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Abstracted religious icons. Subversive stars and stripes. Angular flora and the now-pervasive snarling Rottweiler. By emblazoning instantly recognizable symbolism on everything from luxe T-shirts to tailored jackets, from his signature warrior kilt (don’t call it a skirt) to Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s album art and stage wardrobe, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci has achieved a rare feat: pledged allegiance from runway critics and cool kids alike. While the man named Designer of the Year by GQ scattered a few emblematic graphics throughout his new Fall ’13 collection, the most memorable moments were delivered through creative fabrications and silhouettes. Check out our favorites below, followed by a video of the complete show.

[Above: artwork from the show’s invitation, by M/M Paris.]

Out-There Outerwear. Lapel-less suits and topcoats made a minimalist impression at the start of the show, but were soon displaced by experiments in sartorial armor like glazed tweed and primitively patchworked goalie gear. (Click images to enlarge.) Parkas worn as accessories at the waist were common throughout: an all-black evolution of Kurt Cobain’s cinched flannel shirts.

Graphic Content. Tisci’s signature pictographs manifested as Renassaince humanism juxtaposed with stark geometry—and upended Americana.

Leather Accents. Sometimes a little (like shoulder patches on a cropped toggle coat)—sometimes a lot (like the leather-front overcoat that alludes not-so-subtly to a butcher’s apron).


The Show. The cryptic vibe of the invite (up top) was carried through on the runway with séance-like candlelight and baroque classical music (which then gave way to an unapologetic break-up song).


The Details. Here’s a closer look at the elaborate jacket that looks like Frankenstein’s football pads…Sartorial looks so minimal that they lack lapels…A shackled twist on monkstraps…And argyle turned obscene.


Givenchy is available at selected Nordstrom stores.
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[Invitation design by M/M (Paris), via Givenchy’s Facebook page. Runway photos by Marcus Tondo, via Detail shots by Gianni Pucci, via Backstage photos via Givenchy’s Facebook page.]

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  • Celeste B's Customer January 26, 2013, 10:12 am

    There are two items of which that I am not fond.

    The sleeveless graphic men’s T-shirt from an upmarket fashion house is a jarring juxtaposition of high-end taste and what is often considered downmarket tastes.

    From a more personal point of view, a motorcross-style jacket instead of leather, while innovative, is a juxtaposition of the tough man’s jacket consructed out of soft fabrics.

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