Anniversary Heat: Shoes & Accessories

With just a few more days left of our famous Anniversary Sale–the annual event where fall styles become available at steeply discounted prices before we bring them back up to normal–here is some shopping inspiration in the categories of shoes & accessories.

All items below are hot (meaning cool). Their Anniversary Sale prices are listed next to their normal prices.

Anniversary Sale will be finished and prices will go up Aug. 3.

Shop: men’s Anniversary Sale


Red Wing chelsea boot ($199/$300) | Converse Jack Purcell ($44.90/$69.95) | Timberland boot ($126.90/$190)


Ferragamo driving shoe ($374.90/$560) | Wolverine boot ($259.90/$400) | Nike Air Max ($124.90/$190)


Mac Alan 1831 tie ($49.90/$85) | Gucci shades ($223.90/$350) | Versace watch ($1,201.90/$1,795)


Gents hat ($31.90/$48) | Herschel duffel ($52.90/$80) | Nike wallet ($35.90/$55)

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