Zella PRO: 7 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. Missy DeWalt—a Pure Barre instructor in Orange County, California—gives us seven easy steps to living a healthier life that you can start right now.

Studies show that it can take anywhere from two weeks to a year for a new habit to become part of your automatic behavioral response. However long it takes to make changes to your lifestyle, one thing is certain: if you don’t start today, a year from now you’ll wish you had. Here are seven of my favorite simple steps that you can take toward a healthier and happier future. Start today and that lifestyle is even closer.

1. Drink more water. It’s easy to become dehydrated, especially when you’re active. My goal is to drink a gallon of water a day. Having a difficult time keeping track? An average water bottle is 16.9 ounces, which means you have to drink at least 7 1/2 bottles a day. If that sounds like a lot, try getting in the habit of drinking a bottle before each meal and after each workout. You’ll be up to par in no time!

2. Take more steps. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your heart health. It’s as easy as taking the stairs and parking your car a little further away from your destination. This is an easy and fun habit to start. Bonus: it slowly builds endurance, so the next time you start your cardio you won’t feel as winded.

3. Reframe how you look at working out. It becomes easier to hit the gym, make it to barre class or get up and run when you are looking forward to the task at hand. Try to think of your workouts in a positive way—time to focus on yourself and introduce a little play into your life. Not working? Mix up your workouts and focus on the fun: aerial yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, dance class—these are all forms of exercise.

4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can. The first time trying a new workout or getting into a new studio is always a little intimidating, especially if you end up next to a veteran. Don’t compare yourself to others. You may not be lifting your leg as high as the person next you, but you are there and you are working. I like to tell clients to compare themselves to where they were the month before, not to the person next to them.

5. Know when to call it a night. You need to be up in seven hours if you’re going to make it to your barre class before work, yet you’re still watching House Hunters International reruns. Turn off the TV! Silence your cell phone! Nothing is better for you than catching your full ZZZs each night. It’s good for your skin and metabolism. Plus, you’re much more likely to wake up when that alarm sounds if you’ve made it through two REM cycles.

6. Don’t stress over what you can’t control. Stress manifests in the body in different ways—none of them good. For many people it’s impossible to avoid stress altogether. Give yourself a fighting chance and avoid stressing out over things that are beyond your control. Missed a workout because life got in the way? What’s important is that you care! Make up for it by working a little harder during tomorrow’s sweat session.

7. Live in the present. It’s a little too easy to reminisce about the past and plan for the future. Appreciate the body that you have today. You may not have the muscle definition you are striving for just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. Just one of the reasons I love Zella is because they offer styles to flatter every body type, helping you to show off the feature you love most—today.

Get started today and remember: “someday” is not one of the days in the week.

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