Fashion Week

Zanita x Nordstrom: Paris Fashion Week Diary

What a buzz to be in Paris during fashion week! The weather is perfect and the city is heartbreakingly beautiful—so many photo-worthy scenes.

The street style is some of the best yet—I always love seeing Anna Della Russo in action, like a rare bird of paradise. So colorful!

And the Russian posse, lead by the incomparable Miroslava Duma. Such brilliant style those women have!

I feel like I can say that here in Paris, the people on the street are looking their absolute best—and I can’t work out why. Surely they haven’t been like I have, traveling with the one suitcase all month? It would be so helpful if I actually lived in one of the fashion cities… perhaps a move to lovely Paris is in the cards? Oui oui!

It’s so great to stroll around this city, but it can sometimes be tricky to ask for directions… I’ve been leaving cab drivers looking baffled, as I mispronounce everything. It’s helpful to know a few phrases in French when you’re here.

Whilst visiting the Moncler store, I spotted a rare glimpse of music legend Pharrell Williams, who was in town to promote his design collaboration with the brand. I actually had the chance to shake his hand as he walked by me—but as the gather of press photographers swamped him, I couldn’t really get a nice picture other than this one. At least it’s proof I was there!

I was invited to the show of new French label Audra, where we were served coconut macaroons and cappuccinos in the front row. The show featured ethereal models and plenty of sheer elegant pieces to covet.