Zella PRO: Life Hacks for Living Well, Bonus Edition

How to tone your abs at work? A 10-step, 10-minute workout you can do anywhere? We got you. We tapped three four of our Zella PROs for their expert advice on simple ways to incorporate fitness and wellness into your daily life. We’re not talking signing up for a marathon or some weird cleanse diet. These are practical baby steps to better living for real people, from real people that you can start right now.

Our bonus pro, Heather McBride, is a barre3 instructor in New Jersey.

Workout at the Checkout
Because we tend to focus on working the front of our bodies, I like finding sneaky ways to work on the back body. Triceps are a good example, and you can work on them almost anywhere. Just let one or both arms hang by your hips, squeeze your arms into your sides and then add a soft bend and big reach. After just a few reps, you’ll feel it working! It’s a great way to pass the time while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Sit and Be Fit
Squats are so effective and easy, plus I love how they work your entire leg as well as your core. Best of all, they add up! Just make sure to keep your knees over your ankles when you sit back in that imaginary chair. You don’t need any equipment, so do a few here and there when away from home in your hotel room, and then go outside and enjoy that vacation!

Drink to Your Health
Something we’re working on at all barre3 studios is drinking more water. Our founder, Sadie Lincoln, recommends placing four rubber bands on a reusable water bottle every morning. Each time you polish off that bottle, remove a rubber band and repeat until the bands are gone. When they are, you’ll feel a nice little sense of accomplishment, and your body will thank you.

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—Jeff Powell