Fashion Week

Zanita x Nordstrom: London Fashion Week Diary

Landed in London and off to a relatively slow start, what with the bad weather and jet lag (did someone say red-eye?), but it’s great to be back in this town. I lived here for a short period while I was modeling, so it’s actually my second London Fashion Week—but this time, I’m observing the runway instead of walking on it!

An enormous highlight to kick-start the week: the House of Holland show, complete with a crop of British celebrities including Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, Leigh Lezark, Kelly Osbourne and… wait for it… Harry Styles, who—of course—stole the whole show, leaving ladies weak in the knees all around.

Gotta admit, my heart did pound a little faster when I saw him, and my fingers fumbled on my focus button—it’s little like seeing a lion in the wild! A real-life boy band superstar! Haha!

I would be remiss without a mention of the show itself: It was a fun combo of ladylike elegance and urban cool. My favorite pieces were the backstrap holsters, perfect to roll with a set of keys and a phone attached too. Clever and super-cool idea!

And now a sadder story to add to my Fashion Week repertoire: the one about how I missed out on the Unique show. Ready and raring to go to the event, I allowed what I thought would have been plenty of time for my arrival… unfortunately, my “be there in 10 minutes” cab became a “be there in 50 minutes” cab, and the ensuing drama of getting stuck in traffic for a hour became a tale of real heartbreak. I was absolutely going to miss the show, not just by a little bit either—almost two hours after leaving my door, I committed to turning back around and going home again. I blame the rain. C’est la vie!

On the positive side, at least I’m able to feature my Topshop outfit. This fluffy sweater is so feminine and adorable, and I love the contrast with my oversized cropped trousers. The denim jacket really brings in that retro feeling I’m so fond of. Feels very me! And it works with my crazy fluffy hair too.

Looking forward to sharing more of my tourist adventures and LOTS of street style with you very soon!