Cozy Newsies at Band of Outsiders Fall 2014

The next stop on our New York Fashion Week coverage is a double-take-inducing lineup from LA brand Band of Outsiders—true to form in its winking sense of wit, signature shrunken tailoring, and luxe-meets-laidback wearability.

We were there on the scene (and behind the scenes) at Sunday morning’s show. Keep reading to see our full photo journal from Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter ’14.

Nestled in an unassuming location at 70 Wooster Street in NYC—which we learned will be the future site of Band of Outsider’s flagship store—the space portrayed the brand’s minimalism, humor, and peculiar penchant for labeling everything.

We caught up with designer Scott Sternberg before the show (and between drowsy mouthfuls of a scone from the catering table—the 9am call time was on the early side for NYFW) to ask about his inspiration for the Fall ’14 collection:

Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg: “I’m calling the theme, for lack of a better thing to call it, ‘The Death of the Newspaper.’ I shot Frank Ocean for a Polaroid campaign last year at the LA Times building, and when you’re there, you realize sort of deeply and profoundly where the newspaper industry is going, because it’s empty—there’s like one floor where there’s actually writers and editors.

“So it just seemed so romantic and sad and interesting. I was interested in the graphics of a newspaper, from a classified ad to the polka dot of a half-tone print, to a NASDAQ stock graph, and I wanted to pay homage to that. Then, I was thinking about newsboys, and how they dressed, and looked, and what they wore. That’s the connection. [I looked back at] archive images from the ’20s and ’30s, like the heyday of the New York- and LA Times.”

[Read our previous, in-depth Q&A with Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders.]

Backstage. Before the show even started, we were digging the mix of dots, stripes and checks—and the proliferation of cozy-looking yet trimly tailored jogger pants.

Whereas recent Band of Outsiders shows have gone above and beyond to be unexpected (like a stylish scavenger hunt spanning the Big Apple), this season’s proceedings consisted of a straightforward presentation, four listless models at a time. While light on adventure, it was a welcome way to focus on the impeccable clothes.

L: Inventive layering with cardigans over jean jackets.
R: A closer look at those killer striped joggers (and blacked-out Chucks).

R: Having mastered the shrunken suit years ago, Sternberg’s added new twists with sideways stripes and dapper dots.

That black leather toggle coat though…

As covetable as BOO’s coats, cardigans and blazers always are—we’re focused below the belt with this collection. Especially that athletic stripe-trimmed sweat suit (literally, a suit made of sweats) bottom right. Click each image to enlarge.

Giving new meaning to print-on-print: newsprint on newsprint.

Like a souvenir from a killer concert: a Band of Outsiders backstage wristband.


We hope you enjoyed this preview of Band of Outsiders Fall 2014.
For now, check out the current men’s collection.

And see more men’s Fashion Week coverage here.


[Photos by Faith Silva and Justin Abbott.

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