Zella PRO: 4 Fit Tips While Traveling

Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. One of our pros, Sophia Sosa, an instructor at Pure Barre in California, shares her secrets for sticking with her workout routine while she’s traveling.

Whether it’s for business, pleasure or vacation, at some point in our life, we step out of our workout regime to travel away from home. It may be a quick weekend getaway or a week-long business conference or even an adventure halfway around the world for months at a time. No matter the trip, one thing is certain: our normal workout routine gets thrown out the window sometimes.

In preparation for a two-week long trip to beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, I thought of ways to make my workouts quick, effective and fun so that I could enjoy the beauty of the city—as well as indulge a little in the delicious Argentine cuisine!

1. Keep a Journal: Before leaving for my trip, I wrote up a few 15-20 minute indoor and outdoor workouts in a journal. Journals are great to record thoughts, activities, memories and sights to help you remember your trip, but they are also great to reference those workouts. My favorite one that I did several times during my trip targets your full body, will get you sweating and is a great workout to start the day. This workout can be done in the comfort of your hotel room, outside in a park or in any open space around the hotel.

Sophia’s “One Hundreds” Workout for traveling

2. Pack Workout Clothes: Make sure to pack workout clothes. They take up little room and will give you that motivation to go for a jog or walk around the city that you’re exploring. I recommend the Zella ‘Live-In’ Reversible Leggings; they are so versatile!

3. Use Facilities in Hotels: Many hotels—not only in the States but internationally as well—have fitness centers with cardio equipment, free weights and machines. Take advantage of them. They are free to use for hotel guests, and they hardly ever get crowded. Do your research online or give the hotel a call to get more info. Some hotels even offer classes. What better way to start or end your day with a sunrise/sunset yoga class outdoors?

Zella ‘Essential’ Jacket | Zella ‘Live In’ Leggings

4. Utilize Alternative Options: If you are traveling to a place that does not have a fitness center or where the outdoors isn’t an option, there are a number of portable workout solutions you can fit in your suitcase. Resistance bands are an effective tool to use, as are jump ropes. Jump ropes are especially great because they hardly take up any space in your suitcase and because jump-roping burns the most calories per minute than any other cardio method.

Sophia demonstrates her double tube

I brought a “double tube” on my trip, which is what we use in many Pure Barre classes. On one of the days, I was able to give myself a barre class that left me sore for a couple of days. Because it was summertime during my travels, my seat needed to be in lifted and toned shape for those Brazilian-cut bikinis. Doing some barre exercises with and without the double tube helped me achieve just that.

Like many other workouts, Pure Barre has several DVDs to choose from, if you would like to go the instructional video route. They are easy to upload onto your computer or tablet, and most of the workouts require little to no equipment.

There are many options to help you stay in shape while traveling. It’s most important to make working out a priority. Just as you would schedule any of your meetings or sightseeing activities, do the same with your workouts. That way, you won’t fall off the bandwagon while enjoying the delicacies of wherever your travels may take you!

Happy travels!

—Sophia, Zella Pro

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