Zella PRO: Spring into Action with Lisa Kristin

Lisa Kristin, a certified Aerobics and Fitness Association of America group fitness instructor, is a Zella PRO who’s committed to empowering her students, creating confidence and improving the lives of others with challenging workouts. The Pacific Northwest-based fitness guru shares how to rejuvenate the body for spring.


Longer days are upon us, my friends! The sun is shining brighter, and in my world, I’m ready for something new and fresh. I’m not sure about you, but my pasty skin, low energy levels and redundant black leggings need a hiatus—big time.

Like many women, from the moment I awake, I am “on.” I’ve got phone calls, emails, to-do lists, getting out the door later than expected, juggling multiple family and friend obligations on top of a career, and all while trying my hardest to keep it all together. For me, springtime brings a moment to take a deep breath and prioritize, realizing that it will not all get done BUT that starting something fresh and new—even if it’s just ONE thing—makes a huge difference. Below, read my top three areas to awaken yourself with a fresh perspective for a NEW you!

Nordstrom-Zella-PRO-Spring-Into-Action-with-Lisa-KristinSwitch It Up: Zella Jacket, Tank & Reversible Leggings

Probably the most frequent question I get as a fitness instructor is “How do you stay in shape?” I wish I had the perfect formula to provide; surely, I’d be on the Forbes list of richest people in no time! What I do stress is changing things up—always. If you’ve been doing the same running route or the same step class for 15 years, that’s great, but to really see results, you need to be challenging yourself and your body to see a difference. This year, I’ve focused on adding yoga to my weekly regimen. Not only do I get a killer workout, but it also changes up my routine and forces me to be present, thereby working my body in a different way both physically and mentally. There are so many new classes, studios and gyms out there and springtime is IDEAL for new promotions for new members, so get out there and CHANGE IT UP!

Speaking of changes, make sure you know what you want. Whether professionally or personally, you have to track your goals in order to see results. Lately, I’ve seen so many cool gadgets, apps, etc. that streamline JUST this issue. Whether it’s a new Fitbit or Nike+ FuelBand or just writing down your nutritional intake each day in a user-friendly app, this is where you’ll see results! Every time I train for a race, I track it to keep myself accountable. No time for that? Grab a pen and paper. Tape it to your mirror. You are one step closer!

Springtime brings fresh new colors, options and layers. I find that just adding one new top, bottom or pair of shoes can put that bounce back in my step and get me excited about my workout again. What with how crazy my days are, I also want something that is functional. You can wear your new piece to the gym, and then out to coffee or on a run—or all day, for that matter. My top picks include the Zella ‘Harmony’ Hoodie and Zella ‘Live In’ Leggings. They go everywhere with me and are staples both in and out of my gym bag!

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