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Vince started in L.A. in ’02 and has since gone worldwide, equipping man, woman and child with iconic essentials. We appreciate their menswear for never sacrificing comfort and, dare we say, coziness as it keeps us looking like we know what we’re doing.

Nicole Weismann, Vince’s VP of Men’s Design, spoke to us about the vibe of the brand, LeBron James and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Men’s Shop Daily: How would you describe Vince’s vibe?
Weismann: “N.Y. chic, L.A. cool.” It’s mixing the aesthetic of the two coasts. New York gives us a modern dress-up feel. L.A. brings the laid-back luxury. Vince is a pairing of relaxed sophistication in luxe fabrications.

Complete our sentence: your favorite style icon of all time is…
LeBron James. For me, he really is the first basketball player that started wearing slim, well-tailored clothes. Over the years he has taken more risks and worn more designer clothes. I think he is one of the biggest influences in American fashion.

Talk to us about your current favorite artist.
Right now I’m rediscovering Jean-Michel Basquiat. I was jet-lagged in NYC about six months ago and caught a late-night documentary on him. He was talented and cool. I also like that he was bicoastal later in his career and spent time in both New York and L.A.’s Venice Beach. I also love that he would come home late from dinner and paint in his Armani suits.

What’s a band that you think would make a good soundtrack to your brand’s aesthetic?
I’m a bit of an ’80s girl, but the unanimous answer from the team is the Black Keys. Apparently everyone in the design studio is going to the show.

What are the three things every man needs in life?
Cashmere sweaters from Vince, a sense of humor, a fitness routine–and it doesn’t hurt if he can dance and sing.

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