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Justifiably well-known for  jogger pants, Australian brand ZANEROBE also supplies knits, button-ups, sweatshirts and bags, all swirling between the realms of street and sport. You can dress this stuff up, but basically it’s meant for movement, for choosing one’s own adventure. Like the brand’s North American General Manager, Dan Maynard, does. When he spoke with us, he said he was hyped on “everything, all the time, without sleep.” (FYI: he’s not the model above; he’s this guy in the Top Dawg Entertainment hat.)

Men’s Shop Daily: How would you describe ZANEROBE’s vibe?
Maynard: It’s a way to be seen without branding. We provide an aesthetic that’s sports-luxe, mixed in with new and contemporary. Our mission has always been to provide a way to say something about yourself without saying any words at all.

Who are your three favorite style icons of all time?
Outkast, Steve McQueen and Kate Moss.

What’s a band or album (new or old) that you think would make a good soundtrack to your brand’s aesthetic?
If Gary Busey had an Australian accent and deejayed, that would be our soundtrack, easily.

What are three things every man needs in life?
Every man needs his personality, solid values and a core of reliable individuals to help him when he can’t provide that help for himself. With those three, a man can never fail but only get better.

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