Zella PRO: Three Guilt-Free Ways to Indulge This Summer

Our Zella PRO expert instructors are ready to get you going with inspiration, info and tips on staying fit and healthy. One of our pros, Anie Buckmelter—a Seattleite specializing in yoga and barre work at Flywheel Sportsgives us the lowdown on three great ways to indulge throughout the summer season.

Oh, sweet, sweet summer! The days are long, the sun is shining and I can already see myself lounging lazily by the pool, margarita in hand, soaking up every drop of vitamin D. During the summer months, I can easily find 101 excuses to skip a workout and completely blow my diet. While fun in the sun is so important on many levels, it is equally important to keep your health and fitness goals in check. You have worked so hard on achieving the body you want—and I promise it will be easy to keep, if you have a plan!

Summer is the perfect time for bingeing, and with lots of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry, summer splurging can have you feeling sluggish fast. But indulging in things that are good for you is totally OK and highly suggested.

Here are a few things that you should absolutely binge on this summer, which will help you keep your figure and leave you feeling great:

1. Spending time outside. It can be really challenging to stay indoors while the weather is so great. So don’t! Plan a hike with friends, join an outdoor sports team, check out the farmer’s market and pick up some fresh produce, grill out—just get out and move! Plan your week and allot at least 45 minutes of movement a day. Taking a walk in the sunshine on your lunch hour totally counts, and it will make you feel much better than that cocktail you had at your lunch outing with colleagues did.

2. Fresh produce. The summer months provide an abundance of delicious produce for your eating pleasure. Eating fresh and in season is not only cost-effective but can also help keep the waistline from expanding. Berries, for example, will both add color to your plate AND satisfy your sweet tooth while providing you with much-needed antioxidants. Throw some eggplant and peaches on the grill for a twist on the typical, and add cucumber to everything—it hydrates, it’s fat-free, it’s low in calories and it’s a great source of vitamin C!

3. Water. It is so easy to get dehydrated during the summer months. Most of us misdiagnose the sensation of thirst for hunger and can end up eating more, consequently packing on unwanted pounds. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day will keep dehydration away. Try downing a glass before every meal to ensure that you really are hungry and not just compensating for a thirst sensation. I know drinking water can sometimes seem boring, and you might rather reach for a Coke or other chilled beverage. Add some flair to your H20 by adding slices of fruit or veggies. My favorite combo is sliced cucumbers, oranges and lemons. Just add ice and enjoy! The flavor and detoxifying properties keep me guzzling and hydrated. (Bonus: It looks really fancy!)

Summer is about fun and sun, so enjoy it! Mindfulness will keep you on track and feeling your best.

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