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YouTube Star Joey Graceffa on His Tea Obsession, His Boyfriend and His Camera-Ready Style

At just 25 years old, Joey Graceffa has over eight million followers combined on his two YouTube channels, JoeyGraceffa and JoeyGraceffaGames. The bubbly host of this self-made media empire walks his viewers through experiences like getting a tattoo, making a sour gummy worm popsicle, online gaming and virtual reality. Recurring appearances by friends like Miranda Sings and Joey’s boyfriend and dogs create an intimate atmosphere of vicarious familiarity. Interspersed with these more casual videos are Graceffa’s forays into filmmaking such as his web series Storytellers and Escape the Night.

Joey Graceffa

We spoke with the digital maven—one of the celebrity faces of our Anniversary Sale, which begins July 22—about some of his favorite things in life, on-screen and off. Plus see what he’s shopping at our sale.

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning:

Check my phone and wait for kisses from my puppies!

Three things that are getting me through the day right now:

My viewers, I love interacting with them on a daily basis! Also living for Yerba matte tea! And of course my handsome boyfriend!

Joey Graceffa

TV or radio?

Neither! I watch Netflix and listen to audiobooks in the car.

Sneakers or shoes?

Sneakers! I prefer to be comfy! Although I love me a crazy shoe!

Drink of choice?

GT’s Mystic Mango Kombucha!

Current life soundtrack?

Mika all the way! His music makes me so happy!

Joey Graceffa

Most cherished possession and why?

Laptop! I would be so screwed if I didn’t have it! Also I wouldn’t have a job.

Things I hoard when I find them on sale:

Crystals!! I’m obsessed with crystals, so when and if I ever find a deal I’ll get them all!

Style motto:

Comfy: 90%. Stylish: 10%—usually only when I leave my house.

Style/life icon:

I look up to a lot of my peers—whether it’s their work ethic, personal style or way of persevering.

Words to live by:

Do what makes you happy! If you’re not happy, what’s the point?

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—Britt Olson