Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for May 11-15

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Make it a double! This Monday, May 11 passionate Mars zips into Gemini for six weeks, setting the stage for prosperous partnerships. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all. The search for our kindred spirits could be an exhilarating one between now and June 24. But what looks like The One, walks like The One and even talks the talk of The One may not actually live up to its promise. Mars can make us quite impatient. When the urge to merge strikes, test the waters with a short-term collab first to see where the rubber meets the road. Variety is the spice of life when Mars is in Gemini, so there’s actually no rush to commit at all. Why not taste the sampler platter before deciding on a favorite dish? Gemini is the communication sign and debates could be quite lively now. We’ll have to be careful not to make any promises that we can’t keep though—even if it IS Mars in Gemini’s right to change his mind. Like, hourly!

On Friday, cautious, conservative Saturn will sit directly opposite Mars, bringing some checks and balances. As much as we’re all enjoying the moment, if we’re wasting resources or burning bridges, there could be trouble in paradise. Saturn is in high-vibing Sagittarius, the sign of truth. What sparkled like a diamond earlier in the week might just be genuine cubic zirconium after all. Call forth your inner Jacob The Jeweler and put new ideas through a genuine appraisal process.

The weekend starts off on a dreamy note as romantic Venus writes a Cinderella story with fantasy-fueled Neptune. Our hearts will be open, our compassion strong. But will it really be a happily-ever-after? Both of these planets love to wear the rose-colored lunettes, so the verdict will probably be out until next week (or longer). It’s easy to absorb other people’s emotions when Venus and Neptune are trined: Shield your field…or plan to douse yourself in sage smoke and a sea salt soak if you get tangled up in other people’s cords. On Sunday, the new moon in Taurus helps us get our feet back on solid ground. Deal with the everyday details of life: budgeting, cleaning up your space, getting your schedule in order. Taurus rules our financial foundations and new moons open up a six-month cycle of manifestation. Map out some cash-positive goals that you’d like to pursue before 2015 is through. Then, get into action!

You’ll have them at “hello” this Monday, Ram! While the cat seldom gets your tongue, you’ll be out-and-out charismatic when your cosmic ruler, warrior Mars, bursts into Gemini on Monday and revs up your communication corner until June 24. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get your message out there or launch a new project, this is it. Go ahead, jump up on a soapbox: It’s not propaganda when everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Let your passion guide you—just stay on guard for the kind of aggressiveness or confrontational behavior Mars is known for. There’s nothing wrong with a lively debate—provided everyone is in the mood for it. Because the third house also rules siblings, neighbors and colleagues, an idea for a joint venture or creative collaboration could take off at a gallop now. You may be the zodiac’s rugged individualist, but you’re not an island. Pairing up with a potent partner can help you leap into a new league and expand. To avoid stepping on toes, though, clearly delineate your respective roles. If you are going to kick off a new initiative, try to get it done before Friday, when taskmaster Saturn moves into a restrictive opposition with self-assured Mars. You’ll still have the drive, but because Saturn has a tendency to slam on the brakes when you least expect it, make sure you don’t oversell yourself. By all means instill a sense of confidence in potential clients, but stop short of promising them the moon. Give them the sales pitch, but then let the results speak for themselves.

On Saturday, the stars take you in a totally different direction, forming a heart-opening trine between sentimental Venus in your domesticity corner and super-sensitive Neptune in your compassionate twelfth house. If you’re holding a grudge against a relative, set an intention to forgive and (try to) forget. If you can take the high road, you’ll be the big winner, because spending time with family and dear friends will be super rewarding. Host a dinner party or invite your crew over for movie night. Venus is the planet of beauty, so if your home feels like a college dorm or just a tad outdated, you’ve got cosmic support to do some long-overdue renovations or spiffing-up. You don’t have to break the bank to turn Chez Aries into a warm sanctuary. Think accent walls (with temporary wallpaper or chalkboard paint even), colorful throw pillows and vases. Sunday’s new moon in Taurus illuminates your second house of work and money, getting you revved up to earn for the next six months. Set a goal and resolve to work steadily toward it. Do your part in the “success equals luck plus preparedness” equation by tweaking your resume and honing your elevator pitch. And be sure to always dress for success. This could be just the excuse you need for a weekly hair or nail appointment!

Hello, celebutante! The week starts off on a high note, as lusty Mars invades your fifth house of passion, fame and glamour. Your flirting skills will be in fine form, so be careful where you aim those mink eyelashes. Winks are fine, but avoid jumping into the deep end of the dating pool—or any waters you can’t easily wade out of. Keep some of that mojo to yourself, though, by making the most of this artistic time. You’ve got more creativity in your pinky than most folks have in their whole bodies. Gag any semblance of an inner critic and go to work on your own art, whether it’s painting, performance or trapeze. Explore the edges without worrying about other people’s reactions (as IF, Aquarius!). Practice your catwalk: You might wind up on the red carpet. Mars gives you permission to shamelessly self-promote your latest ideas or developments. Book the gig for your band, persuade a gallery to hang your art, or launch a social media campaign to start a buzz. Focus on win-wins. It’s not just about getting attention, as you well know, but also about having something stellar to offer people. The reciprocal nature of promotion becomes crystal clear on Friday, when structured Saturn in your group-activities sector opposes freewheeling Mars. Time to pay whatever dues are owed, or step up to an obligation you thought you could get out of. But don’t relinquish too much sovereignty, Aquarius. Friends may be eager to offer their unsolicited opinions, but whereas you’ve appreciated their input in the past, now you’re happier making your own decisions. Establish clear boundaries, but remember: If you DO ask for their honest critique, you owe it them to seriously consider it.

On Saturday, lucky Venus in your sixth house of hard work and service glides into a harmonious angle with dreamy Neptune in your second house of finances. When these two compassionate planets sync up where money’s involved, unexpectedly good things often happen. You could tap into a new revenue stream by doing something that makes your heart sing. (Or a volunteer gig could offer you a paying position.) Prepare for the change energetically by getting your physical space in order. You may discover that, by clearing out your inbox, filing six months’ of paperwork or doing a deep spring clean, you shift into a more mindful headspace that helps you tackle larger life issues. On Sunday, the annual new moon in Taurus spotlights your fourth house of family and roots. New moons bring opportunities for change: What do you want to release or bring into your life on this front? Is there anyone you need to mend a fence with? Approach gently, and she’ll probably be receptive.

However tempted you are to keep up your breakneck pace, on Monday, things will change when spitfire Mars comes in for a six-week landing in Gemini and your twelfth house of healing and closure. Attempting to burn the midnight oil could cause you to crash, so heed the wisdom of this restful Mars cycle. If you can’t opt out of all obligations, at least slow down and schedule in restorative breaks. Stepping back offers insight into how you allow yourself to give too much. Assertive Mars can help you become more insistent about respecting your boundaries. It’s easy for sensitive you to pick up other people’s energy and emotions and get weighted down. Yet Mars offers a chance to break free from the enabler role and allow your loved ones to solve their own problems without you. Since the twelfth house also rules the subconscious, Mars could act like an agitator, possibly disrupting your sleep—all the more reason to unplug and power down at least an hour before bedtime. This means the computer, TV…AND phone. Use that golden hour to read, meditate, listen to music or write in your journal. On Friday, Mars moves into a challenging opposition with sober Saturn in your sixth house of organization and systems. Check your facts and don’t jump to conclusions. Oppositions can lead us to believe people are against us, but that’s (usually) just a projection. Assuming someone has a secret agenda could make reconciliation tricky. You won’t resolve anything on this day, so focus on the sixth house’s other domain: self-care. Instead of firing off accusatory emails, get thee to a spa or boot camp class, where you can sweat out your frustration!

Things start looking up again on Saturday, when charismatic Venus in Cancer forms a sweet trine with boundary-less Neptune in your expansive ninth house. Tired of keeping your emotions bottled up inside? Let ’em out! The stars encourage risk-taking this weekend, whether that’s writing a confessional blog post or revealing your feelings to a would-be partner. The ninth house governs travel, so a fantasy trip—or global domination—is actually within your reach. Education is another great way to widen your horizons, so go ahead and hit “register now” for that workshop or webinar you’ve been mulling over. The visionary vibe continues into Sunday, with the Taurus new moon bringing growth opportunities in your sphere of groups and networking. A budding friendship could help you realize a long-held dream that you’ve never been able to pull off single-handedly. Since the eleventh house rules technology, this incredible meeting of the minds could be a virtual one. And for Crabs doing laps in the dating pool, it’s prime time for updating your online profile or uploading some sultry new photos.

Got healing? On Monday, go-getter Mars blasts into Gemini and turns your attention to—sorry, Cap, not work and money, but health and wellness. For the next six weeks, you’ll be on a search and destroy mission to eradicate any bad habits you’ve acquired in the past year (or, ahem, decade) that prevent you from being your best and fittest you. But be kind and gentle, Cap. Smoking, binge eating or drinking—even negative self-talk—have their roots in something deeper. To dismantle them in a lasting way, you need to get a handle on what’s driving this behavior. You may need to work with a therapist or coach to unravel these mysteries, but the journey will be more than worth it! You CAN start making behavioral changes this week: adding in daily movement, replacing snack food with whole foods, and drinking more clean water. Don’t forget quiet time! We double dare you to spend 24 hours unplugged. All work and no self-care could lead to a serious case of burnout, so book a spa appointment, get your hair and nails done, and relax in fine fashion. One word of warning: While Mars definitely has an “on” switch, it can be hard to turn off, which brings stress. This is where the compassion comes in. Take things at your own pace—as long as you continue to move in the right direction, you will eventually reach your goal. Since the sixth house also rules your daily work routine, your job could become equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. You may realize that you need to outsource elements of your career you no longer have time for. If you’re still paying your dues, a great way to get an espadrille in the door is by volunteering at your dream company. Watching the pros in action can offer priceless lessons.

On Friday, Mars moves into a challenging opposition with restrictive Saturn, which is parked in your twelfth house of rest and may not be in the mood to expend ANY energy. If tackling a decluttering project or hitting the cardio machines was on your list, scale back your expectations. Pushing too hard could result in an injury, just as a major clean-up job could unearth an artifact that unleashes painful memories. The name of the game: extreme moderation.

Things look brighter on Saturday, when sensual Venus in your relationship corner canoodles with dreamy Neptune in your third house of communication. Let the pillow talk begin! On Sunday, the romance factor shoots through the roof, thanks to the annual new moon in Taurus and your fifth house of passion and creativity. Let your partner know how you feel and what you desire. Single? Set clear romantic intentions and watch them unfold over the next six months.

There’s no stopping you on Monday, when mighty Mars beams into your sign, crowning you zodiac royalty! This majestic event only happens every other year—and lasts just a few months—so maximize your mojo. It’s an excellent time to get a passion project off the ground or to dive into a think tank to develop a unique idea. Change is in the air, Gemini, and you’re one of the few signs who genuinely embrace it. If you’ve been craving a fresh start, possibly in a new city, get ready to take a giant leap of faith. Mars brings the confidence to fearlessly try new things—even radically different ones. Is your relationship stalled, or are you tired of checking the “single” status box? The red planet can help you shake off anything that feels flat or uninspired, including a snoozefest of a partnership. Just pay attention to how you’re coming off with aggro Mars in your sign. Confidence inspires people to put their trust in you, but too much assertiveness could backfire. Let your talents speak for themselves and make sure you can walk your talk. You may bump up against some resistance on Friday, when Mars locks horns with conservative Saturn in your relationship house. You won’t allow people to hold you back, though, and woe to any friend, colleague or partner who tries to. Before you jump to conclusions that someone is trying to evict you from Gemini Cloud 9, hear them out: Saturn is restrictive, but sometimes even that tough taskmaster has some valid points. In your key relationships, put the other person’s needs on a par with your own. You may not reach a perfect consensus—and trying to could slow down the process—but making presumptuous decisions will surely cost you their goodwill.

Saturday starts the weekend, but it’ll be hard to prevent your thoughts from wandering to your career and your future. But don’t put pressure on yourself to come up with a fixed game plan. You’re under the influence of a harmonious trine between two creative planets: Venus, in your money sector, and visionary Neptune in your professional tenth house. Allow yourself to dream, scheme and think about what makes you the happiest. You’re in high manifestation mode, and it’s times like these that people bust out of ruts and come up with totally new and revelatory ideas. The goal, of course, is to find work that’s profitable, pumps you full of passion AND gives your life a purpose. When you’re ready to come out and play, don’t hesitate to mix business with pleasure—perhaps meeting a potential client or collaborator for a mid-day latte. Sunday brings the year’s only new moon in Taurus, accentuating your twelfth house of closure and healing. If there’s something (or someone) you need to let go of, honor it and what you’ve learned, then release it, remembering that closing one door is often the prerequisite to opening another.

Teamwork makes the dream work, Leo! And with feisty Mars jetting through Gemini and your eleventh house of groups, future wishes, and technology from Monday until June 24, your highest goals are within reach. Here’s where it gets a little tricky, though: Your sign is the natural leader of the zodiac. You’re comfortable calling the plays and managing the squad. Yet the eleventh house is about collaboration and consensus, a place where democracy rules. The next six weeks offer a crash course in becoming an enlightened despot. Of course you want to move ahead on this project—Mars is pouring rocket fuel in your morning cappuccino, but you have to allow others to do their thing. Make sure all the jobs are clearly delineated and that everyone has personal responsibility, then lead by example. The good news is that exciting new partners and talent will find their way to you. On Friday, too much group activity could put a damper on your romantic life. Restrained Saturn in your passionate fifth house forms a testy opposition to Mars, and you, the most faithful of signs, might have your loyalties tested. You have clear boundaries between “friend” and “lover,” but it’s possible that your sweet S.O. is being visited by the green-eyed monster. You can’t charm your way out of this, Leo. You need to put your long-suffering honey first and tell your pals to carry on without you. Single? Examine your M.O.—Are you protecting your heart by keeping yourself distracted with your platonic pals? Or swiping left on even potentially intriguing faces? You play a greater role in your single status than you might be copping to.

On Saturday, when a dreamy trine between love planet Venus and romantic Neptune lights up your passion sector, all that could change in a heartbeat. This transit turns you into a mushball and opens you up to a different way of interacting. Do you love to be control? Duh! But this weekend you’re content to hop into the passenger’s seat and let someone else have a turn at the wheel. With Neptune in your house of secrets and mysteries, your partner or a close friend could be in confessing mode or need to unburden themselves of a heavy emotional weight. Stay fully present and resist any tendency to judge. Just hold space for this person and listen with rapt attention and compassion. Since you don’t want to let their dense emotions seep into YOU, when it’s over, do something to “clear” yourself, such as smudging yourself with sage or soaking in an Epsom salt bath. On Sunday, the Taurus new moon lands in your tenth house of career, structure and long-term goals. Over the coming six months, your professional trajectory could take off in a new direction. But proceed slowly: Slow and steady will get you there and keep you there, since new moons can take up to six months to unfold.

Keep that passport handy, Libra: Distant lands are calling! On Monday, irrepressible Mars jets into Gemini and fires up your travel engines. The next six weeks offer one opportunity after another to expand your horizons by getting away, learning new skills (or languages) and meeting stimulating people. You don’t need to download novels about adventurer: You’ll be living your own “Wild” experience! Don’t overthink details of the itinerary or the packing list. Confident Mars has it covered and can help you navigate the kinds of unknowns that have kept you from hitting your greatest stride. Forget your so-called comfort zone. Mars, especially when he’s orbiting your ninth house, is restless, active and adventurous, so even when you aren’t zipping off on intercontinental junkets, you will likely be in motion—of the hyperactive variety. Shake off the excess energy by making exercise a priority in your schedule and getting outdoors for as much of it as you can. Just because you graduated grade school doesn’t mean you can’t use the local playground for workout equipment. Or combine your love of socializing with your need for cardio blasts by joining a hiking club or meetup. On Friday you may have to pull back on the reins as unbridled Mars moves into a challenging opposition with conservative Saturn in your communications corner. Think long and hard before you speak, Libra, because even diplomatic you could have a sudden onset of Manolo-in-mouth disease. You are normally the picture of discretion, but outspoken Mars in your candid ninth house knows no bounds. If your feelings are getting the best of you, spill it all in an email to the object of your wrath. Re-read it once—then hit Save or Delete—just not Send. When you go back to the letter this weekend, you’ll be grateful you didn’t commit a “crime of passion.” You can’t unring a bell, and you certainly won’t be able to easily make amends with someone you all but verbally battered.

Things get back on an even keel on Saturday when your charming ruler Venus forms a harmonious trine with idealistic Neptune in the most ambitious and health-conscious sectors of your chart. It’s not just about getting stronger or fitter; with this transit, you need to do it in fine style! You’ll be drawn to food that’s as delicious as it is healthy, your workout or yoga practice will need to be in serene surroundings—and don’t underestimate the impact a major decluttering or Feng Shui-inspired project will have on your productivity AND mental health! The inside-out transformation continues on Sunday, when the new moon in Taurus accentuates activities in your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources. Be purposeful in your actions, Libra. New moons can take up to six months to unfold, and Saturday’s events could ultimately lead to an engagement, a joint business venture or a pregnancy!

Home is your sanctuary and possibly your battlefield starting Monday, when intensifier Mars bounds into restless Gemini and your domestic fourth house. From now until June 24, things could get rather animated in your aquarium, Pisces. The last time you saw activity like this on the home front (or with la famiglia) was when the red planet paid a visit two years ago. Passions could run high, arguments could break out, competition or jealousy could rear their green-eyed heads—or you could plot a big change, like a renovation or even a move. If you’re contemplating the latter, bear in mind that Mercury turns retrograde next Monday, May 18, so either stick to quickie upgrades you can start this week, or plan to spend three weeks doing research, like pricing and sourcing materials or making a kick-ass Pinterest board. Whatever you do, because of Mars’ potentially combative nature, it’s important to discuss all your proposals with relatives or roomies, who might not appreciate your making executive decisions without their input. If one of you feels the need for new house rules, broach the subject respectfully and give the other person a chance to express his or her own views. On Friday, things could grow tense, thanks to an opposition between Mars and restrictive Saturn in your career corner. Issues at home could distract you from your work, or a timing conflict could force you to make a difficult choice. Of course you want to take care of your loved ones, but institute clear boundaries if they’re preventing you from being able to do your job.

But all that could become a distant memory by Saturday, when sensual Venus in your romantic fifth house forms a harmonious trine to your co-ruler, impressionistic Neptune in your sign. The vibe is sweet and flowing: a perfect day to drop your guard and connect with people on a profound level. Venus brings out your natural seductiveness as well as your creativity. Don’t waste one minute of this juicy energy on mundane activities! Immerse yourself in art, nature or deepening your emotional bonds with close friends or your amour du jour. Don’t censor yourself, Pisces: Rest assured that what comes out of you will be expressed perfectly. Sunday marks the only Taurus new moon of the year—this time in your third house of communication. This is why trusting yourself is so important: You’ve got a message to deliver (or at least the germ of one). Take to the social networks by blogging, teaching or perhaps producing your first webinar. Sure you’ll be a little apprehensive, but that’s a sign that you’re on the verge of something BIG. Share your ideas with friends and savvy colleagues. A serendipitous conversation could spark an exciting collaboration in the coming six months.

Listen up, o’ independent one! You love being a solo act, but two becomes your new lucky number on Monday, when go-getter Mars beams into Gemini and lights a bonfire in your seventh house of relationships until June 24. All manner of twosomes are highlighted, whether for business or romance. You won’t even have to work hard to attract the perfect partner. Just be your witty, open-minded, fun-loving self, and let candidates know the line forms to your right. While you’re basking in the attention, don’t feel pressured to become an official “we” until YOU are ready to say “oui.” You’re the sultan(ess) of spontaneity, but impulsive Mars can make you a little TOO eager to pull the trigger. Keep things moving forward—just make sure everyone feels comfortable at every twist and turn! Of course, you may not have total control over the rate of acceleration on Friday, when stalwart Saturn grabs the wheel and pumps the brakes (his trademark move). While this Mars-Saturn opposition may be frustrating at first, you could wind up thanking your stars for an excuse to slow the process down. Mars is bringing swarms of people into your hive, yet as much as you’re enjoying the popularity, it’s possible that you’re also feeling overwhelmed. But where FOMO might prevent you from saying no, restrictive Saturn could actually be helpful in safeguarding your sacred alone time. Give precedence to your own projects and let others know you’ll get back to them after you’ve gotten back to YOU. And then attend to everything you’ve been putting off, like working out, preparing healthy meals and tackling that mile-long to-do list.

Be focused and productive, because on Saturday, warmhearted Venus in your intimate eighth house locks into a harmonious trine with idealistic Neptune in your domestic fourth house. The gym and juicer will have to wait: What’s front and center on your mind is leaning in with your nearest and dearest—relatives and your sweet S.O. If there’s no family nearby or anyone to snuggle with on the sofa, you can still enjoy closeness. Invite a friend over for some bonding time, or do something in town you’ve always said you’d get around to “someday.” Sunday, lace up those trainers or pull on your Lulus: The annual new moon in Taurus revs up your sixth house of health and fitness. This isn’t a 24-hour call to action: New moons’ influence lasts a full six months. Don’t judge yourself, Archer. Even if you’ve been a twice-baked couch potato, this new chapter is yours for the taking. Just don’t try to go from zero to weekend warrior in sixty seconds. Create realistic goals, and steer clear of eating programs that sound like fad diets (i.e., no bone-broth diet for you!). Better to make small, sustainable changes and start new habits that actually have a chance of becoming part of your lifestyle. Remember, Sag: A lifetime of wellness is a marathon, not a sprint.

Sex, lies, videotape… and that’s just for starters, Scorp! Things are about to get even hotter on Monday, when your co-ruler, passionate Mars, grooves into Gemini and shakes up your intense and erotic eighth house. You’ll enjoy coloring outside the lines, but fifty shades of gray may not be enough. No one has to remind a Scorpio never to take things at face value and always peer beneath the surface, but for the next six weeks, you should think like a chess master. The stakes are high, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Whether you’re negotiating a business deal, researching a major investment or seducing the object of your lust, you’re playing for keeps. Even so, impulsive Mars can make you susceptible to strong winds of emotion, so keep an eye out for jealousy, paranoia and competitiveness—three of Mars’ more unsavory traits. On the romantic front, follow your impulse when the urge to merge strikes—but slowly! You could apply a little too much pressure if you aren’t careful. Be tantalizing and irresistible (which might necessitate a shopping trip to Agent Provocateur). Watch your step on Friday, when hot-to-trot Mars hits a string of red lights, courtesy of cautious Saturn, holding court in your second house of security. You may FEEL ready and rarin’ to go, but that old taskmaster senses danger and could pull the emergency brake. You may experience this as self-doubt or flagging confidence, but look even deeper. There’s a message here, and it’s worth finding (and heeding): This one-day opposition presents an opportunity to hit pause and examine the power dynamics in your partnership or a questionable aspect in a potential investment. Dig beneath the surface level appeal and see where something may be off or out of balance. Or perhaps you’re just rushing things when a little more patience is warranted?

Things lighten up considerably on Saturday, when outgoing Venus in your adventurous ninth house syncs up with idealistic Neptune in your romance sphere. Suddenly you’re feeling the love again—or maybe someone new stumbles into your path (someone with a sexy accent!). Harmonizing Venus can make differences seem appealing rather than insurmountable, so give a chance to someone who’s not your usual type. He or she may say tomahto and you say orangutan, but if this person makes your heart go pitter-patter, what difference does it make? If romance isn’t on your radar screen, Saturday’s sweet planetary lineup could reel in a creative collaborator, or you might serendipitously hit upon a perfect new outlet for your talents. Sunday’s new moon in Taurus shines the spotlight on your partnership house. So even if you think you’re better off as a solo act than part of a duet, the universe might have a surprise in store for you over the coming six months. Get ready, Scorp—dynamic duos await!

You’ve been watching the horizon, waiting for your ship to come sailing in ever since you started hosting high-octane Mars on March 31. On Monday the red planet blasts into Gemini and your second house of work and money, so hang on to your skipper’s hat. All those brilliant ideas you’ve already hatched could hit pay dirt between now and June 24. Now’s the time to do all the practical foundation-laying: Crunch the numbers, come up with a realistic timeline and do whatever it takes to get this idea seaworthy. The cosmic motivator can drive you to work harder and get your own financial life into shape. You may find yourself under additional pressure, though (gee, thanks, Mars). As deadlines get shorter, the hours could grow longer, so take extra-good care of yourself and make sure you’re up for the task. You’ll have to stay on your A-game, as the competition could reach fever pitch. But it’ll all be worth it in the long run, when you land that raise or impressive promotion. Build some flexibility into the plan, however, because on Friday, a sticky opposition between Mars and restrictive Saturn can throw a wrench into your long-term financial planning. It’s a case of hitting the accelerator while applying the brakes. Mars is revving up your fiscal zone, but he doesn’t discriminate between earning and spending. On the other hand, Saturn in your wealth sector is the voice of reason, exhorting you to use your funds prudently. So if a shiny, pricy item catches your eye—or a pal whispers in your ear about a “slam dunk” financial investment—think very long and hard before parting with your Benjamins. Ditto for friends in need. Thanks to your Taurean generosity, they might mistake you for a human ATM, so be careful lending (or borrowing) under this transit. If you must, make sure the terms are clearly indicated.

It’s time to kick back and celebrate on Saturday, when outgoing Venus and Neptune form a sweet trine in your social sectors. You definitely want to clear the decks and create large swaths of time to spend with your buds. Set a few extra places at the table: As you stroll down Memory Lane, the headcount may expand. Since Neptune’s in your eleventh house, which rules group activities AND technology, don’t limit encounters to face-to-face meetings. Point, click, and ye shall find! Keep the good vibes rolling into Sunday, which marks the only Taurus new moon of 2015. Think of this as your cosmic New Year: a time to kick off exciting new developments, which will unfold in the coming six months. Tap your sign’s legendary determination, and by the time of the Taurus full moon on October 27, your dreams could come to fruition.

Ready, set, goal! On Monday, motivational Mars blasts into Gemini and fires up your tenth house of lofty professional ambitions until June 24. The red planet only pops ‘round every two years, and when he does, it’s a brilliant opportunity to gallop after your highest goals. “Practical you” isn’t likely to quit your day job and hit the comedy circuit, of course, or try to eek out a living selling your art on street corners, but you should plan to go the extra mile in every work-related thing you do, from pitches and presentations to wooing your dream clients. A word of warning: Feisty Mars can froth up competition and tension, so be prepared to put in long hours or dazzle on a tight deadline. Bosses and clients could become more demanding than usual, so keep your equanimity by reminding yourself that it’s probably a “them” thing, not a “you” thing. Since the tenth house also rules the masculine, your relationship with a man could heat up for business OR pleasure. That lusty, creative energy will be flowing, and you could feel like a pair of daredevils on a sexy tear—or like masters of the universe conquering your corner of the industry like twin Trumps! On Friday, go-getter Mars moves into a tense opposition with cautious Saturn, who’s parked in your fourth house of domesticity. Even if you’re going gangbusters at work, smoke signals from home and family make it inescapably clear that your nearest and dearest need more attention from their favorite Virgo. Your work is important to you, but this is a good moment to take a hard look at whether you’re actually putting in more effort than is necessary. If you find yourself in the typical Virgo role of “first responder,” step back and let someone else field the SOS call. Feeling drained? If your career–personal life balance is out of whack, you probably have some recalibration to do. And dig beneath the surface: Could it be that you’re intentionally distracting yourself with work to avoiding dealing with a family matter?

On Saturday, your inner critic (who’s quite “out”) is actually gagged and silenced! How wonderful to see others, and yourself, in the most favorable light—whole and perfect! This charming new approach to life comes gift-wrapped and courtesy of a sweet trine between rosy-hued Venus in your social sector and idealistic Neptune in your seventh house of relationships. But that’s not all: This accepting viewpoint shines even brighter on Sunday, when a new moon in Taurus accentuates your ninth house of travel, expansion and optimism. Suddenly it’s not enough to merely FEEL the love; la luna wants you to share it with the world. In fact, any global vision is supported now, so take a leap of faith, flap those wings and soar!