Your AstroTwins Weekly Horoscope for May 4-8

Life has plenty of variables. Wouldn’t it be radical if  the future was a knowable thing? Well hold on, because it just got a lot more knowable-able. We’re psyched to help you cue up and dial in your week via these new weekday/weekend horoscopes from Olivia Kim’s favorite astrologers, the AstroTwins.


Too much, too soon? Overconfidence reigns near Monday, May 4 as the Taurus Sun gets in a tangled angle (a 90-degree “square”) with risk-taking Jupiter in Leo. While this astrological aspect can make us feverish with excitement and rarin’ to go, it’s easy to overshoot the mark. As the saying goes, “fools rush in.” Don’t rely on desire and instinct alone. Find the facts, ask the tough questions, do a thorough inspection. Get real about your own limitations, too. This is not the week to fake it ‘til you make it. Beyond the personal stress caused by getting in over our heads, this could cause major breakdowns that affect an entire team. Play it safe this week—and don’t fall prey to flattery or the pressure to advance at a supersonic pace.

Fortunately, Wednesday arrives with a grounding earth trine. The Taurus Sun will form a harmonious (120-degree) angle to soulful, transformational Pluto helping us tune in to our higher truths. Pluto is in Capricorn—the sign of wisdom, long-term planning and success that’s earned with time and merit. What’s standing between our dreams and ourselves? The practical steps could unfold like instructions on a GPS midweek. We’ll also have the patience to create a solid foundation before raising the roof with any over-the-top schemes. Not sure what’s next? Be an observer. Watch the people whom you admire in action. While you may have a different skill set, what qualities do they possess that you’d like to have more of yourself: charisma, serenity, playfulness? Take note, because no matter what you’re doing, the way you move through each activity is really what matters when it comes to feeling fulfilled.

On Thursday, love planet Venus switches signs, moving from cheeky, unpredictable Gemini to cozy, family-oriented Cancer until June 5. We’ve had a month of hardcore flirting, Tinder swiping and affections that ran from hot to cold on the hour. Now, our traditional sides take the helm—and with Venus in sentimental Cancer we’ll crave heart-centered connections that bring a sense of comfort and familiarity. Let your mom play matchmaker or find someone whose family history is similar to your own. Who says nice guys have to finish last? The boy—or girl—next-door types will be in-demand for the coming four weeks. We might just reconnect to our childhood sweethearts or seek someone who shares those dreamy traits. Since Cancer rules the domestic realm, this is an ideal time for nesting. Get the cohabitation station feathered to cuddle-worthy code. Spending time at home is sexy: whether lounging, gardening, slow-cooking gourmet meals, or getting creative on a shared reno project. Whether single or spoken for, the interior bug will bite. If you’re looking to attract love into your life, try a little feng shui. Locate your love corner with a bagua map and fill it with romantic symbols. Make sure your bed is accessible from both sides and place pairs of objects around your home as a symbol of partnership.

Back away from the blackjack table and send your gambler’s instincts to the Time Out Chair. This Monday, May 4 the Taurus Sun in your financial zone locks horns with capricious Jupiter. You’ll have a high risk tolerance when it comes to your cash—higher than is sensible. Blowing it all on a “just this once” splurge could leave you in the red for days. And even if you do have some disposable income to play with, spend it wisely, Aries. You might not believe in rainy days, but tucking some away for security can bring you massive peace of mind. Careful about coming on too strong with your colleagues early this week, too. Debating is no big deal to you but your tendency to just put it out there could alienate key supporters who are not as comfortable with conflict and candor as you are. Drop the “my way or the highway” schtick and try to meet people in their comfort zones. Once you warm them up to you, it will be a lot easier to let full frontal Aries out to play. And if you feel a clash of values or a power struggle bubbling up, excuse yourself before you fire off a line that you’ll live to regret.

Fortunately, Wednesday’s starmap will smooth out the waves from earlier in the week. The self-assured Sun in Taurus and your sensible second house forms a grounding trine (120-degree angle) to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn and your zone of leadership, ambition and security. When it comes to your money, this trine makes you highly creative and resourceful. Hello, alchemist! Where others see scrap metal you’ll strike gold. Work with what you already have before you purchase any new materials. Shop in your own closets, for example, or tap your social network to see who might lend you expensive equipment that you only need for a short-term project and don’t want to invest in yourself. You could fall in love with people’s potential, too, and for a change this is a good thing. When you see the spark of possibility and promise, you might just have found your future right-hand man or woman. Sure, you’ll have to invest some time in showing them the ropes, but it will pay off in the long run. The Sun-Pluto trine makes you quite the powerful leader midweek, too. Although you can resist the responsibility that goes along with taking charge—you prefer to work autonomously—don’t ignore the calling if it comes. Being a leader doesn’t mean coddling a bunch of babies, after all. In many instances it means blazing trails, identifying Mission: Critical, and delegating duties to the troops, which in turn will keep you inspired with a little bit of attention, acknowledgment and good-old-fashioned fun. A business idea that you’ve been mulling over could get a boost from this transit. If you’re looking for funding, this is a good week to pitch to investors or work on a Kickstarter page to bring the initiative to life.

Now for the more personal part of your forecast: On Thursday, love planet Venus gets cozy in sentimental Cancer and your domestic fourth house until June 5.  Next stop: The Cohabitation Station? You could soon be sharing your space with the one you adore—or at least giving each other an official drawer and some square footage in the closet. There’s no time like the present to introduce a promising new prospect to your inner circle or have the first home visit. You’ll enjoy more time IN with your mate, gardening, cooking; even working on a renovation project. Single and looking? Make your home a magnet for amour by implementing some feng shui tips. Download a bagua map and locate your love corner. What’s holding court there? If it’s your elliptical machine, that MIGHT just explain all the ups and downs you’ve been experiencing. Relocate any inauspicious objects and replace with symbols of love. Make sure your bed can be accessed from both sides and decorate in pairs to promote the spirit of partnership. Hey, it can’t hurt! While you’re at it, give the “nice guys” a chance to woo you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let friends, even your mom, play matchmaker. They probably know your type—the type that’s good for you, that is—better than you think.

Stop, in the name of love! Relationships could use a little extra care and feeding early this week, as the planets call you to open your heart. On Monday, May 4 expansive Jupiter in your partnership zone forms a tense angle to the Sun in your sentimental fourth house. You may feel as if you want more from a relationship than you’re currently getting. Instead of pointing the finger of blame, harness candid Jupiter’s powers and make a loving request. “You never take me out anymore!” doesn’t exactly inspire one’s mate to turn into a doting Channing Tatum clone. But, “Hey babe, I would really love to go out somewhere fun this week together,” is a far more inspiring invite. If you’re not sure where you stand in a relationship, stop waiting for the other person to open up first. Jupiter the gambler spurs you on to take a risk and let your feelings show. You never know: With your laid-back demeanor, people may have mistakenly assumed that you didn’t care. Spell it out for them. If nothing else, you’ll see whether or not this union is worthy of any further investment. While you’re at it, stop trying to intellectualize your emotional process. You can’t think your way out of your feelings, Aquarius. Sometimes you need to have a good cry, a primal scream, or a great punch-the-mattress session in order to move stuck energy out of your body.

On Wednesday, give your eating plan a once over. Transformational Pluto in your twelfth house of healing forms a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to the Sun in your nourishing fourth house. Food can be medicine, Aquarius, so give your body what it REALLY wants—not just what your cravings dictate. Load up on clean, green, fresh food. Cook with as few ingredients as you can. You’ll be amazed by what you can drum up with garlic, fresh lemon, high-quality olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Give your digestive system a break from heavy, processed foods or anything that causes inflammation like sugar, wheat, and dairy. This could be a good week to do a gentle cleanse, even a food-based one. You might even keep a journal to track how you feel after you put certain foods in your mouth. Jot down the accompanying emotions, too. You may notice a tendency to swallow or stuff down feelings by reaching for a snack or sweet treat. Hey, Aquarius, we can all be emotional eaters, and food is one of life’s great pleasures. But this week, being more mindful can spare you the spike-and-crash cycle or even inspire you to try some great new recipes like the ones on

On Thursday, your radiant glow gets even brighter when beatific Venus heads into Cancer and your sixth house of wellbeing until June 5. If you’ve been taking great care of your body (and soul), you could start seeing and feeling rapid results now. Other people will notice, too, so forget being humble! Smile and say, thank you; you’ve earned it. Did you tumble off the wellness wagon? Venus hands you a green smoothie and pulls you back up. Forget the “no pain, no gain” maxims. Decadent Venus reminds you that luscious treats don’t have to taste like sawdust. Reach for fresh strawberries drizzled in cashew cream; not just pink-frosted cupcakes (not that we don’t love those, too). Give your body some extra love with a dose of preventative medicine: acupuncture, massage, and a long day at the spa over the coming three weeks. You’ll be in the mood to move, so find your flow with a dance class, yoga, or exercise you actually enjoy. Since Venus rules amour, your healthquest could lead you to the nicely carved arms of love (well, maybe after you’ve both showered off). It’s a good excuse to make eye contact in the mirror with the cutie in the free weights room or to start training with a team. If you’re in a relationship, supporting each other’s vitality missions is a great way to bond. Spot me, baby!

Do your friends share your values, Cancer? On Monday, May 4 an illuminating square between truth-telling Jupiter in your house of beliefs and the Sun in your social networking zone could reveal some discrepancies. As much as you want to see the best in people, some of them just aren’t walking their talk. A clash over cash could also stir up conflict. Do you constantly feel pressured to splurge on pricey brunches or vacations that are a little beyond your means? On the flip side, your crew may not be in the same income bracket as you which leaves you feeling obligated to pick up the tab if you want them to share your adventures. Whatever side of the spectrum you find yourself on, it’s time for some honest reflection. Get real about your need to be a budget luxinista; or add a couple new peeps to your posse who can accompany you on your high-end hangouts. While your loyalty knows no bounds, you sometimes struggle to break away from confining connections that are based on shared history. Is your crew a little too “Ew!” these days? If this hilarious Jimmy Fallon skit (a Virgo) with Cancer guest star Ariana Grande feels closer to home that you’d care for, this could be the week where you move on to a more mature friend set.

On Wednesday, pay attention to the individual faces in the crowd! Seductive Pluto in Capricorn and your relationship zone sweetly angles the confidence boosting Sun in your community sector. Translation? There could one beaming unicorn in the masses whose sparkle is so brilliant that you can’t turn away. Don’t ignore the legit attraction, Cancer. It may be a romantic beam, a girl crush or a creative soul who you just have to know. The spark is likely to be mutual so don’t hang back. Introduce yourself with a genuine compliment. “I couldn’t help but notice you” always does the trick. And hey, you might turn up the wattage on your own light. (Pink neon, perhaps?) Wear your personality on your sleeve with brighter wardrobe choices or start a buzz on social media to alert people to your latest bragworthy accomplishments.

Another high-voltage jolt of attention-getting energy comes your way on Thursday, when radiant Venus makes her annual visit to Cancer until June 5. Hello, magnetism! Like it or not, o’ shy one, people will be watching your every move with fascination. Venus in your sign blesses you with serious charisma. You won’t have to work hard to persuade people to your side or to gain their interest in issues, ideas, and projects that are dear to your heart. In love, your dance card will be overflowing—if you want it that way, that is. But Venus in Cancer makes self-love and autonomy just as important as relationship energy. Fill your own tanks by investing in activities that bring you joy. If you’re in a relationship, don’t feel guilty about needing personal space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder for the coming four weeks. As Oscar Wilde quipped, “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” Keep ‘em guessing what your next move will be—within reason, of course. Playing games and stirring up people’s insecurities is not the point here. Beautifying Venus could also prompt some makeover magic so go forth and have fun with fashion. Revamping your look could give you a little boost of confidence for all the public attention coming your way. Thinking about getting inked or dying your hair purple? Do it before Mercury turns retrograde on May 18.

Keep your cards close to your vest early this week, Capricorn—or at least tuck them in a little tighter. On Monday, May 4 the confident Sun gets into a tangled angle with brash, gullible Jupiter. You could meet someone early this week who seems utterly sane and trustworthy, only to discover that you’re dealing with a shady character. Vet new acquaintances carefully—even if they are friends of friends. Your bright light and good fortune can arouse jealousy under this aspect. While you don’t want to pander to the haters, you also don’t want to feed them important or personal data that they can use against you in any way. Be your sparkly self, but save your open book confessionals for more intimate gatherings. When it comes to amour, this Sun-Jupiter square can also make it easy to confuse a strong sexual connection with true love. It’s not that the twain can’t meet, but here’s a good litmus test: How do you feel when you’re apart from your romantic interest? If you’re more anxious than calm, this could be a sign that you’re not as emotionally bonded as you’d like to be. Well, Capricorn, you have some power here, too. An honest discussion about your desires for the relationship can help to forge a deeper connection. Use Jupiter’s candor to help you brave those waters.

Midweek, get ready for your close-up! The Sun in your fifth house of fame forms an auspicious angle to magnetic Pluto in Capricorn. The world will clamor for that sophisticated Capricorn magic. One of your big ideas could attract media attention or start a buzz in your community. Keep your hands on the wheel, though! As much as you want to share the love, this mission needs you at the helm.  Your vision and creativity are pure alchemy turning everything you touch into gold. If Monday’s Sun-Jupiter square left you aching for a deeper kind of love, the Sun-Pluto trine comes to the rescue. Pay attention the people around you midweek. Secretive Pluto in cahoots with the illuminating Sun can reveal a quieter gem standing in the shadows. Let the peacocks fan their feathers, but look past their brilliant displays for people who do more than just put on a good show.

There’s another big push for partnership on Thursday, when amorous Venus heads into Cancer and your committed relationship zone for four weeks. Charming, affable Venus can make you quite a flirt, but careful where you shoot those beams: The people you draw into your orbit between now and June 5 are likely to be the “playing for keeps” variety. Not that you’ll mind.  As someone who likes to invest in quality, you’ll appreciate the lasting value these people bring. On the business front, diplomatic Venus sets the stage for smooth and friendly negotiations. Review your contracts and agreements. If it’s time to make some changes, speak up under Venus’ favorable influence. It’s hard for people to say no to you now. If you’re getting engaged, married, or making a “let’s take it to the next level, baby” move, there couldn’t be a brighter time than this! If you’ve been too consumed with work to tend to your sweetie, make amends with a sweeping romantic gesture.

Garrulous Gemini, you’ve been known to fire off a strong and unfiltered opinion before you’ve really thought your words through. But this Monday, May 4 that tendency could get you into hot water. With candid Jupiter in your communication house locked into a tense square with the Taurus Sun in your twelfth house of illusions, you’d be wise to get the facts before you react. Things are not quite as they seem and you just can’t trust your snap judgments. A friend, neighbor, or coworker could push your buttons. And while this person may actually deserve a talking to, they don’t deserve a “talking about.” And if you desperately need to vent, look around before you unleash a tirade. You never know who might be sitting next to you at the restaurant or in the break room. Early this week, it will feel like the walls have eyes and ears. People could purposely provoke you near Monday, luring you into gossipy chatter that could come back to haunt you. Don’t take the bait! In the wise words of Confucius, “Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”

On Wednesday, the Taurus Sun will form an easy angle (a trine) to omniscient Pluto in Capricorn giving you razor sharp intuition that brings everything into perspective. If there are apologies to be made, olive branches to extend, you’ll have no trouble doing so. Have you been hanging on to a grudge? As they say, Gemini, resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. While forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, the Sun-Pluto trine helps you rise above. The hardest times also bring the greatest lessons. Perhaps you simply learned to be more discerning about whom you let into your sacred confidence. Whatever the case, it’s time to move on from the struggle. With the Sun in your compassionate twelfth house and Pluto in your esoteric eighth, you’ll be a bit of an oracle, too. Simply sit back and observe what’s happening around you. All the signs are there, Gemini, but you must disengage to get clarity. By you not rushing to respond, people will show their hands—a fortunate shortcut to getting caught up in playing CSI to figure it out.

Sweet stability comes to your life this Thursday when amorous Venus moves on to Cancer and your grounded second house until June 5. You’ve hosted the planet of love and beauty since April 11, which has certainly blessed you with magnetism. But for the coming four weeks you’ll be happy to go deeper than an ephemeral flirtation or fling. What seemed boring in the first part of the week will be a welcome relief by the weekend. Can people just PLEASE walk their talk? Yes, some of them can, Gemini, but the fan of a peacock’s feathers may have obscured someone with qualities that will truly make your heart sing power ballads. Go beyond the surface. You can teach a diamond in the rough how to dress and distinguish a salad fork from a dessert one, but you can’t polish up flaws in their character. Pace yourself in affairs of the heart, too. Letting relationships evolve at a more organic pace will show you who you’re really dealing with before you get in too deep. Talks could turn to finances for coupled Geminis. Put your heads together on how to get the household budget into better shape or go to the next level and feed your long-term investment accounts. Spend more time nesting at home and enjoying nature together. Between now and June 5, the best things in life—and love—are free.

Caution: Power struggles ahead! On Monday, May 4 the ego-driven Sun in your career corner squares off with devil-may-care Jupiter in Leo. As a result, a strong-willed person (likely a man) may try to assert dominance over you early this week—a rather unstrategic move indeed. Uh-oh, Leo, this could get ugly. As you fight for control, a royal rumble could break out. Is it worth it to push back? In most cases, yes. Stand up for yourself, Leo! But it’s your tactics that could use some review. Aggression might feel like the natural response here. Unfortunately with the Sun and Jupiter in this tangled angle, you risk using too much firepower. Before you decimate your “opponent” with your sharp tongue, show of force or even a dramatic exit, do try to set a boundary with one clear and unwavering word: No. By refusing to go along with a plan that doesn’t work for you, negotiating becomes inevitable. And you might just discover that you have more pull and wiggle room than you realized.

This is especially evident on Wednesday, when the Sun forms an auspicious angle to alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your measured sixth house. A sense of calm will rush over you then, and even a bit of ESP. Retreating from the battlefield could be the smartest option—but not because you’re waving the white flag. (Perish the thought!) With prescient, private Pluto in the frame, you’ll realize that flying into a rage is just giving other people ammunition to use against you. Stop showing so much of your hand and be strategic. Quietly develop your ideas and forge alliances with people who can become your future champions. Rather than untangling the knots of a complex situation it might just be easier to “start over” with a new plan of action, a fresh round of ideas and an untapped set of recruits. You’ll rise from the ashes of a disappointment quickly, Leo. Stay focused on the outcome you want to create and you’ll attract people who are on the same page as you.

Fairy tale fantasies filter in on Thursday, when love planet Venus decamps to Cancer and your dreamy twelfth house until June 5. In matters of the heart you’ll be rocking the rose-colored glasses now. For Leos who’ve been hesitant to dip a polished toe back into the dating pool, this could be the best thing. You could finally drop your guard enough to give a would-be lover a fighting chance. If you’re in a relationship, you could drift into a more poetic and soulful groove together—and quite possibly play out one of those fantasies you’ve whispered during a pillow talk session. But DO discuss boundaries and safewords before you get all Anastasia Steele with this exploration. With Venus in the twelfth house, a host of buried emotions could arise from your intimate encounters. You reserve the right to change your mind at any stage of the game! And do run the background checks on any hot prospects that pop up, since the twelfth house governs illusions. Still mourning an extinguished flame? Use the next four weeks to get those tears out of your system, obsess over old photos, then delete from your feed, and pack away mementos in your storage unit for ten years until they become more nostalgic than agonizing. Coupled Leos who’ve been clashing could make major strides together in therapy between now and June 5, since Venus in the twelfth house of the subconscious helps you access buried feelings and get to the root of your pain. We all project our parents onto our partners—and becoming aware of the ways that YOU do it, too, can be oh-so-illuminating!

Sharing may be caring, Libra—but that doesn’t mean you should let other people take advantage of your generosity. This Monday, May 4 it’s important to remember that “No” is a complete sentence. With the Sun in a tangled angle to beneficent Jupiter, people can really tug on your heartstrings. In your desire to help, you could put yourself at a disadvantage, especially financially. If a friend or relative hits you up for a loan, ask yourself this: Would I be okay if they never paid me back? Money can get funny, as you’ve learned in the past. It could take longer than expected for them to return the cash to you, creating tension and a possible rift. Protect the relationship and don’t get involved. Or just gift the friend-in-need a little cash, pay one of her utility bills, or help in a way that doesn’t put you out. The same holds true in reverse: Borrowing money from friends is never a wise move. Let that be your last resort if you’re tight on cash! You might have to bow out of a group plan due to your financial constraints. It’s better to sit through the FOMO attack than to be the mooch on the excursion that is honestly out of your price range.

Fortunately, a midweek trine (flowing, 120-degree angle) between the Sun and powerhouse Pluto can help you get back on solid ground. The Sun is in Taurus, your eighth house of investments, while powerhouse Pluto is planted in your fourth house of savings and security. Expect creative bursts for how to earn some extra cash. This could even come through your artistic talents, spiritual interests or ability to help people transform. The best part? You may not even have to leave your own home. With Pluto’s position in your domestic sector, your kitchen table could become your official workspace, or you could gather people in your home (or a neighborhood venue) for regular events; earning cash from the admission fee. On a more personal note, this Sun-Pluto trine opens your heart to a deeper level of intimacy. You could fall for the soulful cutie-next-door or deepen an existing relationship by allowing yourself to be more vulnerable than usual. Peel off the mask and let people see the real you.

On Thursday, romantic Venus heads into Cancer until June 5, lighting up your goal-oriented tenth house. While it’s never the best idea to treat love with the same driven approach you apply to your career, you can’t help but think more seriously about the future now. Set aside the instant gratification fix of a spicy hookup and save your final rose for someone with enduring qualities: loyalty, dependability, and the ability to listen with compassion. If you’re in a relationship, have a talk about long-term plans. If you’re not on the same page, it’s better to get that out in the open—if only so that you can drum up creative new ways to compromise and support each other’s dreams. Mixing business with pleasure could definitely happen during this three-week Venus cycle. We don’t need to lecture you on the risk of blurred lines, so make sure you really ARE that into each other before you start passionately kissing a coworker. This could be true love, not the next scandal whispered about in the breakroom. Going into business with your romantic partner is another possibility that could play out. Don’t be overly idealistic here, though. Crunch the numbers, map out clear roles for yourselves and make sure you both share a vision for how to run the show.

Life is full of moving parts, Pisces, and when you’re on your game, no one juggles them with more grace than you. Early this week, however, you could get a little overwhelmed by all the details. With expansive Jupiter in your fastidious sixth house, you want things “just so.” But on Monday, May 4 the creative Sun will form a tricky square to Jupiter (AKA Mr. More, More, More) creating an endless loop of fussing, fluffing, feathering and fixating.  Remember this: You can’t please everyone! Also, don’t underestimate the power of minimalism. Whether you’re designing a web page or preparing dinner for an honored guest, use quality “ingredients”—create a simple base and stick to a few fancy flourishes. The end result will be pure elegance. A Sun-Jupiter square can make one a bit of a blabbermouth, so don’t make promises you can’t keep just because you want to please or be nice. Be mindful about how much you give away in conversations, too. When the competitive storytelling kicks in, don’t be tempted to spill sensitive details from your chamber of secrets—not unless you’re sure you can really trust the other people you’re talking to.

On Wednesday, find your tribe! The Taurus Sun in your communication sector will form a happy allegiance with powerhouse Pluto in your eleventh house of groups. Seek communities that uplift you or gather together your tribe. With Pluto’s fingerprints on the plan, they’ve gotta be soulful, creative, and spiritual types. If meditation circles or group rituals aren’t your thing, you might just organize a weekly craft night or a small posse to do chapters of The Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron) with you. A collective shift can bring longer-lasting change—and a support network to hold you to your greatness. 

Cupid shoots some platinum arrows your way this Friday, so get ready for a rush of romance. With Venus moving into Cancer and your fifth house of amour until June 5, you could be royal in the game of love. Forget about making another sacrifice just to win people over or prove that you are worthy of their affections. Treat yourself like a king or queen and watch your confidence soar! The pursuer (you) will swiftly become the pursued. Instead of waiting for someone to buy you a dozen roses, pick up those pretty stems yourself. Play music often, soak in the arts, culture and shameless amounts of pampering. You might even splurge on a signature piece of jewelry, like a charm bracelet or necklace with a soulful symbol that you wear every day. Check out the work of self-proclaimed “pleasure revolutionary” Mama Gena ( if you need any convincing that making yourself happy is the key to manifesting the miraculous. Venus is the celestial stylista, and this three-week cycle could see you playing with a glamorous, bold or edgy new look. Since the fifth house rules your mane, you might do something radical to your hair, like chopping long layers into a pixie or streaking in some purple pieces. Whatever you choose, do it with a rock star edge.

Lather, rinse, repeat? Not if you’re a Sagittarius, thank you very much. As disciplined as you try to be, you also get bored with regimens a whole lot faster than most people. Staying on track with a healthy living mission is never the easiest thing for you—not when the platter of focaccia bread, the truffle aioli fries, or the decadent chocolate ganache is set before you. Yum. Hey, you’re ruled by Jupiter, the god of the feast, and food is one of the your sign’s greatest pleasures. If you’ve been too extreme about your spring training plan, Monday’s experimental Sun-Jupiter square could throw you off course. But this is not a call to punish yourself with fifty extra crunches or a three-day juice cleanse. Instead, let it be a wakeup call that you need to make your plan a bit more pleasurable. Luscious, even; so try turning your routines into sacred rituals. Each morning, place a dab of sweet-smelling essential oil on your palms and inhale deeply to wake up your senses. Step outside to enjoy some fresh air, too, then sit down with your journal to get your waking thoughts on paper and clear your head for the day. Put together a playlist of energizing music that you love instead of relying on Pandora to serve up songs. Add a dance-based workout to the boot camp classes.  Make sure you stroll through a farmer’s market or grocery store with decadent produce early this week. Plucking from a shrine of kale, lemons, or strawberries will start the experience of enjoying healthy food off on a proper note.

On Wednesday, pop on the project manager’s chapeau. The radiant Sun forms a cooperative angle (a trine) to transformational Pluto that day, something that only happens twice each year. The devil—and a flock of archangels—is in the details, making it essential that you dot every “i” and cross each one of those “t’s”; you could find yourself in the spotlight at work, so you’ll want to bring your A game. No cutting corners! Go the extra mile to ensure that you deliver quality results, done with artisan-level care and sterling integrity. If you realize that a deadline will be nearly impossible to reach, don’t go rushing to the finish line. Burning the midnight oil might get the job done, but not with the quality stamp you want to put on it.  Either negotiate a new due date or call for backup. Delegating some of the duties can be liberating as long as you keep a watchful eye over your recruits.

On Thursday, romantic Venus slips into your seductive eighth house for four weeks, intensifying the ties that bind. When it comes to love, you want more than a fly-by-night fling. Feeling sexy is important, too, but don’t look outside of yourself for that fix. Getting comfortable in your own skin is the fastest way to bring back those lusting feelings. While the Red Room may be calling, the spin studio is, too. Get into a movement class—yoga, dance, cardio, even kickboxing—to release stress and reconnect with your power. Coupled Archers, beware the green-eyed monster. While loyalty and fidelity are a must, you could wind up making a few too many demands of your sweetie. We all have eyes, and necks that swivel. Gazing upon good-looking people is human; it’s not like you’re about to give up that, right?! Perhaps this is a call to spend more private one-on-one time together. Try to slip off for an overnight before June 5. You might even try tantra or doing a couple’s session with a sacred intimate who can help you discover more sensuous ways to connect.

Goals! Goals! Goals! Yours are getting grander by the minute, Scorpio. But do you have the right partners to help you achieve them? This Monday, May 4 the Sun butts heads with leap-before-you-look Jupiter, making you uncharacteristically trusting; downright gullible, even. Don’t let someone’s smooth sales pitch win you over. Run the background checks, pull out your detective skills, and ask all the nitty-gritty, practical questions. It’s understandable that you don’t want to ruin the lovefest by being such a hard-nosed one. But let’s be honest here: Your suspicious mind will never truly rest until you have confirmation of someone’s true nature. It may be necessary to cast a wider net in order to find the right people to have by your side. Don’t limit yourself to familiar places and faces. A long-distance connection could be the one to take your dreams worldwide.

Midweek, you’ll be deep in negotiation with your inner circle—but the vibes are far more cooperative. Your cosmic guardian Pluto forms a sweet and flowing trine (120-degree angle) to the Taurus Sun, which is lighting up your relationship house. Pluto is on a long-term trek through your communication sector (from 2008-2024) sharpening your skills in this arena. What have you been afraid to discuss or ask for from your romantic partner or BFF? Your needs always have a way of rising to the surface, Scorpio. It’s when you hide them that they rush out with resentment or one of your notorious (and painful!) stings. On or near Wednesday, tap the gracious energy of the Sun-Pluto trine to discuss. Using “I language” will always yield better results than the accusatory “you.” For example, “I would like to spend more time together,” is a lot more inviting than, “You never make time for me!” Get it?

On Thursday, loveplanet Venus switches signs, heading into Cancer and your “anything goes” ninth house until June 5. You’re not exactly lighthearted when it comes to love, Scorpio, but does the whole deal have to be SO serious? Let your hair down and enjoy your freedom for the next few weeks—as much as you possibly can. Single? Date a few different people, the more varied, the better. You could fall head over heels for a cutie from a different culture. But stop yourself if you start mentally picking out wedding registries and baby names. Make a point to “be here, now” when you’re sitting across from that sultry someone. Besides the smoldering physical attraction, do you actually believe a word coming out of those kissable lips? And are you actually interested in what they are talking about? A meeting of the minds and shared values are every bit as important as a desire to rip each other’s clothes off. Take more time to connect. Vacation romances could heat up your spring, too. If you’re in a relationship, take off for a couple’s getaway for a night or seven. Exploring new corners of the world together strengthens your bond.

Grab your life vest! As the week starts off, the waves could be rather choppy on the emotion ocean. That’s because this Monday, May 4 the Taurus Sun in your first house of self gets into an emotional clash with expansive Jupiter in your sensitive, intimate fourth house. As a result, every feeling will be magnified. Yeah, you’re probably going to blow things out of proportion, Bull—and with the people who know you best, no less. Jupiter is in your family zone, which could make you highly critical of relatives and close friends. What was once an endearing quirk could be like nails on the chalkboard for you. And while their insensitive comments might slide right off you on most days, that won’t be true on Monday or even Tuesday. But hey, this might just be the white light moment everybody needs. Familiarity CAN breed contempt if you get SO comfortable around each other that you stop being considerate. That doesn’t have to be the case. What would happen if everyone under your roof (or in your realm) put in a little more care and effort? You’d enjoy these intimate relationships a whole lot more. Call a house meeting to discuss new ways of supporting each other—without stepping on one another’s toes.

On Wednesday, the wide world outside your front door is calling as the Taurus Sun flows into an auspicious angle (a trine) with potent Pluto in Capricorn and your globally conscious ninth house. What’s happening 50, 100, even 1,000 miles away from home? A spiritual pilgrimage could be calling your name, or a return to a place where you are always in your element. Switch to a wide-angle lens, Taurus, because you’re also ready to see the big picture instead of sweating the small stuff. With your mind so open as it will be midweek, make a point of checking out new scenes. You could discover a community of people who speak your language. You might even sign up for a class or find a private teacher to help you develop your gifts. If you’ve been aching for more freedom and independence, this alchemical transit helps you make big changes. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You don’t have to quit your day job to create more space. For all you know, your boss might let you work remotely, if only for one refreshing day per week. If you’ve been developing an independent venture, you could attract a real following and even some start-up funding near Wednesday.

Love becomes a lot more lighthearted on Thursday when romantic Venus cruises into Cancer and your flirty third house until June 5. While you tend to be the committing kind, the next month could find you craving more variety and exploration. So don’t rush to put a ring on it—not even the proverbial promise ring—until you’ve enjoyed the sampler platter of options out there. Your attention span could be shorter than a Snapchat video and you could lose interest faster than they can cry, “Tinderrrr!” Of course, this poses a challenge for the attached Bull as you might fall prey to some borderline inappropriate flirting (and if you’re single, don’t ignore that ring finger). So keep it fresh with some fun-filled dates. The couple that plays together stays together, as the corny expression goes. But there’s wisdom in this ditty, so bring on the road trips, music festivals, wine tastings, and weekend getaways!

Have you painted yourself into a corner, Virgo? It’s not unlike you to be idealistic—and, yes, even a tad bit judge-y at times. But in your desire to take a stand or do the right thing, you may have locked yourself out of an important growth experience. This Monday, expansive Jupiter in your boundless twelfth house forms a tricky square to the Sun in your exploratory ninth house. Suddenly, you feel the extreme need for liberation; to be free to do, say and play as you like. The trouble is, you may have already spoken out against “that type of behavior,” and following your bliss would effectively render you a hypocrite. But come on, Virgo! Do you want to lock yourself out of an amazing experience just to keep up appearances? It might be better to go to the people you condemned, hat in hand, and admit that you were wrong. After that, you’ll be free to expand without worry. This could get mighty interesting.

On Wednesday, the Sun forms an easy trine (120-degree angle) to passionate Pluto in your fifth house of romance. Hey, Virgo, maybe your love life isn’t perfect right now; but a sense of deep optimism washes over you under this transit—and one that’s grounded in a sense of self-confidence. Whether you have a partner or not, this Sun-Pluto trine reminds you that you are more than enough on your own. Use this fullness to your advantage. There’s no better space than this to attract from, because you’ll draw people to you out of desire rather than need. If you’re in a relationship, bring that spark of creativity to the mix. Instead of harping on what’s going wrong, dazzle and seduce with new ideas: Plan a sultry night on the town, a weekend getaway, or even a long-term project you can share. Are you feeling suffocated or disenchanted in ways that simply won’t allow for that? No more bottling up your truth! Not with the Sun in Taurus and your candid ninth house: The time has come to let your love interest know where you stand—in the most constructive way you can muster. And if you know in your heart that you must break free, Pluto’s transformational powers can help you make the most enlightened exit possible.

On Wednesday, your social butterfly wings start a-flapping. Charming Venus moves into Cancer and your house of community until June 5, making your motto, “the more, the merrier!” Culture-vultures unite! Venus governs the arts, music, fashion and haute cuisine so how about enjoying life’s most imaginative offerings in the company of your crew? If you’re looking for love, be a joiner. From sports teams to supper clubs to music festivals, larger hangouts are the perfect backdrop for romantic connections. Friends could accidentally play Cupid for you by inviting along a surprise guest who makes you swoon. Since the eleventh house rules technology, this is a fine time for Tindering or revamping your online dating profile. Your “clickthrough rate” is certainly higher than usual now! Already found your endless love? Lighten up the vibes. Get out and socialize as a couple—and give yourselves room to pursue independent interests, too. You might even co-host a party, karaoke night, or an all-day hike. Bring your respective friend groups together and the two of you could even wind up playing matchmaker yourselves.