Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for May 25-29

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


It’s clean up time! The week begins with a harmonizing quarter moon on Monday, May 25. This one falls in efficiency expert Virgo’s realm, helping us set up savvy systems and lifehacks. Dismount the unicorn and deal with reality—before life gets egregiously messy or out of control. The devil is in the details, but so is a chorus of angels. By fine-tuning “the little things,” we can take our efforts from “meh” to “magical.” This quarter moon advises us to be more selective with ingredients we choose for cooking up our recipes for success. Are they sustainably sourced, consciously crafted, and manufactured with care and integrity? Invest a little more on quality this week, even if that means simplifying other aspects of the plan to keep the budget in balance. On the flip side, some of us have fallen prey to debilitating perfectionism. This quarter moon calms the obsessing and reminds us that it’s okay to make some mistakes along the way. That’s what the learning process is all about.

On Wednesday, expressive Mercury meets up with firebrand Mars—and in articulate Gemini, no less. Who wants to join the Debate Club? Everyone will have a strong opinion. Lively discussions are always fun, but keep it out of the Snark Zone. In Gemini, this pair of planets can fall prey to gossip or even some Mean Girl manipulations. Please…don’t go there. On a brighter note, there could be some truly dynamic duos born on Wednesday. Already part of a brilliant tag team? Put your joint efforts on display!

Neptune, Master Of Illusions, could make the extended weekend a little bit dodgy. On Friday, he’ll form a tricky square (90-degree angle) to messenger Mercury in Gemini, fogging up our thinking processes. This square makes it hard to see the big picture. Details may be obscured or even purposefully omitted from conversations. Rule of thumb: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The second showdown comes on Sunday as the Gemini Sun forms the same tangled angle to Neptune. With these two planets rumbling, we can fall prey to delusions of grandeur. But rather than strutting around like naked emperors, we’re more likely to think of ourselves as saviors, white knights, and “the only one who understands” a tortured soul. That need to be needed can lead us to make sacrifices we’ll later regret, ones that can create resentment or a codependent entanglement that’s hard to escape from. Help…air! But the squares can be healing, too. Neptune governs our subconscious while Mercury and the Sun rule our self-expression. We may finally screw up the courage to talk about our deepest fears or reveal our buried brilliance!

Sorry, Aries: Talking about better health isn’t the same as actually doing something to improve it. The good news is, Monday’s galvanizing quarter moon in Virgo fires up your sixth house of wellness and fitness. Put down the remote, slip into your workout clothes and lace up your trainers—or unfurl your yoga mat. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and spring into action! Don’t dive into the deep end, though. Considering your sign’s propensity for beginning things but not following through, it’s almost required that you start nice and easy so you’ll be motivated to stay the course and slowly ramp it up. Invest in appropriate new gear, purchase a pass to a yoga studio or see if your gym offers a complimentary training session to mix up your routine. While you love a challenge, you’ll only burn out if you try to do too much too soon. Quarter moons are about taking a moderate, balanced approach. So, whether in the gym or the kitchen, avoid anything extreme (i.e., no half-marathon training or Master Cleanse diet). Because the sixth house also rules organization, this is a great time to clean and declutter your home, especially your work area. Can any of your systems use a little upgrade? Consider going paperless—and shredding documents you no longer need. If this sort of project overwhelms you, hire an organizer to come in and do the whole thing for you, creating streamlined systems you can maintain yourself.

On Wednesday, communication planet Mercury syncs up with emphatic Mars in verbose Gemini and your expressive third house. Your mind—and mouth—will be going 150mph, making this is a great day to create, innovate and formulate ideas. But since concepts may be a bit unpolished, hold off on actually pitching or presenting them until you’ve had a chance to get some distance and objectively review them. Similarly, your communication style will be passionate and forceful—great for pushing through an agenda and winning new ardent supports, but you could rub some folks the wrong way. In conversations, remember to let other people speak their minds.

Over the weekend, foggy Neptune jams the signals, potentially making dialog challenging. When analytical Mercury moves into a destabilizing square to Neptune on Friday, you may struggle to think things through clearly, or information you need might not be forthcoming (or accurate). On Sunday, the Sun creates the same angle to Neptune, and relationships you thought were solid may turn to Jell-O. Proceed with caution during this transit involving the zodiac’s great trickster, as things are not what they seem. Don’t jump into the role of rescuer; the heady buzz it brings will only last a minute and is likely to be replaced by annoyance when the person you “saved” becomes dependent on your advice and support. Ew.

You work hard for your money, Aquarius, but is your money working hard for you? Monday’s quarter moon in your eighth house of joint ventures could turn a pipe dream into reality. This lunar phase is about taking concrete action and putting your moola where your mouth is. Ask friends for a recommendation for a savvy financial adviser who can make your funds grow while you sleep. Have that strategic conversation with potential partners to discuss options and next steps. If it’s not a business but a home of your own that you desire, the same rules apply: Do the long-range thinking, then put plans in place to get you there slowly but surely—or perhaps not so slowly! Because quarter moons spur us to action, do whatever it takes to support your vision. If you have to give up restaurant meals for a year (or restrict to once per week) or take the car off the road and take public transportation (or cycle) to work, so be it. The eighth house also rules emotional investments, so be prepared for your personal life to get a little more intense. A newish relationship could deepen quickly and turn exclusive. But rather than come at it from a position of insecurity, focus on how much richer your life could be as a twosome (the whole being MUCH greater than the sum of its parts). Just be careful not to paint TOO rosy a picture. All partnerships come with challenges, and you need to accept that you are not likely to be the one and only exception in the history of dating. Remember: Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so give yourselves a little space to miss each other. Master the element of surprise by doing sweet (and sexy) things when your partner least expects it.

That will only get easier on Wednesday, when verbal Mercury hooks up with lusty Mars in your fifth house of romance, passion and drama. Keep your love interest on his or her toes by being wildly unpredictable. Single? Your seductive vibe is high, so dress the part, hit the town, and flirt with a hottie or four! If amour isn’t what’s on your mind, indulge your inner actor or rock star—or just tear up the dance floor. In fact, ANY creative self-expression will mitigate a potential temper flare-up and tame the savage Aquarius. Make art, not war!

On Friday, your appetite might not be for burgers and beer but out-and-out luxury, Aquarius. Fun if you can afford it, but if you’re struggling to make ends meet, leave your credit cards at home and put yourself on a “cash diet.” Rational Mercury in your hedonistic fifth house might not be able to overcome a tense square from boundary-less Neptune in your second house of finances. And even though Mercury moves forward on Sunday, the Sun takes it place, eradicating your willpower. Can’t resist a splurge? Make sure you know the store’s return policy before you swipe your Visa. With hazy Neptune in the frame, buyer’s remorse could kick in the minute you hang that graphic art print on the wall and realize that you could have made the same thing by yourself in Photoshop.

Cat got your tongue, Crab? Or is there something you’ve been dying to say to someone but, every time you start to, you get seized by anxiety? Monday’s motivating quarter moon in resourceful Virgo powers up your third house of communication and gives you the confidence to speak your peace. (Or at least the understanding that the longer you put it off, the harder it will get.) So hold your nose, dive in and get the dialogue going. Don’t lead with the heaviest part of your message. Use la Luna’s thought-clarifying powers to find the perfect entry point that will allow you to deliver your message without putting the other party on the defensive. This is an excellent day for writers, or would-be authors, to get your work out there, even if it’s just an impassioned posting to your social network. If partnerships have been off-kilter lately, this moon can bring some restorative, cooperative vibes. Sit down for a heart-to-heart and make a point of giving each other a safe space to express yourselves. That means one person talking at a time with no interrupting. You might even try the mirroring technique. Before you reflexively respond, repeat back what the other person said to confirm that you heard them correctly. So validating!

Wednesday’s alignment of thoughtful Mercury and aggro Mars in your subconscious twelfth house could overwhelm you, possibly cranking up a deep-seated victim mentality. Don’t succumb to the stress and lose sight of your own huge power source! Unexpressed emotions are the likely culprit. If you’re beating yourself up with negative small talk or clinging to a grudge, the day’s cosmic energy will support your efforts to have a healing talk, write an angry letter (that you’ll never send and only burn ceremonially) or have the first of a few sessions with a therapist.

An objective sounding board will come in handy on Friday, when foggy Neptune clashes with usually analytical Mercury in your twelfth house, with the possible effect of fuzzing out your thinking and making you a little paranoid. Something may indeed be amiss, but before you turn a molehill into a mountain, get the facts. Things may not be as they appear. This holds true on Sunday as well, when Mercury travels out of the square, but the expressive Sun moves into it. Are somebody’s promises sounding a little too good to be true? Or are YOU making ones that you can’t keep? Don’t take anything at face value. Hey, maybe these pie-in-the-sky fantasies CAN come true, but don’t forget to discuss logistics. When you’re enraptured by a vision or excited about an idea, the next step would be to map out the tangible steps needed to bring it to life. Don’t forget about making a budget!

Decisions, decisions. Your M.O. is to weigh your options, do long-range planning and take only calculated risks. But Monday’s balancing quarter moon in Virgo and your expansive ninth house can widen your focus. Quarter moons help you take concrete action (which, we know, is like talking dirty to a Capricorn). Surfing travel blogs won’t cut it now. It’s time to do your research then hit Book Now for that dream trip to Maui or the Maldives. The ninth house also rules entrepreneurial efforts, so if you’ve been thinking about launching your own business, talk to a lawyer or register for the necessary certification course. Just take SOME tangible action to prove to the universe that you’re serious about your dreams and ready for some cosmic co-piloting. Conversely, if you’ve been traveling constantly or in nonstop motion, bring balance by slowing down and solidifying your connections to the folks who are holding down the fort. Even when you’re on the road, you can keep the home fires stoked with weekly Skype calls.

On Wednesday, download some new apps to ratchet your wellbeing up a notch. Rational Mercury and motivational Mars sync up in your sixth house of health and fitness, making this the perfect time to utilize some high-tech tools in your quest for self-improvement. Of course, it starts and ends with wholesome eating and daily movement, but since technology can give you such accurate feedback, don’t write it off as a fad. While you’re at it, if you haven’t seen your doctor or had blood work or scans done in a while, make an appointment now. By making sure you’re in tiptop shape, you can keep yourself operating at peak levels.

Friday, Mercury moves into a signal-jamming square with hazy Neptune in your sixth house of precision. Good luck trying to get the facts or clearly communicate your needs. Even making a simple decision will be way harder than you ever could have thought possible! Give yourself an advantage by doing one thing at a time and minimizing distractions (sorry, Facebook; you’ll have to wait till the weekend). Then, with a clear mind and switched-off phone, tackle your to-do list with renewed vigor. On Sunday, Mercury moves out of the square, but the Sun takes its place—which can do a number on your sense of self. Catch yourself giving more weight to other people’s opinions than to your own. Your sign can’t help but care about your reputation, but be aware of projecting self-doubts or imagining criticism. Have you been a little too willing to make sacrifices for friends or family only to wind up resenting having done so? Spend time on your own on Sunday and find your center. As long as you’re being your hard-working, ethical self, who cares if your colors run a little outside the lines?

Monday’s quarter moon in efficient Virgo and your domestic fourth house can help restore equilibrium in your home life. Whether in your personal affairs or physical abode, you’ll reap what you sow now, so put a little extra care and love into everything you do. Even small things are consequential, so take time to tidy up and beautify with small objects that make you feel good when you see them. If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, try a little Feng Shui to get your chi flowing again. Take a peek at a bagua map, then move objects around to shift the energy wherever it’s needed: in the corner representing your career, money or relationship. Maybe those purses and suitcases in your love corner has something to do with the baggage-laden dates you’ve pulled in lately, or your own ability to stay put in a relationship? You’ve got nothing to lose by moving things around, and maybe placing a more romantically symbolic object there. The fourth house governs family, so if you’re seeking a fresh start or want to connect on a deeper level, pick up the phone. Don’t wait for them to buzz ya—that might never happen. The quarter moon will help you forgive, forget and move on.

Wednesday, a mashup between assertive Mars and your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, in Gemini gives you a competitive edge. Of course, if it’s the spotlight you seek, you may have to claw your way into it (sweetly, of course). You’ve got the mental ability, and Mars serves to supersize it. Innovative ideas are your stock in trade, so don’t tamp them down, even if others seem taken aback by them. (Remember: You’re the superstar, and they’re just trying to play catch-up.)

On Friday, don’t back down from your position, even if you feel alone defending it. YOU know it’ll work, but with befuddling Neptune sending a disruptive beam to your articulate ruling planet, your message could get lost in translation. Even if you manage to get it through, a direct answer might not be forthcoming. Give it your best shot, follow up appropriately, but stay detached from the outcome (at least for a few more days). On Sunday, elusive Neptune strikes again, this time jamming the airwaves with a confusing square to the expressive Sun. Just when you thought it was safe to ease off the throttle, kick back and enjoy the waning hours of your weekend, you could get sucked into the role of the “responsible one.” To avoid that situation, don’t make plans with people you know to be needy or a hot mess. They’ll just be true to character, and you’ll wind up resenting them for dumping their issues on you. No matter whom you’re interacting with, if the conversation starts to veer into the “rescue me” territory, heed the warning signs and make it clear that you will NOT go there. On a related note: Stay off your work email or you could get drawn into a project that could—and should—wait until Monday.

Ready, set, organize! Of course no fun-loving Leo wants to take time out of her action-filled week to park herself at the computer and manage funds, pay bills, balance the checkbook and make sure the terms of the insurance policy are in order. And yet these things have to get done. Monday’s quarter moon in systematic Virgo and your second house of real-life responsibilities and finances could help motivate you to take care of business. And what sweet relief you’ll feel once you’re finished. Bear in mind that you don’t have to do everything ASAP, Leo—just making a serious dent in that pile of bills will be more than significant. La luna can also help raise your financial IQ. How much do you really know about investments like stocks, bonds, IRA’s and mutual funds? Chances are your money could be working a lot harder for you than it currently is. Check out sites like The Daily Worth or pick up a Suze Orman book to master the basics. The name of the game is compounding interest, so the earlier you start, the more your money will grow. Even if you only have a little cash to work with now, it’s worth your time and effort to find a financial pro to advise you. Consider automated deductions: You won’t miss what you never see!

On Wednesday, a mashup between social Mercury and go-getter Mars in your eleventh house of group activities could spur a direction-altering collaboration. When you join forces with truly original thinkers, the possibilities are infinite. It might not be smooth sailing out of the gate, however. Mars has the tendency to cause dissention and stir up competition. Circumvent conflict from the get-go by opening the floor up to lively debate and reminding everyone that this is what the early phases of the creative process is all about.

On Friday, obfuscating Neptune in your mysterious eighth house sends a distorting signal to communicator Mercury. Take gossip with a grain of salt, regardless of how straight-up the source might seem. Conversely, don’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to everyone you meet. Trust your gut as to whom you can confide in. If something feels off, dial it WAY back. On Sunday, you could feel pressured to take sides when the Sun in your teamwork zone shifts into the same tricky square with Neptune. As much as you want to remain Switzerland-neutral, that position could leave a loved one feeling as if s/he had no allies. Be wary of getting involved in groups that seem to flock together over drama. Their ups and downs might seem exciting—at first—but will ultimately prove toxic to your happiness. Stick with your tried-and-true “high-vibes” group, even if you sometimes feel they’re a teeny bit woo-woo.

You know that when one door closes another opens, but do you realize that you’ll never achieve actual closure if you only stick one toe out of the door? Monday’s quarter moon in Virgo can bring balance and energy to your twelfth house of endings. This could be what it takes to help you find the emotional courage to say goodbye to a behavior or relationship that no longer serves you. You’ve moved on in your life, Libra; now it’s time for your feelings and behaviors to catch up. But because this is a quarter moon, don’t be rash about slamming said door shut. You need to process things so they don’t come back bigger and scarier than ever. Plus, there may be some wiggle room to renegotiate unworkable terms. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying, and perhaps a whole lot to gain. If you’re still struggling to move on, book a few therapy sessions or work with a coach or shaman. The goal is to release the pain caused by this situation, so remind yourself that carrying it around only prolongs the agony.

On Wednesday, thoughtful Mercury and ambitious Mars sync up in your ninth house of adventure and expansion, blowing the lid off your perception of normalcy. As disorienting as it can be to be shoved outside your comfort zone, this is the only way you’ll truly grow, Libra. You may love the status quo, but you’re ready for some new ideas and inspiration. Start with the areas ruled by the ninth house: exploring different philosophies, booking an exotic trip or just saying yes to an unpredictable (if calculated) risk. Cross-cultural connections simmer with spice and inspiration. Socialize with people who are seemingly different than you (on the surface, at least). You’ll have more in common than you realize, but your disparate life experiences can synthesize into a sweet medley that’s unlike anything the world has seen before.

Friday, the devil is in the details, but your vision is so wide-angle, you can barely make out the big picture (let alone the annoying nuances). Matters aren’t helped by a tricky square between analytical Mercury and foggy Neptune in your systematic sixth house. Every time you try to focus, your mind wanders like a hungry dog. Rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole, skip the hard-core research and development and put your inventive right brain to work. Next week, when this transit passes, you can revisit the numbers-crunching and go on a fact-finding mission. Unfortunately, even though Mercury moves on, the Sun takes its place on Sunday and settles into the same uneasy angle with deceptive Neptune. Have you become attached to an image of yourself as a compassionate or spiritual person to such a degree that you can no longer see your own shadow? Without darkness there can be no light, Libra. This transit, while confusing, can help you become more authentic about your feelings instead of sweeping the negative ones—like anger, resentment or envy—under the rug. It’s only when you can admit to feeling unhappy, frustrated or worn out that you can begin to actually DO something about it.

Is that fence you’ve been parked on giving you splinters yet, Pisces? Monday’s action-oriented quarter moon in efficient Virgo fires up your seventh house of relationships and shoves you off that railing. This could involve any kind of partnership, from launching a new job-search app to agreeing to an exclusive dating arrangement. No more spinning your wheels: It’s do-or-die time. That said, if you’re feeling pressured to get more serious about a particular connection and your heart is flashing a yellow light of caution, do NOT hit the accelerator. Pump the brakes; test the waters. Make sure there’s enough flow built in to preserve your personal freedom. If the other party expects you to be on call 24/7, eventually you’re going to feel like a fish caught in a net. In a professional setting, before you go all in, is there a way to work together on a trial basis to see how your energies and work styles mesh? How does the other person handle stress? Criticism? Are they willing to put in the hours required to make this thing not only achieve liftoff, but to SOAR?

Wednesday’s stars can make you crave—or run from—family interactions. Expressive Mercury teams up with forthright Mars in your fourth house of domesticity and roots. While you sometimes appease to keep the peace, it’s essential that you speak honestly now, and when it comes to your own needs, communicate them directly. If a loved one is making you loco, don’t suffer in silence. Say something! This is also true for roommates or guests who overstay their welcome. Be more assertive about your boundaries and don’t worry about being “mean.” You’ll only snap later if you let the resentment build up.

On Friday, you may have no choice but to deal with a family issue. Even if you’ve been going to great lengths to stay out of a disagreement, you might be sucked into one. With communicative Mercury in the fourth house taking a nerve-wracking hit from deceptive Neptune in your sign, nothing’s going to come out right, so hit “ignore” on those family calls and get thee to the day spa. First, give your inner circle a heads-up that, for anything other than a true emergency, you’re off duty. Familial drama continues through the weekend, coming to a head on Sunday, when someone pulls out all the stops and plays into your Piscean compassion. Keep your emotional satellite tower activated and ready to tune in to a female friend or relative’s diva-like manipulations. While this person might be in a legit crisis and you want to be there for her, remember that the best support is the kind that empowers rather than enables the other person. Help her think through her options, but make HER come up with possible solutions. The answers people devise for themselves are the ones that tend to stick, after all. Then, politely, excuse yourself and then go join the gang for brunch.

Next stop: the corner office! Monday’s motivating quarter moon in Virgo fires up your tenth house of career ambitions and helps you tune out the distractions that pull you off-course. Even if you’re not quite ready to assume the top position, you can start plotting your ascent. Take your first giant stride toward a long-term goal now. Then, just climb and you’ll know what your next step is—and the one after that and the one after THAT. As you ascend, remember to only look UP. If you need some help with your brand, getting your name out there or polishing your image, tap a pro or business coach. The tenth house also rules men so if your connection with an important guy in your life has fallen into a bit of rut, devote some quality time to the relationship this week. Whether it’s a business or romantic partnership, if you can’t iron out your differences or bring the love back, call in an objective third party to mediate. Sometimes men have a tough time expressing their emotions, and a neutral person could facilitate the process in a way you can’t. If nothing else, let this guy get everything off his chest, sans quick-fire interruptions from you. Let him get it all out and you’ll understand what he is actually driving at here. (And it’s NOT what you previously thought.)

On Wednesday, analytical Mercury and go-getter Mars join forces in your seventh house of relationships. Where someone couldn’t—or wouldn’t—budge just two days ago, suddenly he’s open to discussing ideas or new ways of interacting. Don’t spoil the moment with “I told you so’s” or trying to get an upper hand. And, since Mars can bring competition, be prepared to agree to disagree. Overall, make a point of really listening to other people’s opinions (not just paying lip service). Ya never know, Sag: You might actually learn something. You have carte blanche to be bolder about initiating relationships midweek, too. Make a daring romantic proposition or send off a proposal to a company or client you’d like to team up with.

Friday’s perplexing square between rational Mercury in your interpersonal corner and fuzzy Neptune in your emotional fourth house could make it challenging to get your point across. Or it could whip up a sandstorm of guilt that forces you to swallow your truth because you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. But consider this: While hiding the truth might spare someone else’s feelings, YOU could end up resentful. Your feelings count, too, so honor them to the same degree you regard others’. Come Sunday, Mercury will have moved on—hallelujah!—but the Sun takes its place in the same tangled angle with Neptune. This can make it next to impossible to accurately read the tea leaves. There’s no denying the heart, which wants what it wants, Archer, but how can you tell if the object of your affections is on the same wavelength? Relying on an unspoken allure or trying to intuit what someone else is feeling is a recipe for disaster (and pain). Coming out and asking under a Neptune transit probably won’t be helpful, either. Our suggestion: Try to enjoy the suspense, and wait another day or two to make any decisions.

Who you, a joiner? You’re more likely to be found sitting on the sidelines, making the wittiest (if not the snarkiest) observations about those on the playing field. But on Monday, when a balancing quarter moon in Virgo lights up your community-minded eleventh house, you might be inspired to become an active member of a mastermind group or to become a seriously strategic socializer. As business guru Jim Rohn says, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time around. The takeaway: Choose your company wisely and make sure everyone on the team is contributing equitably. The eleventh house also rules technology, making social networking a no-brainer. This goes for all aspects of your digital life—from your devices and software to your actual online presence. Try to get a sense of yourself the way strangers would see you. Are your photos recent and inviting? Are your posts interesting; do you respond to other people’s? And is there anything that could potentially be embarrassing or inappropriate for professional connections? Don’t shy away from promoting worthy accomplishments and updating your dating site snaps.

On Wednesday, lusty Mars and open-minded Mercury hook up in your intimate eighth house, adding a few new shades of gray to your repertoire. You’re not a Scorpio for nothing: Go ahead and fire off a few sultry sexts or initiate a candid convo about your unfulfilled desires. With Mercury in the picture, the name of the game is clear communication. The messenger planet also sends a reminder that the brain is indeed the largest sexual organ. Just TALKING about what you might do between the sheets (or listening to friends’ candid confessions) could get you all hot and bothered.

No matter how directly you’re expressing yourself, on Friday your message could be muddled, thanks to a perplexing square between Mercury and deceptive Neptune. MAYBE someone is flirting with you—or maybe they’re confused themselves. And when you think you’re being straightforward in your response, they get even more ambiguous. Don’t fall for a charmer who can’t back up the bold talk. On the flip side, don’t overlook a quiet but smoldering hottie. The quiet ones will surprise you. By Sunday, Neptune may have you pulling your hair out, when he sends another signal-jamming frequency to the Sun. If you thought the line between love and lust was confusing before…oh, man. Hold off on making one of your signature Scorpio seduction moves until you are 100 percent certain that the other party shares your idea of what this dalliance actually is. One of you could be thinking one-night-stand while the other is shopping for matching monogrammed towels. Yikes! If you’re in a relationship, watch out for unspoken assumptions about your partner that could undermine happiness. Approach your S.O. with “beginner’s mind,” that is, with the same curiosity and open-mindedness you brought to your first date. You could discover a whole new dimension to your soul mate!

Your romantic life gets a shot in the arm on Monday, when an energizing quarter moon in Virgo powers up your fifth house of amour. If you and Cupid haven’t been on speaking terms lately, la Luna thrusts you back into his bow’s crosshairs. Single? This harmonizing phase helps you put yourself out there again, with a renewed enthusiasm for the dating game. Attached but in a romantic rut? Do something wildly unpredictable to catch your sweetie off-guard in the most seductive way: reservations at the trendy new resto or tickets to see your favorite local band performing live. Use this balancing moon to objectively examine how you “do” relationships. If you’re light on intimacy but heavy on drama, hit reset. Let your S.O. finish what he or she has to say before you rush to react or give feedback. You may realize that you were reading the situation all wrong. If nothing else, listening without interruption will show you care, and earn you a similar courtesy in return. This Virgo moon could also nudge you into spotlight. Memo to Bulls who’ve been dimming their light to let others shine: Come out, come out wherever you are! Humble brags will go over better than a chorus line-style debut.

On Wednesday, you may get sucked into an uncomfortable conversation about money. While this can be stressful, it could also be illuminating—not to mention necessary. If you’ve been sweeping an unpleasant issue under the carpet or sticking your head in the sand about a potential financial crisis, today’s alignment of expressive Mercury and direct Mars in your second house of money and possessions can give you a reality check. Necessity truly is the mother of invention, and being in a tough situation could inspire a brilliant solution. Interviewing for a new job, promotion or salary review? Go head and shamelessly self-promote. They’ll never know your abilities if you don’t tell them.

This weekend, leaning on friends could feel like planting your feet in quicksand. Social Mercury and the Sun in your second house of security accentuate your need for the kind of emotional anchoring that friendship brings. Unfortunately, trickster Neptune is in a tense angle to them and could undermine your best efforts. When you crave support or just a companionable wingman, your true-blue crew is nowhere to be found. But before you start the pity party, find out what’s really going on. Could it be that they’re just involved in their own Friday night dramas and distractions and this has nothing to do with you? While you always probably tag along, is that really what you want? Take a pass on the annoying internal politics and stay in and enjoy your own favorite foods and flicks in the comfort of your own home. And if someone tries to lure you into the theatrics, stay stubborn—and strong like Bull!

Come out of hiding, Virgo! Monday’s quarter moon in your sign can help you overcome your shyness or modesty—or fear of being seen for all you are. If you’re used to being a team player but have been thinking about launching a solo venture, this lunar energy could provide just the kick in the pants you need. One word of advice: You still have to take it upon yourself to get noticed. Agents, producers and investors are not likely to stop you on the street or beat a path to your door. So under this moon, fire off an inquiry email, ask a friend for a personal referral or hire someone to do some social media promotion for you. While this quarter moon fosters independence, it’s worth asking yourself whether you might be doing a little too much by your lonesome. Pay attention to which of your regular tasks are turning into joyless time-sucks. Those are the first things you should think about delegating or outsourcing—or letting go of altogether. If you don’t have the funds to pay a pro, consider the barter system as a means of funding this. Maybe one of your friends loves to cook as much as you enjoy doing laundry. A little trade-off could be a fun experiment. What’s the big deal of tossing a few extra loads in the wash for her if it means enjoying home-cooked dinners that only need to be heated up before you enjoy?

On Wednesday, work takes center stage, as your ruling planet, analytical Mercury, joins forces with irresistible Mars in your tenth house of career and public image. This could bring the recognition you’ve earned and have been patiently waiting for. You hate to toot your own horn, but this IS a big deal and deserves to be broadcast (at least a bit). Compile an online bio page for your LinkedIn profile that quantifies your accomplishments and describes how your personal efforts have increased profits or helped your company.

Come the weekend, you’ll be ready to chill out—and perfect timing. A disruptive square from quixotic Neptune throws Mercury off his goal-focused game. The very people you need to help you advance may prove uncooperative or unreliable. Rally Team Virgo as best you can, but accept the fact that some things are beyond even your control. On Sunday, Mercury moves away from Neptune, but the expressive Sun moves into its same edgy angle, making you feel a little insecure about a certain partnership. You may feel pressure to prove yourself to a colleague by working through the weekend. But here’s a rule of thumb worth remembering: If you have to sacrifice an important plan or your commitment to self-care, you’re on the wrong path. Denying your highest values for someone else is a never-ending trap.