Fashion Week

Zanita x Nordstrom: Rick Owens Spring 2014

The Rick Owens show was such a highlight for me, one I’ll never forget. Rick’s shows are renowned for the element of the unexpected, and this season was no exception—with teams of step dancers marching out in his designs, to pounding music.

The dancers were both ethnically diverse and full-figured, which was both timely and refreshing. On the whole, the performance was totally captivating, full of emotion and power.

As the music began to build and the dancing become more charged with intensity, attendees began to stand up and shout out, and I felt my hair stand on end. I can’t really add more to explain how thrilling the show was, other than to say, “You had to be there.”

Hopefully, my images can do a small amount of justice to the Rick Owens show, because it was really special. You know they’ve seen something extraordinary when attendees leave the show grinning!