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Zella Pro Rachael DeVaux Dishes on Her Health and Wellness Goals

Photo courtesy of Rachael DeVaux

Hyping ourselves up for a workout is no easy task, but with the right gym gear and a pep talk from our fitness guru, we find the motivation we need to be active. Enter Rachael DeVaux of Rachael’s Good Eats, the registered dietician and personal trainer with a wealth of health and wellness knowledge. We asked Rachael about her favorite workout, how she keeps disciplined and what she likes to wear for her sweat sessions. Ahead, she teaches us that achieving #fitnessgoals begins with a positive attitude.

What are your current health and wellness goals and how are you working to achieve them?

My overall goal is to live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. I work out 5–6 days a week and I eat clean to feel good in my own skin. I believe that being healthy isn’t about depriving yourself from your favorite foods or doing exercise that you hate—it’s about choosing healthier alternatives and finding out what form of exercise you enjoy!

How do you keep your workouts fresh? 

I will rarely do the same workout twice. I incorporate a mixture of HIIT, circuit training and yoga into my exercise routine. Whenever I’m traveling I’ll mix it up by taking a new workout class.

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What do you do to stay calm and focused during the day?

I get my workout in first thing in the morning! It energizes me for the rest of the day.

What do you usually wear when you work out?

Long leggings and a tank.

What is your health hack?

For me, it was discovering which forms of exercise I love most (HIIT and circuit training) instead of forcing myself to incorporate “cardio days” into my routine. It makes me excited to go to the gym and sweat each morning! I actually look forward to it the night before.

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