Chapter’s A/W16 Collection + Back to the Future With New York Fashion Week: Men’s


The second-ever installment of New York Fashion Week: Men’s is upon us, and one of the first presentations on the schedule is by Chapter–the Los Angeles/outer-space brand designed by Devin Carlson.

Chapter is showing its autumn/winter 2016 collection, seen in the image above and video below. We’re feeling it.

Which pieces do you think Nordstrom will buy?

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We’re thinking about our buying team’s reaction because that’s partly how Fashion Weeks work. They’re previews.

At the risk of engendering a serious tl;dr, here’s how the Fashion Week timeline is different from the regular timeline we all live on. Let’s go back to the future for a second.

Last July at the inaugural #NYFWM (the relevant hashtag) we caught up with Carlson during the Chapter presentation. At the time he was showing spring/summer 2016 styles. Check our Q&A and images here.

In conversation, Carlson spoke about the evolution of his design from the previous season. He said while he still loved the longline silhouettes of his autumn/winter 2015 collection, he had been inspired to switch up his shapes going forward. Spring/summer 2016 pieces would be, as we could see, more cropped and boxier.

Now is when the customer-facing world sees that, too.

When you look at our current brand category page for Chapter–and you should because it’s awesome–the design change is apparent: fall/winter styles near the bottom of the page indeed indicate a longer silhouette. Spring/summer styles at the top are generally cropped and boxy. The real world has caught up with the fashion world.

Here’s that link again to last season’s Chapter presentation so you can compare and contrast, and see which pieces from that collection our buyers actually bought.

As you can see, the jumpsuit–the pièce de résistance, although we’re eyeing the woven t-shirt as a new staple–made the cut.


Shop: Chapter woven t-shirt | Chapter jumpsuit | Chapter denim shirt

–Andrew Matson

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