Zella PRO: 5 Reasons Workout Buddies Rock

Did you know about our Zella PROs? They offer complimentary classes, health & wellness tips and more. One of our pros, Chardaé Davis—also a fitness instructor at bodybar Studios in Dallas—offers up these tips on why you should get more social about staying fit.

Working out alone can be tough! For some of us, it’s difficult to get motivated for a post-rush-hour workout or to prepare a healthy meal at home when fast food is easily accessible. Teaming up with a fitness-minded friend can help you reach your health goals. Consider these benefits of a workout buddy:

1. Encouragement: Simply knowing that someone is joining you on the journey to a healthier lifestyle can be a great motivation.

2. Accountability: You’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button again when you know your partner is meeting you for a run before work. A workout buddy means more sweat sessions and fewer excuses.

3. Proper Form: You can’t look in the mirror all the time! A spotter can help keep you safe while you’re doing lunges, squats and lifting weights.

4. Competition: A little friendly challenge never hurt anybody! For those of us who thrive in competitive situations, racing a friend to the finish line or seeing who can do more reps is just the motivation we need.

5. Variety: Your workout buddy might have a few new moves up his or her sleeve. Do you eat the same foods every week? An accountability partner can give you access to a whole new menu! Follow him or her on Pinterest and prepare to salivate over new, healthy dishes.

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