths, but where could you use a complementary person to fill in the gaps? Put it out there, and watch the connections start popping. Be prepared to meet the universe halfway. Start scanning the crowds. If someone catches your attention, tap your god given talent to strike up a friendly conversation and break the ice. Joining a new group will also link you to likeminded people. Don’t fade into the background. If one shining individual stands out in the crowd, break off for some one-on-one time and see what bubbles up.

On Tuesday, all that easy-peasy conversation goes a little haywire, as confusing Neptune forms a signal-jamming square with your ruling planet, expressive Mercury. So think twice—or maybe ten times—before you say anything that could come back, like a boomerang, to haunt you. (So, um, DON’T march into your supervisor’s office with your resignation or inform your entire social network that you’re in the market for a new job.) With group projects, you might have to reiterate things a few times to colleagues or clients. Double-check all materials before you pass them up the line. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to have a second pair of eyes review documents before you hit “send,” especially if there’s a chance you could accidentally forward sensitive information. What the early part of the week IS good for: turning inward, soul-searching and, if you’re stressed, scaling back on your workload. Just don’t make any irrevocable decisions.

But do get ready for a fun-filled weekend! On Sunday, gregarious Venus in your public sector and spontaneous Uranus conspire to set a dazzling social agenda. Make sure your favorite outfits are clean and “pret a porter”: Invitations could come flooding in, and you’ll need to be ready to roll on a half moment’s notice. (And you being you, Gem, you’ll want to hit as many of these soirees as possible, so keep a few extra get-ups at the ready.) With love planet Venus in the mix, sparks could fly with a platonic pal or someone you meet while partyhopping. Since Uranus is in your technology zone, don’t rule out the RIGHT right-swipe on Tinder or Hinge. Digital dating could bring a refreshingly high “click-through rate.”

When opportunity knocks on Monday—and make no mistake, Leo, it will—drop what you’re doing and answer the call. It could come out of the blue, and it may not remotely resemble what you expect. But if you can keep an open mind, you should be pleasantly surprised. Monday is one of the most auspicious days of 2015, as lavish Jupiter in your sign moves into a powerful trine with transformative Uranus in your ninth house of abundance, travel and adventure. You might be invited to hop on a plane, perhaps for a high-level meeting, to teach or become part of a startup venture. If you’ve got your own potentially planet-changing ideas, start expanding your platforms to reach a MUCH wider audience. The world’s your oyster, Leo: Don’t narrow the scope of your message. As for that book you’ve been writing or business plan you’ve been developing? Hello, global domination! Your ideas could go viral under this expansive aspect, so take a risk and let them be visible to more people—if not the general public, then at least the influencers in your sphere. PS: This is actually the sequel to a March 3 Jupiter-Uranus trine, so developments that began then could come to a glowing fruition…or a next-level bump up, at least. Fortune favors the boldest lion. Be that, because these two planets won’t sync up with such auspicious power again until 2019!

On Tuesday, it’ll be hard to tell whether you’ve hit it out of the park—or fouled out. A perplexing square between foggy Neptune and communication planet Mercury in your collaborative eleventh house makes it challenging to get, or give, information clearly. That’s bad enough at work or among friends, but with a potential new love interest, it could be awkward! Your Spidey senses could be flashing green lights, but if this person is determined to play it cool, you won’t know whether to advance or retreat. Or, hmmm…maybe YOU’RE the one playing hard to get? While a little sexy tension is a turn-on, it’s no fun having your mind messed with. Because Neptune is in the eighth house of strong emotions—including jealousy—it won’t take much to provoke your suspicious mind. If you can’t come out and ask what’s going on, tune in to your intuition, but don’t react to your hunches until you have empirical evidence to back them up. Hurling accusations without anything concrete to go on could damage an important alliance.

On Sunday, affable Venus in your sign forms an irresistible trine to mix-master Uranus in your multi-culti corner. A sexy accent could catch your attention, or you could fall in with an intriguing crew of new folks who appreciate your UN-provincial opinions. Restless Uranus might inspire you to jump in the car, or onto a plane, and get outta Dodge for a day (or a week). For coupled Leos, anything out of the ordinary could set off some saucy sparks. Explore a new part of town, hit a music festival or take a couple’s workshop together, since Uranus IS in your ninth house of education. Learning some new Tantric techniques or gaining insight about intimate communication can only help.

Kindred spirits unite! Monday’s galvanizing trine between bold Jupiter in your group activity zone and Uranus in your relationship house inspires you to team up with likeminded folks. If you’re not developing a cutting edge project of your own, channel your energy into an organization you believe in. You don’t have to be a boldfaced name to make a difference, Libra. There’s strength in numbers, so let your voice be heard. These two powerhouse planets won’t meet again like this until 2019, so make your input count! With your seventh house activated, a one-on-one connection could emerge from a group affiliation. Someone you never particularly took notice of before could be radiating a different sort of energy. If you recognize this, why not mention it? Your complimentary words could lead to a fascinating conversation and—who knows—possibly a romantic spark. Take the initiative, Libra. With your charisma, it’s easier for you to break the ice with the shyer people in your midst. You’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy the glow that comes from a new friend crush, because communication turns very wonky on Tuesday, when hazy Neptune in your organizational sixth house jams the signals with communication planet Mercury. A little knowledge can be dangerous, especially when someone is trying to impress a group. Don’t be that person, Libra! When sharing information, do so responsibly. If you haven’t earned your stripes or done a proper amount of research, don’t put yourself out there as an expert. This holds true for others as well. So before snatching up a case of some self-appointed guru’s snake oil, deconstruct the sales pitch. Thanks to Neptune, one of your daily routines could be upset by this square. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulge in a slice of a birthday cake after going Paleo, or have to cancel a workout due to a botched assignment at work. Be flexible and roll with the punches. On the flip side, don’t second-guess yourself when it’s time to take the lead. Just because you don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified. Your willingness to learn as you go and utilize the human resources you have available can make you perfectly suited to wear the crown. Pay attention: Are people asking you to step up? Don’t let doubt stand in your way.

On Sunday, your ruler Venus makes a cooperative angle with indie-spirited Uranus in your partnership zone. Because Venus is in your house of technology and humanitarianism, you could join forces with a friend to create a new social-activism app or volunteer for a good cause. A platonic relationship could sprout romantic wings under this aspect, so keep an open mind. Hey, there’s nothing like a goodwill mission to connect you to people of character and generosity. Don’t rule out a digital dating score, either. Be more liberal with those right swipes, Libra. Your willingness to be a little more experimental could yield a pleasant—and sexy—surprise. Coupled Libras may find they need some breathing room, so give each other permission to pursue your individual interests—one your partner might have no desire to join you in. You don’t have to be joined at the hip to affirm that you love each other. And if you can’t detach from the hip, get out and socialize together as a pair.

Bad habits, begone! On Monday, a therapeutic connection between Jupiter in your healthy living sector and out-of-the-box Uranus in your practical second house gives you the urge to hop back on the wellness wagon. If you’ve fallen into a lifestyle rut, look to the future instead of kicking yourself about those missed workouts and strawberry margaritas. It takes 21 days to create a new habit, and this week you can begin (or begin again) some truly life-affirming ones. Up the motivational factor by adding a little ritual to your routines. Need some help getting to the gym? Create new playlists that will make your workouts more stimulating. Because you’re a mutable sign, for you, variety is definitely the spice of life. As long as you’re exercising regularly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Soul Cycle on Monday, Pilates on Tuesday or African dance on Thursday. Your “practice” can be a sampler platter, cobbled together to fit your mood on any given day. In the other areas of your life, look for simple ways to add beauty and sensuality, like filling an ionic diffuser with lavender oil and placing it near your bed. With an approach like this, “ordinary” moments will feel extraordinary!

On Tuesday, a befuddling square between expressive Mercury and your ruling planet, Neptune, in your sign could elevate emotional misunderstandings to a whole new level. Beware the manipulators, too! You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, but under this transit, you need to steel yourself so you don’t get hurt. There could be some dust-ups with a strong female in your life, so brace yourself for potential “mama drama” or for falling out of sync with one of your besties. Don’t be too quick to seek resolution, though. If you truly want to put an end to a codependent dynamic, you have to first recognize it for what it is, and then stop playing into it. In some cases it might be better to sidestep the hooks altogether. Let calls go through to voicemail if you know picking up will lead to an hour-long, migraine-inducing conversation. But be careful not to swing to the opposite extreme, going AWOL on people instead of telling them you need some time to yourself.

On Sunday, beautifying Venus and transformative Uranus conspire to help you get your glow (back) on. Because Uranus rules technology, you might enjoy experimenting with the latest nutritional or fitness-tracker app. Should the stress start to get to you, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with errands and get organized. Romantically speaking, Venus could connect the dots between you and an actual healthy human being, so keep your radar on at the gym and while engaging in your favorite physical activities. In a relationship? Turn your bedroom buddy into your fitness buddy and see what happens. Breaking a sweat together in the weight room will get those feel-good endorphins flowing, making you all the more inclined to enjoy an “Iron Man” when you return to the boudoir!

There’s no such thing as too much on Monday, when your ruling planet, exuberant Jupiter, glides into a cooperative trine with indie-spirited Uranus. There’s also no such a thing as too often. When these two forceful planets team up—which doesn’t happen that often—there’s no telling what you might accomplish. Go ahead, Sag: Step onto the world stage and share your most outre ideas. You don’t need to bend everyone’s ear: Your avant garde notions will always attract the right audience. Champion a human rights issue or stick up for an underdog in your office, neighborhood or social circle. Be the role model instead of following the flock. Your willingness to befriend a misunderstood outsider will set a positive example for others. You could be also be invited into an eclectic new crew this week—which is right up your diversity-loving alley. Since these two heavyweight planets won’t synch up again like this until 2019, make the most of this golden time.

On Tuesday, communication gets a little screwy, owing to a sketchy square between distorting Neptune and expressive Mercury. Just when you thought you had a grip on how to handle some dicey group dynamics, this tangled angle throws a monkey wrench into the works. Since you won’t be able to suss out situations with your usual “no BS” intuition, it may be better to take a hardliner’s skeptical approach to things. While you don’t have to don a full suit of emotional armor, you DO need to be able to recognize when someone is throwing a pity party. While you’re scrutinizing behavior, check in on your own. If you catch yourself playing (or preying) on others’ emotions, examine whether your motivation is a need for some attention (or affection). Don’t go to the other extreme of using avoidance tactics. Promising to be there for people then canceling in the eleventh hour can burn bridges you need to keep intact. It may be hard to quell your inner people-pleaser this week, but consider the alternative: You wind up disappointing the ones you love AND earning yourself a reputation as a flake. Better to say no when your gut says, “I can’t swing it.”

On Sunday, seductive Venus grooves into a potent angle with unpredictable Uranus in your fifth house of passion and drama. If you’re feeling a little restless about your current romantic affiliation, be careful not to act on it. Provoking a fight just to stir the flames of passion could backfire—and you could get burned. If you want some excitement, try a change of scenery. Or if you’re out for a little joy ride, pull over for a sexy pit stop. Single and looking? The rebels will captivate you this weekend, for better AND worse. You’re equal parts free spirit and romantic idealist, Sagittarius, so don’t get confused about who you’re dealing with. Pretending a player is actually a prince or princess is not going to end in “happily ever after.” But while the peacocks and their fanning feathers will entice you, make sure you don’t overlook someone exciting who comes wrapped in less assuming packaging. Still waters run deep!

Hello, thought leader! Monday’s potent connection between invincible Jupiter in your zone of professional aspirations and revolutionary Uranus in your house of service and organization could change the way you think about your work and your long-range plans. Be the visionary, Scorpio, instead of following the letter of the law. Out of the box ideas will help you get past that plateau you’re stuck on. Fortune favors the bold. Introduce yourself to power brokers in your field or offer to help a higher up who’s doing work you’re interested in. And don’t overlook the “little people”: The more connected among them could just hold the keys to your next big move! If an appealing idea occurs to you, why not give it a whirl? This might even involve technology: developing an app, recording a podcast or building an online store. Flip back to March: Did you already have a lightbulb moment then? This Jupiter-Uranus trine is the sequel to one on March 3, so a puttering plan could take off at lightning speed now. Carpe diem! These game-changing planets won’t meet again like this until 2019, so be ready to pounce when opportunity knocks. Stay on your toes, Scorpio, because that moment could strike when you least expect it. Don’t be caught in a text trance at the elevator when the very exec or HR person you’ve been dying to get ahold of is standing next to you. You could be setting up a meeting to “discuss this further” before the week is out. But hurry!

On Tuesday, a signal-jamming square from foggy Neptune to communication planet Mercury makes it nearly impossible to discern what ANYONE is trying to say. (And forget about getting a bead on a budding romance: One minute this person is flashing all green lights, the next, a string of yellows and reds.) Then again, it could be YOU who’s the emotional roller coaster. It’s not fair to drag someone you care about on this crazy ride. If you’re not sure about your own feelings, talk them out with your BFF or hire a therapist to help you sort things out. In a relationship? Be careful not to pick a fight just to get attention. And definitely don’t go to the opposite extreme and give your honey the cold shoulder. It will take considerable effort to communicate directly, but expecting others to be able to interpret your mysterious signals will only complicate matters.

On Sunday, an auspicious connection between Venus in your career corner and Uranus in your hard-work zone could bring an unexpected job issue home. Sticking to the script won’t advance your cause, Scorp, so reframe this as a chance to deepen a professional bond. If a colleague reaches out to you, invite him or her to join you at brunch or your favorite yoga class. Building your network isn’t only a matter of bonding at the office. Becoming friends with people you see on a daily basis can make it more enjoyable to go into work—just let the connection evolve organically, Scorpio. It could spark an epiphany about your career path!

Drop your guard, Taurus! On Monday, free-thinking Jupiter in your domestic corner makes a dazzling trine (120 degree angle) to transformational Uranus in your unconscious twelfth house, effectively revolutionizing the emotional landscape as you know it. While your usual M.O. is to tough things out and avoid any kind of touchy-feeling confrontation, that might not be possible now. Yet this could be precisely the icebreaker you’ve been waiting for (whether you realize it or not). Uranus brings sudden, unexpected events, and its supportive connection to positive Jupiter could bring a beautiful moment of forgiveness or deep bonding. And for those Bulls who’ve been stuck in martyr mode with their inner circle, this trine can set you free. Devoted members of Team Taurus will understand your need to set boundaries. No need to play the blame game or let resentment creep into your voice. Shift happens, and people have to accept that. If you had agreed to do things a certain way but it didn’t work out so well, you get to change the rules. From this point on, let your guiding philosophy be: What CAN you give without feeling taken advantage of? Spell it out while candid Jupiter’s got your back. Furthermore, these game-changing planets won’t reconnect like this until 2019—so make the most of this liberating alignment!

Money might get a little funny on Tuesday, thanks to a signal-scrambling faceoff between communication planet Mercury in your financial zone and hazy Neptune in your friendship corner. Misunderstandings are likely, so double-check that terms are crystal-clear before you enter into any revenue-sharing ventures—or even go out for a night on the town. When you say, “Let’s grab drinks,” make sure the other party doesn’t assume you’re offering to pay! Should you find yourself in the awkward role of unexpected benefactor, weigh the cost of shelling out a few bucks against the potential weirdness that could ensure. And hopefully your guest will pick up the tab next time. However, if it’s a significant chunk o’ change, you might want to say something to avoid setting a bad precedent for the future. Be clear about all group expenses, too. If you find yourself playing social organizer, establish that everyone can afford your champagne tastes before selecting a restaurant or picking the priciest seats in the venue.

On Sunday, your attention turns to home and family. Aesthetically-minded Venus in your domestic zone makes a harmonious angle to impulsive Uranus, giving you the urge to purge old objects that no longer fit in with your current design sensibilities. Donate or upcycle anything with stagnant energy or that’s an unpleasant reminder of the past. With your home zone spotlighted, why not host a potluck dinner or movie night? After all that waiting to find those Eames chairs or the reclaimed-wood coffee table, you might as well show off your good taste. Keep an open-door policy: The “mystery guest” who shows up could be your favorite of all time. Uranian energy opts for the unconventional and this could be the weekend where you initiate your relatives into one of your more left-of-center passions. You never know: Your mother or sister might be keen to try that self-development workshop or meditation circle you so love! A quirky family trip or girls’ getaway could be just the thing, too. Drive and explore a new city, tour an offbeat small town or take a tour of an arts or food district known for their crafted specialties.

Let it go, let it go! You can hang on to a grudge longer than many, Virgo, but under Monday’s heart-opening trine between benevolent Jupiter and transformational Uranus in the most personal sectors of your chart, you have the occasion to alter your entire emotional landscape. Dropping your guard can lead to a white light moment about how this resentment is weighing you down. If you’re ready to forgive and move on, you could lighten your psychic load by a ton! These two game-changing planets won’t reconnect like this again until 2019, so don’t miss a great chance for liberation! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to tolerate a toxic “friend” or allow an exasperating ex back into your life. Even if you still miss certain aspects of the relationship or haven’t found a replacement yet, try to see the divine hand that guided you AWAY from this person. Dwelling on the hurt could be “blocking your blessings,” as they say. Be okay with the space that a loss brought, whether it was a person, job or situation you desperately hoped would work. With Jupiter and Uranus nudging you to move on, you could carve out a place for an even better fit. At the very least, these cosmic heavyweights can restore your faith that someone else (or another opportunity) really does exist.

Tuesday is NOT the day that the fog will lift. A tangled angle between your ruler, Mercury, and befuddling Neptune in your interpersonal zone, complicates things even further. While you’re chomping at the bit to map out long-range plans or build a budget, Neptune only tries your patience. Out-of-sync energy with a romantic or business partner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a no-go, but it can redirect you. Doubts are normal, and this cosmic mashup encourages you to use the day for soul-searching (since your attempts to discuss it won’t yield much clarity). Can you grab a neutral third party—ideally someone skilled in navigating the choppy seas of interpersonal dynamics—and bounce around ideas? Do a little venting about what’s bothering you, but ask for help with proactive solutions. Then, when it actually IS time to have The Talk this weekend or next week, you’ll be able to come at the conversation from a productive place.

On Sunday, seductive Venus and game-changer Uranus hook up in the most intimate zones of your chart. You could finally be ready to compassionately let someone go, especially if the relationship has played itself out. Or, on the flip side, a white-hot attraction could flame up out of simmering coals. For now, keep things on the DL. This will keep well-intentioned meddlers out of your business AND give your budding romance a chance to develop. If you’re happily attached, you could really appreciate the freedom that your cozy connection brings. But don’t just putter along on autopilot because you can: Initiate a romantic weekend, even one with a tantric twist. Slip off for some “just the two of us” time, like renting a beach cottage or taking a drive to a scenic lake or hiking a remote trail.