Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for June 8-12

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying,” Oscar Wilde once joked. And with silver-tongued Mercury retrograding through crafty Gemini since May 18, understanding ourselves—much less the rest of the humanoids on Planet Earth—has come with its challenges. Countdown to this Thursday, June 11! Mercury will correct his course that day, shifting into drive mode through Gemini until July 8. Wires will slowly but surely uncross over the coming three weeks. The spirit of competition gives way to cooperation again. Sharing our toys won’t feel like Operation: Sandbox Takeover…well, not quite so much. Mercury’s backspin may indeed have revealed some shady characters. If their integrity doesn’t hold up fully by Thursday, remove the benefit of the doubt and move on! Don’t worry about being bereft of partners-in-crime. Note that the shadow of Mercury retrograde won’t pass until June 20, so if you CAN hold off on making anything official until then, do. Otherwise, vet your engagements carefully and keep on reading the fine print with a ginormous magnifying glass.

Neptune makes its annual U-turn this Saturday, turning retrograde in Pisces until November 18. This annual backspin gives us a time out for internal reflection. Neptune governs our psyches, the esoteric realm and the boundaries we set. We may rethink the ideals we’ve clung to and the lines we’ve drawn with the people in our lives. Perhaps we need to be more firm…or to soften, so others can actually reach us. Since 2012, Neptune’s had a homecoming, landing in its native sign of Pisces until 2025. Is it any wonder the world’s gotten a bit friendlier towards the “woo woo” since? With Neptune retrograde, we have a chance to deep dive into our psyches or do some serious healing and pattern breaking. But this is not the time to accept anything at face value. The double-fantasy effect of retrograde Neptune could give life a hall-of-mirrors effect. We’ll have to examine a few different perspectives before we’re able to see things for what they are. Creativity is cathartic now—and some of our best ideas will come to us while we’re sleeping, meditating, or just staring at the clouds. We’ll have to keep our psychic shields up though. Neptune’s backspin through empathic Pisces can make us more sensitive. Like sponges, we can absorb the mood of a room and the people in it. If we find ourselves grouchy or spacey for no apparent reason, follow the signal and slip into an Epsom salt bath, wave the sage wand, hold on to a crystal. Neptune is the god of the seas so flushing out our systems with pure H2O will do wonders as well. Pisces born between February 22 and March 3 will feel Neptune’s backspin most intensely, as it will transit within 3 degrees of your natal Sun. Be more alert about who you let into your life over the coming five months, and work on saying a clear “no” instead of a vague “maybe.”

Saturn also makes a major shift this week. From Sunday, June 14 until September 17, the taskmaster planet shifts back from Sagittarius and into Scorpio. This three-month period is a final act of sorts. Saturn was in Scorpio from October 6, 2012 until December 14, 2014, an intense and emotional time for the world at large. The way we share our resources—from clean water to home and college loans to racial equity in the job market—have all come under fire with Saturn here. Learning the difference between sex and love—and choosing which we desire—has become as easy as right-swiping. Marriage is becoming open to more and more people, but not without the requisite red tape and unflagging determination that Saturn transits bring. Saturn’s backslide into Scorpio will push for more finality and certainty around these issues. As the sign that governs transformation, we might have to put savvier, stronger systems in place to ensure that the life changes we’ve made really are permanent upgrades. And while this can bring some moody blues to the summer forecast, take heart: Saturn won’t return to Scorpio again until 2031. Embrace the emotional energy as it arises and you’ll paddle to calmer waters faster. Scorpio knows that without dark there can be no light. Scorpios born between November 18-22 will feel this transit the most. Put on your gladiator uniform and let your warrior energy reign!


Scrambled signals and mixed messages—you’ve had your fair share of them since Mercury turned retrograde on May 18. Talk about frustrating! You’re one hundred percent SURE you said potato. They insist you said “potahhhto.” And frankly, you’re annoyed enough to call the whole $#@ing thing off. But hang tight, Ram. This Thursday, Mercury corrects its course, giving you three solid weeks (until July 8) to harmonize, synthesize and find a working compromise with your partners-in-crime. Better still, some NEW kindred spirits could crop up as Mercury corrects its course in your dynamic duo zone. Even if you’d like to crawl under a rock early this week, by the weekend you’ll be flexing those social butterfly wings once again. Squabbles with a sibling, coworker or neighbor clear up, too. Just hug it out, Aries. And laugh about it! Your sense of humor returns with a bang. One wicked joke about the sticky situation can evaporate all the drama. Just make sure you include yourself in the punchline so that everyone knows that you’ve also reflected on YOUR part in the breakdown, okay?

On Friday, Neptune tucks into its annual retrograde, backstroking through the esoteric waters of Pisces and your twelfth house until November 18. You’ll find yourself in quite an introspective headspace, which is ideal for healing or clearing away hidden thoughts that might be limiting you. Examining your own shadow side (the parts of yourself you wish you could disown) is what will bring Neptune retrograde’s true benefits. In the words of Aries Joseph Campbell, “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” Try meditation, journaling, even hypnotherapy—the point is to access those locked corners of your own psyche. If you’re the active Ram who struggles to sit still, try a moving meditation. You can get into that hypnotic state while you’re hiking or biking in the woods, or doing yoga. Forgiveness is a theme of this Neptune cycle, but before you can “let it go, let it go,” you must take time to honor your own experiences. Hang on to that olive branch a little longer and give yourself a chance to process your anger, sadness and desire to avenge. Should you act on these urges? Probably not. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to join a boxing gym and work it out on the bag, or invest in sessions with an amazing therapist or coach. Creativity is cathartic now, too, and retrograde Neptune helps you reach deeeeep into your soul for material. From a photo series to song lyrics to a work of community art, follow the calling of the muse.

On Sunday, structured Saturn somersaults back into Scorpio, activating your eighth house of sex, shared resources and investments until September 17. This is the final curtain call of a Saturn in Scorpio tour that began on October 6, 2012 and briefly ended on December 23, 2014. (You won’t weather this transit again until 2031!) No doubt you’ve learned some pretty serious lessons about relationships, secrecy and how to manage your most valuable resources over the past couple years. But there may be one last lesson or test to endure. Stay away from those nebulous flings and secret affairs—the lure of such “passion” is as addictive and toxic as the 90s Britney Spears song. But your bedroom game can really expand with wise teacher Saturn here. Invest in workshops and experiences that expand your erotic sensibilities: from tantric breathwork to Sheila Kelley’s S Factor classes. An old income stream may flow your way again, or you could get serious about creating passive income through personal investments like stocks or real estate. If you’re sharing finances with a partner, spell out all agreements to the letter and even hire a lawyer to draft an official contract. Coupled Aries, get your partner engaged in paying off debt or co-creating a solid long-term plan for your financial future. Creating capitol—and managing it well—will be an inspiring shared endeavor.

Oh you reluctant headliner, you. Although your comedic chops, outré fashion choices and eternal unpredictability are naturally entertaining, you can be an egregious dodger of the spotlight. With Mercury retrograde in Gemini and your fame zone since May 18, you’ve been flying too far under the radar. Well, Water Bearer, get ready for your close up. On Thursday, Mercury zips into direct motion once again, powering through your attention-getting fifth house until July 6. Ascend! If you’re not performing for the masses, you should be leading the charge. Take command of a project without apology. Despite the authority issues innate to every Aquarius, your leadership style can be engaging and egalitarian. It’s time for a fashion moment, too! With Mercury direct in your voguish fifth house midweek, bust out of a style rut. Change your hair color or pull the bright and daring numbers to the front of your wardrobe. Take some risks—whether you’re a denim darling or the rainbow-bright love child of a Woodstock hippie and a 90s club kid raver. Romantically, this cosmic turn of events brightens the picture big time! Lovers’ quarrels that disrupted your days since Mercury turned retrograde on May 18 could clear up after Thursday.

On Friday, spiritual Neptune shifts into reverse, turning retrograde in Pisces and your second house of income until November 18. Relax, Aquarius: This doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly invest all your money in a cult or Ponzi scheme. But you do need to keep a more watchful eye over your financial choices. Examine your overall relationship to money. Do you have some limiting beliefs like “rich people are the devil” or “there’s never enough money” swirling around in your psyche? Maybe you’ve elevated the Almighty Dollar to such a scale of importance that you’ve let it interfere with relationships. Do some freewriting, even completing the sentence, “Money is _______.” Boundaries, boundaries. Some user-friendly relationships could come to light: You were just being generous, but is that vibe reciprocal? If not, tighten up your purse strings and see what gives. Neptune retrograde also makes you reflect on your soul’s calling. Is your path to success in alignment with your true gifts? As a populist Aquarius, you want to affect people on a deep and meaningful level. We’re not telling you to quit your 9-5, especially if it’s paying the bills. But you might start doing some training on the side that can help you strike a better balance between going deep and going through the motions.

There’s another push to ponder your career path this week: On Sunday, disciplined Saturn moves back into Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house until September 17. This is the final stretch of a journey that began October 6, 2012 and ALMOST ended on December 23, 2014. For the past couple years, you’ve worked tirelessly towards your grandest goals. But you’ve also hit some hurdles, forcing you to work more strategically than frenetically. This final Saturn in Scorpio quarter (it won’t be back to this part of your chart until 2031!) helps you clarify your true path and even take on some adult responsibilities you’ve previously eschewed. If you feel like you’re following someone else’s script, break away from the “guru” figure and branch out on your own. But if you’ve veered too far into rebel terrain, learn the rules before you break them. Saturn is the wise teacher planet so working with a mentor, coach or guide can help you strengthen your aspirations and gain that high-pro glow you need to launch your dreams into the stratosphere. Helpful men may assist with this journey, too. Let’s hear it for the boys!

The fog is lifting, Cancer. But until Thursday, you might not be able to see more than ten feet ahead of you at a time. Mercury is rounding out its retrograde in your twelfth house of healing and completions. Since May 18, you’ve danced with a few demons and had to do some deep cleaning in a fundamental area of life. As Mercury U-turns back into direct motion on Thursday, June 11 the lesson is clear: Close the door for good or put up better boundaries! Some self-discipline may be in order, too, especially if you’ve allowed your hedonistic and romantic side to overindulge. Are you feeling a bit tapped out? Bring on the restorative rituals! Keep your internal tracker tuned for great healers, therapists, coaches and mentors. A weekly massage or preventative medicine appointment (acupuncture, for example) can bring you back to whole while Mercury lingers in Gemini until July 6. At the very least, take time out for a pedicure in between all your decluttering missions!

On Friday, soulful Neptune retreats into its annual, five month retrograde, which lasts until November 18. From 2012-2025, Neptune’s backspin takes place in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study, and independent expansion. You want freedom! And while you can’t just bail on commitments, you have planetary permission to retreat, relax, and go explore the world. The ninth house is all about doing it for yourself—something Cancers simultaneously crave and fear. Neptune’s time out can help you examine your fear of standing on your own two feet. But don’t get stuck in an overly complicated emotional analysis. Your confidence could come from diving into a dedicated training, working with a consultant or coach, or taking a spiritual pilgrimage before November that provides experiential learning. Reconnect to friends and relatives in foreign ports. A couchsurfing reunion tour or maybe a French immersion course could rock your summer. Oui, oui! Or lady Cancers, how about trying this kiteboarding school in Baja, Mexico with all-female instructors and daycare for mermaid mamas.

On Sunday, wise-teacher Saturn slips back into Scorpio and your fifth house of fame and romance until September 17. The disciplined planet occupied this part of your chart from October 6, 2012 until December 23, 2014 so you’ve already learned quite a few lessons in this area of life. For example: All that glitters ain’t gold. No romance without finance. This final leg of Saturn in Scorpio helps you crystallize important lessons of the past two-and-a-half years. Drink them in. After September, Saturn won’t return to Scorpio until 2031! Love could feel a little heavy this summer. You may struggle with commitment or feel the weight of responsibility to a partner. The idea of being “trapped” in a relationship could seem confining; or, it may be difficult to get a clear answer from the one you adore. Patience, Cancer, patience. Every time you hit a hurdle with your amour, use it as an opportunity to reconnect to your own creativity, passions, and greatness. Put some structure into your love life, too. If you’re coupled, circle a weekly block for “just the two of us” time. Single and looking? Be more purposeful in your search. Maybe you go on one online date per week or join a group that will connect you to likeminded and eligible options. If you have babies on the brain, however, Saturn could stall the fertility gods. If you are doing IVF, you might even wait until after September 14 for your next round; or you could begin treatments now and start trying in the fall. Hold off on major promotions, too, and make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you start Tweeting out big announcements. People will expect you to walk your talk if you publicize anything—you want to be prepared for the attention you’re bound to receive.

You THOUGHT you had those healthy habits dialed in, Capricorn. But since Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini on May 18, sticking to a routine has been a comedy of errors. At best, it’s taking a momentous effort to pull off. Disruptions from work, demands from family, and all those little things you were sure you plugged in with an appointment reminder (uh, guess not)—it seems like the world is conspiring to keep you away from the gym and juice bar. This Thursday, June 11 you’ll be able to hop back onto the wellness wagon again (without the imminent threat of tumbling right off). Mercury corrects its course, powering forward through Gemini and your efficient sixth house until July 8. Download those apps, slip on the Fitbit, and heck, consider hiring an assistant to help you manage all the moving parts. Communication with coworkers improves after Thursday, too. Call a summit before everyone departs for the weekend. Give everyone a chance to clear the air, then realign around your shared mission. Keep it constructive, i.e. don’t let the venting go on for too long.

On Saturday, sentimental Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces and your third house of friendship until November 18. Flip through your friend list, Capricorn. See any forgotten-yet-cherished faces smiling in their selfies? A trek down Memory Lane COULD be pure bliss. But hindsight isn’t always 20/20. As you prep the invite list for a reunion, don’t be too quick to turn the other cheek about an unresolved issue. Time may heal all wounds but you still DO need to have The Conversation in order to smooth ruffled feathers. Meet for coffee or a Skype date and clear the air so you can truly bury the hatchet. You might even have some forgiveness work to do with a sibling, coworker or a neighbor. When it comes to inviting new people into your circle, keep that red velvet rope raised a little longer than usual. Neptune is the planet of illusion and the people you meet between now and November 18 could be guilty of false advertising. Get to know them slowly and do run the background checks if you’re thinking about a formal collaboration. “Fools rush in” could be a cautionary mantra now. The third house rules communication. Got something to write, Tweet, blog, or podcast about? Your own past could be the material for a searing memoir or inspired queue of posts. Let those lessons you learned spare someone else from making the same mistakes.

Speaking of your entourage: On Sunday, your ruling planet Saturn slips back into Scorpio and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology until September 17. This is the final act of a drama that began on October 6, 2012 and ALMOST ended this past December 23. There may be one final challenge to push through now—after that, Saturn won’t return to this part of your chart until 2031. A group of people you’ve been working with could prove disappointing and you might opt out of a collaboration. It’s all about loyalty and trust, so tune in to your instincts. You need that knowing feeling that people are solid—but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to Google them, too. The answer may simply lie in putting smarter systems and structures in place so that your dream team can operate like a well-oiled machine. If you have an idea for an app, invention or e-venture, Saturn insists that you research with extreme care and diligence now. You might wait until August 1(when Saturn ends its retrograde phase) to do any actual development or launches. If your timeline won’t allow that, take extra measures to password protect and patent. On a positive note, you could really solidify your standing with a posse of powerhouses now. Use social media to reconnect with a former crew—your Round Two collabo could prove profitable!

Have you come undone, Gemini? With messenger Mercury retrograde in your sign since May 18, a few aspects of your personality may be unspooling. But who says that’s a bad thing? Life demands that we evolve and change. What was once “so you” might not fit anymore. Stop insisting that you’re “not that kind of person.” Instead, make a point of being more flexible and adaptable to current circumstances. When Mercury corrects its course on Thursday—and powers forward through Gemini until July 6—white light moments flood in. Your gift of gab will slowly but surely be restored. Surprise! You might just embrace a new way of expressing yourself—one that’s more flamboyant OR soft-spoken; one that creates connection. Mercury will be powerfully flowing through your sign until July 6. By then you’ll be ready to represent yourself in a new way. Work with designers, stylists, consultants or savvy friends to bring Gemini 2.0 to life. Hello, makeover magic!

On Friday the 12th, dreamy Neptune slips into its annual retrograde until November 18. Destination: Dream Job? This year (and from 2012-2025) Neptune is journeying through Pisces and your tenth house of professional ambitions. You’ve had some unpredictable activity in your career for the last few years. And with foggy Neptune at the wheel, figuring out exactly where you’re heading—or why you’re even doing what you’re doing for a living—has been a bit of a mystery. For some Geminis, however, Neptune has brought divinely inspired developments—particularly if you work in a Neptunian field like psychology, music, the arts, charity, or as a healer of any sort. With Neptune in reverse you have a blessed time out from the purple haze; a chance to get your bearings and steer yourself in a more clear direction. Use Neptune’s snooze mode to reflect on your soul’s calling. What would make you leap out of bed each morning? What activities consume your spare moments and make you lose track of time because you love doing them so much. For some Gems it’s just a pure enjoyment of people (hint, hint) more than what you’re actually doing in the moment. For others it’s the discerning mastery of a very specific, niche craft. Perhaps you’ve been overlooking the value of this since it comes so naturally to you. Download Gay Hendricks’ The Big Leap and ponder your “zone of genius.” Whether you’re making sweeping changes or fine-tuning what you already love doing, bring your gifts into the work that you do. As retrogrades rule the past and Neptune governs your earth angels, mentors and guides, reach back to the helpful people from your history. Someone who you once did a solid for may have risen through the ranks. Don’t be shy about asking for a favor in return—just do so with your trademark smooth diplomacy.

On Sunday, disciplinarian Saturn scoots back into Scorpio and your sixth house of efficiency and healthy habits until September 17. This is the final leg of Saturn’s journey through Scorpio that began October 6, 2012—it won’t return there again until 2031. Over the past two years you may have made some sweeping professional changes and, uh, how many doctors and healers have you seen? You’ve probably lost count. This final three-month circuit will help you solidify the progress you’ve made. Perhaps you need a more solid contract from corporate or a medical procedure that will FINALLY handle that nagging issue. If you are having any problems with your knees, teeth or skeletal system (Saturn’s domain), you might do some rehabbing or physical therapy work on them now. Or get obsessed with core-strengthening Pilates workouts as preventative medicine. Clear away any stress-inducing activities that can exacerbate pain or lethargy. Head’s up: You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels at work between now and September 17, but don’t be fooled. This is a time for putting long-lasting systems and structures into place. No, not the exciting, flashy aspects of a job, but the ones that can actually create a permanent boost to productivity or help you become your own boss!

Oh, who are the people in your entourage? Pinning down solid team players has not been easy since Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini on May 18. But that case of “collaboration frustration” won’t last too much longer. This Thursday, Mercury U-turns into direct motion blessing your most important alliances with positive beams. Getting on the same page—heck, even getting together for a past-due planning meeting—will be far easier then. New recruits for the cause could crop up on your radar so don’t feel compelled to force your go-to crew into a project. It might be easier to start fresh in some cases, or create a hybrid blend of old and new blood. Mercury’s backspin may have created some technical difficulties, too. As Mercury powers forward through Gemini from Thursday until July 6, you’re free to update and upgrade. Shop around for better models, and use apps to streamline your processes. The next three weeks could be prime time to launch your own digital venture, even create an app or online store. Begin the R&D process now and you could have something to show for it by the summer’s end.

On Friday, unlock that chamber of secrets, Leo. Therapeutic Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces and your eighth house of transformation until November 18. Neptune retrogrades happen annually and are ideal periods for internal reflection. For the next five months, you’ll be drawn to the mystical realm, and even the taboo. If you feel you have psychic gifts, develop them now. Since the eighth house rules intimacy and seduction, your closest relationships will be under the magnifying glass. But to improve them, put the focus back on YOU. Where have you been resisting vulnerability, Leo? This could even show up in the choices you make. Dating a narcissist, for example, is a “convenient” way of avoiding revealing your own shadow side. (And yes, we all have one.) Healthy relationships become stronger as you allow yourself to be perfectly imperfect. Let your love interests see that you don’t have it all together 24/7. You might even do some couples therapy or workshops—exploring the tantric and kundalini realms together could be mindblowing. Have you been joined at the hip with your honey, even a tad possessive? Create more space for reflection, meditation and me time. Absence truly can make the heart grow fonder and your private life hotter. Divinely inspired visions could flow as you face your own demons, too. Slip into the studio to work on your art, compose a song or write your memoirs. Creativity is catharsis with Neptune in reverse.

On Sunday, disciplinarian Saturn makes one last cameo in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. This rounds out a tour that began October 6, 2012 and ALMOST ended this past December 23. Family obligations have been a mixed bag during this Saturn in Scorpio cycle. Perhaps you moved somewhere with a far slower pace or took on responsibilities at home that stifled your independence. Your relationship with female relatives—your mother, sister or daughter perhaps—has come with some heaviness, too. As Saturn rounds out this Scorpio cycle (not to return here again until 2031), you can put better structures in place so that your dutiful nature doesn’t turn into a deep burden on your soul. Find ways to empower your nearest and dearest to do for themselves instead of enabling them to lean on you. This would NOT be the best time to undertake a huge renovation project or make a major move—unless you’ve thoroughly thought plans through. If you’ve already hired the contractors, you might downsize your Phase One plan before it balloons beyond expected costs and timelines. You’ll also have to hash out new agreements with the people living under your roof. What’s good for the goose won’t be great for the gander. Saturn’s backspin forces you to find new ways to co-exist that might require a little more sacrifice from everyone. The good news is, once you DO find a great solution, you might only need it until September 17 before everyone lightens up again.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. With Mercury retrograde in Gemini and your travel and expansion zone since May 18 you might feel like you’ve been picked up by a tornado and dropped in some strange land. Or, like some gale wind is at your back, forcing you to move at a frenetic pace. Travel plans may have hit a wall; perhaps you had to book a last minute, unexpected trip. Deep. Breaths. This Thursday, June 11 Mercury busts a U-ey and powers forward through Gemini until July 8. Your long-range plans will come into sharp focus once again, making it easier to chart out your direction. Have you had a funny feeling that someone’s been dishonest with you? Don’t go flinging any accusations this week, Libra. Your intuition will start to sharpen again come Thursday, helping you suss out the truth. Hint: It’s not what you think. And while there may be some trouble in paradise, an honest talk will probably pave the way for solutions if you wait until Thursday.

On Saturday, therapeutic Neptune turns retrograde, retreating through your sixth house of healthy habits until November 18. This is an annual event, and a period that requires a little more mindfulness if you want to stay on point. Idly reaching into a bag of Cheetos or being too tired to hit the gym could easily become a mode you slip into. But maybe your ennui is a sign that you need a more inspired menu and an exercise plan that is actually fun. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about work or life changes, Neptune’s snooze mode is a good time to put savvy systems in place and to activate some lifehacks. For example, return calls while walking to work instead of interrupting your sacred desk time. And since movement brings oxygen to the brain, you’ll be sharper and more productive when you settle down again. If you keep skipping meals or blowing money on takeout, try a meal delivery service like the ones on this list. Neptune governs our psyches and our hidden fears. Spend some quality time with your journal this weekend and even look into groups that can support your emotional growth or keep you accountable to your goals. If you are dealing with any health issues that might be a result of your woes, check out Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine for some insight. Neptune’s backspin impacts the work you do, too. Develop a creative venture behind the scenes until November and you could make a stunning debut come fall. Some Libras may be called to the mystic’s path, training in Reiki, shamanism, or energy work. While you probably won’t be quitting your day job quite yet, this labor of love could become a financially sustainable talent over time.

On Sunday, Saturn slips into Scorpio and your second house of finances for three months—the encore to a show that lasted from October 6, 2012 to December 23, 2014. With the taskmaster planet in this part of your chart for over two years, you’ve had to work HARD for your money. But you’ve also learned what was a fruitless pursuit and what efforts were really worth your sweat equity. While some Libras reaped the rewards of those long hours, others hit a wall: Funds have been tight and expenses higher than usual. This final Saturn in Scorpio hurrah only lasts until September 17 and it helps you crystallize important lessons about money management. You’ll be relieved to know that Saturn won’t hit your second house again until 2031, plenty of time to prepare! Start this Sunday with a budget overhaul. Downsize on luxuries that are feeling like golden handcuffs. Start socking away funds in a special account to save up for a bigger purchase, one that is more of an investment than a short-lived fix. If managing the mundane isn’t your forte, invest in a virtual assistant (or a live one) many of whom hire out at $15 per hour. Sacrificing one deconstructed pork belly dish for the peace of mind this person brings? We’d say it’s well worth it, Libra. You might even find that your food cravings die down when you reduce stress. And you’ll have more time for self-care, even if that means relaxing in a bubble bath or getting home in time to have dinner with your friends or family. It’s the little things…

“There is no such thing as fun for the whole family,” cracked Jerry Seinfeld. And with Mercury retrograde in your domestic fourth house since May 18, you’d be inclined to agree. But this Thursday, June 11 the messenger planet corrects its course and creates a bridge over troubled waters. Family feuds, be gone! Until July 8, Mercury will power forward through Gemini, making it far easier to communicate clearly with those you love dearly. Begin the “let’s start fresh” process near the weekend. Key to this is making sure that everyone’s voice—including yours—is heard. Are you ready to plant the For Sale sign in your lawn or hunt for a new rental? Mercury’s U-turn kicks the process into high gear. Love where you live? With Mercury on track you could finally get some time to enjoy your sacred sanctuary. Make a budget for touch ups or some beautiful plants to add some green to the space. Shake out the welcome mat, too. You’ll enjoy playing host once again, but stick to a hand-selected guest list instead of an open-door policy. Think: intimate dinner parties or iced tea in the garden. Perhaps you reconnected to some great girlfriends while Mercury was in reverse. Host a get together to introduce them to your current crew.

On Friday, June 12 there’s another retrograde to contend with. Your ruling planet Neptune shifts into reverse until November 18. From 2012-2025, Neptune is parked in Pisces, intensifying your “go with the flow” personality and bringing more flow and spirituality into your life. But this process also feels quite nebulous. Just when you think you’ve found THE thing that will define the next chapter of your life, another hidden interest captivates you. Allowing yourself to be flexible is the name of the game. With Neptune in reverse, you might actually feel relieved. You’ll have time to integrate all the new desires and developments that have emerged since LAST November (when Neptune ended its previous retrograde). With so many new personas to try on, have you lost sight of where your own center truly lies? Have you made someone else into your guru instead of following your own inner guidance? Traipse down Memory Lane and reclaim those pieces of yourself that got left behind in the excitement of the new. Pisces born between February 23-March 3 will feel this retrograde the most intensely. There could even be a mini identity crisis between now and November or a dance with your own dark side. Don’t freak out: Making friends with your shadow is part of the self-acceptance process. We all have aspects of our selves that we consider “undesirable” or wish we could disown. But what we resist persists. Neptune’s retrograde through your sign could help you to make friends with the less-than-sunny side of your personality. Gaining awareness of your own hidden tendencies gives you the ability to act from choice instead of reflex. In the words of Carl Jung, “We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”

On Sunday, Saturn the stern-yet-wise teacher slips back into Scorpio for the remainder of its retrograde. This backspin started on March 14 in Sagittarius and your tenth house of career, giving you a chance to rethink the your grandest ambitions. From June 14 until September 17, Saturn pulses through Scorpio and your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurial ventures. This is the final leg of a journey that began on October 6, 2012—Saturn won’t visit Scorpio again until 2031! Plans to relocate, go back to school, or start a business could be met with some challenges. But these aren’t obstacles you can’t overcome! The next three months help you crystallize your game plan in these areas of life. Is this really where you want to put your time and energy? If your heart isn’t in it, you’ll struggle to find the motivation. But if you’re clearly pursuing a passion, anchor-weight Saturn gives you the power to muscle through the toughest parts of the process and come out stronger on the other side. A daily practice will make perfect—this is your chance to grow into a more disciplined person, Pisces, even if you’re a little bored by the routine from time to time. Some Pisces will be forced to stay put with Saturn here while others may be exhausted by a demanding travel schedule. You love the journey and you don’t have to fall off the wagon just because you’re on the go. Check out wellness warrior Kris Carr’s healthy hotel travel tips for keeping self-care rituals strong even when you’re on the go.

Dynamic duos…or disastrous ones? With communicator Mercury retrograding through Gemini and your relationship house since May 18, horns have locked. If you haven’t weathered some nasty lovers’ quarrels you may have discovered sneaky fine print in a business contract or some shady moves by someone you thought was on your team. Did an ex resurface? This unwelcome (but admittedly, kind of hot) reappearance may have disrupted another perfectly satisfying relationship. Stay strong, Sagittarius. You’ll have to weather Mercury’s blows until he resumes direct motion on Thursday the 11th. Some Archers could just wipe the slate clean this week, walking away from people who just aren’t doin’ it for them anymore. But Thursday’s stars also support you in finding a harmonious compromise. Giving an inch doesn’t mean other people will take a mile. If you aren’t great at negotiating, bring in the big guns: couples’ therapists, lawyers, mediators and so on. Single Sagittarians, turn your love light back on. Opposites attract, so keep your mind in its usual ultra-open mode near the weekend. Whether for business, pleasure or a scintillating combo of both, you could draw in someone who knows exactly how to pick up where you leave off.

On Saturday, Neptune tucks into its annual retrograde, backing up through your home and family sector until November 18. If you’ve been making too many sacrifices for the ones you love, make a change. Perhaps you’ve taken on their troubles as your own, or have been afraid to be “the bad guy” and hold them accountable for pulling their weight. If caring has crossed into codependence, break the cycle. How? By changing YOUR actions, Sagittarius. The hardest part may lie in stopping YOUR enabling behaviors, like paying all the bills, doing all the dishes or staying on the phone for hours listening to a drama queen friend rant about the same bleeping issue. If necessary, find a great therapist or coach to help you with your process. On the flip side, Neptune’s backspin could see you making an even bigger sacrifice for a loved one in need. This may be a female relative who requires more time and attention, or even some support with a medical procedure (Neptune rules hospitals). Again, exhausting yourself to be there for another person is not going to serve anyone in the long run. Strike a healthy balance and stay tuned in to your needs, too. Helping yourself is the pre-requisite to having the strength to help other people.

Speaking of self-care and boundaries, on Sunday, stern Saturn moves back into Scorpio and your twelfth house of healing and completions until September 17. Saturn was already in Scorpio from October 6, 2012 until this past December 23 when it moved into Sagittarius. With Saturn in your sign, life has been productive—but at a slower pace. Still, you’ve been gaining major ground in your personal growth. But as you’ve raced ahead with your self-improvement missions did you forget to tie up some loose ends? Saturn’s last hurrah in Scorpio (until 2031) gives you an opportunity to backtrack and deal with these admittedly annoying aspects of your life. The bones of one last skeleton are a-rattling in your closet. Book that therapy appointment or the weekend workshop that helps you to process all the accompanying emotions from this experience. A helpful guide who you worked with in the past could reappear to support you on this journey. Boundaries—clear and simple ones—must be applied with more insistence and persistence during Saturn’s tour of your twelfth house. It’s a little too easy to let those lines blur, especially when you want to have your cake and eat it too. But sacrificing temporary highs for long-range goals keeps you focused on what you REALLY desire: Beware the lure of short-term escapes and thrills that distract you from long-lasting satisfaction. Enjoy the silence; don’t be afraid of it. Connect to your spiritual self through art, music, meditation, and yoga. This is a far better cure for the moody blues than a bourbon habit or a tempestuous fling—no matter how alluring these could be. Instead of re-toxing, focus on detoxing with clean eating, flowy exercise like dance, yoga and swimming and holistic healing like acupuncture, massage and sweats in the infrared sauna. When Saturn returns to Sagittarius from September 17 until December 19, 2017 you want to be in #cantstopwontstop mode, not nursing an extended hangover!

Jealousy, mystery, and animal attraction! Oh. My. Ever since Mercury turned retrograde on May 18 you’ve been slogging through some complex dynamics. The messenger planet continues retreating through Gemini and your eighth house, AKA “the chamber of secrets” for half of this week. This is also the house naturally associated with Scorpio causing struggles with some of the most intense parts of your personality. Countdown to this Thursday, June 11! Mercury corrects its course slowly but surely restoring your clarity. Perhaps you’ve been unsure how to proceed in a romantic entanglement. Can you really trust the person whose head is on the pillow next to yours? Is your attraction fierce enough to make it through life’s endless currents? With Mercury in drive through Gemini until July 8 answers will be obvious. You might just wind up putting a ring on it. Or some ink! The eighth house governs shared resources, so a murky business alliance could turn into a win-win with everyone’s roles spelled out clearly—by an attorney. Mercury’s backspin could have attracted some questionable characters from your past, like an old flame who is both devastating to the eyes AND the heart. If you got swept up in an obsessive sequel, yell, “Cut!” and leave the cast of that movie at once. It might take the remainder of Mercury’s tour through Gemini—until July 8—to get that sucker out of your system. Give yourself time to deal and heal.

Of course, astrology can never come without its contrary energies. On Saturday, hazy Neptune slips into a five-month retrograde (something that happens annually) and backstrokes through Pisces’ waters until November 18. Pisces is the governess of your fifth house of passion, romance, glamour and fame. Your taste for the taboo, edgy and underground is not exactly a secret, Scorpio. But with Neptune in reverse, you could be drawn to some sketchy types—those living-on-the-edge rebels who might actually be kind of destructive. On the one hand, it’s remarkable how unafraid of the shadows you are, Scorpio. But how low can you go? Best not to find out where “rock bottom” lies or feed your appetite for destruction. Neptune’s downfall is a lack of boundaries so just be more mindful of whom you let into your carefully curated inner circle. You could wind up with a “rescue mission” on your hands, which can be a downward spiral for YOU. A drowning man will pull you under to save himself. Unless your beloved is willing to do the hard work for himself/herself, you’d be wise to take a few steps back. Let “codependent no more” be your battle cry for fighting your own “helpful” tendencies. Funny thing is, when YOU get out of the way, people may naturally step up to the plate. Your “need to be needed” may be the very thing that requires some work during this Neptune retrograde. Scorpio, you are loveable just because—you don’t have to work so damn hard to prove it. Since retrogrades rule the past, you could even see the return of an old flame or creative collaborator. If it was merely bad timing that kept you apart, let the happy reunion tour begin. An artistic pursuit that you shelved a while back could interest you again and even bring some fame and acclaim your way before 2015 is through.

Now for the biggest news of the week (yeah, this is an intense one): On Sunday, taskmaster Saturn slips back into Scorpio for one LAST hurrah (until 2031) through your sign. You’ve hosted the disciplinarian planet from October 6, 2012 until December 23, 2014, a phase that felt a whole lot like cosmic boot camp. Though you’ve weathered some extreme challenges for the past two-and-a-half years, you’ve also grown bulletproof in many new areas. A new life path has likely emerged—one that you are just starting to develop. From this Sunday, June 14 until September 17 there is one last mountain to climb before you can REALLY get The Scorpio Project underway. Pause before pouring the concrete to make sure that you truly have your direction down. In your desire to activate a better life for yourself, did you throw out the baby with the bathwater? Aspects of the “old you” might be worth reviving and integrating into your upgraded plans. Work with a coach, mentor, or guide to help clarify your direction. Saturn’s final spin through your sign is an important time for researching, fortifying and doing behind the scenes work to ensure that you have a strong structure in place that can hold you up as you climb higher and higher.

Your appetite for luxury was never meant to be tamed, Taurus. But sometimes you can get downright Dionysian! You’ve had reason to tighten up the old belt since Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini and your money house on May 18, which may have brought a bigger expense or a little cash crunch. If “budget” is still a dirty word in your vocab, change your tune quickly. Although Mercury turns direct this Thursday, June 11 you need to keep a watchful eye over your spending. Take inventory of your closets and cupboards before you rush to the mall or go on an online shopping spree. With some practical magic and discernment you may realize that you already have everything you need. If you can’t upcycle what you own, sell it on eBay and create the funds you need for the replacement. Fortunately, your income forecast brightens, too. If you’re looking for work, circulate your resume. Happily employed? What would it take to make yourself even happier than that? Train your eyes on the next rung of the ladder. With Mercury in direct motion through Gemini until July 6, you could be cashing in on a raise, bonus or fancy new title. Don’t wait for clients or bosses to tap you with an opportunity. Create one for yourself. A good exercise is to write up a new job description for yourself. In another two weeks, present it to the people who sign your paychecks. Did Mercury’s backspin reveal a need for better branding? Call the graphic designers and give your materials a sleek 2015 model update.

On Saturday, Neptune makes a U-turn, retreating through Pisces and your eleventh house of community and technology until November 18. Who are the people in your entourage? There could be a weak link in the chain who is slowing everyone down. Vet your crew with care. If you need to kick someone off Team Taurus, don’t ignore your intuition—especially if you’ve already given them enough warning shots to realize their behavior is unacceptable. Like it or not, you are judged by the company you keep. Just because YOU can overlook a friend’s distasteful mannerisms or questionable decision making, uh, skills, doesn’t mean others will respond in the same way. Their bad vibes could reflect on your reputation and even cause a crisis with a collaborative mission. Are you feeling stuck in a lame organization? Fly away from that cloud of energy vampires as an act of self-preservation. The good news is that Neptune’s backspin can deepen soul-connections with people on a healthy, uplifting path. Seek them out! Since retrogrades point to the past, there’s a chance you’ve already met them or read about them. You could find your Neptunian tribe through a volunteer mission, political gathering, even a spiritual ceremony. The eleventh house rules humanitarian work. Get involved with a cause you believe in, but take care to set healthy boundaries, too. Draining yourself to help others in need is not an act of charity.

On Sunday, stern Saturn scoots back into Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships until September 17. This is the final arc of a storyline that began between October 6, 2012 and December 23, 2014. You’ve no doubt learned some major lessons about love in the past couple years. Relationships have grown more serious; heavy at times. But with the right partner, weathering the storms has only brought you closer. For the next three months you have a little more maturing to do in the partnership realm. Are your everyday choices truly benefiting the collective or are you still trying to make it all work out for yourself? Watch that tendency to be stubborn—and even a bit manipulative—about getting your way. This could wear on the goodwill of a loving partner. Have you tethered yourself to an unsavory character or someone whose problems only seem to worsen by the week? Time to detox from the bad drug trip of this addictive “romance.” Single Bulls who are looking for love could fall for someone a little bit older or more experienced now. Saturn won’t return to Scorpio until 2031 so this three-month period is pretty major. If you’re ready to get hitched or sign a business deal, follow due process. The seventh house also governs legal matters, so don’t skimp on attorney’s fees or do business on a handshake. You may have to deal with some old paperwork or negotiate a settlement to finish up a lawsuit once and for all.

Career conundrums, begone! With Mercury retrograde in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house since May 18, focusing on your goals has not been easy. Maybe you found yourself bound in red tape…just when you thought it was all systems go. A colleague you’ve been counting on could be hard to pin down and you may have heard word of a key contact’s departure from the company. Fr-r-r-ustrating! But no need to hang up the power suit just yet. Mercury will correct its course on Thursday, June 11 revving your professional game. Now, you’ll have a double-shot of make-it-happen momentum since Mercury will be on fleek in Gemini until July 6. What starts out as a frustrating week could give way to one of the most inspired breakthroughs of 2015. So don’t quit five minutes before the miracle, okay? A supportive exec could step forward to help you rise through the ranks. A plum assignment could land in your lap—one that helps you solidify your standing and reputation. Since the tenth house is the fellas’ domain, it could be a man who extends the helping hand. If you’re stuck in a rut, be proactive. Seek a career coach or an online program like blogger Gala Darling’s savvy Blogcademy if you have designs on becoming an online supernova.

On Friday, soulful Neptune tucks into his annual retrograde until November 18. This year (and from 2012-2025), Neptune’s backspin takes place in Pisces and your seventh house of relationships. With the hazy healer planet in snooze mode, you have an opportunity to do some internal excavation and to reflect on the balance of give and take in your closest couplings. As the sign of service, you DO have a tendency to overgive. Unfortunately, this can create dependencies (them) and boatloads of resentment (you). Constantly racing after people and cleaning up their mistakes is exhausting! And does it make them appreciate you more? Hardly. They just get lazier or more obnoxious. For the next five months, focus on breaking this cycle, whether it’s with your romantic partner, your BFF or a needy family member. Examine the flip side of the coin: your ability to receive. Take an honest look: Would you actually allow people to give to you if they tried? Buried control issues could be blocking the flow. Neptune’s drift is a great time to work on your cooperation skills. You like things done “just so” but this may cause your closest crew to throw their hands up in exasperation. Ask yourself the hard questions too: Are they REALLY dumping everything on you or has your perfectionism simply caused them to give up? It may be a mix of both. You’ll need to take extra care when selecting your partners between now and November. Neptune is the planet of illusion and its retrograde could fog up the lens even more. Seeing people for who they really are can be a dodgy proposition. What walks and talks like The One also needs to back it up with action. Did you let a good one slip away? You may be inspired to reconnect to a past partner to see if the embers can be ignited again. If you had a necessary breakup since 2012, Neptune retrograde gives you a healing window to work through the emotions. You might be surprised at how much feeling is still stored up in your psyche. Working it out with a therapist or support circle can expedite the process.

Your friendships could go through a review this week, too. On Sunday, Saturn retreats into Scorpio until September 17—the final leg of a tour that began on October 6, 2012 and ended briefly this December 23. For the past two-plus years you’ve been steadily defining what a REAL friend looks like. There may be one last test, Virgo. Draw a tighter radius around your inner circle. But don’t turn that red velvet rope into a barbed wire fence. Some new and truly solid BFFs and collaborators may emerge. Teaming up with kindred spirits—even the so-called competition—can take your efforts to the next level.