Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for March 9-13

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


This week is not for the faint of heart. On Monday, March 9, lusty Mars in Aries makes loud, beautiful music with free-spirited Jupiter in Leo. Talk about a flamboyant mix! The two passionate planets will form a harmonious trine (60 degree angle) for the early part of the week. Their combined energies could make us blush or maybe want to call out, “Get a room!” to a (ahem) demonstrative couple.  Along with these seriously sexy exchanges, the Mars-Jupiter trine will spur amazing creative breakthroughs. Both Mars and Jupiter are known for shooting from the hip, acting impulsively AND daring greatly. If you’re going to leap, do it early this week while this planetary pair buoys your confidence.

But on Wednesday, the erotic could turn erratic when Mars meets hotheaded Uranus at 15 degrees Aries—and then, gets involved in a tense Pluto-Uranus square. Pluto and Uranus have been duking it out since 2012, forming challenging 90-degree angles (called squares) in the skies. Pluto is the planet of secrecy and old guard control. Uranus, on the other hand, is the brash revolutionary. See the conflict here? The fight for power and domination has been extreme on the world stage since 2012, and in our personal lives. This week starts the seventh—and final(!)—of the Pluto-Uranus squares. This harsh transit lasts until March 29, but the drama it stirs up should be pretty darn familiar to us by now. Have you gotten the lesson yet? First time, shame on the cosmos; seventh time, shame on you. If you keep stubbornly sticking your hand into that same hot fire, the planetary punishment will not be pretty. Rather than learning things the hard way, let this square prompt a spiritual transformation (Pluto) and a “revolution from within” (Uranus). We can’t change other people, but we CAN decide to greet challenging circumstances with a new attitude and a fresh set of tools.

But be fairly warned, this won’t be easy. With Mars in the mix—meeting Uranus at 15 degrees Aries on Wednesday—there could be an aggressive push for change “by any means necessary.” Tempers could flare, especially for those who have been trying to suppress their anger instead of dealing with it responsibly.  Warrior Mars and rabble-rouser Uranus in scrappy Aries has “streetfight” written all over it. Meanwhile, controlling, secretive Pluto will turn everything into a game of cloak and dagger. Cue the 1990s “Fight The Power” anthem by Public Enemy! This revolution WILL be televised. For more on the Pluto-Uranus squares, read our full breakdown here:

On Thursday, Mercury changes signs for the first time since January 4, moving into Pisces until March 30. Hello cosmic rescue remedy! Compassionate, bighearted Pisces energy is the soft touch the world needs to tone down all the extreme firepower. Some of that Pisces escapism and denial might not be the worst thing if it helps to de-escalate drama. But don’t bury your head in the sand, even if you’re sticking your toes in it on a Caribbean getaway.

On Saturday, taskmaster Saturn slips into its annual retrograde, which lasts until August 1. This retrograde will be split between two signs: Sagittarius and Scorpio. Until June 14, Saturn will retreat into Sagittarius, then backstroke into the intense waters of Scorpio for the rest of its journey. While Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, we won’t be able to expand as quickly as we’d like. There will be a greater insistence on truth and we won’t be able to take anything at face value. Issues surrounding global politics, cross-cultural relationships and the education system will be pushed further into the headlines. But Saturn’s backspin can be a blessing as it gives us a window of time to create structures, agreements and systems that are built to last. When Saturn moves into Scorpio from June 14 to September 17, it will be the final footnote to a cycle that began on October 6, 2012. This is a chance to review our long-term ambitions. Do they feel sexy and enlivening? Are we truly passionate about the paths we’re on? A new crop of billionaires emerged while Saturn toured this resourceful sign so set up smarter systems over the summer and a new pool of wealth could emerge by fall.

And the gold medal goes to…you, Aries! Early this week, an auspicious angle between competitive Mars and daring Jupiter shuttles you straight into the winner’s circle. Feel free to pull out all the stops, even if you worry that others will find you overwhelming or arrogant. In the end, you’ll be pegged as an inspiration, provided you play fair and avoid treading into cutthroat terrain. Fortune favors the bold— and Cupid does too. With Jupiter in your fifth house of romance getting frisky with lusty Mars in Aries it’s a “say anything” kind of week. Simply blurting out your desires could lead to a steamy makeout session early in the week. And with Jupiter retrograde your bedroom buddy could even be a blast from the past. Pump up the volume on your passions, too. Be demonstrative and dress to get noticed. A little glamour goes a long way.

Things become a bit more complicated in the middle of the week. Firebrand Mars meets rebellious Uranus at 15 degrees Aries and their combined powers can muddle your message, making you come on way stronger than you realize. Your already rash nature could grow more impetuous. Easy, Aries or you could be looking back at a landscape filled with burning bridges. Be particularly cautious in professional dealings. Mars and Uranus will form a harsh square (90 degree angle) to shadowy Pluto in Capricorn and your tenth house of career. Your authority issues could flare up, but this isn’t anything new. Pluto and Uranus have been squaring each other on and off since 2012 putting you in “fight the power” mode, but also pushing you to create a career path that reflect your authentic self. From Wednesday until March 29, Pluto and Uranus will have their seventh and final smackdown of the series. (They won’t tussle again until 2046, thank goodness.) Rather than regressing into an angry teen when the boss or a client pushes your buttons, look where you might need to transform your own image. Pluto is the planet of extreme makeovers while Uranus governs change. Upgrading everything from your work wardrobe to your social media profiles to the materials you hand out in meetings can speak volumes. Our brains process information visually, after all, so when you carry yourself with authority and dignity, people will be far less prone to mess with you.

(More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

You’re no stranger to the mic drops, Aries— you love to be provocative. But after Saturday, you’ll need to deploy some filters. Cautious, conservative Saturn turns retrograde until August 1. For the first three months, Saturn’s backspin will be in candid Sagittarius insisting that you temper your words with tact. On June 14, Saturn retreats into Scorpio, which could bring the danger of some below-the-belt stings. Saturn retrograde can bring a helpful time out though. If people are misreading your “helpful advice,” it could be that you’ve been delivering it without adequate compassion. Learn to soften the blows of your truth hammer, Aries. You’ll find that it’s helpful for you to ask permission to give feedback now instead of just blurting out your raw, uncensored opinions.  Developing entrepreneurial ventures and media projects behind the scenes could bring big gains mid-September. Traveling should be done with a purpose—to study or sharpen your spiritual gifts perhaps. You might even enroll in an educational program or develop your own curriculum to teach a subject that you’ve mastered.

Use your words! Early in the week, clear communication is the rescue remedy for rocky relationship dynamics. What is it that you want and need? Don’t backpedal, rationalize or wait too long to make a request. The sooner you ask, the longer you have to hash out a compromise—or look for a backup if your first draft pick can’t be there this go ‘round. Remember the equally important part of the communication equation: active listening. Since passionate Mars is in cahoots with outspoken Jupiter on Monday, you may be a little too quick to cut people off midsentence. Instead, you might even wait an extra beat to make sure they don’t have one more thing to say before you rush to respond. And do keep Wheeler-Dealer Aquarius in check. Your loved ones will dig in their heels if you deliver a hard sell. The Mars-Jupiter trine makes you quite dazzling, though, and it will be easy to make a statement. This comes in handy when you’re trying to wow a potential client or charm a new romantic prospect. With the people who know you well, don’t have to lay it on so thick. Just be a bit flirtier and bring your wicked sense of humor to conversations.

By Wednesday, however, your efforts to be diplomatic could fly right out the window. That day, Mars joins combustible Uranus in your communication sector giving your words an aggressive bite. More intense still, both planets will form a harsh square (90 degree angle) to mysterious Pluto in your shadowy twelfth house. Like an active volcano, you’ll feel ready to erupt at the slightest provocation, from someone’s offhanded comment to one of your own spiraling fears. You could clash with a sibling, neighbor or coworker, especially if you feel they aren’t being as compassionate to your circumstances as you’d like. Alas, Aquarius, this energy may linger for most of March since Pluto and Uranus will continue to square each other until the 29th. The good news is that this Pluto-Uranus square is the FINAL in a series of seven that began in 2012. Over the past three years, you’ve become intimately acquainted with the power your words and thoughts can have on your external reality. Should you find yourself slipping into dark and obsessive thoughts about the future, you can choose to operate differently. Interrupt the rumination cycle with exercise or even a fast change of scenery. This article even suggests scheduling a “worry break” where you can play out the worst-case scenario with a supportive listener: Like shining a light on the “monster” under the bed, you can break up your fears by getting into dialogue. On Thursday, messenger Mercury leaves Aquarius after an extra-long tour through your sign that began on January 4. As Mercury flows through Pisces until March 30, you’ll be less irritable and excitable. Fall under the spell of beauty—art and music can soothe the savage beast within.

How solid is your support network, Aquarius? Structured Saturn turns retrograde from Saturday until August 1. The first half of its retreat will be through Sagittarius and your eleventh house of teamwork. Then, on June 14, Saturn will slip back into Scorpio for the final three months of its three-year journey through your tenth house of career. The people you’ve been counting on may be less available to help between now and mid-June. You may need to pay a professional for a service that a friend previously provided. Organizations you’re a part of could fall prey to infighting or mismanagement. These breakdowns aren’t the end of the world. See them as an opportunity to put better systems in place and even divide up the duties differently so you play to people’s strengths. Give your technology an upgrade too. Using antiquated systems could be gumming up the works.

You’re large and in charge early this week—and make no apologies for it! With feisty Mars and bold Jupiter collaborating beautifully in your professional sectors, the lead position is all yours. Cancers get a rap for being shy and maternal, but as a cardinal sign, you can also be a total Alpha. Let that not-so-secret bossy streak out to play. Hey, there’s a mission to accomplish here! The people who grumble when you nudge them into action will be giving extreme thanks when you all reach the finish line with a victory to show for it. In addition to organizing the troops, use the bold Mars-Jupiter energy to advance your position. Are you being underpaid, undervalued, or underutilized? No need to wage a passive-aggressive pouting campaign. Be proactive and set up a performance review or call to discuss “next steps” where you can lay out all that you’ve done and all that you’re capable of. Pitch ideas and bring a game plan for how you’ll pull them off. A budget for your project and even a pay hike may “magically” appear once you show how much value you can add.

On Wednesday, however, a few authority issues could bubble up when hotheaded Mars and Uranus conjoin at 15 degrees Aries and your tenth house of career and men. If you feel dominated—particularly by a dude—a clash could erupt. Not pretty. Your fuse will be short for people who are constantly shifting direction, changing the goals or dumping extra work in your lap. While you need to address the problem, you might be too charged up to do so this week. Blow off some steam first and get advice from the cool-heads in your crew.

Making the week even more complex, Mars and Uranus will both form a square (tense, 90-degree angle) to controlling Pluto in your seventh house of relationships. This is the seventh time since 2012 that Pluto and Uranus have squared each other. Thankfully, it’s also the last of their smackdowns…at least until 2046. For the past three years you’ve had to change the way you do business. Contracts that you relied upon may have fallen by the wayside or become steeped in so much red tape that you had to break free. Knowing who to trust professionally has not been the easiest. There’s also been a struggle to balance the demands of your career with the needs of your love life. The silver lining, Cancer, is that you’ve been through this drama six other times. This last Pluto-Uranus pas de deux lingers until March 29 (ignited by brash Mars) and brings an opportunity for you to greet the challenges from an empowered place. You’ll have an easier time standing up for yourself in relationships, or simply detaching if you’ve fallen into the Cancer trap of “overfunctioning,” a habit detailed brilliantly by therapist Harriet Lerner in The Dance Of Anger. (Download it now.) If you’re negotiating a contract or hashing out a business deal, don’t try to save a buck on legal counsel. As you’ve no doubt learned, it pays to have the terms hashed out on the front end…BEFORE misunderstandings arise. (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

On Saturday, break out the juicer and activate that Pilates pass. Taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde in your sixth house of healthy living until June 14 necessitating an increased level of self-care. If you’re feeling depleted, a long nap might not do the trick. Have your adrenals, thyroid and blood levels tested. You may need to take supplements to get your weary bod back on track. Try acupuncture and work on improving gut health (the sixth house rules digestion). Cutting inflammation-producing foods like dairy, wheat and sugar and adding a healing probiotic each day could bring a happy system reboot. Reduce stress at work by putting smarter systems in place and delegating rather than doing it all by yourself. Saturn’s retrograde doesn’t officially end until August 1. On June 14, the structure-hound of the skies slips back into Scorpio and your fifth house of romance until September 14 helping you crystallize a few maturing lessons about love that you’ve learned since October 2012.

Warm-fuzzies, anyone? The week is off to a soulful and sultry start as passionate Mars sends a wink to heart-opening Jupiter. Both planets are parked in the most personal zones of your chart and they form an exact trine on Monday. Your stoic composure will melt as the softer side of Capricorn emerges. And for a change, you won’t fight the feelings. Let your heart have an equal vote to your head when making decisions early this week. And while you may be busy at work, connect deeply to a few of the VIPs from your inner circle—a cherished relative, BFF, or your romantic partner. Cozy up for a candlelight dinner on Monday or Tuesday evening. You’d have an equally pleasing time bonding with your girls as you would gazing deeply into the eyes of your amour. The bold and the beautiful will inherit the earth with daring Mars and Jupiter in sync like this. Be candid and demonstrative with your affections. The one you adore might be waiting for you to take the lead.

On Wednesday, sweet serenity may be replaced by friction and crossed wires. Hotheaded Mars meets up with unpredictable Uranus in Aries in your emotional fourth house. Taking things personally? Oh yeah. The slightest offhand comment could turn on the waterworks. Take it as a sign that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard without soaking in adequate support. Lean on the ladies in your life to recharge while setting limits with a couple others who are draining you. Don’t get mad at your girls; just be clear about the new line you’re drawing. After all, you set up the dependent dynamic, too. Mars and Uranus will also form a challenging square (90 degree angle) to transformer Pluto in Capricorn and your first house of self—and Pluto and Uranus remain in a square until March 29. Look out! Your need to fly free will be at serious odds with your need to be needed. This is actually the seventh Pluto-Uranus square since 2012. Fortunately, it’s also the last in the series and the two won’t lock horns again until 2046.  While you adore your inner circle, these past few years you have been learning how to put yourself first instead of being the rock for everyone. Some Caps may have uprooted themselves or made the tough decision to break up their home for the sake of your sanity. Playing the family guy or gal may feel downright suffocating for the rest of March, but easy does it. By now you’ve probably learned that “wherever you go, there you are.” Running away to restart may seem tempting, but staying put and dealing might just be more powerful. Give yourself permission to be fussy and high-maintenance. You never know: The people you’ve pegged as selfish could be surprisingly accommodating when you finally let them know what you want and need.

On Saturday, your ruling planet Saturn slips into a low-power retrograde until August 1. In many ways this can be a blessing as it allows you to slow down and put smarter systems in place. Through June 14, Saturn’s backspin will be in Sagittarius and your twelfth house of healing, boundaries and subconscious thoughts. Then, Saturn dips back into Scorpio for three months, the last of its journey through your eleventh house of groups until 2041! Saturn’s retreat through Sagittarius and your twelfth house is a sacred time for self-care. Your energy levels may be lowered signaling a need for a lighter schedule, additional support and maybe even a sabbatical, if you can take one. Detoxing is essential—everything from your diet to your emotions to your personal space could use a clean sweep. Since the twelfth house rules elimination, pay attention to your digestion. Gut health is linked to everything from your immune system to your ability to handle stress. We love this piece by wellness warrior Kris Carr on how to improve yours: Start popping the probiotics and scaling back the inflammation-producing foods. Nourish your soul with meditation and you’ll stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to sooth away stress: Be patient but persistent. As with everything Saturn related, practice makes perfect.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! As the week opens up, thrill-seeking Mars and Jupiter are sending winks to each other in the most social sectors of your chart. Hello, Madame or Monsieur Butterfly. While you have an easy time pair bonding with a “soul twin,” try expanding to encompass an entourage. The daring planetary forces can wipe away your inhibitions in the early part of the week making it easy to break the ice. Jump into an intriguing scene, even if you don’t know a soul. You’ll quickly charm the whole room and even scout out a potential BFF. Already have a long list of fabulous friends? Play nucleus to these “charged particles” and organize an on-the-fly gathering. A Monday night movie, dinner at the community table of your favorite gastropub, checking out an up-and-coming local band; whatever the venue, a laid back hang with your favorite conversationalists is a mood-booster for you.

On Wednesday, however, there could be a shakeup. Mars will meet unpredictable Uranus at 15 degrees Aries and in your eleventh house of organizations and technology. At best, this can catapult you into a crowd of freethinking futurists with whom you’ll form an awe-inspiring brain trust. At worst, a group you’re a part of could devolve into infighting, making you want to bolt for the hills. Be oh-so-careful about what you type into a text or email midweek, Gemini. Your habit of snarking when annoyed (you’d just call it venting, but…) could incriminate you. If you’re having a “moment,” pick up the phone and call someone who is far enough away from the situation to remain compassionately neutral. Lock down your online identity too. If it’s been awhile since you refreshed your passwords, make up a new one with enough characters to keep those hackers away.

Mars and Uranus will also form a challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn and your eighth house of secrets, sexuality and transformation. For Uranus, this marks the seventh square with Pluto since 2012—a series that has pulled you between your desire to be part of a group versus your need to retreat into your own private world. Finding the balance between “we time” and “me time” has been rather agonizing. Fortunately, this is the LAST of the Pluto-Uranus squares and the two planets won’t tussle again until 2046. But their last bit of beef will linger until March 29 with Mars igniting extra tension this week. The thing is, Gemini, any problems you face in March will feel achingly familiar. You’ve been in this movie six times already and you know the plotline well. So…how about changing the way that YOU respond? Do you feel like someone in your life is trying to control and dominate you (Pluto)? From a boss to a bedroom buddy, your knee-jerk response may be to revolt and turn other people against them (Uranus). But getting caught in a power struggle has not served you well. Detach and remain strategic. If it feels right to address the issue head on, do so when cooler heads prevail (uh…early next week). Maybe you’ve surrendered to an arrangement that just isn’t working out for you. Think about compromises and solutions BEFORE you have The Talk. But if you’re bearing battle scars from advocating for yourself, this may be your cue to bring in the big guns: HR, a lawyer, or an agent, for example.  (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

On Saturday, you’ll get some support in strengthening relationships when Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnerships until June 14. Although some might view the planet’s backspin as a negative, you could find relief in the slower pace it provides. Take the next three months to put workable structures into your closest relationships. They should feel equal, even if you’re not splitting everything 50/50. If you have legal matters to tend to, Saturn retrograde can slow the process—but this gives you time to ensure that your case is rock solid. From June 14 until August 1, Saturn’s retrograde continues through Scorpio and your sixth house of work and health. Since October 2012 you may have weathered some challenges in both areas but you’re almost in the clear. A last round of restructuring and support could be needed while Saturn finishes up in Scorpio and moves on to Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 until December 19, 2017. Put all professional agreements in writing, streamline your workflow and take stellar care of your bod!

You hold your truths to be self-evident, Leo — and early this week there will be no mistake about where you stand. On Monday, in-your-face Mars tangoes with honest-to-a-fault Jupiter helping you express your unfiltered thoughts and ideas. Don’t tame that firepower, Leo; but DO use some tact or your important message could get lost in translation. Big ideas that you’ve been mulling over for a while are ready to be brought out into the open.  Carve out time for marketing your finished products or dancing with the muse to bring them to life. This Mars-Jupiter trine (flowing 60-degree angle) could herald big developments for an entrepreneurial venture, prompt a career change or get you to hit the Book Now! button on a travel plan. If it’s time to leap or expand, Mars brings the momentum you need to take action.

On Wednesday, a case of FOMO could strike. (Fear Of Missing Out, that is.) Restless Mars meets changemaker Uranus at the same degree of Aries for the day. The urge to shake things up will be overwhelming, but easy does it, Leo. Powerful, transformational Pluto will be at an exact square (tense 90-degree angle) to both Mars and Uranus that day reminding you that haste makes waste. A rash mood could be downright destructive, especially if your temper is flaring. Once again, it’s just a little too easy to say things that you’re bound to regret. Don’t bail on all your hard work out of frustration. You might need to set a project aside for a few days or ask for feedback—or take a time out from talking about THAT subject with a loved one. Pluto’s position in your critical sixth house could make you a perfectionist and nothing will feel good enough now. If you raised the bar to impossible standards, no wonder you want to run away from it all. Pluto and Uranus will lock into this square until March 29—a series that began in 2012 and has been causing some tumult ever since. The pot that will be stirred this week is a familiar brew.  The good news is that this seventh Pluto-Uranus square is also the last of the series! You’re ready to really crystalize the lessons of this tough cosmic phase, which has taught you to balance your desire for adventure with the grounding rhythm of structure. For the rest of March, keep a lid on your volatile, reactionary self, as well as your nitpicky one. Journaling and talking to a levelheaded adviser can help you stay grounded in reality. Remember, Leo: when you compare, you despair. Holding your life up against other people’s is just a recipe for unhappiness. (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

On Saturday, taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde until August 1, moving backwards through Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance until June 14, then retreating into Scorpio and your family zone until September 14. If you’ve been looking for love in a hopeless place, enough of that! Since Saturn first entered Sagittarius this past December 23, you’ve been ready to bring more structure and stability into your romantic life. Saturn’s backspin gives you a chance to slow down and get even MORE centered. The fifth house rules fertility, so babymaking plans could be put on hold—or at least given a longer timeline. You could hit a temporary creative block, but there’s a silver lining here. To overcome it, you’ll have to research and dig deeper, which could bring illuminating breakthroughs. If you feel stopped in the game of love don’t abandon ship. Instead, put the support brackets in place—couple’s counseling, a weekly date night, or a clear exclusivity clause.

Come on out of that cocoon, butterfly. On Monday, lusty Mars forms an effortless angle to lucky Jupiter in the most social parts of your solar chart. Translation?  People are your passion as the week begins. Yep, you’ll feel right in your garrulous Libran element. The plotline could include a few amorous thrills, while you’re out and about. If you’ve got a blank space to fill, keep your heart and mind open. A friendship could take an unexpected turn towards romantic territory. Why not consider it? Familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt, not even for a hardcore romance addict like you who prefers the honeymoon phase over the old-married-couple vibes. Exploring group activities could reveal both friends and potential lovers with common interests. All the more reason to head to that Monday night Eckhart Tolle discussion group or jump into the circuit training class at the gym. And if you’re already spoken for, schedule your date night for Monday or Tuesday. You might even make it a double…or triple…since socializing as a couple will bring out your best.

On Wednesday, the Sea Of Love gets choppier when passionate Mars meets combustible Uranus in Aries and your seventh house of relationships. So…is it gonna be forever, or will it go down in flames? That’s largely up to you. With Mars and Uranus conjoined, the slightest provocation could tip your Libra scales off balance. Managing your own temper could be the hardest job midweek. Remember: therein lies the balance between “consciously uncoupled” signmate Gwyneth Paltrow and anger management flunkee Eminem (also a Libra). You don’t have to paint sunshine over your pain. Do, however, lean into your natural diplomacy when addressing issues—or work it out with a coolheaded third party until you bring your self-righteous rage down a notch or three. The Mars-Uranus conjunction brings an additional challenge, as they will also be squaring controlling Pluto in Capricorn and your highly personal fourth house. Family, along with the friends who occupy your inner circle, could really push your buttons now. This is actually the seventh time since 2012 that Pluto and Uranus have been caught up in this tangled angle. Thank goodness it’s also the LAST of the series—and they won’t tussle again until 2046, amen! But their exact square (at 15 degrees) will last until March 29, bringing one final challenge. The thing is, Libra, you’ve been down this road six times already. This time, you have an opportunity to greet the tension with a different beat. Disentangling from complex family dynamics has been a big one. Perhaps you were too close for comfort with parents, siblings or even your kids—and that may have interfered with your love life. Although your inner circle may never understand your relationship choices, keep following the wisdom of your heart. Since Pluto is in your domestic sector, you might even opt for an unconventional living situation, or rent a studio so that you can have a private place for uninterrupted creative time. Or, you may finally decide to give up your need for “space” so that you can live together with your love. (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

Saturday’s forecast comes with a stern TMI alert. Cautious Saturn falls into its annual retrograde, which lasts until August 1. This year, Saturn retreats through two signs—first, Sagittarius and your third house of communication, then, on June 14, for one last hurrah in Scorpio and your second house of income. Saturn retrograde can be a blessing, as it gives you a chance to slow down and put smarter structures in place. For the coming three months, you’ll need to be “impeccable with your word,” as The Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz advises. Download a copy of the book while you’re at it, because its four simple principles could save your closest relationships during Saturn’s backspin. Cooperating is a must with Saturn in Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean surrendering to a bully OR strong-arming people into doing things your way. Got a media project in the works? Saturn’s backspin gives you a lovely three-month window to go on a “writer’s retreat” and artfully craft your words. You may be less mobile, too, but staying put helps you enjoy the magic of the moment instead of losing yourself in a case of FOMO.

Set it and forget it? Wouldn’t that be nice, Pisces. Early this week, impulsive Mars and Jupiter sound the call for some snappy lifehacks. Have you decided that in order for something to be valuable that it also has to be difficult? Oh, the unsatisfying addiction to struggle! There’s certainly merit it hard work and craftsmanship. But even the most brilliant makers of the world have their systems and shortcodes. Consider outsourcing a challenging aspect of your work to someone who is an ace in that very arena. For the price of one decadent dinner per week, you could hire a virtual assistant to schedule appointments or run errands, a catering service to prepare a few family-sized meals, or a bookkeeper to keep your finances up with integrity. But be sure to price it out before you consider these assists to be a privilege that are only affordable to the bourgeoisie. Then, there are the Pisces out there who’ve been floating down the lazy river for too long and are feeling the desire to be more productive. The Mars-Jupiter trine will inspire you to take the bull by the horns. Make a bold proposal, pitch a project, or spend the early part of the week getting your ducks in a row for an upcoming launch. Just don’t be rash and overload yourself. Mars and Jupiter can both fall prey to “my eyes are bigger than my stomach/schedule” syndrome.

On Wednesday, tension around money may crackle as Mars meets up with erratic Uranus in Aries and your finance house. An unexpected bill could surface or you could lock horns with someone who shares the bills with you. If you’re frustrated at work, keep those “take this job and shove it” impulses in check. Your Humpday mindset could burn some big bridges, Pisces. Deep breaths. On a positive note, the Mars-Uranus merger could bring an electric and exciting job opportunity your way. You’ll have to move on it quickly though—and your sign does NOT enjoy being rushed.

Adding to the tension is subterranean Pluto in Capricorn and your eleventh house of community and technology. Starting Wednesday, Pluto will form a tense and challenging square (90 degree angle) to Mars and Uranus. Pluto and Uranus have been tangoing like this for three years already; in fact, this is their seventh square since 2012. Thankfully, it’s also their last, and they won’t throw down again until 2046. But until March 29, you’ll be in the crosshairs of the last Pluto-Uranus square, intensified this week by Mars’ participation. The lessons you’re facing are not unfamiliar. This go ‘round you can really stand up and assert your values in a group, even if no one else sees eye to eye with you. Holding your own amongst powerful personalities isn’t easy for a mutable sign, but you’ll show them that SOME fish do have a backbone—hello! Reconfiguring shared finances could consume your time, but you’re ready to put clear agreements in place and be done with the confusion and tension. Crowdfunding, anyone? This square could spur you to get an Indiegogo campaign underway to raise capitol for an ingenious product or business idea.

Working behind the scenes will be part of the plan, especially after Saturday when taskmaster Saturn turns retrograde in your tenth house of career until June 14. You’ve had your eyes fixed on the prize since Saturn entered Sagittarius this past December 23. But the retrograde will give you a chance to slow down and be strategic. It’s great that you want it (you really, REALLY want it), but now the question becomes, how are you going to manifest it? Consider working with a coach or adviser to develop a solid game plan. PS: Saturn will remain retrograde until August 1. Mid-June until September 17, it will take its last journey through Scorpio and your ninth house until 2041. Some Pisces may relocate, go back to school, or get an entrepreneurial plan in motion at that point. But until June 14, the focus remains on career, developing a sense of authority, and on improving the relationships you have with the important men in your life.

The week is off to a bold and bountiful start for you, Sagittarius. This Monday, dashing Mars in your fifth house of romance, creativity and self-expression will form a flowing trine (60 degree angle) to expansive Jupiter. Whatever you touch could turn to gold—King Midas is definitely on your side! If you’re not getting juice close to home, plug into the global grid. The right opportunity or fanbase for you might be living in a different part of the world. In many ways, the early part of the week could feel a little “Cirque du Soleil.” Pump up the volume on your flamboyant flourishes and work the “wow-factor.” Your outre style could draw some admirers and intriguing friends into your world — people who aren’t afraid to color outside of the lines. Romantically, the Mars-Jupiter trine provides a heart-opening moment of truth. People have always counted on you for your honesty, even if your truth hammer can hit a little hard at times. Don’t hold back on Monday and Tuesday—the longer you wait to speak your peace, the more muddled your message will become. Be loving, but direct. Telling people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear is an act of kindness.

 On Wednesday, the seventh—and final—smackdown between Pluto and Uranus begins. These two planets have been forming tense squares (90-degree angles) on and off since 2012, slamming the brakes on your “live for the moment” approach to life. Erratic Uranus has been parked in your indulgent fifth house while controlling Pluto is holding court in your finance zone. Since 2012, you’ve had to tighten your belt or operate on a stricter budget. You’ve also had less whitespace in your calendar during this cosmic cycle. Honestly, you’ve worked HARD for your money. Although cash flowed in, there probably hasn’t been a huge surplus for playtime. That said, the Pluto-Uranus squares have pushed many Archers to invest in self-development and quality-of-life upgrades. As it turns out, buying a few luxury items that you love and that stand the test of time can be cheaper than loading up on sale-rack compromises that you only feel lukewarm about. With this last of the Pluto-Uranus squares lingering until March 29, you could do one more round of reconciling with your binge-and-splurge spending style. This is especially true on Wednesday when passionate Mars will be at the same degree of Aries as Uranus. Alas this trio of planets could trigger a few old fears about money and scarcity. Don’t let these worries interfere with your creativity, Sagittarius. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. Be resourceful. Your personality is your greatest asset, after all, and that’s not something you have to pay for. Keep your optimistic outlook shining and your sense of humor in tow. Then, go talk to people who are up to exciting things with their lives. They might just open doors for you simply because they admire your spunk and your spark.

On Saturday, you’ll need to bring more structure to your life—in the name of self-preservation. Taskmaster Saturn, which entered your sign for three years this past December 23, is taking its annual retrograde. While Saturn’s backspin lasts until August 1, it will retreat through Sagittarius until June 14, then slip back into Scorpio for one final hurrah. With Saturn retrograde in your sign for three months you MUST take excellent care of yourself. You won’t have excess energy to throw around, certainly not on the randos who have taken up a little too much of your time in the past. Make sure the structures in your life are truly supporting your health and happiness. This would be a fabulous time to work with a coach, healer, personal trainer, or another expert who can help you shape up the areas of life where you tend to struggle most. Work behind the scenes on your personal ambitions and you could make huge strides when Saturn re-enters your sign on September 17.

Oh, who are the makers in your neighborhood? You know, Scorpio, the people who spend time crafting each detail with care? As someone who is tuned in to life’s subtleties, you might fall squarely into that category yourself. Turn the first part of the week into a treasure hunt. With discovery-obsessed Mars and Jupiter in a graceful trine (60 degree angle), your life-force energy will flow faster when you’re in the presence of artistry. Make a point of being more masterful in all that you do, especially at work. Those extra fifteen minutes you spend adding a bell and a whistle could mark the difference between “standard” and “standout.” Do you need a hand up the ladder? Be candid about your desire to stretch and grow. You could attract a mentor or a master who allows you to apprentice alongside them. Don’t get bogged down in minutiae though. The detail work you do should feed your big picture goals. The Mars-Jupiter trine can illuminate what’s worth devoting time to. Hint: You should feel really passionate about it, not just lukewarm.

On Wednesday, grab your safety helmet. Seductive, strategic Pluto (your ruling planet) forms a tense square with changemaker Uranus AND firecracker Mars. This is actually the seventh time since 2012 that Pluto and Uranus have locked horns in this tangled angle. Fortunately, it’s also the last time they will throw down until 2046—can we get an amen, hallelujah?! But from Wednesday until March 29, there is one last hurrah to contend with. Pluto parks at 15 degrees Capricorn and your third house of communication, curiosity and mental alertness while Uranus will travel at 15 degrees Aries and your sixth house of organization, health and neuroses until the 29th.  Analysis paralysis alert! You’re more prone to obsessing, overthinking and just plain freaking out over every little thing come Wednesday. And with rash Mars in the mix, your temper could flare at the slightest provocation. Keep that poison stinger retracted, Scorpio, because your words could level people. Keep your Facebook and Twitter feeds free of snark and watch what you put into writing. The wrong eyes could spy your rants and go sour on you as a result. Of course, given that this IS the seventh time you’ve had to contend with this energy, the flare-up will not be unfamiliar. White light insight: You could actually CHOOSE to do things differently this go round instead of falling victim to your knee-jerk reactions. To make the most out of the Pluto-Uranus retrograde, work in partnership with people who have a sense of ease where you feel stressed. For example, if reading contracts or balancing your budget makes you break out in hives, enlist a lawyer or an agent. Hire a bookkeeper. When in conversation this March, remember that brevity is the soul of wit. A little anecdote here and there is fine, but give people the bottom line and the bullet points instead of the long, winding tale.

From Saturday through August 1, taskmaster Saturn dips into its annual retrograde. Until June 14, Saturn will retreat through Sagittarius, then back into Scorpio, where it will park until September 14. This will be the final leg of Saturn’s tour through Scorpio that began on October 6, 2012 and almost ended this past December 23. You’ve been through cosmic boot camp, Scorpio, and you’re nearly ready to throw your graduation cap in the air. Saturn won’t visit Scorpio again until 2041 after this. That means you won’t have to weather its cruel-to-be-kind lessons again for a few more decades. But from June 14 until September 17 you can really crystallize all the lessons and impressive personal growth you’ve done over the past three years. You’re smarter, savvier, and more in command than ever and you can capitalize on Saturn’s bright side to present yourself as an authority, leader, or master. Before June 14, Saturn’s backspin will affect your income zone. Keep on hustling—with a tightened up belt. You might even return to an old source of income for stability’s sake or pick up a profitable project that you shelved near the holidays.

Clear your space! Monday’s flowing trine between Jupiter in your domestic zone and get-‘er-done Mars in your twelfth house of completions brings the energy you need for an overdue cleanup mission. Grab the dust wand AND the sage wand. In addition to moving outmoded possessions out of your life, break up any stagnant energy that has pooled in your home or office. Aim for “sacred oasis” with your decor but not so much that you fall into a daydream at your desk. Use color to trigger your creativity or to energize and focus you. For example, a pop of sunshine yellow can evoke that fiery wake-up call, whereas butter yellow is earthy and grounding. A little Feng Shui goes a long way: Are you feeling low-energy? Instead of adding another cup of coffee, which is acidic and irritating, consider a dietary detox. Try eliminating inflammation-producing foods from your plate for a couple weeks, like wheat, sugar, and dairy. Head to the sauna for a schvitz and rehydrate with fresh H2O. Toss an alkalizing slice of cucumber or lemon in for an extra bit of balance.

On Wednesday, Mars activates more intense energy when it joins rabble-rouser Uranus at the same degree of Aries. The combination of Mars and Uranus is certainly fiery, and with both of them in your twelfth house of endings you could be in a rush to get a project done or to move something out of your life for good. But slow down there, O’ Charging Bull: Mars and Uranus will be in a tense square (90 degree angle) to old guard Pluto, insisting that you take your time with the details, even if you DO just want to run away. The Pluto-Uranus square will wage on all month until March 29, pulling you between these extremes. But there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, as this is the last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares that began in 2012. These two combative planets won’t have any friction again until 2046—hallelujah! (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:  If some destructive urges come up this week, they’re probably familiar by now. You’ve felt them a number of times since 2012 and know the damage they can do. Rather than letting them overtake you, find a healthier outlet to deal. You might even search for a support group of people who are compassionate to your struggles. Just don’t get swept along by a charismatic Svengali figure. Be your own guru, Taurus! The truth and answers all live inside you; all a great guide can do is illuminate them for you.

On Saturday, stern Saturn turns retrograde until August 1, helping you put better structures in place to support your relationships. The first part of Saturn’s backspin will be through Sagittarius and your intense, seductive eighth house. On June 14, Saturn will slip back into Scorpio and your committed relationship house for three months, rounding out a journey that began in October 6, 2012. Relax, Bull: This doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your love life; in fact, your emotions have been burning pretty hot since Saturn entered Sagittarius this past December 23. Overreacting much? Yes, you’ve misread signals and needed more reassurance for the past few months.  The green-eyed monster may have made a few unceremonious cameos, too. Saturn’s backspin gives you a chance to work through the tangled knot of emotions—insecurity, jealousy, the need for control—that are preventing you from having the loving relationship you deserve. Couples’ therapy would be highly beneficial for partnered Bulls. An erotic attraction may cool while Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius until August 1 or you could confuse sex for love. Taking excellent care of your body is the way to stay grounded now. Rein in some of that sexy, life force energy and use it at a dance class or for a creative project that is all your own.

Open up that third eye, Virgo. Early in the week your intuitive awareness is expanding. You could even feel like a bit of a psychic sponge on Monday, knowing what people are going to say before the words fall out of their mouths. This cosmic clairvoyance comes courtesy of Mars and Jupiter, who are forming a cooperative trine (60 degree angle) in the most psychic sectors of your chart. Mars can be aggravating, sending little pinpricks of irritating energy until you stop ignoring your gut feelings or those nudges from the universe. If you see (or sense) something, say something. It’s better to bring it up and confirm that you’re not going mad. But ask questions; don’t fling accusations. While something may indeed be “off,” your suspicions could spiral towards paranoia. Get the facts before you react. The problem may only need fine-tuning for a fix, not a total overhaul. Speaking up can, however, save the day. So can double-checking when you don’t have one hundred percent clarity that, say, you turned off the space heater or hit “Send” on that critical work email you were composing. The Mars-Jupiter trine is excellent for creative work too, so cordon yourself off and work on those song lyrics, scrapbook or the third chapter of your memoirs.

On Wednesday, radical Uranus and lusty Mars pair up at the same degree of Aries in your eighth house of seduction, power and intensity. Mojo rising! An early dose of spring fever may strike, but it could come with a bite of jealousy and possessiveness too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone all to yourself at moments, but don’t treat them like an on-demand station in your cable subscription—Mars can make one a bit of a diva. Also, guarded, controlling Pluto will form a tricky square (90 degree angle) to Mars and Uranus on Wednesday. This complex configuration makes it hard to distinguish love and lust. An obsessive relationship—perhaps one that’s been waging on for a while—could heat up again. Oh, Virgo! Do you REALLY need to go for another round of this? Pluto and Uranus have been squaring each other on and off since 2012 and will remain at odds until March 29. The good news? This is the seventh and LAST of this irksome series of squares. So this may be the week where you finally get the lesson: A strong attraction does not always add up to a meant-to-be relationship. Detach from the drama, and the karma. You might have to cut someone out of your life to avoid playing out the same dynamic over and over (and OVER) again. On the other hand, have you been keeping the good ones at arm’s length? The Mars-Uranus-Pluto trifecta could put an end to secrecy and help you break through intimacy barriers with the object of your affections. Your fear about being vulnerable could be trumped by your need for affection, and when you let your guard down like that, the real you just shines, even if you do feel like a beautiful mess for a minute. (More on the Pluto-Uranus square cycle here:

On Saturday, you may feel like rolling up the welcome mat for a while, as Saturn turns retrograde until August 1. Saturn will retreat through Sagittarius and your domestic zone until June 14, then will slip back for a last hurrah in Scorpio until September 14. The first part of the retrograde could bring some slowdown with home-based matters. You’ll need to have smarter structures in place to keep Chez Virgo running efficiently. If work is keeping you too busy to do all the cooking and cleaning, some lifehacks may be necessary like purchasing healthy, prepared meals for the week or returning phone calls while you’re scrubbing the tub. And while you’re a DIY type, you may have to surrender and hire a housecleaning service, painter, or a professional organizer. Don’t rush into any real estate deals now.  You need to inspect everything thoroughly and make sure there aren’t any hidden charges folded into your closing costs.  You love your family, Virgo, but Saturn’s backspin necessitates better boundaries with your inner circle. You just can’t give ‘til it hurts anymore, or you’ll zap your own life force energy. Reserve your generosity for a younger or older relative who may genuinely need to lean on you over the next two months. You could strengthen your relationship with your mother by spending more quality time together now too.